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Boarding School of Yaoi by ninjatommy21


Story Notes:

The first few chapters are a few years old.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Time for class

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven
First Day of Class

“Wake up you fat ass!” Rin shouted into Tom’s ear. He quickly jumped to his feet completely startled. “M-master?” Tom rubbed his eyes clear. “Come on class is gonna start soon and you still haven’t wrapped that mouth of yours around my cocks.” Rin growled. Tom was quick to get on his knees only to be slapped by his master’s vines. “No time bitch. You’ll have to wait till we’re in class, good thing we have Science together.”

Rin walked out of the room with Tom in tow. Space and Light were out in the hall, apparently waiting for the two. “Light? You have…” the Totodile was quick to cut him off. “A collar. I know. My uh new master….. Space” Tom blinked a few times and smiled. “Oh.” He blushed slightly and began walking off. “Guess I’ll head to class. See you in History Tom.” Space chuckled and grabbed his collar. “Math is this way.”

Rin forced Tom to walk in front of him and every few steps he would swat his ass with one of his vines. By time the two arrived to their destination Tom’s ass was sore and bruised. Tom was sniffling from the pain. “Shut it slut.” Rin demanded as he led Tom to an empty chair. The Snivy took his seat and forced Tom underneath the desk. “Get to work cock slut.”

“Yes Master” Tom mumbled as he slid his paws over the grass type’s two throbbing cocks. Rin watched his pet while murring. He knew he had feelings for the chu. He wanted to protect him, but at the same time he wanted to make sure that others knew he wasn’t some push over. He closed his eyes and gulped, “T-Tom. Yesterday was nice. I….. I think from now on, how about…… we be lovers?”

The chu’s eyes lit up and he nodded. “I’d really love that.” He wanted to shout, but didn’t want others to be startled. He quickly began sucking on his lover’s cocks. Rin smiled and rubbed the Pikachu’s head. “That’s more like it.”

“Welcome students. To Basic Science. My name is A-m-a-r-é” He wrote on the board as he spoke. “Pronounced Ah-mar-eh.” He smiled. “I’m happy to teach you new students…. And a few old ones it seems.” Quite a few of the new students began cackling. “Quite. How about we start with an incebreaker. State your name and something interesting about you. Now normally I start from the front, but this time how about we start from you.” He pointed out to Rin. “Who? Me?” Rin asked. All the students we’re watching. “No, the Pokemon between your legs.” The whole class was quick to look under the desk to see. Tom slowly slid from under the desk, blushing bright red. “I… I’m Tom Scarrow. Ummm something interesting, ohhh…. Well My eyes change color.” Amaré smiled and walked over. “Well then, we’ll have to look into that.” He smirked and turned to the front of the class. “You there, your turn.”

The class went on with each student giving their name and something interesting. “I’m Phill. I draw” An Electrike spoke. “The name’s Alice. No not like Alice in Wonderland. I’m much more beautiful than her.” A Jinx had answered.

By time everyone had finished it was 8:55. “Class ends in three minutes and seeing as there’s nothing left to do, you all are free to go. Have a wonderful day students.” He smiled and watched as the students left.

“Well…By… mas….I mean Rin.” Tom spoke. “Class doesn’t start for almost ten minutes and our classes are right next to each other.” Tom blushed and rubbed his head. “True. I hope the rest of this day is nice and easy like this” Rin nodded in agreement.

After waiting a few minutes they two split up and went into their separate class rooms. Tom was quick to notice the other Pikachu in the class. He gulped and slowly sat down, sitting as far away from him as possible. After his first encounter with the bully he didn’t want another.

The class went on with introductions and when it came Dan’s turn he stood and proudly announced. “Dan Silv, I love making other Pikachus my bitches.” Tom blushed and looked down. “Well isn’t that something.” The teacher responded. “Now where do you come from?” he asked. Dan smirked. “I come from Lightstone city. Where all the richest pokemon live.”

“Tom Scarrow.” Tom mumbled. Most of the students were smirking as he spoke, still remembering what Dan had said about making other Pikachus his. “Now don’t be shy, where do you come from?” Tom gulped, “The Forest. I… don’t know what forest, I never left to find out.” Nearly the whole class has burst into laughter. “Awwww poor little forest boy. Probably don’t even know where any cities are. It’s a surprise you know how to count.” Dan scolded. “You’re so dam stupid aren’t you?” He stood and walked over to Tom. “You enjoyed it when I was pissing in your face didn’t you slut. Huh, guess you are stupid, nothing to say huh?” Dan teased. “Now look at you, your crying just like a bitch.” Tom bawled his fists and sniffled. “What, gonna try and punch me. I dare you!” He looked down and then back up before trying to shock him. Electricity formed around Tom only to dissipate. “Idiot. That pill you took limits you powers. You can only use them inside the arena. And hey, we’re not there.” Dan grabbed the smaller chu around the throat just as the bell rang. “School policy says I can do as I wish, I just can’t kill you.”

