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He who said a prayer

This fan fiction is rated M for blood, gore, dismemberment, strong language, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokemon or associated Medias.

He who said a prayer

Anthony woke to an unusual rumble from his starter. He moved his hand to check on her when the Braixen released a loud snore.

"She's still out like a light," he muttered. With great care the teen carefully extricated himself from the Braixen and snuck out of the tent. The outside air carried a faint autumn chill as he rummaged through his bag, looking for a shirt.

"Ah here we go," Anthony breathed when he lifted a plain white tee that sported a simple pokeball pattern. "I can't believe my injury made me miss most of the spring and summer."

Before he donned the shirt, the trainer checked the bandages on his chest. The white coverings protecting the three long slashes upon his chest were still clean.

"Good, they didn't seep," Anthony sighed. The teen donned his shirt and crawled back into the tent to retrieve his leg. Free to move about the camp unhindered, the trainer slowly walked about the standing stone until he could see the horizon where the first light of the morning sun started to peek over the misty plane. It wasn't long before he heard his Braixen gently call his name as she emerged from the tent.

"I'm over here Vix," he gently spoke.

"Everything alright?" she asked in English.

"Yeah, just watching the sunrise," Anthony whispered as he felt the Braixen carefully sit next to him. "And it was kind of getting loud in the tent."

"Sorry," Vix squeaked.

"Nah don't worry about it, you looked so adorable I didn't want to wake you," He laughed. "And you had the cutest snore before you got loud."

"So I have a cute snore huh?"

"Yeah you do, of course it didn't help that we stayed up so late reading one of your smutty books."

"You enjoyed it," the fire type smiled.

"You were teaching me brail," Anthony defended.

"Oh relax I'm just teasing you," she placated.

"I know," he laughed, enjoying the momentary levity shared with his starter. The trainer turned back to the sunrise as its light started to wash over the pair.

"Describe it again."


"The sunrise, describe it again," Vix asked again. Anthony smiled as he took in the sight for his Braixen.

"The sky is on fire with pinks and golds across the grey clouds, and the dew on the grass sparkle like tiny stars whenever the breeze hits." He paused when the fire type leaned into him and grasped his hand "Even the standing stones..."

"Describe me," she blushed.

"You're beautiful," Anthony smiled as he looked to his starter. "Your white fur reflects the morning light in shades of golds, and your..."

Vix pulled the trainer's face closer and kissed him. The tender moment broke all too soon for the teen when the Braixen's ears swiveled to a sudden rustle from the camp.

"We should stop," she sighed. "Else I might find myself quoting Elzabeth."

The trainer smiled as he recognized the name of the main character from her book. "Heh, mistress sure is kind today."

"That was a terrible Koe impression," the Braixen laughed.

"Oh, so you think of me as the Great Sebastian? Sorry to disappoint but I don't think anyone is big enough to fill his... role," Anthony jibbed.

"No, no I was more thinking Leo the Lucario."

"A Lucario?" he mused. "Heh, funny thing is I once had my Aura read by a Lucario. He said I had absolutely no aura potential."

"Oh but you would make a wonderful Lucario. Remember that one scene in chapter five, where Leo..."

"Okay, Okay but I'm still missing an important part of Lucario anatomy. I don't have a knot."

"I know that," she dismissed. "And too be honest I'm glad for that."

"Oh?" the teen queried.

"To me, knots sound painful," Vix cringed.

"Not to mention being tied together for thirty to forty-five minutes."

"Exactly, what am I supposed to do with a softball between my legs? I can't stare lovingly into your eyes, and I don't exactly have anything for you to fondle with," she ranted.

"Ha, ha," Anthony laughed nervously. "Yeah, you're a bit flat chested."

"A washboard has more cleavage than I do."

"You're still young Vix, and plus they will grow when you get pregnant," The trainer placated.

"If I get pregnant, remember we might not be compatible."

"A good point, but a point best left for the future," Anthony nodded.

"Yeah, but I kind of want to ask. How are you doing?" the fire type questioned.

"Better today, it's kind of comforting to put some distance between us and April," he admitted. "Though without April, there's no Blossom that can help with Amaru."

"Um, actually Blossom wasn't that happy with what April did, so she decided to honor the promise she made," Vix revealed.

