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Catch a Fennekin by the Tail by kolofox


She Who Sang a Mournful Song

This fan fiction is rated T for blood, gore, dismemberment, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokémon or associated Medias

She Who Sang a Mournful Song

A blonde haired woman was stepping out of her gym when a load voice rang out drawing her attention to the fountain that sat in the center of the city square.

“Elise what are you doing here, what’s going on?” she asked the white mane Florges that floated high over the fountain. The Fairy type floated down to a sandy haired boy that cradled a bloodied Pokémon.

“Oh dear,” she breathed when she caught sight of the wound that produced the red liquid, “hey come with and we’ll take care of your Fennekin.”

The boy and carefully stood with the fire type in his arms, “Lucy, Arrow come here,”

The gym leader could help but notice the boy’s hollow voice and awkward gait, “what’s your name?”

“Anthony…” he mumbled as a Flabébé, and Fletchling settled on his shoulders.

“And what’s her name?”


“Well let’s step into my gym here and we’ll doctor that cut,”

“You’re… Viola,” the trainer looked up

“Yeah,” she smiled as she held open the door for the teen.

“Viola, wait up,” called a blonde haired man in a red coat; a red-headed trainer trailed behind, “this was the boy who started all the commotion.”

“His bird attacked me!” the teen protested brandishing his barely bloody arm.

“Oh no you interfered in a private battle and…”

“Tony please now is not the time to argue and point fingers,” Viola interjected, “come on I have a healing machine in the back.”

“It wouldn’t even need healing if it just let the fairy eat it,” the trainer muttered, “all Flabébé’s are weak,”

Anthony tensed for a moment before continuing to follow the gym leader.

“Is she going to be okay?” the trainer asked as the gym leader returned.

“Well the diagnostic says that it’s a concussion; right now we’re waiting for her to wake up,” Viola supplied, “she’s a very lucky Fennekin to have such a hard head,”

Anthony gave a half-hearted chuckle at the jest as he petted Arrow’s head.

“Bébé…” Lucy cooed from the teen’s lapel

“Can I wait with her until she wakes up,” he asked looking up to the older trainer. Viola smiled softly, but before she could answer the gym door flew open to show the blonde haired man from before with an Ampharos following behind, “Viola we have a problem.”

“What is it Tony?”

“Beedrills, a whole nest of them are swarming up on route four,” he gasped, “that’s why the Matron is here, she trying to protect the Pokémon there. Right now I have Genie and Blair helping out but I need your expertise in bug Pokémon to drive them into Santalune Forest.”

“I was aware of the nest of Kakuna there but they were relatively peaceful, even willing to move to the Forest once they evolved,” the gym leader explained, “No something must have aggravated them,”

“It… it might have been me, when I was at an old travelers camp I stepped on a Weedle,” Anthony confessed.

“I think I know of that camp, but it’s nowhere near the nest,” Tony pondered, “no this was because someone attacked the nest.”

“Do you have any idea who could have done that?” Viola asked.

“I have my suspicions, I did manage to get to the nest and it wasn’t pretty,”

“What do you mean?”

“There was about four dead Beedrills, and even more fainted; all of them newly evolved,” he relayed, “also the entire area was covered in claw marks,”

“Claw marks?” the leader asked.

“Viola did you get a good picture of that Fennekin’s wound,”

“I did give me a moment and I’ll get you it,” she nodded turning towards the back door.

“It was me,” announced a red headed trainer from the door, his hands bound behind his back, “Beo needed to learn how to hit harder, so I force the Kakuna there to evolve,”

“You did what!” Tony yelled

“You heard me, I was training my Gible and he got carried away, might have killed a few,” the teen shrugged, “what does it matter they’re just bugs.”

“Young man, do you realize what you have done!” the man glared, “you have not only endangered the lives of the people who traversed that route, but you also endangered the lives of the Pokémon that inhabit it,”

“Big deal, if you can’t handle a few Beedrill then you have no right to call yourself a trainer, and the Pokémon, nobody’s going to care about Skittys and Flabébés kicking the bucket.”

“I care,” Anthony growled

“I must also bring up the fact that you interfered in a battle that left one Pokémon severely injured,” the blonde haired man interjected sensing the hostility coming from the teen

“It was his fault his Fennekin got in the way, and his ordered his stupid bird to attack me,” the red-head shot back. The Fletchling hissed venomously as he squirmed to free himself from Trainer’s grasp.

