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Catch a Fennekin by the Tail by kolofox


He who captured a tainted blade

This fan fiction is rated T for blood, gore, dismemberment, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokémon or associated Medias

He who captured a tainted blade

“Hey kid wake up,” Anthony heard; waking him from his sleep. His back creaked and popped as he slowly sat up from the hard ground.

“I hope you slept well enough last night,” Tony sighed as he passed around bowls filled with an unremarkable grey mush, “sorry I’m not as good a cook when it comes to oatmeal,”

“I’ll live,” the teen groaned as he surveyed the camp. He found that he had fallen asleep in the middle of the camp; his Braixen still snored against his leg, but as the memory of the events last night returned to his tired mind he saw that April no longer laid next to him.

“Good morning Anthony,” she yawned as she exited her tent

“Thanks for waking me up…” the trainer huffed,

“Sorry about that Blossom or Doc must have carried me to my tent after I fell asleep out here,” the girl explained.

“I’ll be fine, I’ve honestly been through worse,” Anthony sighed, “alright Vix time to wake up.”

“Braixen…” she grumbled, ~ Good morning Anthony. ~

“Good morning how is your stomach?”

Almost on cue the fire type’s belly gurgled angrily, ~ uh-oh got to go! ~

Vix quickly vacated the teen’s lap and dashed into the tall grass

“I’m guessing you’re going to start putting those pickles out of her reach from now on?” Tony remarked covering his nose to ward of the foul stench.

“Yeah, but I’m guessing she got into something else,” Anthony agreed gagging on the overpowering odor that permeated the camp, “let’s take breakfast on the road…”


~ Anthony you sound like a bunch of dry twigs under foot, are you okay? ~ Vix asked as she walked alongside her trainer.

“Yeah I just slept wrong,” he sighed, “give me a few hours to work out the creeks and I’ll be right as rain.”

“Flabébé?” Lucy offered creating a glow of energy in her tiny hand.

“Thank you Lucy but I am fine, really,”

“bé…” she mopped.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you practice all you want when we get to Camphrier Town,” Anthony placated.

“Fletch?” Arrow chirped; extending his wings to flap up ahead.

“No, Arrow you need to stay with us okay,” the teen sighed before he raised his hand to stop the bird from launching off of his shoulder.

“Chinder…” the fire bird huffed as he fluffed his feathers in protest.

“Now don’t go getting all sour about not flying okay, I’ll break out your toy once we arrive,” Anthony soothed.

“Ah welcome to the Pokémon center,” the Nurse greeted as the three trainers walked into the sparsely inhabited building, “Shall I tend to your Pokémon?”

“Go ahead kid, you need to see what’s wrong with Vix,” Tony offered.

“Thanks,” the teen nodded; walking up to the nurse with his Braixen in tow, “Vix been having trouble with an upset stomach, and she’s also had a bad case of the runs ever since this morning.”

The fire type grumbled as the Nurse stepped out from behind the counter to look her over, ~ I told you I’m fine, ~

“She’s blind?” the woman observed, “yet she seems to be adapting, was it a recent injury?”

“It was about a month ago, I’m hoping that when she evolves into a Delphox she will regain her sight,” Anthony explained.

“Okay as long as you’re not pushing her too hard, now my dear let me feel your ears,” she cooed; gently grasping the fire types ears, “a slight fever, what has she had to eat?”

“I gave her some granola bars this morning to help with the squirts, but last night I suspect she had a few too many pickles,”

“That wouldn’t have caused anything like this; did she battle any sick Pokémon?”

“Not that I can recall, do you think it’s Pokérus?”

“I’ll have to check your other Pokémon to see if it is,” the nurse explained. The trainer nodded and released his other two Pokémon for the woman to examine them; after a few minutes however she cleared them with a clean bill of health instead returning back to Vix.

“I take it, it’s not Pokérus,” the teen observed.