"So she is following us?"

"Yes, but I asked her to start teaching me how to help him, so she can return to April to keep her in check."

"But is April following us or is she staying in Cyllage city?" Anthony asked worriedly.

"It would be more apt to say she will be taken to Laverre town," a Gourgest spoke. "That will give me enough time to teach Vix how to care for Amaru; provided an ally in reflection cave can't help."

"Who is this ally?" the Braixen asked.

"An old Mismagious, she helped me after I... passed away, kept me from falling apart so to speak," Blossom explained.

"You... passed away?" Anthony asked.

"A story for another time," the ghost sighed. "And for what it's worth I am sorry for what Fay did to you."

The young teen's expression darkened as he pulled his knees to his chest. "That wasn't Fay, Fay would never do that to me."

"It..." Blossom started when Vix cut her off with a sharp bark.

"I see," the Gourgeist relented. "I will follow from a distance, but you may want to make yourselves ready for the road, for the rest of the camp stirs."

"Yeah," Anthony sighed. "I'll go get breakfast going."

The Braixen waited for her trainer to leave before turning to the large ghost.

"Lying to him will only..." she started when Vix merely raised her paw.

"He is healing, both physically and emotionally," the fire type softly explained. "He knows the truth he just has to come to terms to it."

"Lying will trap him in denial," Blossom hissed.

"And telling him the truth could turn him bitter," Vix bit back. "Now if you are done causing him stress, I'm..."

The Braixen was cut short when Arrow's bell like voice cut into the morning air as he sang his morning greeting.

"He's late?" Blossom observed.

"He was in the shade I think."

"Possibly," the ghost nodded. "But with his song I shall leave, but in case you need me I shall leave you this."

The Braixen felt a thin thread like object tied onto the end of her cane.

"What's this?" Vix asked as she ran her paw over the thin wrapping.

"A few strands of my hair. Should you need my aid simply concentrate a small bit of your power onto it and I shall come."

"I see," the fire fox huffed. "I suggest that you get going, I can hear Tony waking up."

"Very well, I shall go," the Ghost sighed as she summoned up a shadowy portal.

"Thank you," Vix added just as the Gourgeist slipped through. The Braixen quickly joined her trainer when the mouthwatering aroma of frying eggs and sausage wafted to her nose.

"Smells good Anthony," she gushed.

"Thanks it's just something simple so we can get on the road," he smiled. "Heh, I find it hard to believe that we've been traveling together for almost seven months now."

"Has it only been seven months?" Vix balked. "Geez it felt like years to me."

"Naturally," Tony yawned as he emerged from his tent. "Traveling on the road, time does some funny stuff."

The attention of the camp was drawn to Dillon's tent as the ginger slowly emerged. The older teen cleared his throat once and sat down next to the fire blushing.

"What's up Dillon?" Anthony asked with a smirk.

"Nothing's up but could you please keep your brail lessons a little quieter?" he replied.

"Oh, well I didn't mean any harm by it. I just want to learn brail and the only book Vix had with her was..."

"Passion under stars," the Braixen finished causing Tony to choke on his coffee.

"How did Anthony buy that for you?" the ranger balked.

"You bought it for me," the fire type smiled. "while Anthony was recovering."

"No wonder the clerk gave me that funny look," he shrugged.

~ And you didn't ask why, ~ Blair sighed. ~ Just like you don't read packages. ~

"Not now Blair," Tony grumbled.

"Breakfast is served," Anthony chimed to cut the growing tension. The remainder of the morning went in silence as the small group set out for Geosenge town.

Blossom emerged from a shadowy portal to see the purple furred Zoroark still huddled on the hotel bed.

"Did she eat?" the ghost asked when a Haunter floated up.

"Not as much as I would like but she will live," Doc huffed.

"Has anyone tried to talk to her?" she continued.

"I don't have the stomach to," the Haunter growled.

"Quell that attitude Doc, you forget that she is still on her heat," Blossom snapped, causing the opposing ghost to shrink back. "Now we must move her to Laverre Town where hopefully the strong presence of fairies will snap her out of it."

The Gourgeist turned her attention back to the huddled ball of black and purple fur still shivering on the bed.