“I want your trainer card NOW!” Tony boomed.

“And what can you do you’re just a ranger,”

“Just a ranger with a badge,” the man smirked as he pulled a small device and released a Klefki from a pokeball, “Keys could I get the key to the handcuffs please,”

“Ki!” the steel type chirped as it held forth a small key. Tony unlocked the cuffs that held the teen, and permitted him to produce his License, “Dillon Mar, fifteen and has a history of Pokémon abuse.”


“You were suspended for a year at the request of Professor Sycamore,” he continued.

“That Fennekin bit me, and in a very private place,” Dillon defended.

“You…” Anthony breathed his hazel eyes filled with rage. He allowed his grip on his bird to relax letting Arrow to shoot straight for the red head’s face.

“Shit Denryu, stop the bird,” Tony ordered as he moved to intercept the charging teen.

“Amp!” the electric type chirped firing a weak jolt of energy to paralyze the bird. The Fletchling squawked when he felt his body go numb; leaving him unable to fly. Denryu gently caught the falling bird before he could be injured from crash landing.

“Flabébé!” Lucy cried as she snaked a vine around her trainer’s legs. He felt himself falling and instinctively rolled to keep from landing on his Flabébé.

“Okay kid here’s the deal, you have to strikes against you, first is the incident on route four, second is the interference in the battle,” the ranger listed, “first you are to pay this trainer and the owner of that Bagon, second and most importantly you are to help me and Viola here corral that Beedrill swarm you stirred up,”

Dillon rolled his eyes as he took his trainer card from the man, “Fine.”

“What?! He’s going to get off with a slap on the wrist after what he’s done to Vix!” Anthony spat as he struggled against the fairy’s vine.

“Hardly if he commits one more crime I will personally drag him before the league to have him stripped of his license and Pokémon,” Tony spoke in almost a whisper, his blue eyes shimming with a cold rage.

“I’ll be at the pokecenter,” the red-haired trainer grumbled flicking a fist full of dollars towards the general direction of the prone teen.

“I really don’t like that boy,” Viola remarked as she helped Anthony to his feet, “you should thank your Flabébé, she saved you from getting into a worse situation,”

“Bébé,” Lucy placated as she untangled the teen’s legs.

“No, Viola’s right,” the trainer cooed lifting the small fairy from his shoulder, “Thank you, even though you’re small, you have the biggest heart.”

“Let’s go check up on your Fennekin,” the gym leader offered, “she should be awake by now,”

“We’ll have to see to that swarm before sunrise,” Tony reminded as he joined the pair through the door that led to the infirmary; he handed the teen the money Dillon threw as well as a newly healed Arrow, “here kid I’m sorry about paralyzing your Fletchling, I went ahead and healed him though,”

“It’s okay, he’s a bit of a hot head,” the teen nodded as he held his hand out for the bird to hop on to, “I think you should rest up in your ball,”

The bird whistled weakly as he alighted on the boy’s shoulder, as the trainer fished into his pocket for his blood stained ball.

“It’s okay Arrow I’m not mad at you,” Arthur cooed; scratching under the Fletchling’s chin, “I’ll handle the trainers okay; you can deal with Pokémon,”

He whistled happily yet shrilly, before he vanished into his pokeball.

“I think that bird has a broken voice box,” Tony remarked once the teen stored the ball in his coat pocket

“I wouldn’t trade him for the world,” the teen smiled, he felt Arrow’s ball shake for a moment as if in joy, “but right now I want to see my Fennekin.”

“I’m sure she’ll be very happy to see you,” Viola beamed, “I’m going to leave you here so I can tend to the Beedrill swarm,”


“One last thing if you need any help press zero on the phone in there it’ll connect you with the pokecenter,”

“Oh and because I don’t trust that kid not to do anything stupid I’m going to leave Denryu and Keys here,” Tony added as he handed a pair of pokeballs to the young trainer.

“Thanks, for everything,” Anthony sighed as the gym leader opened the door to the infirmary.

“A quick word of caution, approach from the right side of the bed; she might be a little disoriented when she wakes so make sure she can see you approach if she’s already awake,” Viola advised as she ushered the teen through the door. He could see the small fox resting on the small bed that adorned the center of the room; the path of the attack was evident on the Fennekin’s head. The thin newly healed scar traced a short line just above her right eye.

