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Boarding School of Yaoi by ninjatommy21


Story Notes:

The first few chapters are a few years old.

Author's Chapter Notes:

We find Tom on the train, heading further away from his family and towards his new school.

Chapter 3

Boarding School of Yaoi
By: ninjatommy21

Chapter Three
Train Ride

A whistle sounds off; it is loud and rings out for attention. “All Aboard. Five Minutes till departure.” An equally loud voice shouts into the air. Tom was still in the restroom. He was sobbing into his paws at the experience he just had. He rubbed away the tears and stood, knowing he has to go now. He walked to the sink and examines himself, the piss is unnoticeable at site, but the smell it to obvious. He looks at the sink, unsure of what it does, so he turns the left handle and water begins to spurt out. Tom jumps back, and then he steps back up to it. He dips his hand in the water and then begins to cleanse his fur. He sees the soap and squirts some on his paw, and then proceeds to rub it into his fur, rinsing it out afterwards. He smells himself, ‘better’ he thinks to himself. He then leaves the building and makes his way to the train, he shows the note to the Pokemon at the train entrance and Tom is let aboard. Tom looks down at his hands, he sighs as he has lost all of his stuff. He had lost them when running from the Umbreon. He walked down the small hallway until he finds, what he thinks, an empty compartment. He slides the door open and sits down. When he looks up from where he is sitting he sees a Totodile and a Charmander. For a second he thinks it is his friend Jory but then notices the difference in appearance. The eye color, the scars, and even his scales. Jory didn’t have scars, at least none Tom noticed, his eye color wasn’t a red, but rather an orange, and this Charmander’s scales were dark orange, not the same as Jory’s. Tom looked at the two a second time, now noticing what they were doing. The Totodile was bobbing up and down. He was on his knees, and on the floor. His paws held onto the fire types legs. The Charmander had one eye closed the other watched Tom. Tom blushed as the water type made a slurp noise on the cock in sucked on. The fire type moaned, his lets his tongue hang out. His hands grabbed the water creature and slammed his cock up, implanting his seed deep into his throat. Tom watches, his cock fully erect between his legs. The Totodile stands and moves out of the way, showing the Fire types cock, and how it is still erect. “Would you like to join in?” questioned the lizard. Tom kept silent, and slowly nodded a yes. The Charmander beckoned him over, and Tom stood and stepped over to him. “Turn around. I hope ya don’ mind, but I want to take a looky at your rump, if you don’ mind I’ll be doing you there.” Tom listened to him speak, he had authority in his voice, but it was a sweet kind, and so he turned. He felt his ass groped and rubbed. “On your hands and knees!” Tom obeyed. He pointed his tail up in the air, and watched as best as he could, as the Charmander positioned himself at his anal hole. Tom smiled as he felt the familiar presence in his rectum. He loved it, the feeling of being stuffed was the best. The Charmander’s hips met Tom’s. Tom felt his lips tremble in pleasure. “Th.. Thanks.” He manages. The Charmander simply chuckles before saying. “Stop watching me. Stop talking. And start sucking.” Tom blinks and finally looks up at the Totodile. His cock was erect and standing in his face. Tom blushes before licking the rod twice. The Totodile blushes, he was shy but eager to go on. Tom wraps him maw around the throbbing meat. The Totodile moans at the touch, he obviously rarely has these kinds of interactions. Tom opens his maw and lets the Totodile slide in as the Charmander thrusts away at his rear end. The Totodile slowly humps into the Pikachu’s mouth, taking time to enjoy the maw. The Charmander is already leaking pre, and so is Tom. A few more hard thrusts from the fire type and Tom was filled with the hot seed. As he is filled his seed shoots out onto the floor. The Totodile smirks as he sees the mess, he then climaxes, it has been to long since his last real climax that wasn’t caused by the Charmander cumming in him. Tom swallows half the load then pulls away and the rest splatters on his face. When the Totodile stops unloading he begins licking the cum away. Tom giggles at each lick as it tickles his fur. The Charmander pulls out and his cum flows out of Tom’s rump onto the floor joining Tom’s puddle. “The name’s Space.” Tom heard the Charmander speak. “And I’m Light. So what’s your name?” Tom licked his lips clean then stood, his knees a tad unsteady. “I… I’m Tom.” He said shyly. “Well Tom. Why don’t you and Light get cleaning.” Space demanded while pointing down to the puddle of cum. Light went down to all fours and Tom blushed and followed him. The two expertly cleaned the floor with their tongues. Lapping the cooling cum up quickly. Soon the puddle was all gone, now inside the two’s bellies. Tom smiled and looked at Light who was smiling back. Light tackled Tom and brought him into a kiss, causing Tom to go back into a flash back.

