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Agony of Steel by kolofox


Chapter 3

This fan fiction is rated M for blood, gore, torture, adult language, and mature sexual themes. I do not own Pokemon or associated media's.

Agony of Steel

Part 3

Violation is what Kon felt as he was lead back to his now larger cage. Beth had been allowed out of her cage for making him evolve into a Lucario, but he knew she didn't do it on purpose.

"Alright we'll be getting our first Riolu egg here in a couple of days and then we'll be rolling in cash!" Hector beemed.

"It'll be easier to get a female Lucario, then we don't need to rent the Ditto," Roc sighed as he pored over various syringes and vials in his makeshift lab.

"Hey man I am not going through that again,"

"A Riolu raised from an egg will be more pliable than him; she'll evolve far more quickly and unlike a Ditto she will produce live born Riolus."

"Yeah I suppose your right, Welp I'm going to feed him so he'll keep producing for the Ditto."

"You do that," Roc droned. The burly man dipped into a bag filled with dried kibble and filled a metal bowl for Kon.

"Here you go you little pain in the ass," he grinned as he shoved the bowl into the cage.

"I'm sorry," Beth cooed as she crept up to Kon's cage, even though she was free from her cage she still had a chain tied to her ankle.

"I, I don't want to give them a daughter... your claws are sharp... end it, please" the Lucario wept.

"Kon no, I can't" the Zangoose choked, "I can't."

"I don't want to continue like this, what other way is there."

"We can escape, we can kill the Ditto before it lays the egg and we run," Beth replied.

"How, I can't bend the bars."

"I can pick the locks," she beamed, "My claws are sharp after all and they can fit into the lock on your cage!"

"But you're all chained up,"

"I'll try to steal some butter, the fat one tends to leave it out," she placated

Kon waited restlessly as he waited for Beth to free herself from her chain. Soon a rattle and a slight squeak sounded and Beth's white furred face appeared at the cage door.

"What was that squeak?" he asked as the Zangoose worked on the lock.

"Nothing," she replied, "There it's open, I think the Ditto's pen is next to the Truck."

"Okay, let's go." Kon nodded. He was just about to step out when the smell of blood assaulted his nose, his gaze as drawn to the Pokemon's foot where a deep cut oozed the red liquid, "Your foot!"

"Shh, never mind about that we'll see to it once this place is behind us."

"Okay, stay here, I'll go take care of the Ditto."

"Kon no I'm going with you,"

"Not with your foot like that," he smiled granting a quick kiss for the Zangoose, "I'll be quick."

The Lucario vanished with blinding speed leaving a small cloud of dust in his wake. The Ditto's cage wasn't hard to miss with a small plastic box housing the vial pink blob. Kon undid the latch to the cage easily enough leaving the helpless sleeping Ditto vulnerable to his Ice Punch. Two strikes from the Lucario left the pink Pokemon in a shattered heap of frozen shards, but just before he turned away he saw a black and blue egg in the far corner of the cage.

"It already laid it," he breathed, "I won't let them have it."

Kon snatched up the egg and made a break back to his cage where Beth waited.

"Beth, it laid the egg," he panted

"It did?" the Zangoose balked at the site of the egg, "We'll take it with us."

A loud screech sounded in the camp waking the two vial men.

"What's that, what going on?" they heard Hector yell.

"The Ditto's dead!" Roc exclaimed, "Check the cages!"

"Oh no," Beth squeaked.

"Grab a hold of my neck, I'll carry you!" Kon urged. The Zangoose nodded and quickly climbed up onto the Lucario's back.

"Hang on tight." He gulped as he tucked the egg to his chest. In a blur of movement he, Beth and the Egg vanished into the forest.

"The Lucario escaped!"

"Zangoose too, Hector have your Alakazam track them down,"

"You're not going to kill him until he gives us an egg," he answered as he summoned the Psychic type.

"Fuck 'em, I should have sold him to the BBB! Their methods might be brutal but the get the job done."