"Fay it's time to get going," she huffed, but the Zoroark curled up tighter upon the bed. "Come on Fay we need to go; people are starting to complain about the stench."

"Let them come," the dark type wept.

"Don't you want to help Anthony?"

"Y-yeah," Fay croaked as she slowly uncurled from the bed and stood before the large Gourgeist.

"Good, Now get yourself cleaned up and ready to go, cause you can't help anyone if you're dead,"

"B-but I almost killed Anthony!" the Zoroark bit back.

"But you didn't," Blossom finished when she pushed the Dark type into the bathroom. "Now get yourself cleaned up."

Once the ghost type heard the flow of water start she allowed herself to relax.

"Sorry for being too hard on you Fay, but I need you to keep Anthony alive long enough to draw out the man who killed me," she muttered too softly for anyone but herself to hear.

A small trio of trainers traveled in silence down a grassy field decorated with several stone monuments. Anthony brought up the rear with his Braixen while Tony took up the lead with his Ampharos, leaving Dillon in the middle with his Gabite.

"Hey Tony," The ginger started as he quickened his pace to catch up to the ranger.

"Yes Dillon?" the elder sighed.

"What does it take to be a ranger?"

"Being a ranger isn't easy kid it's hard work and more often than not it's dangerous work," Tony explained. "Why the sudden interest?"

"Well I've been talking to my team, well mostly Pepper, and she basically told me that her trainer would be ashamed of me,"

"Her trainer?"

"Yeah, Pepper's was loaned to me so I could train her up so she could help protect her trainer."

"Who's her trainer?" Anthony asked with piqued interest.

"Anne Sharmin, She was one of the trainers that got caught in that blast at Sycamore's lab," Dillon answered.


"She's still in the hospital recovering, but she lost her little brother in the blast... and she's not taking it well," the Ginger added grimly.

"No doubt Pepper's words stung a bit," Tony observed.

"More than a bit, and she's right, I haven't done anything that paints me as a fine, upstanding trainer," Dillon shrugged. Tony pondered for a moment before reaching into his red coat and pulling out a rainbow colored stone set into a leather bracer.

"Hey Denryu, come here for a moment," he beckoned his Ampharos.

"Amp?" the large electric Pokemon questioned. Tony affixed the bracer to his flipper.

"Alright let's see how good you are at training your Pokemon," he turned. "Your whole team versus Denryu."

"You sure about that? Beo's a ground type."

"Heh well while you two duke it out, I'm going to Geosenge," Anthony chuckled.

"Oh Anthony, real quick," the ranger stopped the dark haired teen. "Try to keep Vix from speaking English, it might draw unwanted attention."

"I might be a little rusty but I can still use telepathy," Vix added.

"I- it's something we'll discuss when we get a room at the center, but for now speak softly okay," the teen replied.

"Oh, okay," the Braixen spoke meekly.

"Something wrong?" Tony asked.

"No, It's just I'm still a little resistant to anything getting into my head ever since the Malamar," Anthony shrugged. "Anyway, I want to get to the memorial before it gets too dark to see the names."

"Right, I forgot about that, let's take a rain check on that battle okay Dillon?" the ranger chuckled.

"Okay," the ginger shrugged. "Gives me more time to get Pepper sorted out."

"Tell her the truth, let her know that she hurt your feelings," Anthony offered.

"I'm not some wimp who needs..." the ginger cut short when he noted the sharp glare from his Gabite. "Fine I'll talk to her! Geez you're as bad as my mom."

"Gabite," the dragon snorted.

"He said 'thank you'," Vix translated.

"Can I borrow your translator Tony?"

"Yes, but don't break it please," the ranger nodded as he pulled the ear piece out of a pocket.

"I won't," Dillon sighed as he took the translator. "Let's get to the hotel."

"I'll meet you guys there, I'm going to find my parents," Anthony said as he moved towards the large white marble wall that encircled the massive crater that was once the base of Team Flare.

"Be careful, remember the BBB might have a presence here," Tony warned the young teen. "And make sure you touch up your hair, you have roots showing."

"I will," the trainer nodded. The small group of trainers parted ways with Anthony heading off for the Memorial while Dillon and Tony headed for the fairly new hotel.

"Alright let's see here," he mused as he rounded the wall. Countless names passed by as he searched, until Anthony stopped at the 'O' section of the wall.

