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Boarding School of Yaoi by ninjatommy21


Story Notes:

The first few chapters are a few years old.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 2. Tom the Pikachu is finally on his way to school. Who knows what might happen along the way though

Chapter 2

Boarding School of Yaoi
By: ninjatommy21

Chapter Two
The Way There

“Tom, you got everything packed?” His father asked. Tom nodded as he grabbed his small pack. “This will be all I need. And if I need anything else, I’ll write, I promise.” Tom said. Tomorrow he would leave to head to the town where the train would pick him up. “Tom pwease come back all da time.” Seth said as he watched his older brother. The little Pichu would miss his older brother, and he knew Tom would miss him. “I will. I will Seth, all the time.” Tom grinned and looked at his mother. “I’m very proud of you Tom. You’ll be the first in our family to get a proper education. Maybe one day they’ll send for Seth. Then you both can make something of yourselves.” Tom nodded, “Yeah, I’ll give them word of Seth, more than once.” Tom looked at the three, “I’ll bet you make some fends too” Seth giggled. “Yeah. I’m sure I’ll make some friends. I’ll introduce them to you whenever I can. Kay?”

“Kay,” replied Seth. “Well tonight will be your last night Tom. Let’s do something as a family.” Tom’s mother stated. Tom nodded in agreement; he wanted to spend his last day here doing something with them all. “So, um what do you….” Tom felt a finger pressed to his lips and became silent. “We go on a picnic” His father said, “We all planned it while you were packing these last couple of days. Hope ya don’t mind.”

“No, not at all, I’d love to go on a picnic.” Tom said to his father. His father picked him up and smiled. “Good, cause if we had to, we would have dragged ya there son.” Tom smiled when he finished. Then he noticed the basket at the table and a few other things next to it. How had he not noticed those things earlier, they were right there, maybe they had just gotten them a little while ago. His mother grabbed the basket and whatever she could carry, Seth grabbed a few small things, and Tom grabbed the last bit and carried it, even though he was being carried as well. They left the house and headed for the hill. It was a wonderful mid to late spring day.

The sun was high in the sky; the grass blew as the wind swept across them. The tree surrounding their wonderful home stood tall and proud. Tom loved the feel of the fresh dewed grass on his bare paws. But right now, he was taking a liking to the being carried treatment. At the top of the hill his mother set the basket down and pulled a small folded area mat from it. She unfolded it and laid the flower designed mat down on the grass. Tom’s dad set Tom down on it and smiled. “So what do we have to eat?” his father asked. Her response was a chuckle and then, “Fresh berries.” She held the basket up and tilted it upside down to show its empty contents. Tom jumped up, “So we have to go get berries. Come on Seth; let’s see how many we can get!” Tom and Seth ran off a little ways down the hill to a small red berry bush and began picking. Five minutes later the two had the bush picked cleaned, and every one of the berries in the basket ready to be eaten. The four sat down as small bowls were set before them. Berries were given to each by his mother. “Too Tom.” Spoke the male Raichu as he raised a single berry over his mouth. The other three followed his example and as he squeezed the ripe berry, letting the juice fall to his oral hole, the others did the ditto. Today was their last day as a full family, and they would spend it together, having fun and laughs.

That night Tom lay in his bed, silent as always. He herd his door creak open and leaned up to see his little brother walking in. “Tom, Can I sleep with you tonight.” Seth said in a whisper. Tom smiled and motioned for Seth to come. Seth ran up and crawled in the bed, happy to be with his older brother. Seth cuddled into Tom’s fur, and Tom held onto the young Pichu. “I…. Seth. I don’t want to leave you but I need to experience something new.” He spoke with an awkward tone. “Can I go wit you?” Seth asked innocently as he peered up at his elder brother. “No, I’m sorry. But I’ll always come back and we can have fun anytime I’m here” Tom smiled deeply as Seth had fallen asleep. Tom ruffled his own fur, he closed his eyes and let sleep overcome him. He would have to leave early tomorrow, before anyone woke, so that his family wouldn’t have time to cry or hold him from leaving. Tom dreamed of himself, sitting in solitary, watching his family as they cried and cried. He wasn’t there, and he knew why they were crying.

He woke up three hours before he told his parents when he would leave. He rolled out of bed, careful not to disturb his little brother. He grabbed his small pack and slid it on. He opened his door, stole one more look at Seth, and closed the small handmade door shut. He quickly made his way out of the small house and sighed once he was out. He turned to face the door, “I’ll see you all as soon as I can.” He looked at the letter in his hand; he had already written it the same day he got the letter, knowing this was how he would leave. He slid it into the small mailbox, knowing they would check it like they always did. He turned to face the forest ahead, he had a three days walk ahead, it was all planned, so that he would get there early, mainly so that if any unplanned obstacles show themselves.

