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Catch a Fennekin by the Tail by kolofox


He Who Wore a Feathered Cap

This fan fiction is rated T for blood, gore, dismemberment, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokémon or associated Medias

He Who Wore a Feathered Cap
“Hey, hey Lucy wake up I need your help,” the little fox whispered to the flower that sat in a glass of water on the desk.
“It’s still dark out mom let me sleep in,” a muffled voice groaned from within the flower
“Lucy I’m not your mom, now wake up… or I’ll piss in your water,”
“ugh I’m up, I’m up,” the flower slowly opened up to reveal a tiny yawning fairy, “what do you need Vix.”
“I need your help opening the door,” the Fennekin answered
“Why not just wake up trainer, I’m sure he’ll let you out.”
“No we should let him sleep, especially after the scare I gave him last night.” The fire type replied stealing a glance to the sleeping form on the bed.
“What did you do exactly,” the Flabébé asked as she started preening her flower
“I… read his mind… I’ll fill you in on the details, but first I really need to go pee,” Vix replied crossing her legs.
“Why don’t you use the seat he used to relive himself?”
“The toilet?” the Fennekin thought, “I guess that would work.”
Vix quickly darted for the restroom door; which was thankfully open, and peered inside to the porcelain seat. Lucy continued to tend to her flower only to pause when she heard the Fennekin curse.
“Are you alright?” she called.
“Yeah damn seat was up,” the fox called back. Soon the sound of trickling reverberated through the room, “oh sweet merciful Arceus that feels so much better,”
Lucy mearly chuckled once the sound stopped.
“Okay now that my bladder is empty I no longer have as strong a need to go outside but I still need your help,” Vix announced as she exited the bathroom.
“What do you need now?”
“Sticks and twigs, my fire sack’s empty,”
“Fine but you can wait until I’m done,”
“Why do you need to do that?” the fire type asked as she watched the fairy preen the orange flower.
“Because if I don’t the flower will start to die, and if it dies I won’t be able draw life from it, and if I go too long without drawing life from a flower I will die,” the Flabébé explained, “once I evolve though I’ll be able to survive without my flower.”
“What happens if your flower is destroyed?”
“essentially I wouldn’t be able to survive without it, but it would take a lot to destroy this flower. Only steel and poison types could do it easily,”
“What do you mean?”
“Steel is cold and unyielding it feels not the kiss of life; poison is an agent of death it saps the life I give,” Lucy sang as she finished tending her flower; lifting it from the glass.
“So what are fairies good against?” Vix asked leading the Flabébé to the door. She chuckled and again started to sing, “I shall fear not the wrath of dragons instead they should fear mine. No matter the vigor of the fighter’s spirit I shall always prevail, and I shall fear not the dark for I shall always be a light to cut through it.”
“Wow did your mom teach you how to sing?” the fox asked as the fairy extended a vine from her flower to open the door leading from the room, “from that I garnered that you are good against dragons, fighting, and dark types, though I find it hard to believe that someone like you could stare down a dragon.”
“Heh you should have seen my mom take a draco meteor and turn around and floor the offending Dragonite, and you should have seen the look on his face when she started lecturing him,” Lucy laughed as the door popped open, “here you go I’m going to wait here.”
“No you’re not, you’re coming with me,” Vix smirked as she grabbed the fairy’s flower; dragging her with.
Anthony woke to an empty room as daylight streamed in from the open window, “Girls?”
The young trainer looked about the room but the only thing he saw was the open door and Lucy’s empty glass, “hmm I wonder where they could have gone,”
He shifted to the edge of the bed to retrieve his prosthetic leg, only to find it missing.
“Vix!” the Fennekin heard her trainer shout causing her to snicker.
“Vix what did you do?” Lucy asked as she followed the fire fox back to the room burdened by an old oaken stick.
“I hid his leg,”
“Why? Won’t that make him mad?”
“Don’t worry I didn’t hid it very well, he just needs to look under the bed,”
“I see,” the Flabébé sighed as she readjusted her load, “so why am I carrying this again?”
“Because if I carry it I’ll eat it,” Vix replied, “I am very close to evolving I feel it, and when I do I’ll need a wand.”
The two Pokémon soon arrived at the room to a very irate trainer, wearing his found leg, “Vix why did you hide my leg.”
“Fenne, Fen,” she replied curtly as she entered with the Flabébé lagging behind.
“And Lucy why are you carrying a stick?”
“Flabé,” she sighed pointing at the Fennekin.
“Ah I see,” Anthony nodded returning his attention to the fire type, “well Vix why do you have Lucy carrying a stick for you?”
The fox rolled her eyes and trotted over to the disheveled pile of flash cards shuffling through them until she found the card she was looking for.
“Stronger?” the trainer observed, “You think you are going to evolve soon? Why didn’t you convey that telepathically?”
She rolled her eyes again and returned to the pile; shifting though until she had a sentence assembled.
“Okay let’s see here,” Anthony yawned, “Boy… brain? Bed or sleep… Fox and touch or point.”
The young trainer rubbed his chin in thought, as he tried to decipher the message.
“Fen,” Vix huffed as she hopped up on the bed, “Fennekin.”
She pushed her small body into the teen’s chest forcing him to lie back; so she could place her paw on his head. Anthony felt the feelings of impatience and annoyance flood into his head, “Vix… what are you trying?”
“Fen!” the Pokémon barked as she closed her eyes to concentrate. Feelings gave way to images as a slight throb made itself known to the teen’s head, “give me a moment Vix you’re giving me a headache,”
