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He Who enslaved a Thousand souls

This fan fiction is rated T for blood, gore, dismemberment, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokemon or associated Medias

He who enslaved a thousand souls

"No Anthony! Don't look at the light!" Vix screamed, yanking the teen's jacket.

"Oh but it is too late my sweet little fox; come the light is warm and inviting," she heard.

"I don't think so," the Braixen retorted as she pulled the bubbled that was her Extrasensory from her wand tip.

"Now I can't let have anything like that now can we; Anthony if you could,"

"Yes... Master..." the trainer droned before the he discarded his pack and grabbed the fox to hold her before the squid-like Pokemon.

"Gah Anthony! Don't listen to it, it's a Malamar!" Vix struggled, "We have to get out of here!"

"He can't hear you Miss Vixen," the Dark type sighed as he held the fire type still with a cold slimy tentacle, "but I see that you are blind, a triviality..."

"Unhand me you moster," she snapped at the slimy appendage.

"Ho oh you are feisty," the Malamar recoiled, "perhaps we can come to an agreement?"

"I want nothing you have to offer!" Vix growled.

"No? Then perhaps you need a taste of what I can give, Illumise... wish for this Braixen's sight to return," he chuckled.

"No!" she fought as she heard the bug type start chanting, "Damn it Anthony let GO!"

The fire type threw her head back into the brainwashed teen's nose, causing him to drop her as he recoiled from the blow. Vix landed just as a surge of energy coursed through her body; light filled her vision for a moment, but as it receded her muddy white paws came into her view. She looked to where she heard the chanting to see the Illumise struggling to stand as her body slowly disintegrated.

"I... I'm s... sorry," she wept; Vix watched with horror as the bug's form withered away to nothing.

"You... you monster..." she breathed.

"She was expendable... and with that clutch she brooded, easily replaceable," the Dark type chuckled, "Once they hatch, I'll have another batch of slaves for my amusement,"

"I hope they tear you to shreds,"

"Ha, why should I fear something that is so weak, so easily dominated, and breeds so quickly," the Malamar laughed, "You however, even with your restored sight; I see you possess too strong a will,"

"So why restore my sight?" the Braixen stalled; her mind reaching out to her trainer's.

"So you may know horror," He grinned, "Now listen carefully, I cannot hypnotize you, but I can hypnotize your trainer; so I shall offer you this serve me willingly and I shall not devour your trainer, but if you defy me... well let's just say I am I have poor table manners."

"You would force him into servitude," she observed, just as she spotted her wand not far from her paw.

"Mm, yes but he would be your slave as well, you could do whatever you wanted to him... even mate with him," the psychic type mused as he slithered closer to the fire type, "So... what is your answer?"

"GO TO HELL!" Vix howled; thrusting her wand into the soft body of the squid and sending a wave of energy into her trainer's mind. Black blood oozed from the ruined light; staining her oaken wand with the foul fluid.

"Agh you BITCH!" the Malamar yelled as he slapped the Braixen with a powerful tentacle.

"Forget your trainer! I shall have the pleasure of killing you first," he growled; lifting the stunned fire type by her throat.

"ugh... where... where am I," Anthony groaned as he held his aching head; his eyes were swollen and his nose bloody, but a strange sound pulled his attention to the figure before him. The teen watched in horror as he recognized his starter suffocating as a Malamar held her aloft by her throat. He instinctive reached for his pack only to find it discarded on the cave floor, and tied to the side was the weapon he was searching for. Anthony tore one of his ice axes free of its sheath and charged for the Malamar.

"Let HER GOOOO!" he roared; swinging his weapon at the psychic type's large eye. The sharpened spike dug deep into the squid's pliable head as it screamed in agony; tentacles abandoned their previous quarry to entangle about the teen's arms, but the Malamar failed to find purchase as Anthony tore its suctioned feet from the floor.

Vix coughed on the fresh air as it filled her lungs, and through her restored yet blurry vision she watched her trainer throw the Malamar from his bloody ice axe.

"Anthony watch out!" she screamed as pellets of sharp energy formed around the teen, but her warning was unheard as he stalked towards the writhing dark type. The shards stopped the trainer's advance as they pelted him from all sides. Blood dripped from Anthony's jacket as he struggled to remain standing but his prosthetic failed; folding under his weight. He wasn't granted a moment of respite nor mercy as his body was roughly grabbed by the Malamar's mind, and as if he was nothing more than a discarded doll he was thrown into the jagged cave wall.

"Anthony!" Vix cried as another Psyshock formed over his unmoving form. The whole cave fell dark as the razor sharp pellets smashed into his position, but the Dark type sounded a screech of surprised as a primal roar echoed through the cave. As light returned to the cave, Vix saw the Malamar assaulted by a huge black beast and her trainer still clinging to life. Teeth and claws painted the floor black with the squid's blood, but the damnable dark type still refused to die despite its injuries. The Braixen knew she had to help this unknown ally as she scrabbled to find her discarded wand, but her attention was wrenched back to the pair as a sickening crack and a sharp yip sounded from the beast as it was sent skittering to the far side of the cave.

