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Boarding School of Yaoi by ninjatommy21


Story Notes:

The first few chapters are a few years old.

Author's Chapter Notes:

And into the school they go.
We meet Rin the Snivy and take a glimpse into his past.

Chapter 5

Boarding School of Yaoi
By: ninjatommy21

Chapter Five
Big Brother

The Flygon held a microphone in one of his paws. He looked around the large group of Pokémon, no more than one hundred of course. All around them were speakers so that when a student’s name was called they could come up and get their schedule. And it seemed like they knew exactly where each student was because as each one was called, the closest student would walk up. “George Crow” A Smeargle bounded up to him and took his Schedule and the pill. He swallowed it with the water they provided.

“So what’s the pill for?” Light asked his two friends. They were at the back, closest to the train that was now leaving, departing to who knows where. “No clue.” Tom commented. “We’ll find out later,” came Space’s voice. “Oh... I know. It could be to prevent diseases.” Tom spoke. Light chuckled, “Yeah…. Didn’t think of that.” Light responded.

“Dan Silv.” Tom watched as the Pikachu who had abused him walked up to the front. He gulped as the memory flashed back into his eyes.

- “What fun that looks.” Tom jumped at the voice. His piss dripping to a stop. He looks back and sees the owner of the voice, a Pikachu. Tom blushed as did his best not to stare at the Pikachu’s lower regions. His eyes quickly dipped down then darted back up to the eyes, male. “h…Hi” Tom managed the words. The new comer simply took a step further. He paused; he was studying Tom, sizing him up. Tom took a step back, he felt small compared to this Pikachu, and he felt scared. Another step forward and Tom takes one more back. He trips and lands on the Toilet, his ass now in his own urine. Tom stood back up, the piss dripping from his back down to the floor. “Turn around!” the new Chu demands. Tom whimpers but quickly obeys. “Bend over and start drinking your piss!” another demand from the unnamed Pikachu. Tom stands still, unsure of what to do. Then he was forced onto his knees by the other, he head was pushed to the toilet and he gulped. “Start Drinking Now!” This time the demand was louder. He closed his eyes and finished off the distance, his nose pressed against the liquid, and he could smell it. He whimpered again and opened his mouth, letting his tongue slide out and into the water. A shiver was sent down his spine at the taste. He knew his piss was only a bit of this, he knew what he tasted was only a bit of what it did truly taste like. He continued drinking the yellow from the bowl as the other electric type watched him. He heard a mur and then a chuckled. “Enough. I’ve got to piss now, turn around and open up.” Tom turned around, his eyes full of tears. His mouth was already open, his eyes still closed. The chu with the full bladder aimed his hardened cock towards Tom’s mouth and his stream of pent up piss poured out. The first bit hit Tom’s cheeks and his aimed his penis over so it would go into his mouth. It fill up quickly, “Drink it!” Tom gulped a few times. And with each time a shiver was sent up his spine. He hated the taste of the urine; it was to him, vile and putrid. Then it stopped, and nothing was left in his mouth. “Flip over.” Tom did so, and his tail was grabbed. He felt his ass being invaded by the cock, and felt warm liquid flow into it. He knew the Pikachu was now pissing into his ass. “Ahhh that was nice.” Said the chu as he finished. He quickly cleaned up his small mess, leaving Tom alone, still in a small puddle of the piss.-

“Tom snap out of it.” Tom shook his head and looked a Light. “Oh… sorry.” He spoke. Light was watching him, “Green eyes now.” Tom blinked at the sudden topic change. “I hate your changing eyes they make me so jealous.” “Light San.” Light jumped, they had been so busy paying attention to each other they hadn’t noticed that all the others had been called. Light smiled and ran off to go get his items. He waved to the before swallowing the pill and running inside. “Tom Scarrow.” Tom smiled and walked up. “Tom, be sure to find us later today. We’ll all meet up towards the front.” Tom nodded and walked up to the Flygon. “Here you are.” The Flygon handed over his schedule and pill. He looked over his schedule. Science, Math, English, History, Free period, and Sex class. Tom read over the last a few times. He blinked and looked up at the Flygon. He took the water and swallowed the pill with it. “Thanks.” “You’re welcome.” With that he headed in, leaving Space by himself, who walked up without his name being called.

Tom looked at his schedule; it told him what his dorm room number was. 418. He looked around, wondering where it was. That’s when he noticed the floors went by the first number; this floor had rooms starting with 1, so those with 4 at the beginning were higher up. He smiled and quickly ascended the stairs to the fourth floor. After looking around a little longer he found the room. And after wondering if there would be others in the room he opened the door. He was shocked to see Light unpacking. “Light!” he shouted and ran in. Light looked back and smiled. “Tom. I was wondering who would fill the other bed.” Light smiled and hugged Tom, “Well, now we just need to find Space.”

“No need to.” A voice came from the door. “Looks like we’re booked up at three in this room.” Tom and Light turned to the door and smiled as they saw Space. “So why is there only two beds?” Light asked. Spaced shrugged, “Maybe they intended for someone to sleep with someone.” He answered. Light smiled and sat on the bed with Tom. Space walked over, “So what classes you guys got.” The three of them sat around exchanging their classes. “Looks like we have at least one together each. Nice.” Space spoke.

