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Agony of Steel by kolofox


Chapter 1

This fan fiction is rated M for blood, gore, torture, adult language, and mature sexual themes. I do not own Pokemon or associated media's.
Agony of Steel

Part 1

"Alright Kon my dear you've had enough milk," A Lucario mother cooed as she pulled her youngest pup from her teat, "Try some of the berries your father got."

"No, you milk is good mama!" he beamed.

"Come on Kon, these are really sweet," his sister chimed, holding up a Pecha berry.

"You're going to have to start giving him the tough love just like Namiko, Athena," a male Lucario spoke as he glanced over a few weathered papers.

"Are you going back to the Pack tonight?" she asked.

"No, Pako gave me the night off,"

"I take it Takea and Joko made some pretty good progress?"


"Does that mean?" the eldest Riolu asked.

"Heh yes Haisko we can make frozen juice,"

"Yay I want Pecha!" Namiko cheered.

"You can have all the sweet ones Namiko, I want Bulk,"

"Heh, after dinner," Athena laughed.

"See, I told you Pechas are good!" Kon's sister smiled once she finished licking the wooden bowl clean.

"Hey Kon, look at this," Haisko spoke as he stuck he blackened tongue at the youngest sibling.

"Oh leave your brother alone," their mother chastised, "Kon seems to be perfectly happy with his Pecha and Oren juice."

"Are you enjoying yours my dear Athena?" the elder Lucario cooed.

"Of course my dear Apollo, though your paws are still covered in berry juice," his mate laughed.

"Well it'll be something to do once the children are in bed," the Steel type smiled

"Come here," Athena beckoned; pulling her mate in for a kiss.

"Ew," Haisko groaned.

"Oh hush up Haisko," Namiko hissed.

"What are they talking about," Kon asked.

"Mommy and Daddy are going to make another brother or sister for us!"

"Ugh I'm going to bed," the eldest once again groaned.


"Well when Mommy smells funny she wrest..."

"That is quite enough of that young lady," Athena barked, "Now off to bed you three."

Kon lay awake chewing on an old bone to relive the ache his new teeth felt when a faint smell of smoke wafted across his nose.

"Athena get the children, there's a fire outside the den!" he heard his father yell. Moments later the young Riolu felt himself get scooped up into his mother's arms along with his two siblings. The air grew thicker with smoke as he was taken to the back of the den where a second tunnel served as a means to draw fresh air from outside.

"There one of 'em is trying to escape!" a human cried when the Lucario pushed the bramble gate out of the way, "Seal it off Magmar!"

Searing fire shot across the tunnel opening causing the mother to shriek in pain.

"Apollo they have us trapped!" Athena cried.

"Poachers, hide the children," her mate commanded.

"Mom your paw," Namiko cooed as she summoned up a pink aura to her own paw.

"Not now young one, I want you and your brothers to hide and not make any noises okay."

"But mom," Haisko protested.

"Not a noise and Haisko if they find you I want you to fight as hard as you can," Their mother reaffirmed as she tucked her two sons behind a loose bramble wall.

"Mama there's no room for me," Namiko protested.

"Under here," she whispered as she lifted the root table revealing a space underneath.

"They're coming through!" their father yelled. A deafening boom echoed through the dwelling followed by a heavy thump.

"Apollo!" Athena cried.

"There's the female, catch her alive!" one of the silver clad humans commanded.

"Never," she growled as she primed an aura sphear.

"Watch it she's..." one of the poachers started to warn when another boom sounded. Kon watched from behind his hiding spot as his mother fell with a large bloody hole torn in her chest.

"Mama..." he cried.

"Shh, quite Kon," Haisko choked having witnessed the same scene.

"Damn it I said take her alive!"

"I just saved your life, Roc," the larger of the two poachers barked as he brandished a large black stick that smoked from one end, "Now search the place and find those pups!"

"It would have been easier to breed the mother, Riolus can't breed until after they evolve." The skinner of the two men huffed.

"Oh shut it, and look for those damn pups!"

"Ray put out the fires," the one called Roc commanded as he summoned a Pelipper."

"Yessir," the pelican quickly quacked.

"You and your nicknames, Alakazam find the pups." The other jeered as he too summoned a Pokemon.

"They are there, behind the wall," the psychic type droned lifelessly.

"Kon... get ready to run okay," Haisko instructed his brother. The wall was gripped by a bright blue aura and ripped away. Kon's elder brother leapt for the burly man while he ran for the escape his mother tried to use, but a thick canvas bag fell over his head. The youngest Riolu's struggles stopped when he heard his brother yip.

"Damn it Hector don't grab them by their sensory organs!" Roc snapped as his partner held the limp body of the Riolu.

"Well he's still breathing."

"He's dead, or he will be very soon!"

"Oh what you the expert on Riolu's now?" Hector snapped.

"No I took the time to research what we were hunting, so that we could maximize the profit of selling Riolu pups, but no you had to shoot the mother with that damn shotgun of yours."

"She was going to kill you,"

"No she wasn't, I took the time to stitch reaper cloth into my jacket. That sphere was going to pass right through me," Roc explained.

"Will you just shut up about the stupid Lucario!"

"There is another under..." Kon heard the Alakazam drone when a siren blared in the distance.

"Shit it's the rangers Alakazam teleport us out of here!" Hector yelled. The young Riolu felt the world twist around him as he and the two men vanished from the destroyed home.

Everything didn't seem real to the Riolu as he was roughly shoved into a cage next to a captured Zangoose. His mother, father and brother all had been taken by these two men; the stress proved too much for the fighting type as he loosed the contents of his stomach onto the cage floor.

This is the first part of Kon's three part story, those of you who recognize the characters mentioned will know that this story takes place before Aura's arrival in chapter 10 of Victini's love. As you may guess these chapters or parts will not exceed two thousand words they will be short so I can still work on my other main stories with little hinderance. A word of warning however, this story will be the darkest I will have ever written to this date proceed to the other chapters with caution.

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