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Agony of Steel by kolofox


Chapter 2

This fan fiction is rated M for blood, gore, torture, adult language, and mature sexual themes. I do not own Pokemon or associated media's.

Agony of Steel

Part 2

"Get in there you little mut!" the human named Roc shouted as he roughly shoved the little Riolu into the cage next to a Zangoose. She watched the little pup succumb to nausea as he painted the cage floor with vomit. Once the two humans were out of earshot she reached out a clawed paw and gently stroke the fighting type's back.

"Hey, first time teleporting I tossed too," the normal type cooed.

"They shot my mom," he wepted.

"I know," the Zangoose paused recalling the awful events that placed her in the cage, "What's your name?"

"K, Kon," the Riolu bubbled.

"They just call me Zangoose but... I'm Beth."

"What are they going to do to us?" he asked. The normal type turned away trying to think of a way to break it to the innocent pup.

"They are breeders, since they can't breed you yet they are going to force you to evolve," she spoke in a shaking voice, "whatever you do don't evolve, because once they have what they need they'll, they'll..."

"They'll kill me." Kon finished.

"Yes..." Beth nodded, "If you don't evolve they will eventually sell you off, so with luck you will get a decent trainer."

"Why did they do this..."

"Hey pipe down over there!" the human named Hector shouted, "So how are we going to get him to evolve, and once he does how are we going get more Riolu's from him?"

"That's easy, first we get him to bond to either you or me and considering you were the one who killed most of his family it should be an easy task," Roc sneered sarcasticly, "and then we get a Ditto to breed with him to produce a female."

"Aren't female Riolu's supposed to be rare?"

"Yes, but certain genetic markers can be manipulated to insure a female is produced in very few eggs."

"Shit man you're talking about genetic engineering the poor bugger, whatever happened to just letting them fuck?"

"We wouldn't even need the pup if you hadn't shot the fully grown female Lucario."

"Would you just shut the fuck up about that already?" Hector snapped.

"I will when you endeavor to listen to me,"

"Gah whatever man, I'm going to turn in." the larger human huffed before crawling into his tent.

"Don't forget that we need another Zangoose to fill that order,"

"I'll set the one we got with that Quagsire we got tomorrow."

"Hm actually let me run some test on the Riolu, once he evolves he might produce a stronger than average Zangoose, and the customer did want a Zangoose that could hit harder than normal."

"Whatever man," the partner sighed. Roc smiled as the light from within Hector's tent dimed. He stepped around to the cages with a small needle in hand.

"No sense in waiting till morning for a blood test," he spoke; reaching into Kon's cage to jab the sharp instrument into the fighting type's leg. The Pokemon yipped when the needle pierced his skin. His leg felt cold as the little vial filled with his blood while the man looked on with indifference.

"Damn it you've won nine times against Alakazam, why aren't you evolving!" Hector shouted. Kon cringed from the burly man fearful that he might lash out.

"That is hardly the way to bond with a Riolu." Roc sighed as he looked up from his makeshift lab.

"Oh really, what do you have to offer besides a luxury ball, thirty kinds of berries and a master trained masseuse?"

"You do not need such trivial care, give him a focus and let him fight for it. He will evolve to achieve it."

"Oh and what do you suggest?"

"Freedom, he evolves and produces a female he goes free."

"Wow never expected such a novel solution Roc." Hector remarked.

"It could work, besides he's too young to evolve." The smaller man chuckled.

"What!" his partner balked, "You could have told me that sooner!"

"He only needs a year to mature, just keep working at getting his trust."

"Four! Four Fucking years and this fucker has yet to evolve, Roc!" Hector yelled as he slammed the door to Kon's cage.

"Give it time, he's just being stubborn."

"Probably that Zangoose's doing, I've seen them chatting at night."

"Fine I have a plan to get the Riolu to evolve, but if he doesn't we're cutting the dead weight and heading to Kalos for Zoruas." Roc sighed with a push of his glasses. Kon listened to the two men argue with bated breath.

"They are going to sell me," he breathed; hope welling up in his trodden heart.

"That's good, I'm glad for you." Beth cooed.

"Oh... sorry about your pup Beth,"

"It's alright Kon, he didn't have to suffer in this world for long."

"It just pisses me off to see them do that," he growled no longer the timid puppy he once was.

"You've gotten so strong these past four years," the Zangoose smiled, "but please stay positive, don't become a monster because of them."

"I won't Beth, I'll miss you when they sell me but maybe I can come back and free you after I evolve."

"Promise me that Kon."

"I Promise," the Riolu smiled as he reached through the bars to take the normal type's paw, "I have to, you're my only friend."

Beth smiled sadly at the Riolu, his words unknowingly hurting the Zangoose.

"You're my friend too Kon."

"Maybe after they fail to make me evolve I can share something with you before they sell me."

"What is that?"

"It's something my parents told me about before they died, it's called aura bonding it's something that ties two Pokemon together."

"Isn't that for mates though?"

"It is,"

"Kon," Beth breathed shocked by the Riolu's offer.

"Friends first, then mates," he smiled. The Fighting type gently pulled the Zangoose closer to the bars while he pressed against his own. Their lips met for the briefest of moment's when the Riolu's form began to glow.

"Kon! You're evolving!" the Normal type gasped, but the small fighting type had already started to grow into the size of a Lucario. Kon soon realized that his cage quickly became cramped and all too soon he heard the two vile men give a joyous hoot.

"Holy shit the Zangoose made him evolve!" Hector roared.

Dun dun dun! Welp suffice to say Kon is up a creek, see you all next week with the final part to Agony of Steel.
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