The trainer took a deep breath and allowed his mind to relax; letting the fire type’s voice break through into his mind, ~…sy if you just relaxed! ~
“I think you should relax as well.” He remarked.
~ Finally you got the message through that thick skull of yours, ~
“Vix I can’t read minds,” Anthony replied dryly
~ Shut up! Now the reason I can talk to you is because… ~
“I know my mind is open and you’re touching my…” the teen interrupted.
~I said Shut up! ~ She screamed making his ears ring, ~ I’m also close to evolving, so as a result my psychic powers are starting to develop this manifests as basic telepathy. ~
“But basic telepathy is empathy, the transmission of emotions, why are you able to speak coherently?” he asked once the headache receded.
~ Because I am smart, that’s why I pick up the flash cards so quickly, and… I’m starting to like you okay, ~
Anthony chuckled before a thought ran across his mind, “hey wait if you’re close to evolving what about Lucy,”
“Bé… Flabé,” the Fairy laughed nervously.
“Fen? Fennekin?” Vix asked
“Flabébé,” Lucy answered patting her flower, “bébé, Flabé.”
“Bé,” she nodded adamantly.
“Well what did she say?” the teen asked.
~ She says that she isn’t quite ready to evolve yet, and she named her flower Petals, ~ the fire fox conveyed.
“So, I’m sure that once you evolve you’ll name your wand.”
~ Never, ~
“Aw come on I named my leg Click,”
~oh and what’s the name of your other leg. ~
“Squishy... and I have a third leg named Spring,”
Vix stared blankly, stupefied by the teen’s answer, ~why? ~
“Because it kind of looks like a spring,” Anthony replied with a smile, “but it’s only for emergencies, because it can break so easily,”
~ Wait you have a second fake leg, ~
“Yeah why, what did you think I was talking about?”
~uh, nothing… lets ah… get going, the day’s wasting, ~ she answered quickly to hide her blush, and released her trainer from her grasp and leapt from the bed. The trainer turned a questioning gaze to the tiny fairy, but she merely shrugged oblivious to the Fennekin’s embarrassment.
Soon trainer and Pokémon were traipsing about on route three; chasing anything that remotely looked like a bird in the midday sun.
“Ha gotcha,” the Trainer shouted as he leapt into a patch of grass, but the startled Pidgey flew off before the teen could aim a pokeball at it, “Damn it another got away,”
“Fen…” Vix sighed as she flopped on a soft patch of leaves.
“Bé,” Lucy agreed as she resettled her flower in Anthony’s lapel.
“Sorry girls I know you’re tired,” he groaned as he sat next to the Fennekin; idly scratching her head. The trainer basked in the warm sunlight when a loud distorted cry startled the trio.
“What the hell was that?!” Anthony exclaimed rising to his feet, “it sounded like it came from that tree.”
“Fenne,” Vix added nervously
“Flabébé?” Lucy squeaked out as she clung tightly to her flower
“It… it sounded like a Skarmory… that’s been hit by a car,” the trainer observed as the distorted metallic cry sounded again. As the three crept closer to the tree a small Fletchling hopped into view and opened its beak sending the unholy noise forth once more.
“by sweet Arceus’ mane that scared the shit out of me, it’s just a Fletchling,” Anthony breathed a sigh of relief. The tiny bird snapped its attention to the human and hissed its disapproval to the boy’s remark. It shot from its lofty perch and dived at the offending teen; causing him to shriek in terror and to throw his arms over his head. Small talons and beak tore at the exposed flesh of the boy’s arms as the Fletchling attacked, but as the bird passed by again one of its sharp claws tapped against something hard. In a blinding flash the small flying Pokémon vanished into the red and white orb the teen held in his hand. The device shook in Anthony’s hand for a moment before it clicked; signifying a successful capture.
“I… I caught it…” he breathed as he stared at the blood stained pokeball.
“Fen?” Vix asked worried
“Y… yeah I’m fine, just a few scratches,” The trainer shrugged, wiping the blood from the ball, “I’ll clean them out once we get back,”
“Fen!” the Fennekin snapped as she glared at the boy and planted her rear on the ground.
“Bé” Lucy chirped in agreement plucking her flower from his lapel and floated down next to the fire type.
“Okay, okay I’ll see to it now geez,” he relented, pulling his backpack from his shoulders.
“Hmph,” Vix huffed as she watched the teen rinse the blood from his arms and doctored the cuts from which the red liquid oozed. She quickly grew bored and turned her attention to the stained pokeball.
“I wasn’t meaning to catch it; I’ll let it go once I’m done tending to these scratches,” Anthony supplied when he noticed the Fennekin was sniffing the device that contained the Fletchling.
“Fen, Fennekin,” Vix whispered as she pressed the button on the face of the ball.
“What no don’t…” the trainer protested as the bird rematerialized. He warily watched the Fletching as it hopped about inspecting its surroundings. Anthony squeaked in alarm when the bird suddenly turned its attention to him and advanced on his leg. He was struck speechless when the tiny Pokémon began to nuzzle his leg earning a cute giggle from the Flabébé.
“Okay maybe I won’t be letting this little guy go,” he chuckled nervously as he gently petted the bird's head. The Fletchling chirped happily as it deftly fluttered up to land in the teen’s sandy blonde hair.
“Heh still that voice is still rather alarming,” the trainer remarked earning a sharp peck to the top of his head, “ouch.”
“Fennekin,” Vix added dryly.
“Bé,” Lucy agreed
“Yeah I know I deserved that one,” Anthony winced as he rubbed his head. He carefully extracted the bird from his hair and allowed it to rest on his hand, “let’s just say your voice is unique.”
“Fletch,” the bird nodded.
“Well I now have a bird… that needs a name.” the teen pondered as he rubbed his chin, “any ideas girls.”
“Flabé,” the fairy shrugged.
“Fen,” Vix supplied as she gave her best kicked Lilpup look.
“How is that supposed to help?”
She rolled her eyes and repeated the look; edging closer until she snatched the water bottle that sat between the trainer’s legs.