The walk on the first day was pleasant; halfway through, he passed a lake that he often visited in his spare time. He walked in silence, he didn’t have anyone to talk to, but that was fine with him. A few hours later he figured he had made it far enough to rest, he would have time to make a small fire for warmth and have his meal just before going to sleep. Tom watched the fire flicker in the dark sky. He bites into a large pecha berry and lets the juice roll down his tongue. He jumped when he herd growling to his left. “Get out of my territory now.” A voice boomed. Tom looked over to see the glowing eyes; he could just make out the feline body of the Pokemon who stood before him. It was an Umbreon, and his rings glowed with anger. Tom gulped and grabbed his bag, “I... I’m sorry. I did… didn’t know.” The Umbreon took a step forward and Tom took one backwards. “Run.” The feline Pokemon demanded. Tom turned and bolted as fast as he could, leaving the fire to burn. He tumbled over sticks and nearly crashed into several trees. The Umbreon followed, not having much trouble keeping up with the lightning Pokemon. Tom knew he could turn and fight, but he would lose the battle, and so he ran. Then he was on the ground, a heavy weight on his back. He knew it was the night creature, and he waited for whatever was to happen next. “I should kill you.” He heard the Pokemon whisper. He let a whimper escape his lips causing the Umbreon to chuckle. Then he felt a claw against his back, cold against his warm skin. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through his body as his flesh was pierced. He screamed into the air as tears began streaming. Then the weight was gone, and he was in the air. The Umbreon had picked him up by his pack and carried him further away from the fire. He was suddenly dropped on the ground, and the Umbreon ordered him to stand. He obeyed and quickly bolted up. He face the glowing Pokemon who he could now tell was a male. “I don’t want to see you again, or next time you’ll be a meal.” The Umbreon chuckled and then swatted his face for good measure. Tom stood, stunned by the event. He felt the warm trickle of blood from the claw marks. It was now darker than before, and he had nowhere to sleep, no fire for warmth, and the berries he had that were to last him the entire trip were now gone, still sitting by the fire, waiting to be eaten. Tom’s stomach growled loudly into the night sky. Tom sat on the ground and covered his face, he wept for a few hours before taken his paws away. They were both soaked in his blood, and he knew he should find a source of water to clean them and he could only hope he wounds would heal soon.

By now daylight was shining through the tree tops, and Tom had yet to sleep a wink. He quickly stood and began his way to water. He had no idea where he was and was now officially lost. He held back tears that threatened to slow him down, for fear he was being watched. Time slowly passed, and with each second, his energy depleted from the little he had, to nothing. The claw marks still bled on the occasion as he walked, opening up and closing with nearly every step. He began feeling dizzy after a time, but he kept walking. Then he saw water, a fresh, flowing stream. He steadily made his way over to it, and as he went to bend down to drink, he fell over, blacking out. Tom woke some time later. He was laying on a cold surface. He weakly opened his eyes, and peaked at the cave. He knew he could have been out for days, and that meant he would have missed the train. “Well, you’re up.” A voice spoke from behind him. He couldn’t see who it was but he asked. “How long?” The voice replied “Not long, about a full day, you nearly died, you’re very persistent, I saw you walking after a bit, and then you went down.” Tom’s eyes widened. “I… I have to get to Maklin city today.” His voice was harsh on him, he was parched. “Look, don’t worry; you’re already here, about a five minute walk an you’re in the main part of the city.” The voice responded. Tom slowly pushed himself up, “Th...Thank you.” He whispered once he was in a sitting position. He then saw who the voice belonged to, a Charmander. “You’re welcome.” The Charmander wasn’t looking at him; instead he watched the cave wall. He noticed the slight blush on his already red cheeks. He looked down at his crotch and saw his red hot cock. The site of his penis caused Tom to blush, how could he be hard after being out for so long? Tom gulped and looked up at the Charmander, “I… I’m sorry.” Tom began but quickly stopped, he held his paws over his crotch. He saw they were no longer bloody and smiled. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you need.” The Fire type spoke. Tom nodded. “Well, I’m Tom, ummm, what’s your name?” Tom spoke trying to start some small talk. “Jory.” Was all he responded. Tom smiled happy to know the char’s name. He was shy, shyer then Tom was too, and that was saying something. “What time is it?” Tom asked, hoping it was still before his train departure. “six, early in the morning still. Why.” Asked the Char. “Well, I have to catch a train at twelve thirty.” Tom swiftly answered. Jory chuckled under his breath; he knew what train Tom would be catching. Jory spoke, “You’re eyes are interesting.” In a soft voice. Tom’s eyes were now a light red color. “When you first opened them, they were blue.” Tom looked away, he had a rare condition in his eyes, the melanin nearly constantly changed causing the colors to vary. “Don’t be sad, I like it.” Jory said seeing that Tom hated his eyes. Tom looked at his dark fur, Jory followed his gaze. “And… So is your fur.” Tom blushed, his erection twitched with excitement. Jory was a bit hesitant with his next words. “We should, well, take care of that.” Tom rubbed the back of his head and nodded in agreement, “And yours.” He said softly. Jory made a short of chuckling sound and sat down in front of Tom. “So, Um…. What do you have in mind?” Tom asked. Jory leaned down to the cock and Tom watched as he first, sniffed it, and then he kissed the tip. “Sixty nine” Jory spoke. Tom blinked, “sixty nine, what’s that?” he questioned. “Oh. So you’re kinda… new at all this ain’t chu” Jory guessed exactly and Tom nodded. Jory smiled and directed Tom to lie on his back. Tom did just that and watched the flame of the Charmander’s tail flick near his face. “”If the flame gets to close... Or to hot just pinch me since you won’t be able to talk” Jory said seeing the Pikachu’s concern. Jory laid on top of the chu and sighed as his cock slid into his mouth. He held his tail flame far from the electric type and then took the rod before him into his maw. Tom moaned from the new feeling, first his brother touching him, and then when he masturbated, next was with his father taking his anal virginity, and now his cock in this fire type’s warm maw.