"is... is that all you... got... you fucking... coward?" the Malamar wheezed; blood oozed from countless injuries, but still he stood. The fire type looked to the beast only to catch a brief glimpse of its odd purple fur vanish down a corridor.

"Now... I... can deal with that human..." the dark type gasped but just as he was about to raise another Psyshock his one remaining eye was drawn to a brilliant white flame that danced at the tip of the Braixen's wand.

"I said GO TO HELL!" Vix roared just as her wand exploded. The brilant bolt of fire reached the Malamar in a mere breath of a second, but it did not stop at his chest, nor did it stop at his inverted brain or the thick sinewy muscle behind that. The bolt's brief journey ended in the thick stone wall behind the Malamar where the molten rock shone through the hole in the dark type like some morbid flash light. Vix panted as the squid finally fell dead upon the floor, but she did not rejoice her victory as she turned to her trainer's unmoving form, "Anthony!"


"Tony! Blair!" a purple haired girl yelled; her feet pounding against the cave floor to catch up to the dazed ranger and Meowstic.

"Huh... April what's going on?" the blonde haired man asked as he seemingly recovered from a stupor.

"It's Anthony! He's hurt inside the cave!" she cried.

"Your arm!" he gasped once he caught sight of the twisted limb.

"It's nothing Blossom yanked me a little too hard when she saw the Malamar," she explained, "Please you must go help Anthony!"

Tony nodded silently as he pulled a small radio from his pocket, "HQ, this is Tony requesting immediate teleport assistance,"

"What is your location?" the radio answered

"I am at the south west entrance of connection cave, I have one trainer confirmed injured and another possible injured trapped inside the cave, possible Malamar attack," the ranger relayed

"Sending assistance to your location," as soon as the radio ceased its transmission two rangers appeared alongside their Pokemon.

"Jeff I want you to tend to the girl, Mary you are with me," Tony ordered, "April can you lend us a Pokemon that can lead us to Anthony?"

"Blossom can," she offered, her Gourgiest already ready to lead the rangers to where Anthony was.


"Okay Vix, stay calm," the Braixen shuddered as she tried to stem the flow of blood that poured from his head, "oh please don't die... wait... Kris... she knows wish, she can help,"

She quickly fished into her trainers pocket with one of her paws and pulled free the pokeballs of her other teammates.

"Vix What's... Gah! Trainer!" the Umbreon shrieked, "What happened?!"

"A... a lot... help me... please,"

"This... I don't know if I can... Lucy would know more about this," she paled, "I'm sorry,"

"It... it's okay," the fire type sighed as she pressed the button on Lucy's great ball. The Flabebe calmly surveyed the scene before she spoke

"Vix, it's going to be okay, just keep pressure on the wound, Kris find Anthony's bag he should have a first aid kit and also grab my honey,"

"Food!? Your think of food right now!?" the Braixen balked.

"Honey is a natural coagulant and an antiseptic it can stem the blood," the fairy explained as she probed around some of the teen's other wounds. It was all she could do not to panic, Anthony was dying; the honey would help slow the loss of blood but with the amount that pooled around him it was a miracle he even still lived. Vix sensed the Flabebe's reservation as the fairy wrapped gaze and honey about the teen's chest, "it's not going to help is it?"

"No..." Lucy wept, "Unless help arrives soon, Anthony will die,"

"And we don't know if help will arrive," Vix cried, but only for a moment, "Teach me wish,"

"Vix you can't heal him like that, it would cost you more than just energy," the Flabebe warned.

"I don't care... I won't lose him like this,"

Lucy sighed as she formed a clear bubble of energy, "the sacrifice must be yours Vix, Kris and I don't love him like you do, but all you have to do is wish for him to survive, the cost should not be too great."

"Thank you," the fire type nodded as she closed the locket that hung about her neck. She took the orb and willed her energy into it.

"Your eyes... you can see?" the Flabebe gasped, but once the Braixen merged the orb into the teen's chest the, her normally crimson eyes faded to grey, "your sight won't ever come now... even after you evolve."

"I know, but I don't need it anymore," Vix sighed. Lucy watched as the her trainer's form glowed for a moment, but his wounds didn't seem healed or lessened in anyway.

"Did it work?" the Braixen panted.

"I... I don't know,"


"Anthony! Anthony! can you hear me!" a call sounded with in the cave.

"Braixen!" the fire type called back.