“Thankfully no,” Nurse Joy sighed, “no doubt you heard of Pokémon contracting it have their lives cut painfully short because of it.”

“I have, the candle that burns twice as bright last half as long, I’m glad it hasn’t mutated to something even more lethal,” Anthony nodded, “but if it isn’t Pokérus then what is it?”

“My guess is she must have ingested something tainted with Gulpin sweat, it’s not lethal but just to be safe I’m going to give her a mild antidote to clear it up,”

“Thanks I’m glad it wasn’t anything more…” the teen started when another trainer stormed into the Pokécenter.

“Hello Hector is everything alright?” the Nurse greeted as she watched the dark haired teenager access the computer.

“Why would it; that stupid Eevee couldn’t hold her damn ground against a fucking bug!” he spat.

“Is she alright?” Joy asked.

“Why should I care, she wouldn’t have made good breeding fodder,”

“That’s a bit harsh don’t you think,” Anthony remarked.

“So says the trainer with the most useless lab starter out there, all its good for is breeding… wait never mind its blind, better to sterilize it before it passes its defect onto future generations.”

“Then I take it you have a Froakie,” the younger assessed, “ignore him Vix, I’ve only ever known one decent Froakie trainer and that was my father,”

“Then he must be a poor parent to allow his son to choice a defective Pokémon,” Hector shrugged as he pulled a ball from the receiving port of the computer. Anthony reacted in a burst of movement his fist poised to slug the elder trainer square in the jaw when he paused; noting the stern look from Tony.

“Where’s that Eevee kid,” the ranger spoke, “and why do you have illegal pokéballs on your belt,”

“Oh shit…” the teenager paled as he looked for an escape route, “I uh found them, I didn’t know they were illegal,”

“Put your hands behind your back, you’re under arrest for the possession of illegal tech and suspected abandonment of a Pokémon still tied to a pokéball,” Tony ordered

“Nope!” Hector gulped as he lunged for the door. The teen threw another punch that connected with the elders jaw. The blow floored the trainer in one fell swoop allowing the ranger to quickly slap a pair of handcuffs on the unconscious young man’s wrists.

“If anyone asked you were temporally deputized to assist in the arrest of this criminal,” Tony chuckled as he lifted the elder teen into a chair, “I want you to go and see if you can’t find that Eevee out there,”

“Got it, Vix, Lucy, Arrow lets go,” Anthony nodded

“One last thing, take Blair with you, she will know how to disarm the ball.” The man added offering the Meowstic’s ball.


~ I’ll explain on our way there, ~ the cat transmitted.

“Wait, Where’s April?” he asked as he noticed that the ghost trainer was missing.

~ Anthony… did you really deck that trainer? ~ Vix asked as she scanned the tall grass with her extrasensory.

“Yes I did,” the teen smiled.

~ Heh I would give up my favorite wand just to see that, ~ she sighed.

~ Relax Vix, I’ll just share the memory, ~ Blair sighed, ~ I managed to see what happened, ~

~ Ooh nice punch Anthony, ~ the Braixen chuckled, ~ Thank you Blair, ~

The trainer merely rolled his eyes at the two Pokémon as he searched through the grass, when his foot bumped into something small and round.

“Hm, hey guys come here and take a look at this?” he announced, calling the Pokémon to him, “It’s a black pokéball like the ones that one kid had on his belt.”

~ Leave it alone Anthony, ~ the Meowstic warned, ~ it’s rigged to explode if its outer shell is cracked. ~

“Geez why would anyone do such a thing,” the teen sighed as he stepped away from the device.

~ Because the BBB is trying to keep rangers from releasing their Pokémon without consent, these balls have enough force to easily blow off a hand or foot. ~ Blair explained; her paws manipulating a barrier around the ball, ~ go see if you can find that Eevee, she can’t be far. ~

“Alright, come on Vix, Lucy stay here to see if you can help Blair,” Anthony illuminated as Vix raised her Extrasensory to search for the missing Pokémon.