The two began to suck on each other’s rod, Jory bobbed his head up and down and slowly moved his rear so his own cock would go up since Tom was not able to bob himself. Tom licked around the rod wondering what the lizard’s seed would taste like. Jory sucked harder and tasted the first bit of pre from Tom. He smiled as he got a naughty idea. As he sucked his moved a claw to Tom’s anal ring and rubbed around it, circling the pucker. Tom’s eyes closed in pleasure as he sucked; he then felt a warm spurt of pre shoot to the back of his throat. The cock got warmer with each second of their fun. Jory slowly pushed his claw into Tom’s ring till the full length was in it. Tom felt the claw; even it was warm and pulsating with heat. Tom moved a single paw to the Charmander’s sac and rubbed the orbs that were hidden within it. Tom felt a sudden jump in heat next to his head; he moved his eyes to the side and saw the huge size that the tail flame had become. Tom’s eyes watered with fear of being burnt. He searched his memory of what Jory had told him to do if anything like this happened. Then with his other paw he reached the underbelly and pinched the soft skin there. Jory jumped and noticed what was going on, he quickly commanded his flame down and Tom continued to suck. Jory watched Tom as he sucked, glad he was okay. Jory let a few more thick globs of pre out before humping into Tom’s mouth, doing his best not to hurt the mouse, and came. He moaned loudly into the air as stream after stream poured into the yellow furred creature’s oral orifice. Tom swallowed all he could; the rest filled up in his maw and began to make its way out of the sides of his mouth. When Jory stopped cumming he pulled his cock out of Tom’s mouth and smiled at the mess. He then saw that Tom had yet to cum due to the lack of pleasure the last few minutes. Jory lifted the chu up, set him against the cave wall and began sucking once more of the rod. Tom panted as he was lifted and set against the cold wall. Cum still dribbled down his mouth and down to his chest. Tom smiled when the warm, yet wet tongue licked at his rod and he rubbed his chest with his paw, matting the cum into his fur. He was in a state of lust, not one bit aware of his actions. Pre dribbled out of his rod at a nonstop rate, slow, but steady. He humps up once and Jory knows what coming, so he keeps his head low, and against Tom’s hips, ready for the cum. Two humps into Jory and Tom cums just as hard as the fire lizard. Jory swallows it all like a pro, obviously having done this before. Tom smiles faintly and leans on Jory who smiled back. “Ahhhh.” Tom mumbled. “That was… amazing.” He pants; just making the words audible is too much work right now for him. Jory hugs him tightly, and watches as Tom drifts asleep. “I promise to wake ya before twelve.” He whispers just as Tom completely goes into his dream world.