"Over here..." Tony paled as he entered the chamber the grizzly sight of the cave made his stomach churn; black blood pooled from a very dead Malamar and leaning against the wall was Anthony, battered and bloody as his Pokemon huddled around his unmoving body, "oh my god... everyone move out of the way,"

The boy's team quickly moved out of the ranger's path; save for Vix who still clung to his arm. Tony gently grabbed the trainers wrist for a moment before placing his hand to a spot behind the teen's ear.

"Braixen?" the fire type asked once she felt the man pull away.

"I've got pulse, it's weak but steady," he assessed, "Mary have Jugo teleport him and his Braixen to the center, and I'll take care of his other Pokemon."

"Jugo teleport, Amberette Pokemon center,"

"Alakazam," the psychic type huffed. In a disorienting second the fire type felt her form displaced from the muddy cave floor to smooth linoleum.

"Nurse!" the female ranger called

"Oh my, what happened!?" Vix heard the kindly woman replied.

"Malamar attack, boy's Pokemon must have killed it."

"Okay, have your Alakazam lift him onto the stretcher, Rose prep the O.R. for a human patient."

"You will need to let go now..." the psychic type order as he lifted the teen's body with telekinesis.

"I... I don't want to leave him," the Braixen wept; clinging tighter to her trainer.

"He will die if you don't let go, you wish might be sustaining him but it will not last forever," Jugo growled. Vix bit her lip as she slowly released Anthony's arm; allowing the Nurse and her assistant to pull his floating body onto a stretcher. Long after the Nurse disappeared behind the large double doors at the back of the center the fire type remained sitting in the center of the lobby scared and crying.


"What's the news?" Tony asked as he watched the haggard woman returned still wearing her bloody apron.

"I did what I could..."

"Brai..." Vix panicked.

"He's alive, but he's... he's in a coma, I don't know when, or even if he'll ever wake up, I'm sorry." The nurse explained, "I did find a wish mark, I could only assume that was what sustained him long enough for a transfusion."

"I'll contact his uncle, and take care of his Pokemon..." the ranger sighed.

"Tony let the center care for the Pokemon; we need to take care of those fossil poachers." Mary protested.

"Let me at least call his uncle," he sighed as he pulled the trainer's phone from his recovered pack.

"Hello is this Simon?" The ranger asked once he heard the line pick up.

"You're not Anthony what's going on?!" a gruff voice answered.

"There's been an accident; your nephew was attacked by a Malamar,"

"WHAT?!" Simon balked, "is he alright?"

"He's..." Tony paused searching for the right word, "He's in a stable condition and recovering,"

"I'd ask where you are but, right now there is a blizzard locking down Anistar city,"

"Right now Anthony is in good hands; stay safe out there,"

"As soon as this blizzard blows over I'm heading out there,"

"Once it does we're in Amberette town."

"Thank you," Simon thanked before the call ended. Tony replaced the phone back into the pack and knelt down before the Braixen, "Vix I'm going to set you and your teammates up with a room at the hotel, I only have enough to pay it up for a week but I shouldn't be gone that long."

"Braixen," she thanked before she turned to the nurse, "Braixen?"

"Our visiting hours are almost over, but... I can give you a few minutes with him... after I get that paw bandaged," Joy sighed before taking the Braixen's bloody paw to apply a clean strip of gaze to the marks left by her wand; once she was done she led the fire type to the small ward where Anthony rested. Various machines beeped and puffed within the room as Vix entered the room; she slowly crept to her trainer's bedside to gently grasp his hand; once her time was up she leaned close to her trainer's face and kissed his cheek.

"Please wake up soon," the Brixen wept.


"Why are we doing this? Isn't Tony coming back to take care of us?" Lucy asked as she traced letters onto thick paper, "I mean it's only been three days since he left."

"This is a precaution in case he doesn't get back." Vix sighed, "And I don't like delving into unknown minds, and people tend to freak out when they start hearing voices in their heads."

"Don't worry; I defiantly understand why you don't want to go to the daycare, with you in the middle of your heat." Kris added before she pushed a card towards the Braixen, "Here how does this look?"

"That looks pretty good Kris," the fire type exclaimed; lifting her paw lit with her extrasensory, "I can see the card except where you've marked them."

"Heh, invisible ink, just add dark type." The Umbreon chuckled, "just don't lick them, my sweat is somewhat poisonous,"

"Hey Vix why is the Daycare so bad?" Lucy asked.

"I don't have anything against the daycare it's just that most of the Pokemon there are newly captured or team rejects, they won't know to exercise control when I'm there and in my heat, and right now I don't need a to care for a kit on top of you guys," she explained.

"Don't worry I've been trying to help out with food, but I know I'm not as an accomplished hunter as Arrow is," the Dark type sighed.

"I know Arrow been depressed, give him a little bit; I'm sure he'll snap out of it soon." Vix sighed.