~ Anthony over here there’s a small Pokémon over there, ~ she announced leading the trainer through the tall grass to a small bare patch in the grass. In the center of the clearing laid a small form of an Eevee.

“Arrow I want you to fly back to town and get Tony and bring him here, I’m pretty sure he’ll want to document the area for evidence,” the teen explained writing a quick note for the Fletchinder. As soon as the bird flew off the trainer fished into his bag and pulled out a myriad of potions and salves to doctor the weak normal type, “Vix talk to her, try to keep her calm,”

The fire type nodded as she kneeled before the Eevee

“Hey… are you alright?” she asked.

“N, no…” the Pokémon answered her voice barely audible, “I… I have to watch this spot…”


“b, because master ordered i…it, he said to stay, don’t attack, don’t defend…”

~ Anthony... she said she can’t leave this spot, ~ Vix translated.

“It’s an illegal obedience chip as soon as Blair and Lucy are done with the ball she won’t be under its control anymore,” he explained as he discarded another empty potion bottle, “Keep talking to her this is taking longer than I thought.”

“What’s your name?” the Braixen asked

“Kris...” she answered, “why are you helping me, I can’t go with you even if you release me…”

“Let me and Anthony worry about that,” Vix soothed, ~ Anthony, she said she won’t be able to return with us even if we release her, ~

“I think that is the obedience chip talking,” the teen observed, “Geez she’s going to need a nurse’s touch for some of these injuries,”

The Eevee’s form glowed blue for a brief moment signifying that she was released.

“Wha but master said I would die if I was released!” the normal type gasped, “Ma… no he is not my master anymore… I’m free…”

Anthony heart sank when he say the Eevee’s form slacken.

“Relax Kid, she’s just tired no doubt she wasn’t allowed to sleep as she waited here,” Tony chimed as he knelt down next to the teen, “Take her to the center, and when she is able I want you to interview her,”

Anthony lifted the Eevee when the ranger held up a small ear piece, “you’ll need this, write down everything she says and finally take Blair with you, the BBB have a habit of returning to clean up,”

“Okay, Arrow and Vix lets go get Lucy and Blair,” the teen sighed before he took the device Tony held.

“Nurse…” Anthony called as he entered the Pokécenter.

“Tony already called ahead Anthony,” Joy answered, “are you familiar with operating a healing machine?”

“Yeah why?”

“Because that Eevee needs to go into surgery, and I’m the only nurse here trained to perform an operation on a BBB Pokémon,”

“I can understand needing to stitch up some of these gashes but why do you need to operate?”

“There is a euthanasia capsule imbedded in her, if I don’t remove it, it could activate if exposed to the capture beam of a regular pokéball,” the Nurse explained as she took the normal type from the teen.

“My god, why would they do that to one of their own Pokémon,” Anthony balked; following the woman behind the counter.

“Because Pokémon have ears and seldom lie,” she sighed before she disappeared into the back room. The teen waited behind the counter as he watched the last rays of sunlight spill onto the lobby floor.

~ You’re on edge, ~ Blair observed.

“I’ve been through a lot, and I have seen cruelty but this… how can anyone be so heartless,” Anthony sighed.

~ It just means you have a heart, ~ Vix added, ~ I think after this interview you should ask her to come with us, ~

“I have no problem with that...” he started when the automatic doors to the center opened to a familiar red headed figure.

“Great… I might as well just turn in for tonight and pray you’re gone in the morning,” Dillon remarked.

“Center policy states that I cannot deny service to anyone needing aid,” the teen replied.

“Oh then heal my Pokémon, and make it snappy nurse,” the red head jeered. Anthony ignored the insult as he took the four pokéballs the ginger handed over. Images flashed onto the screen as the teen clicked the capsules into the machine; a Gible, a Skrelp, a Zubat, and, “A Quilladin?”

“Yeah you got a problem with that?” Dillon spat.

“I might; considering your recorded,” the teen glared.

