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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Flare the leader of Thunderplains has worked his entire life to ensure his tribe and family are taken care of. With the Mating Ritual Season about to happen he once again feels the fear that has plagued him for years. Is the Mating Ritual a bad thing for the tribes. 

Flare: Honor of the Tribes

Chapter 1/ Prologue

Honor of the Tribe

Flare has run his tribe Thunderplains for over 5 years now and never before has he seen such disarray in its ranks. Everywhere he looked pokemon were fighting one another, other Pokémon outside of the tribe and worst of all they were messing with pokemon who were not of Thunderplains blood. He could not allow his tribes Pokémon to act this way and it was coming at a time that he needed them to be focused most of all. For very soon if not already it would be mating season and there was no time of the year or that he dreaded more than mating season. For the past 5 years he has ran his tribe though droughts, floods, tribal wars and even a full blown invasion that nearly threated to wipe not only his tribe off of the map but those of Shadow Forest, Open Ocean and Sky Plateau.

“You do not have to walk this road alone you know.” Flare felt someone touch his back and in instant the Flareon turned around to see his mate standing by him, the lovely Mightyena girl Silverstreak. She had long silver like streaks down her dark gray coat that make it look like she had stripes. Flare always felt at ease when she was around though even today he couldn't get over the feeling that something bad could happen. And it all revolved around mating.

“I know but the tribe is in disarray and...” Flare began speaking but then stops in mid-sentence as he didn't want to finish his thought. He feels Silverstreak rub herself up against him in a nurturing way. Flare felt calmer instantly as he smelled her scent, it reminded him of the open plains that they called home. He was some what relieved that it wasn't the scent that he feared most of all...a females heat.

“I know how you feel about mating season my love but you must remember, new blood is good blood. That can only happen though mating season.” Silverstreak said with a smile. Flare lookd at her and saw love in her eyes and the knowledge that she was right. The Mightyena leaned in closer to the Flareon and murred as she nuzzled him just up under his chin, his favorite spot. “Besides I know that big beautiful cock of yours hasn't gotten nearly as much as it should.”

“Silver....streak.” Flare said with a big blush on his face. He hated it when she spoke like that and wished that she did not make the topic about sex such a important thing. If he could have it the Flareon would forbid even talking about it around the tribe. He saw it as nothing more but a way to breed and nothing more, and didn't view it as a nice recreational event like nearly every member of his tribe has. His mate most of all enjoyed every minute of it and the several times a month they did it she seemed to enjoy it a lot more than him and wouldn't stop talking about it until days afterwards. Flare tried to get the she-wolf to not brag about him so much around the tribe but she did so anyway and he always felt embarrassed about it. “I'm not really that big.”

“Oh you are.” The Mightyena said as she gets from up under her mate and brushes his face with her tail. The soft fur tickled his cheeks and nose and after she moved away Flare couldn't help but sneeze. With a giggle and Mightyena lifted her tail and revealed her tail hole and slit. “Trust me I have experience.” She drops her tail and turns to face him. Flare almost never saw Silverstreak not smile when she looked at him and this was one of those rare moments she did. “Remember you wasn't my first mate love. Nor were either of you my first experience either, please trust me when I say that you are the biggest. Be proud of that love.”

“I know.” Flare said as he tried to sound somewhat confident. He was a great leader of his tribe and saw them good and bad times. He banded the tribes together to stop the Dragoons of the North from destroying their lands and he even survived one on one combat against Dark Dragon Lord Bahumut. There were other leaders who wish they could even speak such words while at the watering hole and he lived it. Flare just hated that when it came to the topic of sex he froze up and would rather avoid it all together rather than just enjoy it. He loved Silverstreak, he loved having sex with her and she let him live out all of his fantasies...though when it came to talking about it or getting into foreplay he would rather fight a battle than do it.

“You just know how I get when it comes to addressing it.” Flare said with a sigh. He noticed Silverstreak smiling at him warmly and she walks up and presses her cold nose against his.