“Hey Vix,” Anthony cooed as he stepped to the right side of the bed.

“Fen?” she groaned as she warily lifted her head to the trainer’s voice, “Fennekin?”

The fire type continued to scan the room, but to the teen’s surprise she didn't see him.

“Vix… I’m right here,” he announced as he edged closer to the bed side, “Can’t you see me?”

Tears started to form in the Pokémon’s eyes as she failed to spot her trainer, “Fenne!?”

The trainer carefully reached for the distressing Fennekin, and held her head still. She flinched at the unexpected touch but she allowed her head to yield to the trainer’s hands. Anthony stared at the fixed crimson orbs with horror, “Vix… Vix you… you’re looking right at me!”

“Fennekin!” she cried as she leaned into the trainer’s touch. Lucy gasped as she too started to cry; she lifted her flower and floated from her trainer’s lapel to embrace her friend. Anthony couldn’t stop his own tears from falling as he fought the truth; a cold truth that shot through his heart like a knife, his Fennekin, his Vix was blind.

“Sir, we have the results for your Fennekin,” the Nurse called, drawing the attention of the teen that sat in the lobby worrying a white pokeball.

“What’s the news,” he asked rising to his feet to meet the nurse.

“Well she is about ninety percent blind, she can see some colors and changes in light, but I have a theory you might be interested in hearing,” Nurse Joy explained, “Now this isn’t a guarantee but because she is still a Fennekin she has a chance to regain her sight through evolution,”

“How much will she regain?” the trainer asked

“She will never have a complete restoration of her sight but if she’s lucky… shapes and basic details,”

“I see, thank you,”

“She can still lead a fruitful life but I would suggest retiring her from battling,” The nurse explained, “but I’ll leave that decision to you and your Pokémon,”

“How is Lucy doing? I know that she didn’t want to leave Vix’s side,”

“She’s doing fine but I must say that she has such a lovely singing voice,”

“Yeah she does,” he smiled as he heard the Flabébé’s familiar voice singing one of her sorrowful songs, “It’s just that she sounds so sad when she sings.”

“That’s actually normal for Flabébés, her songs are meant to be rousing, and I’ve listened to a few that have been translated they’re really quite beautiful.”

“Yeah, but I think Lucy draws inspiration from classic rock, I’ve caught her listening to my radio these past few days,” the teen chuckled, “but I think we’ve kept my Pokémon waiting long enough I’d like to see them now.”

“Yes of course, follow me,” Nurse Joy bowed apologetically and lead the trainer to the ward were his Pokémon was being held, “in here,”

“Thank you,” Anthony nodded as he stepped into the room where his team waited. He sat down on the bed with Vix and Lucy, while Arrow perched atop a lamp, “hey guys, listen I’ve been thinking… I don’t think I’m really cut out to be a trainer.”

“Fennekin!” Vix snapped

“Bé!” Lucy agreed.

“Fletch!” Arrow added, drawing a curious gaze from the fairy type. The fire type stamped her foot on the bed beckoning the trainer over. Anthony sighed and leaned over so the Fennekin could touch her paw to his head.

~ You are not going to give up just because I lost my sight, ~she transmitted.

“But you got hurt, what if another one of you gets hurt… or worse,” he replied solemnly.

~ You idiot! ~ Vix stamped, ~ the world is a dangerous place. ~

“Bébé, Flabé!” the tiny Fairy chimed.

~ You have a point Lucy, I’ll tell you what, you can give up once I’m a Delphox, ~


~ Oh no I can still hear, feel, and smell,” the Fennekin listed, ~ and if I really need to see I’ll borrow your eyes, ~

“You can do that?”

~ I’ll learn how, but you are NOT giving up until I can see again. ~


“Fletch!” Arrow and Lucy cheered.

“Okay,” he replied meekly sitting up.

~ Enough of being depressed! ~ Vix spat swiping her paw at the retreating trainer. Anthony felt the strength behind the assault as it connected with his face, ~ You only have one leg yet I have seen you run and jump. I may not see but I know I just hit you, ~

The teen rubbed his cheek as he stared at the irate Fennekin in disbelief.