“Hey I’m already walking the razors edge thanks to your ranger friend, Now if you are done can I get my team back,” the red head snapped. Anthony handed the Pokéballs back to his rival; his smoldering gaze never leaving the trainer until the automatic doors cut his view of the red head. Vix finally ceased her low growl, ~ I would have bit him again if I could find his dick, ~

“Too small?” her trainer smirked. The Braixen snorted at the teen’s remark, ~ At first I thought he was a girl when he drop his shorts, ~

“Heh you still did good biting him there,” Anthony sighed as he ruffled the fire type’s ears.

~ Hey… ~ she huffed feigning annoyance before growing serious, ~ I… can I tell you something Anthony, ~

“Sure Vix what’s on your mind?”

~ Well… I… I think I…” the Braixen started when Nurse Joy returned with a bandaged Eevee, “That was a tricky operation, but it’s out,”

“A long one too,” the teen remarked noting the darkened sky outside, “Is she going to be alright?”

“Yes, she’ll be fine give a few hours and she’ll be up and about, but in her current condition and possible temperament, she is ill suited for release,” the Nurse explained.

“What’s going to happen to her?”

“Well now that is the question, she’ll have to go through a mental evaluation after you’re done with her interview.”

“What if she doesn’t pass?”

“Best case scenario, she would be placed in foster care with an experienced trainer; worst case she would have to be euthanized,” Joy explained solemnly.

“If she were adopted by an experienced trainer would it matter if she passed or failed?” Anthony asked.

“Well she doesn’t have a record, but said trainer would have to have a clean record and would also go through an evaluation to see if they would be suited to care for the troubled Pokémon,”

“Okay first question, is there a name you prefer?” Anthony asked as he turned on the small earpiece he wore.

“Kris… it’s the only name I’ve ever known,” the Eevee answered, her voice ringing clear through the translator.

“Okay Kris… can you tell me about your old trainer?”

“He… I don’t remember, I wasn’t allowed out of my ball very often…”

“Were you with him very long?”

“N, no I was pulled out of storage a few weeks ago…”

“How old are?” the teen asked, sensing the normal type was getting distressed.

“F, four…”

“You’re just a few years younger than me… I’m seven.” Vix added.

“Heh I never knew that, I wonder how old Lucy and Arrow are...” Anthony mused.

“I’m three,” the Flabébé supplied.

“Eight frosts!” Arrow chirped.

“Eight frosts?” the teen pondered

“He’s eight or nine,” Lucy enlightened

“How can he be older than me and act so…”

“Vix focus we’ll figure that out later, but first Kris could you explain the eighty four on your shoulder there,”

“I was born in the eighth litter of the fourth generation, and the reason I’m call Kris is because I have a genetic affinity towards physical toughness and strength, hence I was slated to become a Leafeon, but it soon became clear that I lack the speed… and disposition,” the Eevee explained.

“I take it you were out there to train?” Anthony continued once he finished writing.

“No I was out there to DIE!” Kris snapped, “Palais Lane is a popular dumping site for BBB’s rejected Pokémon, my old trainer was going under the guise of training me but in reality he as stirring the hornets’ nest so there wouldn’t be much left of my body after he returned to smash my ball.”

“Then I’m pretty glad I decked the shit out of him,” the teen remarked before continuing with his questions, “I’m assuming you were being trained for two years…”

“No, I was trained from the teat! There was no grace period, it was the second I popped out, first it was needles, then treadmills, then endless battles, there were some days I battled weaker Eevees other times I was the punching bag…”

“Let’s stop there for right now,” Anthony sighed, “Um do you have any questions for me?”

“Why did you help me?” Kris asked

“Why not, even if I didn’t know about your trainer I would still help,”

“Why do you chose to be selfless, you would only be used?”

“Because even if I was used, I know I would be doing the right thing, right now I’m taking on the league circuit to help Vix regain her sight, she could be using me but I know that she isn’t,”

“But… if she doesn’t, she could pass it onto her children…” Kris pressed.