“And I will continue to love you no matter what. Even if it means having to tackle you down, put my wet, wet...” She presses her mouth against his and gives the Flareon a kiss. Flareon's eyes opened up widely as he feels his mate trying to press her tongue into his mouth and after a moment like always she found her way in. The Mightyena's warm breath blew into his mouth as their tongue touched one another. Flareon felt his legs buckle a bit as he was such a light weight when it came to moments like this. He was a tough guy on the outside but when it came to intimacy he was a big softy, which was fine since Silverstreak always picked up the slack and dominated when it came to their den. Silverstreak broke the kiss after a few moment and licked her chops as she had exchanged saliva with her love. Flare felt a bit of their mixed fluids drip down his chin and onto the ground and he ended up swallowing the rest.

“I'll let you finish that though sweetie.” The she-wolf giggled and then proceeds to leave. But not without letting the Flareon know something before she left. “Oh and I wouldn't go outside for maybe....10 minutes.”

“Huh why?” Flare asked but he got his answer as when the Flareon bent down a little bit he felt his tip touch the ground. He had a hard on that he didn't even notice happen until now. No wonder Silverstreak was giggling so much, she set him up. “Oh come on.” Flare groaned.

“I knew I would get your mind off of what ever was troubling you.” The Mighyena flicks her tail. “I would help you but I haven't had breakfast yet and I want a bit more than just “milk” for breakfast. Though you can always take care of yourself if you want to leave sooner.” Though before the Mightyena female left she stared and Flare's rod for a moment as he saw down on his rear and looked down at himself. He was pretty built as his rod stood about a good 10inchs tall and was several inchs wide, it was also reader than he was and at the base was a nice knot that he knew Silverstreak loved to fit into herself.

“Change your mind?” Flare asked as he looked back up. Silverstreak pretended to think about it for a moment then shakes her head.

“You know how I love to enjoy my cream after dinner love.” With that Silverstreak walked off, the sound of her giggles could be heard well into the distance.

“That wolf...” Flare said to himself as he gets up and walks over to the entrance of his small den. The couple lived in a fairy small cave that was hollowed out of a large cave that was in the middle of the plains. Their home was the Thunderplains that was on the southern part of the region just before the Limestone Mountain range which separated their home from the Limestone Forest which was the northern part of a entirely different region to the south. On the walls of his den were the paw prints of former leaders of their tribe who also called this their home dating all the way back to possibly when the tribes were first established. Draped along the front of his den was large palm leaves that were used to create some privacy for Flare and Silverstreak and were a blessing at the moment as Flare was in no position to be seen just yet.

“Daddy, daddy are you up?” The voice of Flare's youngest Lightsoul spoke up from just outside of his den. With a gulp the Flareon tried to warn away Lightsoul but the young Shinx pushed his way in and stumbled right into the Flareon knockig him over. Looking up the Flareon saw the big eyes of the Shinx looking down at him. The feeling of his rod being lightly tapped by his son's tail was felt...despite this his rod was still not going down.

“Your finally up. I saw mom leave out of here and I figured you must be awake.” Lightsoul said with a big grin.

“Yes well...I wasn't ready for company yet.” Flare said as he tried to roll Lightsoul off of him but the Shinx braced himself with his hindlegs. Flare couldn't believe his eyes as the Shinx was in the same position that Silverstreak is when she wants to ride him. “You going to get off son?” Flare asked hoping that he would hear a yes. Lightsoul shook his head.

“I want to practice my pouncing ability today. Me and Springleaf after going to get tested today and I wanted to get in a bit of work before paw. What do you think?” Lightsoul smiled and wiggled his tail as he pushes himself backwards. Flare gulps as he feels the Shinx's butt touch his rod and a bit of pre got onto him. He noticed Lightsoul look back and eep from what he saw. “Oh....I didn't know...” The Shinx laughs as gets off of Flare's stomach.

“Yes I wasn't ready for company yet.” Flare said rolling onto his side and takes a deep breath.