"Hey now man I wouldn't want that on any mon..." Hector started.

"Hector my team is far stronger than yours, do you really want to try to push me with ethnics," Roc turned, "Now have your Alakazam track them."

"You heard him Al, find them and teleport us to them." The subordinate sighed.

Kon soon found himself in the middle of a clearing far away from the camp where he took the time to allow the Zangoose to slide from his back.

"How's your foot?" He asked.

"It stopped bleeding I think," Beth answered as she assessed her injury.

"Okay um let me take a look," the Lucario offered. He gently handed the egg over and carefully examined the wound. It was deep but it had indeed stopped bleeding.

"Should we clean it up to keep it from getting infected?"

"No, I'm immune to it."

"Okay, we should probably keep moving."

"Kon, wait they haven't shown up yet, I think we are outside Alakazam's influence, let's rest here."

"Yeah you're right," Kon smiled looking around the clearing. No sign of the two vile men could be seen so for the moment they were safe, "Let's at least get out of the open."

The next morning Kon woke next to Beth; they had found a small cave to spend the night and in celebration they shared each other's company for the first time.

"Beth," he whispered into the Zangoose's ear.

"Hm," she turned.

"I don't think we're stuck together anymore," he laughed.

"Aw thinking on running away?"

"Wouldn't think about it, we're mates now." The Lucario hugged.

"Careful of the egg Kon,"

"Well now looks like the Lucario got a piece of Zangoose tail from the looks of it," Roc sneered.

"Hold up Roc that Zangoose has an egg, looks Riolu from the coloring." Hector warned.

"I see the egg," he snapped, "and the first thing I'm going to do is hand it over to the Black Ball Breeders."

"Whoa man, I'm putting my foot down at that," the burly man protested.

"I don't really care, Shade retrieve the Egg and take it back to camp." the other man turned, his cold piercing gaze bearing down on his subordinate. A shadow formed beneath the pair where a pair of purple hands sucked the egg out from under the Zangoose.

"You're terror is sweet," the Gengar chimed as he formed behind his master the egg no longer in his possession.

"Where did you put the egg Shade," Roc asked.

"In the teleported master, it's already sent off to the BBB," he replied

"Good, Kill them,"

"Magmar stop him!" the larger man countered.

"Hector, I will destroy your team if you do this."

"I've done some bad things before but this I can't stomach,"

"Shade Kill his Magmar first and then the Zangoose and leave the Lucario for last," Roc commanded coldly.

"I can't hurt him Kon," Beth cried.

"Focus use foresight and he can be hit," the Lucario observed.

"Magmar Fire Blast!" Hector ordered.

"Shadow ball," his opponent countered. The Gengar simply side stepped the blast of fire and downed the Fire type with a single ball of shadowed energy.

"Now let's hit him hard while he's physical!" Kon shouted. He lunged forward with his paws shrouded in ice. Beth held back while the Lucario pummeled the ghost with his ice punch, she quickly realized that the Gengar was starting to freeze from the onslaught of cold.

"Shade, get out of there!" Roc shouted. The Zangoose started to glow as she charged her only real attack.

"Kon move!" she yelled as she charged. The Lucario leapt away just in time to watch his mate smash into the frozen Ghost with an all-out attack. He quickly dashed to her side however as she collapsed from exhaustion.

"Damn it do you know how much that Gengar cost!" the man spat as he watched his Pokemon's shattered remains clattered across the cave floor.

"I don't think they care Roc," Hector growled as he stepped around his dead Magmar.

"Really then I better stop playing around," the scrawny human glared as he pulled out a pistol, "You're not the only one who likes to carry around guns Hector."

He leveled the firearm on his former comrade and fired. The shot fell low as the heavy slug tore into the man's stomach.