“I don’t care about that, I want to see the world and I want my friends to see it as well, I don’t want power, and I don’t want fame.”

“I… I can respect that… would you consider me as a friend?” the Eevee asked.

“Of course Kris,” Anthony smiled, “Do you wish to travel with me?”

“If I do, I want… the most comfortable ball out there… I know it sound selfish but…”

“Something like this?” he chuckled producing a black and gold luxury ball, “No control chip, no capture and keep program, and no explosive casing,”

“Yes…” she nodded tears forming in her eyes. The Eevee’s form started to glow brightly as it grew; once the light receded she looked down to admire her jet black fur and golden rings, “I never wanted to be a Leafeon… but this… heh it fits.”

“I’ll take that as a yes…” the trainer chuckled, “Welcome to the team Kris,”

“I’m sorry kid but I can’t stay here for much longer,” Tony sighed as he watched the teen drag himself into the center, his team trailing behind, “I’ll give you until tomorrow morning, and then I have to go.”

“I know, I know, but I almost had a Honedge this morning… if I don’t catch on tonight I’ll settle with catching a Mawile,” Anthony groaned.

“Flabébé!” Lucy gushed, “bébé Flabébé!”

“Uh, Vix?”

~ You know you could just buy a translator now, ~the Braixen remarked, ~She said that if you catch a Mawile make sure it’s a girl, ~

“Actually I don’t have the money for it anymore, I had to pay certain fees and buy Kris’s pokeball,”

“What fees,” Tony asked.

“I went ahead and adopted Kris, and as such there was some paperwork involved,”

“She didn’t pass her evaluation did she?”

“She barely passed,” Anthony sighed, “But, I’m glad she’s a part of my team now.”

“Umbre,” Kris nodded.

“Flabébé?” The fairy asked.

“We’ll see Lucy right now I just want to get back out there to see if I can’t catch a…”

“Anthony, I could offer some advice…” the Purple haired girl interjected, “After all I am a ghost trainer and you are trying to catch a ghost,”

“April! Where have you been? The second we got here you vanished,” Anthony exclaimed

“I uh needed to see an old friend,” she explained, “but that isn’t important right now…”

“I suppose not, but you were saying something about advice on how to catch a Honedge?” the teen asked.

“Ah yes, Honedges are the epitome of honor and leadership, as long has you reflect these qualities they appear before you,”

“Well I don’t have any trouble getting them to appear before me but catching them is the difficult part.”

“All that is, is a test to see if you are strong enough to follow, just prove you’re strong and it should allow you to capture it.”

“How about you come with, I wouldn’t mind catching up with you while we look for a Honedge.”

“Bria!?” Vix balked.

“Eh bad idea, I might be good with ghosts but I’ve always had a problem befriending Honedges and their evolutions.” April chuckled, “we can catch up after you catch a Honedge.”

“Xen…” the fox sighed

“That’s fine, Alright everyone return, let’s get you all healed so we can get out there again.” The trainer chimed.

~ Hey look there’s one, ~ the Braixen announced.

“Vix it was funny the first time you did it,” Anthony sighed.

~ I’m serious this time, see I have Extrasensory up, ~

Sure enough when the trainer parted the tall grass he saw a sword laying on the ground with its blue tassel entwined about its sheath.

“Hello,” He announced; waking the ghost type. The Honedge clicked in reply; its single eye looking over the sandy haired youth.

“It is wrong to simply start attacking you while you are off your guard,” Anthony explained, “I wish to prove that I am a worthy trainer.”

The steel type nodded silently and prepared for battle.

“Alright Vix, you’re up,”

~ Make sure you have that Ultra ball ready, ~ the fire type transmitted as she drew her wand from her tail. Vix was about to move when a yellow and blue pokéball connected with Anthony’s head.

“Hey! Who the hell threw that!” he yelled searching for the owner of the device.