"I can respect that," Lucy cooed, "I'm done by the way,"

"Great, how do they look Kris?"

"They look good, none of them overlap." The Umbreon observed.

"Good, now carefully cut them out with the scissors and glue them to a fresh set of cards, but only one per card."

"Allow me Miss Lucy," Amidamaru offered as he removed the sheath to his blade.

"Ah thank you Amaru," the Flabebe cheered as the Honedge deftly sliced the cards into individual letters.

"I must ask for some clarity regarding our plans if Tony doesn't return," the steel type asked.

"If Tony doesn't return by the end of the week I am going to use Anthony's card to pay for another week's stay here," Vix explained, "from there I'm going to start learning English."

"Taboo amongst most Pokemon, but understandable," Amaru sighed, "Hopefully Tony returns soon, or Anthony wakes up."

"Speaking of which what time is it?"

"Uh... it looks like a three?" Kris observed.

"Okay, I'm going to go visit Anthony, Lucy keep gluing those cards," the Briaxen nodded as she went about the room to grab her new longer wand and a plain bound book.

"Do you want me to go with you?" the Umbreon offered as her friend neared the door.

"I should be fine, but try to get Arrow to eat something while I'm gone," Vix replied with a smile, "Oh and Amaru make sure you fix the carpet before I return."

The ghost clicked his sheath in disapproval as the fire type left to go visit their trainer. The short walk to the center was met with the same slow afternoon bussle and pungent salty stench from the ocean.

"Ah Vix are you here to visit Anthony?" the nurse asked once the fire type entered the Pokemon center.

"Y... ye... yes," the Braizen managed in a thick accent.

"Keep practicing, you'll get better," Nurse joy encouraged, "Come with me, April is already with him so no fighting okay."

"Braixen..." Vix huffed; allowing the woman to take her paw.

"Miss Moser, Vix is here," she announced as she opened the door to the small room.

"Good afternoon Vix," the purple haired girl greeted.

"Brai..." she nodded, walking over to the opposite side of Anthony's bed to grasp his hand.

"Vix I can understand you..." April huffed once the door clicked closed.

"I know," the fire type smirked, "How is your arm?"

"It hurts; Blossom has one hell of a grip,"

"Why didn't you help us?"

"I did help I was the one who ran to get help, plus none of my Pokemon can heal Vix," the girl retorted, "and I can still help, I can see that you've been struggling these past few days."

The Braixen clutched her stomach to stifle its painful rumblings; she had been skipping over her meals so her teammates had enough to eat.

"I might not be as successful trainer as Anthony is but I can at least get you guys a good dinner," April offered. Pride swelled within the fire type but to deny her friends the prospect of a good meal was foolish.

"Thank you... I will bring everyone by the center tonight." She sighed; swallowing her pride. They both fell into an uneasy peace as hours ticked by; Vix sat silently next to the bed while her paws glided over the blank pages of her book.

"What are you reading?" the purple haired trainer asked; breaking the silence within the room.

"Let's learn Brail for kids," she replied, "I've been trying to teach myself,"

A soft knock sounded at the door as the nurse entered, "My apologies but visiting hours are over."


"Arrow please eat," the Braixen urged.

"I won't eat until master wakes up," the Fletchinder huffed.

"Look at yourself Arrow, Anthony would be so disappointed to see you like this, you're so thin now," Kris added, her word must have struck a chord within the bird for he finally started to eat his dinner.

"Vix you should eat too," the Umbreon sighed.

"I'll eat," the Briaxen huffed, not even looking up from the sheet of paper she wrote on; she used the cards both Lucy and Kris made to trace out words and sentences.

"Vix it you want I can pen you a letter," April offered

"I got it," she rebuffed.

"Look I know what it is to barely squeak by and I want to help..."

"You want to help?! How about you go and try and find Tony, and stop trying to brown nose us so you can get into Anthony's pants!"

"I CAN'T!! the ranger got route four locked down because of their stupid investigation," the girl snapped, "and as for brown nosing? You have no chance, I'm human and you... you are just a Pokemon."

Vix growled savagely as she jump onto the table; her paw lit with her extrasensory. The patrons of the center all shrieked in terror as they skittered away from the blind Braixen, but her furious expression quickly melted to one of shock as the human girl failed to appear before her psychic sense.

"W... what are you?' she gasped before her bubble of energy was quickly snuffed out by April's Gourgiest.

"Your sweater hides you master, I advise that you do not antagonize Vix any further," Blossom warned.

"Y, your right... I'm sorry Vix we mustn't fight... not while Anthony is still... recovering," the purple haired trainer placated, "Truce?"

The Braixen's expression hardened for a moment before she sighed, "for Anthony's sake, Truce,"


Okay first I've already started on chapter Nine because I felt that I had to split this chapter. And not to worry the next chapter will be much longer.
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