“Yes you were named for being an… wait you want me to name him for what he did,”
“Fen,” the fire type nodded.
“Well let me think, he shot from that tree pretty fast.” Anthony recalled. The Fletchling nodded quickly, “how about Arrow, it’s simple and to the point,”
The little bird started to shiver with excitement as it nodded even faster.
“Okay hence forth you shall be known as Arrow; welcome to the team.” The trainer declared. Arrow shot from the teen’s hand and fluttered about chirping exuberantly in his sharp and grating voice.
“Well he is fast,” Anthony observed as the two female Pokémon agreed with him; watching the tiny red blur that was the Fletchling.
“Hey Arrow, why the quick turnaround, before you seemed like you wanted to kill our trainer?” the Flabébé asked the hyperactive bird as they waited in the lobby of the Pokecenter.
“I did because I insulted me, but then he caught me and didn’t let me go, I couldn’t be happier!” the Fletchling whistled shrilly causing everyone around to cringe
“Sorry Arrow but I think it would be wise to calm down and whisper, you’re making everyone’s ears bleed,” Vix chuckled as she joined the two Pokémon.
“Ah Foxy how was your check-up? Where’s trainer? How…”
“First don’t call me Foxy, my name is Vix, second my check-up is of no concern of yours, and third Anthony had to get his leg checked,” the Fennekin replied annoyed
“Why, I don’t think I hit his leg,” Arrow asked puzzled.
The fire type sighed, “Lucy do you want to explain it or shall I.”
“Um yeah, uh Arrow… Trainer only has one leg, and he’s been complaining that his fake has been rubbing a callous.” The fairy explained worrying her hands. The information took a minute to process in the bird's head, “oh okay.”
“Hey girls and guy, I just has a small case of rug burn on my stump so I’ll have to be careful that I don’t get an infection,” Anthony announced as he walked out of the back room used to see humans, “well since it close to dinner how about we head out to the diner and grab us something to eat.”
“Fenne!” Vix chirped loudly.
“Hi, could I get an order of burger and fries, a basket of fish n chips, a packet of honey and… some sunflower seeds.” The teen asked the clerk behind the counter as his three Pokémon clung to him, “oh and could I get a plate of fried pickle spears.”
~ Fried pickles? ~ Vix asked as she grasped the teen’s head, ~ could you also add a few to my fish n chips? ~
“Could you also add a few pickles to the fish n chips,” the trainer chuckled.
“I take it you like pickles,” the man smirked as he fished into a large jar filled with the preserved fruit.
“Yes and so does my Fennekin,”
“Ha might as well give up pickles my friend,”
“Fen!” she barked as the man handed the tray of food to her trainer, ~ you know he’s right. ~
“I know but what can I do,” Anthony smirked as he sat down at the outdoor seating the diner provided.
~ Indeed what can you do when you have to deal with me, ~ the fox replied as she hopped of the teen’s head.
“It seems that you are getting better at telepathy, you held that string pretty well before it started to degrade.”
“Fen,” she chirped as she crunched one of the battered fried pickles, “Fenne, Fen!”
“I have created a monster,” Anthony sighed as he looked to his other Pokémon as they ate. Lucy sang whimsically as she milked her flower for its sweet nectar while she occasionally dipped into the honey that her trainer set out. Arrow pecked at his seeds scattering them more than eating them. The teen looked back on the afternoon he spent training his Pokémon after he caught Arrow.
“Hey guys do you think we can take on the gym tomorrow,” Anthony asked offhandedly.
The tiny bird looked up from his meal; he spread his wings and fluffed the feathers on his small body and issued a loud screeching hiss. Everyone around the diner jumped at the horrible noise the tiny bird made which only made him whistle happily as they stared.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” the trainer groaned as the wide eyes eventually wandered to him.
“Wow your Fletchling sounds pretty fierce!” a small boy exclaimed as he ran up to the group
“Please don’t stroke his ego…”
“Hey is that a Flabébé! Is it true that fairies are immune to dragon types no matter how strong they are?”
“Flabé,” Lucy nodded as she finished the last of her honey.
“Cool do you want to have a mock battle I have a Bagon,”
“Now hold on kid let me and my Pokémon finish our dinner okay,” Anthony sighed
Soon the teen sat on the edge of the town’s fountain over seeing his Flabébé as she deflected blow after blow from the small blue dragon.
“Okay Komoru use dragon pulse!” the boy ordered. The Bagon roared as energy gathered in its open maw. Anthony watched worried for his fairy’s sake as the beam of energy smashed into her position, but as the smoke cleared he saw her still floating there unfazed by the powerful attack.
“That is so cool you know what I’m…” the kid beamed, before a flash of white light announced the arrival of another Pokémon.
“Now kid you’re doing it all wrong, Beo… Metal Claw,” ordered a teenager with bright red hair.
“Bé!?” Lucy gasped as the Gible charged reluctantly.
“Fennekin!” Vix howled as she dashed from the fountain beating the small dragon to the fairy; pulling her out-of-the-way of the steel attack. Anthony watched in horror as the glowing claw connected with the fire type’s head sending a sharp yip echoing through the town.
“VIX!” he screamed as he watched her small form bounce away limp, as blood poured from a deep gash left by the devastating attack. Time slowed as he ran to her side; Arrow darted from his perch and attacked the ginger new comer, and Lucy wielded her flower like a sword and sent the dragon flying with a powerful blast of wind. Everything faded from the teens vision save for the unmoving form of his Fennekin.
“FLORGES!” boomed a powerful and beautiful voice bringing calm to the square, but Anthony wouldn’t hear it as he cradled Vix’s body.
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Enjoy your anguish sincerely Kolofox.

