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Boarding School of Yaoi by ninjatommy21


Story Notes:

The first few chapters are a few years old.

Author's Chapter Notes:

It looks like there's some master/pet fun.

Chapter 6

Boarding School of Yaoi
By: ninjatommy21

Chapter Six
Masters & Pets

Tom moaned as his rear was filled with not one, but two cocks. This was the second time that this had happened to him, but the first time it was only by one Pokémon. He was pressed up against the wall while on the bed, on his knees. Rin the Snivy had his vines wrapped around Tom, making it impossible for him to move. Rin slammed in repeatedly giving his own pleasured sighs. The grass type continued like this for a few minutes before unloading his spunk deep inside of Tom. The two cocks pulsed and flooded Tom’s bowels quickly. Tom felt like he was in heaven and moaned in content. His own fluids had shot against the wall and were currently moving its way down.

Once Rin finished he pulled out and watched as the cum spilled out onto the bed. He removed his vines from Tom and ordered, “Clean Up!” Tom slid down to his front paws while panting. “Could… you get me some-something to clean it with?” he asked. Rin chuckled. “Your tongue!” Tom blushed and began licking the walls clean. All eyes were on his as he made sure to clean the mess he had made. Once that was done he turned so he could lick the bed clean. He wasn’t sure how effective it would be.

Tom ran his tongue back and forth, lapping at the sticky mess that didn’t seem to want to cooperate with him. His felt his head get pushed down against it. “Suck it.” Tom complied and took the sheet into his maw and lightly sucked on it. The cum came off much faster. He repeated this for the rest of what had been covered in the substance. Once all of it was gone he lifted his head and smiled. “Good boy!” praised Rin. Tom smiled and then looked over at his friends who were both staring are him. He blushed heavily. “Were… you watching the whole time?” he asked softly. Light nodded.

Space leaned down and whispered in Light’s ear, “I think Tom likes Rin.” Light nodded in agreement. It sure seemed that way, but for Rin it seemed a little different. “I see a master and pet relationship forming, with the pet loving the master.” Light whispered back. Space chuckled in response. “Sure seems like it.”

Tom rested his head on a dry spot. “That was amazing Rin.”
“Yeah yeah”
“Two cocks, that’s really cool.”
Rin smiled and rubbed Tom’s head. “Glad you enjoyed them.”

Tom starred at Rin, there was just something about the Snivy that Tom liked. He loved those two rods of his, he loved how easily Rin was able to use him, just the thought of that made his shiver, but most of all he loved Rin himself. Tom soon found himself drifting off into a deep slumber while his friends conversed. He caught bits and pieces of it. “… as amaz…” he was sure that was Lights voice, “…should do that again some….” Was that Space? Soon he was no longer able to even hear that, as sleep had finally taken him.

~ “Such a sweet boy you are Tom.” Rin whispered into my ear. I gave a murr and kissed my mate on the lips. “Thank you Rin. You’re the greatest pokemon a chu like me could wish for.” I let my paw slip down and rub his erecting cocks. “Mmmm, such an eager Snivy.” I gave a giggled and began pawing him off. ~

“Dam this Chu is horny!” The Snivy mumbled as he was awoken by Tom who was still sleeping. His paws feeling around Rin’s crotch for his twin cocks. “Well then I need to have you nice and fucked don’t I slut.” He grinned and lifted the electric type up. “I’ll even make a lil’ cash from it too. Mmmmm, you’re gonna be my little slutty prostitute.” He grinned and cuddled his new money maker, “I can see it already, every male is gonna wanna piece of that ass you got.” He whispered into the sleeping chu’s ear. “And no matter how many cocks go in, you’ll be begging for mine. Almost like me and my brother. Almost.” He mumbled softly before resting back down on the bed with tom against him. “In the morning I’ll make sure to fuck you hard.”

- “Ummm who’s that?” A Snivy questioned. “You’re new brother. I found him abandoned out in the woods and figured he’d make a great toy like you.” A raspy voice responded. “Oh,” the Snivy walked closer to the pokemon in question and poked it. “What is it?” He then asked. The Servine responded, “He’s a Pichu.” The younger pokemon smiled and watched as the Pichu woke, his eyes opened for a moment and then closed. When they opened again the Snivy jumped, “His eyes, they changed color!” –

“RISE AND SHINE!” Space shouted at the top of his lungs. “Been up sin…” Before the Charmander could finish a pillow hit his face. “We’re trying to sleep Space.” Tom mumbled into a yawn. “Yeah… yeah… yeah. Get up, Let’s explore the school and see if we can meet anyone knew.”

Tom yawned a second time and went to jump down from the bed, but was grabbed by vines. “Sorry, but I’ve got plans for you today.”
“What? Well. Alright.”

Light sighed and left the room with Space. “I hope Rin doesn’t hog Tom. He’s our friend afterall.” Light pouted. “Tom will be fiiiine Light. We’ll hang with him later today, Rin prolly wants to fuck him some more.” He gave a small chuckled. “Alright. I suppose.”
“Yeah, hey look at those two”
“Them, the two getting it on.”
“Huh? Oh! I see em’ now. Wow!”
“Yeah, fucking pretty hard doncha’ think.”

A Lucario had an Emolga pressed to the wall, pounding into his ass causing a bulge in his stomach. Every pound in stretched the small electric type pasts his normal limits. He was moaning loudly, begging like a bitch for the fighting type to fuck him harder. His own cock throbbed painfully between his legs, while leaking pre at a steady rate. The two continued like this for some time till they both erupted, the Emolga on the wall and the Lucario inside the Emolga. The squirrel’s chest expanded to accommodate the large load.