- “Thanks, I cleaned it today. So what do you have in mind?” He finished speaking with a question, and he hoped the answer had to do with what his eyes were staring at. Tom was watching his father’s cock, he knew that what they were going to do was something involving it, and the main clue to that, was that it was slowly growing. Tom’s father grinned, “Why don’t we try out your mouth” he said. Tom’s eyes widened, his father wanted him to give him a blowjob. “But, I don’t know anything about that.” Tom said. His father chuckled, “This will be your first lesson.” Tom blinked wondering what he meant by his first lesson. Was there something he knew that Tom didn’t? “Just do what you think is right.” Tom nodded. He jumped off the bed just as his father sat down. Tom kneeled before the cock as though it was royalty. He looked into the eyes of his father and watched them. He licked his lips and went back to looking at the pulsing, red organ. He licked it from base to tip causing his father to shiver in pleasure. He licked it again for taste and found he liked it. He breathed in heavily through his noise and let the strong musky smell fill his nostrils. His father chuckled as he watched him. Tom loved the smell, it actually turned him on. And slowly his cock began erecting. He wrapped his maw around the cock and slowly went down, taking about half the cock in his mouth. “Don’t try taking more than you can handle.” Tom moved up to the tip and back done to the halfway point. His father murred, “Good boy.” He praised. Tom continued to bob up and down slowly speeding up, but never going past the point where his saliva was. A few minutes later his father was panting, enjoying this as much as Tom. Tom stopped and pulled off to take a big breathe. He saw a small amount of pre form at the tip and licked it. It tasted wonderful to him and he hoped there was more where it came from. Tom went back to bobbing up and down. His dad rubbed his head softly as he continued to mur loudly. Then he grabbed Toms head and held it still as he came. He had to hold himself back so he didn’t thrust into Tom’s throat and hurt him. Tom gulped down what he could and quickly pulled up. Letting three long and thick strings of cum splatter on his face. Tom looked up at his father and smiled. “That was fun.” He said with a smirk. His father chuckled and lifted him up. “I bet it was. I’m glad you like it.” He then licked Tom clean and brought his lips to Tom’s. Tom’s eyes widened from the unexpected kiss. He didn’t know how to react to it. So he sat still and let his father play with his tongue. -

Tom knew what to do already this time. He opened his maw and kissed back. Their tongues played together, fighting for entry in the other’s mouth. Light won, his tongue slipped passed Tom’s and entered his maw. The tongue acted as a probe, licking every bit of Tom’s oral orifice. Light pulled away for breath and nuzzled Tom’s neck. Tom looked at the Charmander who was watching, enjoying it just as much from the sight of his erection. “Up for another round?” Space questioned the pair. Tom nodded, and Light stood. Tom was picked up by Space who chuckled. Space then laid down pulling Tom with him. Tom was on his belly, onto of the Fire type’s belly. Space winked to Light who smiled and went to his knees behind the two. He helped position Space’s cock at Tom’s entry point and then placed his there as well. Tom looked back to see what they were planning, but was quickly stopped by Space before he could see a thing. Then at once the two cocks were inside him, and Tom was moaning out in pleasure and pain. “Hope you don’t mind us both inside you at once.” Space whispered in his left ear. “na……. No. Not” He closed his eyes when they pushed deeper inside his rectum, causing his hole to be stretched further. “Not at all.” He puffed out breath and breathed in quickly. “Well good. We’ll make sure we don’t hurt you okay Tom.” Tom nodded in response. He felt both cocks leaving now and his ass felt better, but just the same, the cocks came back. At first the pace was slow, in………..out……….in…………out. It gave Tom time to adjust to the two rods in his rear. And soon the two Pokemon sped up in unison. In….out….in….out….in….out….in….out….in….out. Tom could feel both sacs slapping against him with each thrust. He moaned countless times as most of the pain was now filled with pleasure, not the same from before, but even more pleasure then could handle and soon he was cumming onto the Charmander’s scales. Tom was in heaven as their speed only increased. And when each thrust they got deeper and harder as well. Till he knew they were close as they slowed down. In……………… And each in they slammed hard against him, making their sacs bounce against his freely. Until finally they made their hardest thrust yet, and both came, filling him tightly, the two cocks stopped any cum from flowing free for now. Then the water type pulled free, and in an instant, the cock was replaced with his tongue. It licked the cum up as it dribbled out. Then the fire type pulled out of Tom’s rear and Light drank the last of the cum down. Tom starred into the Charmander’s eyes, they were half closed, and he was breathing heavily. Tom smiled and went to stand, but Space’s arm wrapped him, and kept the Pikachu down, smearing the cum in between the two even more. “Go to sleep Tom.” The Lizard spoke in his ear just above a whisper. Tom looked at Light who smiled at him. The Totodile smiled and curled up next to Tom and Space and was the second asleep, the first was Space. Tom sighed; he figured it would be best if he did sleep, rest would be nice after such fun.