“Students the next two days are free days for the new students to get used to the school. Enjoy your time. Also, new students, report to the main office if you need help finding your dorm!”

Light leaned back on the bed. “So, who’ll sleep with who?” he asked as he watched the ceiling. It was tiled off.

The room itself didn’t have much to it, two closets, a bathroom with everything one could need, for any species. Two beds and four dressers.

Light leaned up as he noticed the four dressers. “Ummmm. Wait… does that…” he was cut off by another voice. “Yes… most rooms are like this. You should have done some research before coming here.” All three turned their heads to the sound. It was a Snivy, he has blue eyes, and a pair of red glasses, the frames only went half way around the lens. He walked over and used a vine to close the door. Tom sat in silence as he watched. “So four to a room,” commented Space. The Snivy sighed, “Well now that you understand that, let’s get this whole bed situation settled. One dom and one sub in each bed. It is that simple.” Light blushed and looked at Tom. He actually had wanted to sleep with him. The Snivy walked over to the bed opposite of the one where Light sat. “So who’s a sub?” he questioned. Space grinned and sat on the other bed. He pushed both Tom and Light to their feet. “You’re the new comer, pick who sleeps with you.” Space spoke calmly. The Snivy smiles and eyes the two, examining them closely. His vines extended and before Tom knew it he was on the bed next to the Snivy. “The name’s Rin. What’s yours?” Tom’s face lit up bright red. He looked away, “Tom.” He responded. The vines went away and Tom breathed out. “Something wrong Tom?” Space questioned. “N…no. That was just kinda….. I don’t know… terrifying.” A chuckle could be heard from Rin. “Sorry. I guess I should have warned you.” He pressed his mouth to Tom’s ear and whispered. “Not all of us are alike.” Tom shuddered; he could only wonder how Rin knew what had happened to him so long ago. “So why don’t we all get acquainted?” Rin offered. Space pulled Light down on the bed. “Sounds good to me.” Rin smiled and rubbed Tom’s sides. “Hey… hey” Tom mumbled. Lately he had been so unsure of himself. “Hey Rin. When do you have Sex class?” Space asked. “Last hour. About a fourth the students do. Not all of us have it the same hour.” Rin responded. He was currently rubbing Tom’s sheath. “Let’s have a good time. Just relax lil’ chu.” Tom was blushing heavily. “Okay.” He mumbled. Rin smiled, “Now that’s more like it. “ Rin was already erect and rubbing his cock against Tom’s back. “You like that?” he questioned. Tom nodded his head. “Good. You a virgin?” he asked while a vine poked at Tom’s anal entrance. “N-no.” he responded. Rin chuckled and shoved his vine into the pucker which caused a moan from Tom. “You like having things in your rear don’t you?” He nodded eagerly. “Beg for me to fuck you.” That was a demand. Tom’s face was flushed, he looked at Space and Light, they were both already going at it. Light was moaning as space rammed his cock into him. Rin chuckled as Tom looked into his eyes; they betrayed his lust and want to be fucked. “Please…… Screw me.” Tom mumbled shyly. “Louder!” Rin demanded. “Fuck me please. Fast and hard, fill my mouth and ass full with your cum.” Rin smiled and nodded. “I’ll do just that little slut.” Rin spoke into his ear. Tom whimpered at being called a slut, there was something about he didn’t like, yet something he enjoyed. The Snivy set Tom in front of his cock. “Go on.” Rin ordered his new pet. Tom placed his maw around the cock and eagerly began bobbing on it.

- A small Snivy lay on a bed made of grass. He seemed tired and exhausted. Suddenly a Servine appears behind him with a grin. “Wake up little slut!” it hissed at the smaller Pokémon. The Snivy jolted awake and turned to the Servine. “Big…. Big brother.” He gulped after speaking. “You’ve got work.” The larger Pokémon sat in front of the smaller. His vines lifted the Snivy into the air. “Beg for it Slut!” The Snivy shook his head no. The Servine grinned; another vine wrapped around the smaller Pokémon’s sac and gave it a squeeze. The Snivy screamed in agony. “Please…. Stop,” he begged. “Don’t beg for me to stop, you know what you should be begging for Rin.”A few whimpers came from the Snivy before he spoke, “Please fuck me, hard and fast. I wanna feel your cum all over me.” The big brother chuckled. “Now that’s more like it.”-
Rin laid back against the wall as Tom continued to move his head up and down on one of the two cocks the Snivy had. It confused him, but he wasn’t going to complain, not to his new master at least.

Light was panting into a pillow as Space rammed his cock into Light’s ass. He had already came into his maw and was now going to fill his ass full of the water type’s seed.

Tom swallowed the seed from one of the cocks while the other splattered against his cheek. When no more came out he slid the meat from his maw and smiled. “Good boy.” Rin spoke with a grin. Rin lifted Tom in the air once more, “you want both in your ass doncha’?” Rin teased. Tom nodded his head a few times before a vine slapped his cheek softly. “Good boy.” Tom was lifted up into the air and repositioned so that he was facing away from Rin. “Ready boy?” The Snivy asked Tom.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed another chapter.

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