“Well guess we know what the pill is for now.” Space spoke in a grin. “That way even the larger pokemon get to fuck the smaller one and use em’ like cock sleeves without hurting them. Pretty cool.”

The two continued on, both sporting a hard on. “Think we should take care of these?” Light asked as his paw rubbed over the Charmander’s cock. “Well then get on your knees.” Ordered Space. Light smiled and eagerly went down to his knees. He gave a long sniff over the pulsing rod and murred. Space placed his paws behind Light’s head and shoved his cock into the moist maw. Light sighed around the member, lapping at it as Space face fucked him. “Fuck, you’re just like Tom. Man, I think I might just have to make you my pet.” Space grinned and humped harder. “Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. You’re my pet, gonna enjoy this.”

After a few more hard thrusts Space shoved his cock all the way in and climaxed. He moaned as he came, his arms wrapped around Light’s head, holding him tightly in place. When the fire type finished cumming he leaned against the wall and allowed Light to stand. “Wonder where I can get a collar.” Light was rather nervous and nodded. “Oh okay.” When he noticed Space glaring at him he quickly fixed his response. “Yes master!”

Light sighed and walked behind his friend or rather master. “Master. I thought we were friends.” He mumbled. “We are, but I’m also your master now. Nothing wrong with that is there?” he question. “I guess there isn’t master.” The Totodile still felt odd calling his friend master, but he knew it was what Space wanted. “Master, if you’re going to get me a collar then maybe you should get a leash too. And then we could even had some kinky sex.” Space chuckled and turned to his pet. “Alright, great idea. You’re one perverted Totodile.”

“So I’m supposed to keep my tail swishing like this?” Tom asked as he walked behind his master. “Yeah, it lets everyone know your ass is for sale.” Rin looked around as he walked, leading Tom through the halls. They passed all kinds of pokemon as they walked, most seemed preoccupied with each other. Finally they were stopped by a Munchlax. “Ummm. Sir, Can me and the Pikachu you know… uh…. Fuck?” Rin smiled. “Of course, but it does cost. The price is only 5 Orcins, the school’s currency, per fuck. After you have your fun you’ll pay me alright?” The Munchlax nodded and led Tom into his room.

Tom was nervous the whole time. He knew this was called prostitution and that made him a prostitute, but Rin had convinced him into it, saying he would love the chu even more. That thought made the mouse eagerly obey and put himself up for sell.

The Munchlax grinned “I’ve been needing this, all the other pokemon ignore me or only use me as a bucket. “I’m sorry to hear mister.” Tom spoke softly. He watched the fat pokemon as it groped its growing prick. The Munchlax’s dick would be smaller than other pokemon his size, but at the same time it was thicker. “Bend over!” the pokemon was quick to position his thick meat between Tom’s warm buns the moment his tail hole was revealed.

Tom blushed lightly as the cock was shoved into his ass. He was surprised at the speed the fat pokemon seemed to show off. He moaned loudly and placed his paws on the ground to hold his rear up in the air in the pokemon who was pounding it rather hard. “Ohhh, Arceus I wish I could do this all the time.” The Munchlax moaned loudly. Tom whimpered as he was now holding himself and the rather large pokemon up. His knees buckled under him and he collapsed, followed by the large pokemon on top of him. He gagged and sniffled. “Please get off me” Tom mumbled in a hoarse voice. “You’re fault little bitch.” The Munchlax spoke into Tom’s ear before moaning and filling the chu’s ass with seed.

The Munchlax sat on his bed and spread hi legs. “Start sucking!” he demanded. Tom slowly crawled over, still in pain from being squashed. He pressed his muzzle between the pokemon’s legs and began sucking his cock, bobbing up and down along the length while rubbing its furry balls. “Ohhhhhh damn you’re amazing at this, gonna cum already, ohhhhh Arceus!” He grabbed Tom’s head and held him down as he came.

Tom walked out slowly while coughing. “How much?” Rin inquired. “He… refused to pay.” Tom mumbled before collapsing on the floor. Rin moved the chu aside and went into the room. Tom laid in silence, listening to the arguing inside and then something hitting the ground. There were shouts and pleas, begging for the other to stop. Finally there was a moan that lasted for about a minute, then there was silence. The door opened and Rin walked out, his twin cocks erect and coated in cum. “He paid, he just needed some convincing.” Tom sniffled and slowly stood to his feet. He wobbled and nearly fell before Rin caught the chu in his vines. “Relax Tom. Come on let’s go back to the room. You can rest up. Tom nodded while staring at the ground, he rubbed his eyes dry and began walking with Rin. “Thank you Rin.”

Tom laid against Rin once the two pokemon were back in their room and on the bed. Rin held him close showing care for the Pikachu, something that he had yet to show. “Am I really like my brother? I... I-I’m sorry Tom. For letting him hurt you.” Rin whispered in his ear, tears falling from his eyes. “I-It’s alright Rin.” Tom responded while nuzzling his chest. He was happy to see Rin comfort him like this, it was a different side of him, a side he liked. Tom was taken by surprise when he felt his crotch being rubbed and couldn’t help but meep. “Rin?” he mumbled. He looked down at his crotch just as Rin began licking his cock. “Rin, you’re….. yo…”

“Shut up pet, I’ll do as I please. I’m not doing this for the fun of it. This is my way of saying sorry.” Tom nodded shyly. “Sorry Ri…” Before he could finish a vine hit his cheek, “You will address me as Master Rin!” Tom winced and rubbed his cheek, “Yes Master Rin. I’m sorry.”

Chapter End Notes:

What's Rin's deal anyway. Right?

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