~ Tom was next to the Charmander again, holding him close as they were watching the clouds. They pointed out various Pokemon, a Lucario, a Sandshrew, a Weepingbell, and even a Pansear. After a few minutes of this lax activity Tom pointed out a pair of clouds, A Totodile and a Charmander holding each other as they floated by. Then they weren’t just clouds anymore. They formed into huge Pokemon and slowly the two walked closer. Tom blinked at the sight, confused at what was going on. He stood and helped his friend up. “Tom, they’re scary, lets run and hide from em’.” The Charmander next to Tom spoke. He nodded and the two creatures tore from the ground, they ran, and with each step, the cloud Pokemon seemed to take five. As they got closer, they got smaller, but all the while, their presence was unnerving. Finally the pair running had nowhere to go. They had run for what only seemed like hours, and where now trapped in a cannon. The Pokemon in the sky were now upon them, they were the same size as a normal Pokemon, and much more manageable. Their mouths moved but no words came out. Tom turned to his friend who began to speak, “Wake up buddy, wake up.” But it wasn’t his voice, it was Space’s. The world went black, and Tom began drifting off, back into reality. ~

Tom opened his eyes and faced the two Pokemon huddled around him. “You snore!” Space stated very blatantly. Tom blushed as he was helped to his feet by the pair. “Is… Are we there, you know at the school yet?” Tom asked. Both nodded a no. “Come on Tom, Space, let’s go eat.” Light said ecstatically, ready for the day to begin already. “Fine. Where’s the Dining Cart anyway?”
“I’ll show you”
“How would you know?”
“Oh, um while you two were sleeping I left to go to the loo.”
“And you ended up in the Dining Cart, your lying.”
“No I am not, I was going to the loo, I passed through the Dining Cart.”
Tom stood moving his eyes back and forth as the two argued. “Loo?” He finally asked.
Light giggled, “We use it, like you use the word Restroom, or Bathroom.” Tom smiled a bit, happy to know a new word. “So, show us the way, Light.” Space demanded. His stomach growled loudly for everyone to hear, portraying his hunger to the Totodile and Pikachu. Space smiled after his belly stopped growling. Light opened the sliding glass door that prevented sight out and in the room. He turned back and chuckled, “If you’re so hungry, then why are you standing there.”
“Cause you haven’t moved yet.”
“Yes I have.”
“No. You’re still at the dam door. Get walking Light!”
Light turned and began leading the way to the place of food. There were all sorts of Pokemon, ranging from small to huge, and all sorts of colors. Each sliding door would lead to a new room, each distorted to prevent seeing inside, privacy of course. Finally the smell of food hit the trio; they had made it to the dining cart. Tom looked around, so much food, artificial meats, berries, delicious looking tarts and frosted donuts. Tom began to drool out the side of his mouth as he had never seen such unimaginable food. His mouth was pushed closed, “You act as though you’ve never seen anything this good.” Space spoke. Tom blushed and looked away.
“Wait you haven’t have you?”
“Well……. No.”
“But, you should’ve you lived in a town, or city right?”
“Nope, I….. lived in….th…the woods. All my life.”
“The woods, the forest, no wonder. Well then, we can’t have you eating too much of anything. You’ll try a little bit of everything.” Space boasted. “It’s all amazing, I promise you.” Tom smiled and looked up at Space. Then he looked over at the silent Light. But where he was, he wasn’t. Tom looked over to the food and spotted Light, already with a plate, adding this and that to it.

Jory watched as the flying type flew away with the rest of its cargo. He or she, had delivered Jory a single envelope, addressed to him, from the Marlin’s Boarding School for Boys. The envelope was open in seconds, and he held the letter in his warm scaly paws. When he finished reading he stood, confused. He was being asked to teach at the school. ‘Teach, I…. I don’t have any experience.’ But the letter spoke of that. They had been watching him, and with or without experience, his skills would be perfect for teaching a class. But that wasn’t what worried him, he was to shy, too much of a uke to be able to give orders to a class of who knows how many. He sighed in disbelief, because he was deciding to take the opportunity, whether or not he would make a good teacher, it seemed fun, nonetheless. Now he just had to get to the school, before that train did, but how……

Tom and his two new friends sat at a table nomming on their food. Tom watched as Light wiped his mouth with a napkin after he finished, and so when Tom was done with his Pecha Danish he did the same, though plenty of crumbs remained in the fur around his mouth. Space chuckled, “Napkins won’t help if you have fur. Light why don’t you clean his face up.” Tom blushed as he turned towards Light, the first thing he saw was a pink organ, covered in saliva. It dragged across his lips and the fur surrounding it. “Messy Chu.” Light spoke afterwards, just before he licks his lips. Tom was blushing when he noticed another Pikachu over with a pair of Riolu’s. Tom gulped as his blush faded. It was the same Pikachu from before, the one that urinated all over, and in him. “What’s wrong Tom?” Space’s voice brought Tom back to reality. “Oh, nothing Space, Promise.” He looked down hoping they hadn’t noticed him starring at the three. “You know him? He’s an ass. I sure hope you don’t.” Tom shook his head no. “Well. His name is Dan Silv. Comes from a rich family.” Space took Tom’s chin in his paw and lifted it to wear the two of them met each other’s eyes. “He did something to you, didn’t he?” Light looked at Tom, then Space, and finally Dan. “Tom, what did he do?” the Totodile asked, sadness filled his voice. “He….. he.” Tom rubbed his eyes as tears began to form. He didn’t know what to do.

Chapter End Notes:

So. There are probably a few issues with grammar. I wrote this a while back and even when i first edited it I thought it was mostly okay. Scanning over it i managed to pick out a few issues and correct them. I doubt I found them all.

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