~ The fields are lush with greenery with patches of other colors around them. Tom stands in the middle of one such patch, full of blue flowers. He spots two Raichu, and a Pichu off in the distance. Just close enough for him to see, but still too far for him to call out. Then he starts sprinting for them, but with every step closer he gets, they only seem to get farther away. “WAIT!” Tom shouts to his family, unsure if they even heard him. He continues to chase them but soon he collapses from exhaustion. Tears begin to stream down his face when suddenly a Charmander appears by his side and helps him to his feet. He wipes away Tom’s tears and smiles. The fire type holds out his hand and Tom takes it, “Here, I’ll help you.” The lizard speaks in a whisper. Tom smiles and the two begin walking into the endless fields, going in the general direction of his family. With every second that passes Tom’s smile fades, “I don’t think we’ll ever find them.” He sighs and looks down sadly. “Don’t worry, even if we never find them, we can still be friends right?” Tom nods and hugs the Charmander in a close embrace. ~

“We’ll always be together.” Tom says softly, his eyes were closed, and his chest lifted and fell with every breath. Jory watched him sleep, and talk while doing so. He could only wonder what dreams the chu was having.


Tom giggles as the fire type tickles him. “No fair. I was winning.” Tom shouts into the air in gasps of breath. “Is to fair. No rules member.” Tom smiled at what he said; it gave him a few seconds. And in those seconds he leapt up and tackled him down, now he was doing the tickling. “Told you I was winning.” Tom spoke into his ticklish pal’s ear. “Tom…..” Tom looked around wondering who called his name. Then he was on his back, this time held down by the Char. “Tom.” Again, his name was being called. “Do you here that?” Tom asked. “Tom……” Once more his name was called, who was it, or what was it. “Hear what?” ~

“Tom wake up.” Jory shook Tom once and the Pikachu’s eye lids opened. He yawned, “huh, oh. I had a wonderful dream.” He rubbed his eyes and Jory spoke, “Yeah I know, I heard everything you said in it.” Tom moved his hands and blinked, “Hmmm. Everything?” Jory nodded, “Even the part at the beginning, you were shouting at someone to wait.” Tom looked at the Cave ceiling, “Oh yeah, my Family.”
“Oh how sad.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll visit them every so often.”
“That’s nice.”
“And. I’ll visit you too.”
“Na…no. You don’t have to do any special stops for me.” Jory blushed and looked away. “Well, just cause I don’t have to don’t mean I won’t.” Tom spoke his eyes now watching the equally shy Charmander. Jory hugged the Chu and the two held each other. No, they didn’t love each other, they felt safe with the other, there was a bond formed that day, an unspoken bond. Every time they were together, they wouldn’t let anyone hurt the other. “It’s about Eleven Tom. Guess you’ll be leaving soon.” Tom sighed. “Guess so too. Next time we see each other, I’ll have to make sure you meet my family. I’m sure they’d like you.”
“Oh. Yeah. I bet they will.”
“Thank you for helping me.”
“No problem, you needed help.”
“Yeah, but that didn’t mean you had to.”
“Okay. So what happened anyway?”
“I was attacked in a way.”
“Attacked, by who?”
“An Umbreon. I was in his territory. He could have killed me if he wanted to. But all he did was hurt me, badly.”
Jory nuzzled Tom’s chest. “Well, that was a mean Umbreon.” Tom smiled and watched the fire type. He looked to the exit of the cave, it was now drizzling. “I hope that ends soon. I wouldn’t mind walking in the rain, but, I’d rather not.” Tom licked his lips and Jory giggled. “Still got my taste on them?” he asked. Tom nodded, “Yeah, still do.” Jory kissed his lips and tasted his own cum, just slightly. He pulled away. “Ahhh. You weren’t lying. Well, I licked away all that was on mine while you slept.” Tom was blushing after the kiss, to Jory it was nothing, and Tom knew it was nothing, but it still made him blush. “Tom. I like having you as a friend.” Jory spoke in a whisper. “Yeah. You too.” Tom smiled again and they both stood. Tom felt his stomach growl and then a second time, this time it was audible and caused Jory to laugh. “Looks like you’re hungry.”
“Yeah so it seems.”
“Well, come on. Follow me. I’ve got some food stored up. I have plenty of berries. I just hope I have some you’ll like.”
“I love Pecha berries.”
“Oh. Heh. Sorry I ate the last one this morning”
“Well. I’ve never actually eaten any other type. But I’m open to new things”
“Well that’s nice. Come on follow me.”
Jory stood and helped Tom up. He nearly tumbled over as his legs were asleep. He caught his balance with the help of Jory and the two walked towards the back of the cave. The rain was now audible even in the back of the den. It was getting heavier and Tom didn’t want to go out in this weather. But he knew he would have to, maybe the quicker he left the less chance he will get soaked, it was only getting worse. Jory stood before a huge pile of berries, some that were sour, others were spicy, and even those that had a salty taste to them. Tom tasted the various ones and found that he still preferred the sweet pecha berries. But he did find that if he ate the sour and salty one at the same time, taken a bite from each, they tasted almost like a pecha berry. Tom hugged the Charmander one last time. “I… I should get going. If the rain gets any worse, well I don’t want to be more soaked then I will if I go now.”
“Look. Tom. Come by anytime.”
“I’ll make sure to remember that. Bye Jory.”
“Bye Tom. See you soon.”
“Yeah, soon. As soon as I can, deal.”
“Deal!” Jory spoke as Tom finally left. They had walked to the edge of the cave as they talked. When they got to the edge Tom said his goodbye and ran into the rain, hoping to get out of it as soon as he could. Tom ran the five minute walk; it took him a full two minutes to get there. He took shelter under a huge umbrella seat, no one else seemed to be around, and he didn’t know anybody here. He would have to wait for the next half or so hour till the train arrived and he could get on it. Then he registered that his bladder was full, and begging for release. He looked around; there was no place for him to take a nice piss, and in this rain that would be horrible. Then he spotted a small building, two doors, each with a picture of a mew, one was blue, the other was pink. His mother had told him about those kinds of places, he remembered. They were called Restrooms; they were a place where he could relieve himself. But he forgot what door was the one for males; he gulped and ran towards the building. He quickly opened the door with a blue mew and prayed it was the right one. He would be embarrassed if it was the girl’s restroom.