"Why did they make the wall so damn tall?" he protested as he saw more names listed high out of his reach. "Hey Vix come here and stand on my shoulders."

"Uh okay," the Braixen gulped. Anthony leaned against the wall and allowed the fire fox to climb up onto his shoulders.

"So how do you spell your last name?" she asked as she ran her paws over the engraved stone.

"O-apostrophe-K-A- I, O'kai," he informed. "How did you think it was spelled?"

"Heh, I never really gave it much thought, but I did know it started with an 'O'," Vix chuckled. "Ah, here I think I found something,"

"What's the name before it?"

"Uh, Emily, Emily O'kai."

"That's my mom, and is my dad's name there too?"


"Yeah, Here can you make a rubbing of their names and teams?" the teen asked as he passed up a pencil and a piece of paper.

"Yeah," Vix agreed as she accepted the parchment and pencil. "Just be careful not to look up."

"Too late," Anthony chuckled. "Come on I've seen it before."

"Yeah well we weren't... as close back then as we are now."

"True, but if we keep down this path I might grow to enjoy such a view."

"You don't enjoy it now?" the Braixen asked venomously. The trainer gulped at his poor choice of words

"Well I do, but I might enjoy it more if we were in private..."

"Is that a proposal Anthony?" she pressed as she carefully picked her way back down to the ground.

"And after this whole mess with everything blows over," Anthony finished as he took the paper from the Braixen.

"How's it look?"

"It looks great, thank you Vix," he almost choked as he saw his parent's names inscribed onto the paper along with their teams. Anthony pulled the fire type into a strong hug as he freely wept. "Thank you."

"I can't breathe," the Braixen jested. "Too much lovin' for this sexy fox."

"Heh sorry," her trainer smiled, but before he could say more the fire type shushed him with her paw.

"We are being watched," she whispered. "Let's get going."


"There's a dark mind that's turned his focus to us, but I know not where," Vix quickly explained.

"Yeah, I'm going to put you in your ball," Anthony murmured. "I promise I'll let you out at dinner."

"Okay," the fire type nodded before she was sucked into her white premier ball. The trainer pocketed the pokeball but his finger never left the release mechanism. With his other hand Anthony grabbed the blood stained pokeball from his belt and released his trusted Fletchinder, Arrow.

"Arrow, keep your eyes peeled and stay on my shoulder okay?"

"Fletch," the bird whistled.

"Good, and if anyone starts following me, start screeching bloody murder okay?"

"Fletch!" he happily chirped. Satisfied with the fire bird's answer, Anthony started the short walk from the town square to the hotel where Dillon and Tony stayed. Arrow seemed to pick up on the trainer's distressed mood as he grimly settled into his task, providing a stalwart lookout as his trainer stiffly walked to safety. Anthony just managed to cross the threshold of the hotel when the Fletchinder gave a low coo in his right ear. He turned in time to see a man dressed in a dark coat duck behind a small pastry cart. A pit of anger welled up in his stomach as the door closed, but he quickly banished the feeling as he turned back to see Tony and Dillon giving him a puzzled look.

"I thought someone was following me so I swapped out Vix for Arrow, I think it threw them off," the teen placated.

"What I was afraid of," the ranger sighed. "Good thinking on swapping out."

"It sickens me that they would target me here at my parent's grave," the youth admitted bitterly.

"They won't respect that you lost your parents. As long as they get you nothing else matters," Tony explained. "I've set us up with two rooms, you and I in one while Dillon sets up across the hall."

"Um, actually I was planning on calling my Uncle to see if he wants to come out."

"Do I really need to point out how bad of an idea that is?"

"Don't worry, I'll post Arrow and Kris at my door, I know that they can handle themselves."

"Fine, I'll stay with Dillon."

"Uh, actually I do need to talk to Pepper and I don't want to intrude with what's going on between you and Blair," the Ginger chuckled nervously. "I'll pay for my own room."

Tony gave a defeated exasperated sigh as he slumped into a chair. "Fine, fine I could use the time to talk to Blair."

"I'll have the rest of my Pokemon on guard as well," Dillon offered.