~ Tomorrow we are going to take on that gym, and I am going to evolve, ~ she continued, ~ and after that we’ll go to the next gym and the one after that until I can see again, ~

The Fire type’s eyes burned with fury, and Anthony saw himself fighting to become a trainer with her eyes; she had hit him and if she could do that then she could win a gym battle, “Alright Vix if you want to continue then we’re going to have to teach you how to see without your eyes,”

‘That’s the trainer I love,’ the Pokémon thought to herself; she launched her small body at the boy knowing he’ll catch her.

“Well we better get to work if we’re to meet that deadline tomorrow,” Anthony chimed with the Fennekin secure in his arms.

“Are you sure you want to do this kid,” Viola asked as she watched the sandy-haired teen walk up to her platform as a Fennekin rode his head, “I mean yeah you still got two…”

“Actually I have three Pokémon but Lucy isn’t participating on the account of exhaustion,” Anthony shrugged.

“What you can’t be serious, battling with a blind Pokémon,” the gym leader balked.

“That is her choice,” Anthony bit back as he hiked up his right pant leg, “just as it’s my choice to be a trainer.”

Viola stared at the metal shank that replaced the teen’s leg and smiled, “heh, alright kid but don’t think that just because your Fennekin is blind that I’ll take it easy on you,”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” the trainer smirked as he pulled a blood stained pokeball from his pocket, “but I’ll start things off with Arrow.”

“Surskit go!” Viola called throwing a pokeball to the field, “you’re pretty smart using your flying-type first.”

“I found it prudent to research my opponent before I have my Fennekin’s hopes dashed with a water type,” the teen shrugged, “Arrow let’s take this bug out fast; use peck,”

“He’ll never get the first hit, Quick attack,” the gym leader countered. The water bug glided forward as if skating over the surface of the field, but the bird proved to be faster as he screeched his battle cry; jabbing his beak into the bug’s soft body.

“Gale wings…” Viola gawked as her Surskit fainted from the single blow. She returned the bug to its ball and primed her last one, “but you’ll find that my Vivillon won’t be so easily beaten,”

“Okay Arrow remember what we planned,” Anthony whispered to the bird, “and don’t miss,”

“Fen,” Vix added.

The Fletchling chirped squeezing his talon to crush the rotten berry he held, “hit it with thief!”

Viola tensed when she smelled the pungent smell that the bird now emitted, “Keep away it’s trying to smear that scent on you,”

The Vivillon retreated from the foul-smelling bird laughing as if it was merely a game. The Fletchling continued to pursue enraged at the carefree nature of his opponent, “Arrow, stop it’s baiting you!”

“Now use Infestation,” the gym leader smirked. Her Pokémon suddenly turned and scattered a misty black cloud that seemed to move on its own accord; dead set on his mission the Fletchling bravely charged through the animated cloud and raked his scent marked talons on the chest of the Vivillon.

“Knock it away with gust,” Viola ordered. The bug blasted the small bird away with a single beat of its wings.

“Arrow, return you did good,” Anthony called as he raised the bird’s pokeball in an effort to return the Pokémon.

“You can’t recall a Pokémon that’s under the effect of Infestation,” the leader explained as she watched the ball fail to return the bird. From the damage persisted by the biting dust and gusts fired from the Vivillion, Arrow didn’t last long as he struggled to retake to the air. The pokeball finally responded and sucked the fainted bird inside, much to the trainer’s relief, “you did good Arrow, ready to go kick some butt Vix,”

“Fenne,” she chirped as she deftly jumped from the trainer’s head and landed with a soft huff before her trainer. She sniffed at the air for the pungent odor that marked the flapping butterfly, once she found the scent; her sightless gaze leveled on her opponent, “Ember,”

“Oh ho, that’s crafty,” Viola balked as she watched the attack hit her Pokémon, “Vivillon stay on the move and try to get that stuff off,”

“Vi, vi,” it replied as it recovered from the ember. Vix’s ear’s twitched to the sharp sound the bug emitted and fired a quick volley at the source, “Vi!”

The bug flapped its large wings launching a blast of wind; scattering the incoming embers before they could connect, “good job Vivillon, but try to keep quiet; she’s not only homing in on that scent but also your sound.”

“Alright Vix, listen for its wing beats,” Anthony muttered, before falling silent, ‘I believe in you girl,’

The Fennekin sat quietly as the Vivillon darted around waiting for her to make a move. She could still smell the rotten berry that marked the bug but it was difficult to pinpoint with it moving about now, and she could only hear it when it attacked or cried out.