“Ahhhhh” he let the sound escape his lips as a stream of his urine pours out of his soft penis. He hears the door creak open and knows there is now another in here. He is in a stall, the door is unlocked, he of course never using one before, did not know anything to it. “What fun that looks.” Tom jumped at the voice, his piss dripping to a stop. He looks back and sees the owner of the voice, another Pikachu. Tom blushed as did his best not to stare at the Pikachu’s lower regions. His eyes quickly dipped down then darted back up to the eyes, male. “h…Hi” Tom managed the words. The new comer simply took a step further. He paused; he was studying Tom, sizing him up. Tom took a step back, he felt small compared to this Pikachu, he felt scared.

Another step forward and Tom takes one more back. He trips and lands on the Toilet, his ass now in his own urine. Tom stood back up, the piss dripping from his back down to the floor. “Turn around!” the new Chu demands. Tom whimpers but quickly obeys. “Bend over and start drinking your piss!” another demand from the unnamed Pikachu. Tom stands still, unsure of what to do. Then he was forced onto his knees by the other, he head was pushed to the toilet and he gulped. “Start Drinking Now!” This time the demand was louder. He closed his eyes and finished off the distance, his nose pressed against the liquid, and he could smell it. He whimpered again and opened his mouth, letting his tongue slide out and into the water. A shiver was sent down his spine at the taste. He knew his piss was only a bit of this, he knew what he tasted was only a bit of what it did truly taste like. He continued drinking the yellow from the bowl as the other electric type watched him. He heard a mur and then a chuckled. “Enough. I’ve got to piss now, turn around and open up.” Tom turned around, his eyes full of tears. His mouth was already open, his eyes still closed. The chu with the full bladder aimed his hardened cock towards Tom’s mouth and his stream of pent up piss poured out. The first bit hit Tom’s cheeks and his aimed his penis over so it would go into his mouth. It fill up quickly, “Drink it!” Tom gulped a few times. And with each time a shiver was sent up his spine. He hated the taste of the urine; it was to him, vile and putrid. Then it stopped, and nothing was left in his mouth. “Flip over.” Tom did so, and his tail was grabbed. He felt his ass being invaded by the cock, and felt warm liquid flow into it. He knew the Pikachu was now pissing into his ass. “Ahhh that was nice.” Said the chu as he finished. He quickly cleaned up his small mess, leaving Tom alone, still in a small puddle of the piss.
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    Reviewer: jbernady8
    Date:May 16 2015 Chapter:Chapter 2
    Love this story so far, I hope you continue to post it
    Author's Response:
    Thank you. I'm excited to hear someone enjoys it. And yes. I'll continue to post the chapters here.
    However if you ever want to read ahead of what's here feel free to find me on furaffinity if you have one.
    my username there is ninjatommy21