“Oh Hi Nurse, didn’t see you there,” jeered the teen’s rival, “I was aiming at the Honedge, honest.”

The trainer chucked the ball back to the red head, “how about you go to the other side of the damn road!”

“Nah besides I’m just following Goon here he led me to the Honedge…. Which by the way has just left, tough luck man,” Dillon sneered, “Speaking of which how about a trade, Your fox seems to be doing a better job at finding them than my Zubat,”

“I wouldn’t dream of it asshole.”

“Aw too bad and here I was thinking about letting you be, but instead lets battle, Loser has to leave for the day.”

“Deal,” Anthony growled.

“Goon, show him whose boss,”

~ poison type, Anthony I can floor him really fast, ~ Vix transmitted.

“Hold up, I don’t want you getting too worn out before Beo,” the teen whispered.

~ I don’t have the advantage against him though, ~

“You can burn him so Lucy won’t have as much trouble against him, Arrow you’re up first,” He called; summoning the Fletchinder.

“Goon, Supersonic!”

“Arrow, counter with Aerial Ace!” Anthony ordered. The fire bird shot forward sounding his battle cry as the bat sucked in a lung full of air. An ear splitting screech sounded through the field as the Fletchinder smashed into the poison type fainting it in one blow.

“Nice one Goon,” Dillon smiled, “Queen, swat that bird from the sky with bubble.”

“Same thing Arrow hit her with Aerial Ace,”

~ Anthony no he’s confused! ~ Vix warned, but the bird already charged for the Skrelp. The trainer watched as his bird attack the rock that was next to the water type who launched a volley of pressurized bubbles. Combined with self-inflicted damage Arrow didn’t last long under the barrage of bubbles.

“Sorry Arrow, you did good out there, Kris your up,” Anthony sighed as he returned the fainted Fletchinder.

~ I can take her, ~ the Braixen urged.

“Vix she’s a water type, she’ll faint you in two hits, and it’ll take more than two hits from your psybeam,” Anthony explained, “Kris hit her with Faint attack!”

~ Damn it how am I going to get stronger if you keep putting me on the sidelines, all I have to do is make sure she gets confused with my first hit! ~

“Queen Acid!” Dillon countered.


~ Don’t ignore me Anthony, Please… ~

“Wish… then get back, Your right Vix, and I’m sorry it’s just that he’s the one who blinded you.” The teen muttered, “Stage is yours.”

“Water gun Queen,” Dillon cackled. The blast of water careened into the Fire type knocking her prone. Anthony fought the urge to run to her side as he watched the Wish formed; her body glowed brilliantly as the false star healed the damage caused by the water gun.

“Hit her with Psybeam!” Anthony ordered. Vix formed a tiny bubble of light as she drew forth her wand; rings blasted the poison type into the rock that Arrow attacked.

“Damn it Queen return…” Dillon huffed, “Sorry Pepper but try for a Rollout,”

“Alright Vix try to faint her fast, keep her from gaining momentum,”

“Braixen,” the fox nodded, creating a whirlwind of fire to aim at the Quilladin. The grass type rolled into a ball; flattening everything before it as it barreled for the Fire type. Vix loosed the Fire spin only to have the Pokémon-turned-bolder blast through it with ease,

“Vix, dive right!” Anthony shouted. She managed to dodge the charging Quilladin just before the ground she occupied, “hit her with Ember!”

The tiny balls of fire ricochet of the thick wooden hide of the Pokémon as she turned for another pass, “Try to use a psybeam,”

Vix held her ground as she launched the beam of energy at the charging Quilladin. To Anthony’s surprise he watched the rings of energy hold the Pokémon at bay, “Keep it up Vix its working!”

“Pepper jump clear of the beam and hit her with Tackle!” Dillon commanded. The grass type bounced up over the Braixen poised to slam into the fire type.


