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File Name: Snow Job

Owner: Arcane Reno

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File Type: Story:Adult:M/M:Arcanine x Human

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Details: When a hapless skier bites off more than he can chew on a tricky portion of Snowpoint, the services of the local rescue arcanine are needed. The job may prove more challenging than expected...

  1. Snow Job (17329 words)

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    Reviewer: ryuchitoran
    Date:Apr 25 2016

    This is a rather excellently written story of a fairly impressive length. No complaints about the spelling, grammar or other nitpicky things.

    The characters were interesting and the banter between them was amusing, particularly the star of the story, Nik, of course. He behaved basically like what he is, an intelligent dog, with a dog's blessed lack of shame or modesty.

    The author clearly also has a good grasp on canine anatomy, pardon the pun, and that really increases my own personal enjoyment of the more erotic sections quite a bit.

    I found myself reading the entire story, which can be somewhat unusual when it comes to erotic fiction, and I would be quite glad to read a second chapter.

    I'd definitely recommend giving this a read all the way through if you'd enjoy a nice piece of fiction that just happens to have some hot (and cold) sex in it.

    Author's Response:

    Thank you for your review and kind words! I'm glad you liked the story. ^^