“Sorry Dad I didn't see...'that' before coming in.” Flare didn't need to explain anything to the Shinx as he has already gone though the talk and even seen mating take place. Lightsoul was his adoptive son along with his brother Springleaf a Skitty. Both of them were the offspring’s of his former best friend Maximus a very loyal Luxray that fought in the Dragoon wars along side the Flareon. Both Maximus and Lilith a female Delcatty died during the conflict and left behind their two sons. Flare already had two of his own before the incident but there was no way he could leave his best friend's kitten to die and since then they have been raised like one of his.

“Well go and eat and afterwards we can do a bit of practicing before you do your test today.” Flare said

“You got it.” Lightsoul nods and then takes off.

Flare was all alone again and unlike before he was even worst off. Silverstreak's scent was still in the air along with the image of wonderful and perfect rear end. Her perfect tail lifted up for him, revealing that little pucker of a tail hole that he left to sniff when he wanted to get more aroused than he already was, to him licking it as the Flareon loved to give just as much as he loved to take and finally he loved stuffing her with as she called it, “big cock.” Flare groaned as he really couldn't himself soft again now. And that was just thinking about his mate's tail hole. He started thinking about her slit and he will either pop or be her all day. When he finally gets out of here he was going to make sure Silverstreak felt his frustration and for how much trouble she has caused.

It didn't take Flare all morning to finally find his relief but it sure felt like it did since the Flareon had to think of anything and everything but Silverstreak and her cute ass. But finally after some time he was able to relax enough to lose his hard on and once he was free the Flareon walked outside of his den and out into the village of Thunderplains. The first thing that greeted him was an already completely full meat bin which had various different catches of the morning inside of it from dead Raticate to Sparrows that were caught out in the open plains. Despite popular beliefs a lot of Pokémon did not eat berries for a living, they were wild animals that thrived off of fresh meat.

Flare saw his daughter Moonshine a Umbreon eating by herself and he picked up a Raticate and walked over to her. The Umbreon bowed her head as her father sat by her, a bit of red was caked around her maw.

“Good morning Father.” Moonshine said before using her forepaw to wipe her mouth. “You have to excuse me, the little bugger was hard to catch and I wanted to make sure I savored every bite.”

“The best meal is the one you catch yourself.” Flare said as he bit into his own meal. It was a bit cold and the Flareon dreaded how long it took him to get out of his den this morning. He might go out and catch his own meal later today just to make up for this one.

Neither father nor daughter spoke anything for a little bit as both eons were enjoying their meals. Flare's two pups that he had by Silverstreak was Moonshine his Umbreon daughter and Eon his Espeon son. Eon when he was begin given his full tribal name wanted to keep it simple and refused to be renamed to anything else. Moonshine has yet to let her brother hear the end of how simple his name was. Flare couldn't believe how fast both of his first litter had grown up and he hoped that Lightsoul and his brother Springleaf can grow up to be just as strong as their siblings were. Moonshine was the odd one of the litter as she was a shiny Umbreon, her dark blue rings shined when the moon struck them, or when certain other kinds of light fell upon them. The elders believed that she had a interesting future ahead of her. Eon on the other hand was the rebellious type and often would do things on his own or go against tradition like when he refused to change his birth name. He broke tradition and it took a lot of work for Flare to put that fire out, no pun intended.

“Where are your brothers?” Flare asked after he finished his meal. He didn't eat nearly half of his meal as it was starting to taste strange from it being cold and not freshly caught.

“Eon is out on a scouting trip, but he should be back before this afternoon.” Moonshine said as she wiped her mouth again but this time with her tongue. Flare noticed how alike her mother she was when she did that and it made him remember what Silverstreak would do just after she blew him. From the way she started licking the sides of her maw and then work her way down and then all around. Silverstreak always gloated about how she didn't want to miss a single drop if she could help it. Moonshine noticed her father staring out her and she rolled her eyes.

“Oh Father I have not blown anyone new this morning.”

“Oh that is good to know....” Flare thought about what she said. “This morning!”