Tom struggled to get free, but in the end he couldn’t. He sniffled and let his arms fall to his sides in defeat. Dan walked out and hurried to his room. He tossed Tom onto a bed and stood over him. “Like I said, I enjoy making other Pkachus my bitches. If I knew you were going to be attending the school I’d have drug you on the train myself.” Tom gulped and looked away. “Awww is the little slut embarrassed. You must want it, you’re already getting hard and I haven’t even touched you.” He grinned and climbed onto Tom. “You’re gonna beg for it just like the bitch you are!” Tom closed his eyes tight and shook his head, “N….no way. I don’t want you, I’m not going to beg.”

“Hmpf I was trying to make this as easy as possible, but since you insist on doing this the hard way, well fine.” He spread Tom’s legs and grinned. Dan rubbed his rod against Tom’s hole and chuckled. “Guess I’ll make sure this hurts.” He drew his hips back and went to slam in the tight space. “Wait!” Tom screamed in fear. Dan stopped just moments before tearing into the tailhole. “Please, I’ll beg, I’ll do anything you want, just don’t be rough.” He whimpered. His ass was already in pain from the whips he had gotten from Rin earlier in the day. “That’s more like it. I knew you’d come around. Now beg little Chu,” he taunted. Tom sniffled a few times, “Please fuck me Dan. Fill my ass and mouth full of your cum. Cover me in your seed, use me all day.” Once he finished he whimpered as he waited for Dan to rape him.

“Spread your legs wider so I can fill that ass full!” Dan ordered. Tom slowly slid his legs apart further just as he felt the dick was placed against his pucker. Dan slowly slid his dick inside of Tom. In moments Tom was forced to moan due to the intense pleasure. “That’s in, moan like the bitch you are.”

Dan began pumping his rod in and out faster and faster. Tom had stopped crying and was now lost in the pleasure. “No one can resist my cock.” He spoke into Tom’s ear. “Every night you’re gonna come here and bend over, paws on the wall.” He grinned and slammed into Tom’s ass a few times. “I won’t make you come though. Feel free to walk in any time after five.” He continued whispering. He grunted a few times and slammed in one last time before stuffing Tom full of his chu seed. He grinned and pulled out of Tom. “Now turn around and start sucking my dick.” Dan cooed, enticing Tom. Tom slowly changed positions till his nose was against the large dick. He gave a few large whiffs and then opened his maw. Dan grinned and slammed in. “Damn eager slut. Then again, no chu can resist my dick once it’s been in them once.”

After multiple rounds of sex Dan sent Tom on his way with a full belly and a leaking ass. He looked at the time and slowly made his way to his dorm room. Once he walked in his was grabbed by Light. “Where were you?” he questioned in a hurry. Tom was startled and couldn’t find his words as he looked around the room. Both Rin and Space were glaring at him, clearly upset. “I…. don’t remember.” Tom responded.

Space jumped off his bed and walked over. “You’re lying Tom…. Did Dan hurt you?” he asked only to have Tom shake his head. Space looked back and spotted his ass dripping cum. “Tom you’re lying. Why? Why would you lie?” Tom sniffled a few times, “Cause… there’s nothing you can do remember. A-and in the end,” he paused and rubbed his eyes and they began tearing up, “I liked it.”

It was Rin’s turn to walk over to the chu, only he didn’t offer any words. He simple slapped the Pikachu and lifted him with his vines. “I don’t care if you liked it of hated it. You are my pet got it?” Tom nodded quickly as he rubbed his cheek. “Yes master.” Rin grinned and took Tom to their bed. “Good slut,” Rin praised and hugged him. Tom blinked and slowly hugged back, not expecting it at all, but he enjoyed it.

Light walked back to his bed with space and laid down. Space grinned and crawled over him. “So never got to ask you how your day was,” Space inquired. “Alright I supposed. But I’m tired now Space. I’m gonna go to bed.” Space let out a sigh of disapproval. “Alright, alright. Go to bed you party pooper. Tomorrow is the first day of Sex Ed. It’s our longest class.”
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