"I'm a bit of a novice but I'm sure you'll die soon enough." Roc gloated as he leveled his next shot on the Lucario and Zangoose. Kon looked up to see the gun aimed at him and his mate. Remembering the loud boom from before the Lucario quickly scooped up the Zangoose and dove out of the way of the shot. The sound of the ricochet sounded through the cave as the man kept firing his pistol in the hope of hitting the steel type, but soon the boom was replaced by a click of an empty magazine. Kon stood perplexed by the odd noise until a light tug drew his attention to his mate. Blood poured from a wound on her belly; she had been hit by one of the ricochets. Beth struggled to breathe as blood gurgled from her mouth.

"No... Beth no..." Kon cried as she grew weaker in his arms. He cupped his paw over the wound to try to stop the flow of the red liquid but no matter how hard he tried it just kept flowing.

"Beth, please stay with me," he pleaded fruitlessly as the life in her eye's slowly faded way.

"No, come back, don't go please don't go,"

"It's all over Lucario, just think you'll get to see her and your family soon enough." Roc sneered as he placed his pistol against the steel type's head.

"You murderer," Kon growled, his form shaking with rage.

"What's that I don't understand Pokemon," he laughed. The Lucario exploded into movement knocking the pistol away with his wrist spike. Kon quickly pinned the man ready to pummel his face into the stone floor of the cave. Roc franticly dodged and deflected the punches while his left hand closed on a heavy stone. The man smashed the rock against the Lucario's head in desperation. Kon rolled away knocked out from the blow.

"Fucking bastard broke my hand," Roc hissed. He stooped over to scoop up the discarded pistol when he heard the heavy clack from his former partner's shotgun.

"I'm a lot tougher than that," Hector grunted as he leveled the scatter gun on the man. Roc was about to speak when the burly man pulled the trigger.

"I'm sorry Lucario, I was blind to how evil that man was," he choked as he slowly made his way over to the downed steel type. Blood oozed from the gash on his head but as the man crept closer he could see the Lucario still lived.

"I'm sorry for everything," he sighed as he summoned his Alakazam, "Al I want you to wipe out everything, he never knew this life."

~ Master, ~ the psychic type spoke, emotion filling the simple word.

"I know Al it's a taboo but would you want him to live with this, just leave him with a few good memories."

~ I ask that you slay me once I am done, ~

"I understand, I don't think I will be around much longer either." Hector sighed. He waited for the Alakazam to finish before shambling from the cave.

~ I am done Master, He will wake within the hour, ~

"Good, grab Roc's body and teleport us away from here."

Here we have the conclusion to Agony of Steel, I hope you all enjoyed this emotional and hopefully powerful story



A Lucario woke to a throbbing headache and the taste of blood on his tongue. He looked around to himself inside a simple cave where he saw a red and white figure laying close to the center of the cave. As he crept closer a sense profound sadness as a tiny spark of recognition clicked within his mind.

"Hello?" he voiced as he knelt down to wake the Pokemon, but the Zangoose didn't stur. With a careful paw he rolled the body over only to see that she had long since passed away from a wound on her abdomen.

"I should give you a proper burial," he sighed. The Lucario spent the better part of the day constructing a simple grave for the Pokemon; once he was ready he lined the bottom with soft leaves and gently laid the body upon them.

"I don't know your name but... rest in peace my mate," the Lucario choked when that same wave of sadness washed over him, "Beth, that's your name."

He finished the grave and carved the name upon a stone leaving it to serve as a tombstone. Years passed after the Lucario left the cave, he helped many Pokemon in his travels until he found himself walking down a lonely beach outside a small town.

"On the road again!" he heard someone sing. The Lucario turned to see a sizable party of trainers leaving the town, but his gaze was drawn to the small orange and yellow fire type that walked beside the shortest human of the group.

"This ground feel's weird," he heard her say, her voice low but familiar.

"Nah it feels awesome!" the Lucario shouted back

"It isn't awesome it's weird, it's cold, and it's wet, and I am not a big fan of water," she called back.

"Oh hey you're pretty," the steel type found himself saying.

"Uh... thank you... I... I'm sure you are quite handsome yourself."
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