“Relax Father it will be ok.” Moonshine said sounding a bit grumpy. “It is mating season and from the way your acting you need it more than I do.” The Bre then continues her report. “As for Springleaf and Lightsoul they are out practicing their pouncing with a few of the other young apprentices. They are very excited to be getting tested soon.” With that Moonshine picks up her father's left overs and takes it over to the waste area and throws it out.

“Moonshine this will be your second mating season. I want to know that you will be safe.” Flare said with a bit of concern in his voice. She was his only daughter after all. Like her mother the Umbreon gives her father that same smile that Silverstreak always did. The one that said, “I know you are looking out for me.”

“I know Daddy. But it is the boys who should be careful of me.” Moonshine said confidently. She walked up to Flare and gives him a kiss on the cheek before walking in the opposite direction as she heads towards the open plains. “You know how I love it rough.”

“A dad doesn't wait to hear that from their daughter!” Flare yelled after his daughter. Moonshine flicked her tail and then takes off as she headed off onto one her many adventures. Flare groaned as he hated being the father of a dark type, they were such a wild and untamed type of Pokémon that were hard to get a read on at times. Silverstreak was always able to keep him in the dark as she had more vaults to her secrets than he could ever hope to crack open.

“Got to love them when they are that age, hey.” Yarg the Electivire spoke from the side. He was one of the tribe's elders and one of the few Pokémon in the tribe that Flare looked to for advice on almost everything. Parenting was one of those things he came to him for once or twice before now.

“I tell you young Flare, year one they cry a lot, year two they start smelling themselves and year three they want nothing to do with you. You are in the second year, hey.”

“Was that how Tide was? Smelled himself?” Flare asked, Tide was one of Yarg's various children that are spread out over all of the different tribes. Yarg back in the day was a playboy who didn't mind mingling with all of the different tribes and it was said that he had at least one child in each tribe. Yarg neither confirmed and denied it.

“That Buizel loved to think highly of himself. He even went as far to challenge me once, hey.” Yarg who had been sitting under a tree this entire time got up and flexed his muscles, the crackling sound of static could be heard all around him. “Never again did he challenge his old mon, hey.”

“So your saying I should go and beat down my son and daughter?” Flare asked before looking out at the plains. It such like a good idea to go out for a run right about now. The whipping of the wind in his face, the sound of peace and quiet...the feeling of freedom from his duties even just for a little while. It was Yarg's booming voice that brought him back to reality.

“Your daughter you let your mate handle her. Your son you need to dominate and show who is the male of the tribe.” Yarg said as he sits back down under his tree. “If this means you need to stick it in him...I'm not one to judge.”

“Are you joking?” Flare asked with a discussed look on his face.

“You did that to become leader did you not?” Yarg asked. “You know as well as I do that to establish domination here in our fair tribes, one must finish their opponent off by mating with them...or dominating should one call it that too. Didn't you do that when you took leadership from the sissy leader...what was his name again...?”

“His name was Morningsun and no he wasn't a sissy boy.” Flare said, his fur was starting to stand up as he hated it when someone stock ill of their former leader and his mentor. Morningsun had been an Arcanine who had lead the tribe during some of its darker days. Morningsun had taught Flare the ways of the tribe and believed in him when others in the tribe thought that he didn't belong. Only Morningsun and Maximus had stood by him during those days and even Silverstreak a young Poochyena girl could not see past the undersized and weak Eevee he had been.

“Well if he had been tougher he would still be with us.” Yarg spoke as he leans back and closed his eyes.

“Respect your elders....respect your elders...” Flare mumbled as he wanted to make roast the electric type. Walking way he was reminded of how despite everything that had happened in the past the tribe still held onto old beliefs and refused to accept new ones. Flare didn't believe that sex should be used as a tool of telling one's worth. In fact he did fight Morningsun in a duel for control of the tribe, it was master versing apprentice. Flare ended up winning in the end but when he was suppose to finish his master but taking his rear he didn't...which ended up with him getting headbutted by the Arcanine and his rear plowed instead. The memory of that day made the Flareon cring as he remembered being forced under the weight of Morningsun as he relentlessly forced himself into the Flareon. At the end of it Flare and Morningsun were tied together, butt to butt, with the Flareon's face in the dirt.


