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My Dearest Guardian Mother by jireh


Chapter 1

My Dearest Guardian Mother
Looking at your mother’s majestic face, her green arms keep you tuck on her chest and red horn. Pure white as a togekiss her gown clothing that clothes mother, her touch seems to entrance you in a relaxed trance of breathing. Hatching out of your egg a week ago, your frail body felt so cold and vulnerable compared to the warmth of your mother. You could only cry just how cold the world is to you who just broke out of your egg. That light touch of her paws to your face wpies away your fears and tears until she lifts you off the haystack.

Hearing her voice once more, she tells you, “Ralts, mama is here. Look! It’s daddy!” tilting your head to the left, another pokemon appears that looks slightly different from your mama. While mama’s hair covers her other red eye, this other pokemon she calls papa bears the same red eyes, white skin, and gentle smile like mama. But he has longer wings on his ears, and the green hair is not covering his other eye.

“Hi there my child.” Gentle his voice may be, it barely catches your ears to hear it clearly, “I am your daddy.” You just stare at this other pokemon’s face, yet a part of you says that you must trust this daddy like your mommy. You just laugh at his face for you don’t know how to say mama or papa while you make attempts of waving your arms to touch the stranger.

“Hey daddy, let our child touch your paw.” Your mama tells your daddy. The moment he reaches his green paw to your little paws, you take a good tug and rub of it. Those beating feelings feel different. While mama’s paws are soft and gentle, papa’s paws feels strong and big. When he brings his content face closer to your face, you feel his gentle warm breathe coming out of his nose and body. What surprises you is that he has a red horn on his chest like mama’s. You tried touching it, and papa’s entire body wriggles a bit with a soft laugh. “Our baby ralts seems to be curious about me. Her touch tickles.”

All of the feelings around you embrace your little body with great bliss. Resting your head on your mother’s bosom, your green hair glides around the small little red nub. Feeling your mother’s body shaking, you see the red nub and plant your little mouth around it. Lightly sipping on it, you lick the red nub until that sweet liquid comes out into your mouth. “Looks like our girl is hungry once again.” Even if you just laugh in your mind on what mama says, you continuously suckle on her breasts for more milk.

After filling up your belly with so much milk, the weight and warmth of the milk seems to force your eyes to slowly shut down. Like the days when she carried you inside her body until her arms carry you, mama’s soft lullaby plays around your ears. Those soothing words like wonderful and sweet sends unseen tingles all over your body as if it is making itself tired. It looks like it will be another day to move on. Closing your eyes, you take some slow deep breaths until your slumber comes to your body naturally.
With dreams of being with you for the rest of your life, you just cheer on with life. “Mama, you are the best. Now I know who is papa. I love you two so much.”

Chapter End Notes:

Next part of Unspoken Child Bearing mother will come soon. Hopefully by the end of Febuary

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jun 10 2016 Chapter:Chapter 1

    This was a beautiful piece. Different to read a story in 2nd-person perspective. Though I do have one note with that, I would have kept the reader's in-story character gender neutral, so thatsome readers--as myself--won't be so shocked when we read the Ralts is a girl.


    That's all.