“Braixen!” she spat; whipping up a fire spin on herself. Pepper balled up to shield herself from the heat of the tornado of fire as she tackled the center where the Braixen stood, but as she penetrated the whirlwind all she saw was a fading pink bubble of where the Fire type stood. Panicking the Quilladin scanned the towering walls of fire searching for her opponent.

“Braixen!” Vix cried from overhead; raining down a flurry of embers. Anthony watched the fire spin die back and to his amazement he saw his Braixen helping the Quilladin to her feet.

“Well Dillon you only have one Pokémon left, and I have three,” the trainer called.

“Fuck You!” the Ginger spat, “Pepper Return, Beo ground them into the fucking dust!”

“Vix are you fit enough to fight?” the teen sighed.

“Brai,” she nodded.


“Sand tomb, faint her and we’ll worry about the stupid fairy later!” Dillon ordered. Just before the two Pokémon clashed a pair of Honedges clashed overhead, one bore a blood red blade and the other sported a deep gash in its blade. The ginger trainer quickly tossed a quick ball at the Red tinted Honedge, catching the ghost with a single shake. The other steel type screeched with rage, its blade glowing purple with energy.

“Alright Dillon it seems you got another Pokémon…” Anthony glared matching the intensity of the Honedge that still remained, but the opposing trainer suddenly paled.

“G, G, Gourgest!” Dillon shrieked, snatching up his Gible to run away from the trainer. The teen turned to see the familiar site of April’s starter.

“Oh, hi Blossom, where’s April?” he asked

“Gour…” the large grass type sighed pointing down the road to the lone figure that slowly made its way to the group.

“Ah she’ll be with us shortly,” Anthony remarked as he turned back to the Honedge, “Greetings,”

The ghost bowed sounding a series of clicks and screeches; its cloth-like hand replacing the sheath onto its marred blade.

~ Anthony, he says that we have proven ourselves worthy… and that we must warn Dillon of that particular Honedge, ~ Vix translated.

“Why?” he asked. The sword Pokémon passed its tasseled hand through the trainer’s head transferring memories and images onto the teen’s mind, “Whoa… I don’t care how much of an asshole Dillon is he doesn’t deserve that,”

“No mortal creature deserves that fate, I shall travel with you.” The Honedge convayed through its tether, “you may call me Amidamaru,”

“May I call you Amaru if the situation calls for it?” Anthony asked, drawing forth an Ultra ball. The ghost nodded as it withdrew its hand from the youth’s forehead.


“Finally we’re back on the road,” Tony sighed as he walked along side Anthony.

~ Don’t mind him, ~ Blair chuckled, ~ I personally enjoyed the stay in Camphrier town. ~

“Not that I need to know that fact but I’m also glad to be out on the road again.” The younger trainer chuckled.

“Say, where is April, I figured she’d be with us, considering how she’s been looking at you,” Tony asked.

“She’s meeting us up at Ambrette town,” Anthony explained, “she wanted to stay and help the nurse with a problematic ghost.”

“Ah here we are Connecting Cave, North entrance,” the Ranger announced, “We want the south Entrance.”

He led the way around the cave mouth to the more secluded entrance.

~ Anthony… I don’t like this, it stinks of rotten fish here, ~ the Braixen gulped.

“It’s a sea cave Vix it’s going to reek of fish here,” her trainer soothed.

~ Its more than that… it feels dark, something is evil in there. ~

“We’ll be careful okay,” Anthony cooed as he and his Braixen followed the Ranger into the cave, but as the darkness kept closer the teen felt Vix’s paw cling to his jacket. Still they delved deeper into the cave despite losing sight of Tony and Blair, “Hey Vix, take the lead, it’s getting hard to see… wait there’s a light,”

~ I don’t sense anything… ~

“Tony! Blair! Is that you!” Anthony called.

‘But they’re right in front of us…’ the Braixen thought before it struck her, ~ No Anthony! Don’t look at the LIGHT! ~

Hehe, I figured I needed to make up for the past couple of short chapters, so I ended it on a Cliff hanger >:D
Sincerely Kolofox.

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