“Flare you must get over your fear of sex.” Morningsun had scolded the Flareon. “Like it or not this is the way of the tribes and we do it for a good reason.”

“What would that be?” A much younger Flare had asked his master as he feel the Arcanine's knot still stuck firmly in him. He felt Morningsun push back on him just to make sure the knot stayed in as firmly as possible. Flare was going to hear the large hound out whether he liked it or not. With a long moan the Flareon felt a few more drops of burning hot cum stray into his rear to add to what felt like a pool was already there.

“We do it to relieve stress but also as a way of bonding with one another.” Morningsun said calmly.

“Like how we are now?” Flare asked, a bit of dirt got in his mouth and the Flareon groaned as he feels Morningsun push his rod up against his prostate again and again. Before long the Flareon feels the same sort of pleasure he had felt from before, like someone was pressing the right button inside of him and he sort of didn't want it to stop.

“Not everyone is as nice about it as I am.” Morningsun said as he stopped. Flare felt a bit of sadness, he wanted to cum again. “Some are cruel and use our methods for their own evil purposes. I want to stamp their kind out of our lands but I cannot do that staying here and leading our tribe that I love so much.”

“What are you saying Morningsun?” Flare asked as he feels a few shots of left over cum drip out of him and onto the ground. The young Flareon couldn't believe that he was enjoying this but he didn't want it to stop. But like all good things they come to a end as he feels his master's knot deflate enough for the Arcanine to pull himself out of his apprentice and the Flareon 's rear end falls onto the ground. With a loud cry from feeling his rod hit the hard earth.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” Flare cried. “My dick!” He starts licking his own cock as the Flareon wanted to sooth his pain. After that he starts licking his tail hole clean of all the cum that was on it. He had to admit Morningsun tasted pretty good, he found a nice hint of Cheri mixed with something out a bit spicy that he couldn't put his paw on.

“Toughen up Flare.” Morningsun said as he was licking his own cock clean. “For someone who acts so scared all of the time I am surprised that rear of yours is not used more often.” The Arcanine teased.

“Well I try to avoid putting myself into those situations.” Flare said. A bit of cum was on his nose.

“I say it again, toughen up Flare. You know how often I got my tail hole plowed?” Morningsun asked. “Three times and after that I told myself I was tired of being someone's bitch and I started nailing others rather than getting nailed. You are going to be the leader of our tribe in my absence.”

“You got ass fucked?” Flare asked in disbelief.

“Enjoyable sometimes but not when you get it because you lost a fight. Now pay attention.” Morningsun got up and shook himself. His rod now soft but still out hung low to the ground and Flare felt a bit stirred again. “Eyes up here Flare. There will be time for being my bitch later.”

Flare gets up and tries to not stare. “What can I say we “bonded”

“I am going into the region to the south to investigate something that is stirring down there. I have reason to believe that trouble could be brewing and I want to make sure that the tribes are ready should that day come.” Morningsun took a deep breath and looked Flare in the eyes. “I trust that you will take care of our tribe until I return. Be strong for them and for my daughter Silverstreak as well.”

“I can handle all of those things.” Flare said confidently. He wasn't ready for Morningsun to laugh in his face as a response.

“Please my daughter will own your ass should you two ever be mates.” Morningsun gets walks by Flare and gives his rear a good slap with a fore-paw.


“Well if my daughter doesn't own that rear I know a certain Furret that would tear you a new one.” Morningsun laughed again, his booming voice made the clearing they were in seem like it was echoing.

“I'm not gay.” Flare grumbled as he didn't want to think he was.

“I said the same thing after my first ass pounding.”

“Did that change?” Flare wondered if he really wanted to follow in his mentor's paw steps.

“Did you cute little tush enjoy the sex?” Morningsun asked with a chuckle.

“Yes?” Flare answered.