"Yeah," the ranger waved dismissively. The evening continued in relative peace as the group of trainers retreated to their own rooms after a meager dinner at the cafe. Safe from the prying eyes of both ranger and rival Anthony slumped against the door both mentally and physically exhausted.

"Are you alright?" Vix asked, worried.

"It's been a long day," he admitted.

"Yeah it has," the Braixen agreed before she gave a large yawn. "I suppose you need to call your uncle?"

"Yeah, I thought Tony would have pressed the issue of sharing rooms given that close call with that man in the plaza."

"I think you should tell someone that you got hurt at least, and then it won't be such an issue," Vix offered.

"But who do I tell? Tony would want to hunt down April for what she did and Dillon would just scoff at me."

"Blair, I trust her enough to understand what's happening."

"We'll see," the teen nodded before he pulled out his phone and called home. It took a few moments before he heard his Uncle's tired voice pick up on the other end of the line.

"Hey Uncle Simon I..." Anthony paused when his Uncle started speaking. "No, no I'm fine. I'm just calling you up to let you know I made it to Geosenge, and I was wondering if you wanted to fly up here to... yes it's safe and if it's not too much to ask but... is Penny there?"

Vix smiled gently as her trainer talked to the wizened Audino for what seemed like hours. She knew he was seeking the closest thing to a mother's comfort with the Pokemon and while he omitted certain events he shared with her his journey and hardships.

"Thanks Penelope, it's been great talking to you again, and I'll see you when Simon flies out to visit," Anthony concluded.

"Homesick?" Vix asked when her trainer closed the phone.

"A little," he admitted. "This journey's been pretty hard."

"How's your chest?"

"It doesn't hurt as much today; I'm just stiff more than anything."

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I think I slept on a rock and I think it put a cramp in my back," Anthony shrugged.

"Here, let me take a look," she offered.

"Not on the floor, the bed will be more comfortable."

"I'm just going to bite my tongue with that."

"Says the blind Braixen that called herself sexy," the trainer quipped. He gave a sly smile as he regarded the fire type. Anthony quietly reached his hand around the Braixen and gave her behind a playful pinch.

"Hey!" Vix shirked, "Anthony!"

"Gotcha," he smiled as he rose from the floor to flop onto the bed.

"Ow..." he winced when he landed on his injured chest.

"That was smart," she huffed as she jumped up next to her trainer. "Now let's lift up your shirt and take a look."

Vix carefully pulled up the trainer's shirt to reveal the star shaped scar in the middle of his back, "Where does it hurt?"

"Left side below the ribs," Anthony relayed. The Braixen carefully ran her paw down her trainer's back to the point where she felt the bottom of his ribs.

"Ouch!" the teen jumped when her paw grazed over the sore spot. "I think that's a bruise."

"Well I can't help a bruise," she huffed. "But you are pretty knotted up."

"Okay," he sighed as the fire type started to massage his back. Vix diligently worked the tight muscles until she could feel them relax, which she could only guess gave Anthony a great deal of relief.

"How does that feel?" the Braixen asked when she couldn't feel anymore knots, but the only response she got was a soft snore from her trainer. She gave a slight exasperated sigh as she tried to shift the teen so he was better on the bed.

"You had to fall asleep didn't you?" Vix quietly muttered when she failed to move her trainer. "If I was a Delphox I could move you."

Resigned to her trainer taking up the full bottom half of the bed, the Braixen chuckled as she pulled up the pillows from the head of the bed and settled in for the night at the top of the bed.


Okay that took a while to type out because of some issues with job, and creative sapping people. Also didn't help that I have to strengthen Dillon and I don't really like Dillon... ha, ha.

Your ever Crazy and incredibly late

To those curious to the full list of names upon Anthony's Rubbing
Emily O'kai
Magious, Emily's first of her heroic team a Delphox
Quincy, a loyal and brave Milotic
Myrtle, a stalwart and kind Honchkrow
Geo, a friendly and fatherly Carbink
Bebe, a beautiful and passionate Sylveon
James O'kai
Jet, James' first of his heroic team a Greninja
Trent, a sturdy and wise Treevent
Jolta, an intelligent and quick-footed Jolteon
Ebony, rare and exotic Haxorus
Bard, a steadfast and humble Gallade
Ray, carefree and playful Noivern
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