“Vivillon now’s your chance use gust,” Viola ordered as she noticed that the Fennekin couldn’t hear the wing beats of her butterfly. Vix heard the tell-tale whoosh of the attack approaching her; she launched an ember at the source of the sound and braced for the blast of air.

“That wasn’t any good Vix, it fizzled before it hit,” Arthur relayed once the wind stopped.

“Fenne,” she growled

“Keep it up Vivillon,” Viola cheered.

“Vi!” it chirped with another great beat of its wings. Vix gritted her teeth against the powerful wind; waiting for her window to attack. The intense blast faded and the Fennekin launched an ember directly at the bug. The fire attack connected solidly with the bug swatting it from the air.

“One more hit like that and we’ve lost,” the gym leader observed as her Vivillon struggled to return to the air, “Okay all or nothing Vi, triple threat!”

The Pokémon blasted up another gust from its wings and charged forward behind its attack; a black misty cloud encompassing its wings.

“Vix get out of there, it’s going to use the same attack that took out Arrow!” Anthony yelled. The Fennekin held her ground; growling fiercely at the charging bug. She felt the blast of wind for the third time, but her internal fire blazed hotter than ever before. The fire type felt the Vivillon grow near as the wind died back; she waited until the bug’s wings buffeted around her before she loosed her strongest ember into the face of the Vivillon.

“Yeah Vix you…” Anthony started to cheer, but the Fennekin’s form became enshrouded in light. The small fox’s body began to grow and change until it took the form of a three-foot tall, bipedal Pokémon. Light receded to reveal a newly evolved Braixen, standing motionless where the Fennekin once stood. A pang of worry shot through the trainer as he ran to his Pokémon’s side, “Vix what’s wrong?”

“B, Braixen,” she wept sinking to her knees, ~ it didn’t work, nothing changed, ~

“That just means I can’t give up yet,” Anthony cooed pulling the fire type into a hug, “and until you can see, I will never give up.”

A bright flash ghosted over the pair, drawing the trainer’s gaze up to the gym leader as she held a camera.

“That’s a pretty good shot of a future Champion,” Viola smirked lowering her camera, “I’ll call it, ‘Never give up’,”

“I want a copy of that,” the teen smiled

“Copy? Hell you can have the original; I’ll keep the copy here on my wall for everyone to see,”

~ I want one too, ~ Vix added, ~so when I become a Delphox I too can see it. ~

“Well guys we have one badge and a lot of money,” Anthony chimed as his team enjoyed their celebratory dinner, “so tonight is our last night here in Santalune City,”

“Um sir…” a small boy squeaked, “here, the boy who hurt your Fennekin gave me this,”

The teen looked to the young trainer and the crumpled bills he held out, “keep it kid, you can use it on your journey,”

“I can’t go on a journey yet because I’m too young,” he explained.

“You still have a Bagon,” the teen smiled, “so as far as I’m concerned you’re on a journey,”

“Yeah Komoru and I are already best of friends,”

“That’s a great, save that money so when you get your license you have a head start,” Anthony smiled closing the boy’s hand on the money he held, “or you could take it to the pokemart and get yourself a translator, so you and Komoru can become even better friends.”

“I never thought of that thanks,” the boy grinned turning from the teen and his team, “and when you become champion I want to be the first one to challenge you,”

“heh, I’ll see you there kid,”

“Well Vix do you like it,” the trainer asked

~ I can’t see it Anthony, ~ Vix replied as she held the tiny trinket.

“You’re not meant to see it you’re meant to feel it,” he supplied

~ It has three clusters of bumps, ~ the Braixen answered running her paw over the locket.

“It’s braille, the first cluster is ‘V’, the second ‘I’, and the last one is ‘x’,”

~ It’s also a lock, ~ the fire type observed as she pressed certain bumps popping the necklace open, ~ what’s inside though, ~

“It’s our picture from inside the gym; remember you asked for your own copy,”

~ Oh yeah, ~ Vix face palmed. She leaned over to her trainer and gave him a peck on his cheek, ~ I love it, ~

“Aw thanks,” Anthony smirked wiping his cheek, “I’m glad you like it,”

Figured I end it on something sweet since the chapter actually made me cry as I wrote it. Anyway thanks for your patience and trust me I intend to see this story through to the end.
Sincerely, Kolofox
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