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    Reviewer: redacted
    Date:Sep 12 2014 Chapter:He Who Wore a Feathered Cap
    No flames eh? No need to fear that from a buizel...I'll try to put this as gentle as possible.

    To start off, way to leave us hanging...quite a shocking end, I like it.

    But what I don't like is the numerous grammatical errors and mistakes you overlooked. I won't leave any examples as there is too many to choose from. Just reread the story and you'll see what I mean.

    The story on the otherpaw is pretty darn swell. I really like how you pieced together the characters, quite creative and very intriguing.
    The story itself is a cool concept; an intelligent young adolescent striving to become a trainer who comes from a rough past, that of which left him as a cripple.
    Though, there are several areas in the story which you left foggy and unclear. For example; who Papa O'kei exactly was. Yes I understand he's Anthony's great grandfather, but what happend between him and Anthony?

    Overall, I say you need to be less careless in your writing and proofread your finished work. The story definately was well thought out, certainly the best part of your work. Good job, and I look foward to more.

    -{ 6 stars__ }-
    Author's Response:
    Thank you, I appreciate the honesty. if i had someone else look over my chapters they would be much more polished unfortunately I am flying solo on that part. as for Papa O'kai he was basically a mentor to Anthony taught him everything about survival and such. I'll have to expand on that in later chapters. I'll try to track down a beta reader until then I'll double down on finding those errors even if i have to break out an old grammar book.