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Boarding School of Yaoi by ninjatommy21


Story Notes:

The first few chapters are a few years old.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter is much shorter then the others.
Anyway. Tom and his new friends arrive at school.

Chapter 4

Boarding School of Yaoi
By: ninjatommy21

Chapter Four
Unexpected Visitor

The two friends sat in complete shock as Tom finished telling his story. “That bastard!” Spoke Space in an angered tone. He stood quickly and spoke, “I’ll teach him a lesson.” Tom stood next, afraid, “N…no Space, you don’t have to do that, I’m okay now.” Space turned to face the other Pikachu, “No you’re not Tom, you’re afraid of him.” Tom whimpered softly and nodded, he couldn’t lie and the fear was obvious. Space walked over to Dan and growled softly. “You asshole!” He shouted. The Pikachu looked at him and smiled, “What’s wrong?” he asked. “You fucked with the wrong Pokémon.” Space spoke. “… what are you talking about?” Space growled loudly and pointed at Tom who was crying into Light’s shoulder. “Oh, who’s that?” Dan continued to act innocent. “His name is Tom, you hurt him dam it, I’m going to….” Space was interrupted by a tapping on his shoulder; he turned and looked behind him to see another one of his species. “Uh hmmm, you’re going to do what now.” Space looked at the Pokémon and noticed the badge indicating that he was a teacher. “Nothing sir,” Space gulped and looked down. “Well then. Please stop bothering this student.” Space nodded and walked over to Tom and Light, the teacher watched him and smiled as he spotted Tom. He then followed Space over, “May I ask you for your names?” the teacher asked. “I’m... Space, this is Light, and Tom.” Space pointed to the respective Pokémon as he said their names. “Tom ehhh.” Tom blinked and looked up, “Jory?” He asked. The other Charmander nodded, “Yeah, glad to see you’re here Tom.” Space and Light exchanged looks as Tom and Jory hugged. “So what happened after you left?” And so Tom told Jory the story. “Well I see why you were over there Space, but that wasn’t the appropriate thing to do.” Space nodded, “Sorry, I guess it was a bit rash but, I was angry.”
“Jory, so what are you doing here, as a… Teacher.” Jory chuckled before speaking, “Well, shortly after you left Tom, a Pidgeot came by to deliver mail, and I got a letter from the school, asking me to be a teacher.” Tom smiled, “But wait, how’d you get here?” He questioned. “I might answer that one day, but not now. I should be going, We’ll be there soon, finish up eating, and if Dan over there does something to you Tom, well, look, there’s not much we can do we it comes to Fetishes or any form of Sex, including Rape. But I can always help you make sure he can’t hurt you.” Tom nodded and watched as Jory walked away, back up to the front, where he had only seen the Pokémon with the badges on, Staff, going in and out.

As soon as Jory was in he leaned against the wall, warm sweat pouring down his face, “That was too hard.” He mumbled and slid down the wall. “Having a hard time Newbie?” A Weavile asked him with a smirk. Jory looked up at the Weavile, “A hard time, nawwww, I’m just resting up is all.” He smirked back as the Weavile frowned. “Well then, Jory, lets test you.” As he finished a Raichu and a Typhlosion walked up from behind a small compartment. “How about we go have some fun Newbie?” Jory stood and walked into the room, the three followed and the Weavile shut the door.

Tom, Space, and Light were resting in their compartment, waiting to arrive at the school. All three were ecstatic about the whole thing. “So Tom, you okay?” Space asked. Tom nodded, his mind was on Jory, he was confused at how he got here. The train began slowing down and the intercom system went off, “Arriving at Destination. All Passengers must exit with all possessions. Any items left aboard will be confiscated and disposed of properly.” Space and Light each grabbed a bag while Tom just sighed.

- The Umbreon had picked him up by his pack and carried him further away from the fire. He was suddenly dropped on the ground, and the Umbreon ordered him to stand. He obeyed and quickly bolted up. He face the glowing Pokémon who he could now tell was a male. “I don’t want to see you again, or next time you’ll be a meal.” The Umbreon chuckled and then swatted his face for good measure. Tom stood, stunned by the event. He felt the warm trickle of blood from the claw marks. It was now darker than before, and he had nowhere to sleep, no fire for warmth, and the berries he had that were to last him the entire trip were now gone, still sitting by the fire, waiting to be eaten. Tom’s stomach growled loudly into the night sky. Tom sat on the ground and covered his face, he wept for a few hours before taken his paws away. They were both soaked in his blood, and he knew he should find a source of water to clean them and he could only hope he wounds would heal soon. By now daylight was shining through the tree tops, and Tom had yet to sleep a wink. He quickly stood and began his way to water. He had no idea where he was and was now officially lost. He held back tears that threatened to slow him down, for fear he was being watched. Time slowly passed, and with each second, his energy depleted from the little he had, to nothing. The claw marks still bled on the occasion as he walked, opening up and closing with nearly every step. He began feeling dizzy after a time, but he kept walking. Then he saw water, a fresh, flowing stream. He steadily made his way over to it, and as he went to bend down to drink, he fell over, blacking out.-

He had lost his pack while he was searching for that water, he had nothing. “Come on Tom, Why don’t you have a pa…” Space stopped, “Yo… your eyes.” Tom quickly turned his head sideways and gulped. “They’re purple now,” Shouted Light. “That’s awesome.” He continued with. “Tom, say what’s up with those scars?” Space asked, now visibly seeing the scars from the Umbreon. Tom sighed and looked down. Space chuckled and helped him up, “Tell us another day, kay?” Tom nodded.

“Arriving at Destination. All Passengers must exit with all possessions. Any items left aboard will be confiscated and disposed of properly.” Jory looked up as it went off. He had just left the compartment, the tree other Pokemon were still in the room covered in Jory’s cum. “Guess I was a bit rough…” He grabbed the few possessions he has brought with him and headed off the train with every other Pokemon, both Teacher and Student.

The three friends had left, and the train was checked for slackers or anyone sleeping. They watched thee three cum covered teachers be carried out and through the crowd of Students. The teachers had all went inside to await further instructions. Tom and his two pals were towards the back of the crowd, they had all been instructed to wait outside of the building. Tom looked over the huge castle like building. It was towering, bigger than anything he had ever seen. It had seven towers, three in the front, and four in the back. And from what he could see, there was even more to this place. Suddenly the two large entrance doors opened, it was dark inside, and impossible to see anything inside. A Flygon walked out, he had a large smile as he did so. “Welcome… To my school students!” He shouted into the air, loud enough for everyone to hear. “I’m glad to see so many of you this year. Letters are always sent, but not always answered, though, we always know who to send the letters to of course.” He turned around as a podium with a stack of papers precariously placed on it. It was carried by an unseen Pokemon, a ghost type. “Now, I shall read off names, as you are called please come up to acquire your class schedule and your pill.”

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed. Remember the chapters are a bit ahead of these still. I'm spacing out when i publish them on here however.

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