“Live a little Flare. I have my own family and I still enjoy all that life has to offer. Once you stop fighting yourself you will begin to learn to find your own happiness. Now come on, I want to hurry back so we can announce your new position and before I leave I will give you a nice present.” Flare heard Morningsun say as he picked up the pace.

“Oh what is that?” Flare asked as he worked to keep up.

“My dick what else.” Flare heard his mentor say with a big laugh. As annoyed as he was to hear it the Flare honestly was curious if that was true or not.


Flare decided to walk around his village and see that was taking place since he had been doing nothing all morning. He started by walking around the den where many of his adult tribes mates were staying in. Despite their age neither of his oldest children were living in here just yet as they were considered young warriors and were not ready to live among the more mature ones just yet. Peering inside he saw that no one was in there at the moment and was glad to set that his second in command Chip the Furret was making sure that things were being taken care of in his substance.

From there he made his rounds to the apprentice den where he found a Growlithe sleeping and he decided to not disturb him. He knew that the Growlithe had worked the night shift with his mentor and was allowed to sleep in this morning. Which made Flare wonder where his mentor was...who is it again to be exact? He would have to ask Chip who that was since the Flareon had so much on his plate that he couldn't always keep up with the small task that were going on around the tribe.

The Flareon's next stop was at the hollow training grounds that were just outside of the village. It doubled as the tribe's meeting grounds and Flare would host gatherings here normally when something needed to be addressed or a special occasion would take place. It was here that most of the daily tasked were delivered in the morning and it was also where he found Chip who was speaking with Silverstreak. The pair were old friends and they normally would help the Flareon out when he was busy with other things. Silverstreak got up and greeted him with a kiss on the cheek while Chip bowed his head to the Flareon.

“Silverstreak told me all about your busy morning. Not to worry we took care of everything while you were away.” Chip reported. “I have Benny sleeping after him and me did the night shift last night.”

“You are Benny's mentor?” Flare asked feeling silly for not knowing that.

“Don't worry Silverstreak ran things for me after we got the early morning hunting and scouting parties taken care of.” Chip reassured. “It’s my job to make sure that things are taken care of when you’re not around.”

“Flare I wanted you to sleep in this morning, or at least find a way to relax.” Silverstreak said with a concerned look on her face. “You have been so busy lately, what with possible trespassers in our territory and the coming of mating season. I haven't seen you this upset since taking over for Morningsun.”

Flare hated seeing both his mate and his second in command and friend Chip looking so upset for him It was true that he has been working himself into the ground lately but he did it so the tribe would be better taken care of. But it was costing him time with his family, friend and maybe even his health. But he couldn't relax until after mating season was over. Every year Pokémon in the tribes would neglect their duties and run off to go relieve their needs. This normally would cause a complete lose of productivity and sometimes would cause other Pokémon in the tribes to have to handle the slack. Not to mention that there was a increase in fights between tribe Pokémon and even sometimes wild Pokémon as some Pokémon were unable to keep themselves contained to just their fellow tribal Pokémon. Flare remembered when he lost control long ago and ended up mating with a wild Absol female that lived out in the plains area near the mountains. Flare hated himself after that moment and vowed that he would find a way to conquer his primal emotions and live the straight and narrow life. The sounds of how that Absol sounded during that moment still ringed in his ears from time to time and he hated every moment of it.

“Honestly Flare this is the best time of the year. We really should go down to a limited force and let everyone run lose.” Chip always was the care free type. Flare sometimes wondered why he let him be his second in command at times.

“Because the thought of allowing my warriors run around and rape wild Pokémon does not sit well with me.” Flare spoke in a slightly dark voice. His tone told the other two that he was serious and it was not a topic of discussion. But despite his efforts Chip didn't drop the subject.

“Flare...we know what happened long ago. But I remember seeing that Absol not to long after that event. She came here to the village looking for you. She wanted to thank you for relieving her.” Chip said as he tried to make the Flareon see that it wasn't all that bad. Flare closed his eyes as he tried to remember that day. He remembered her moans and sounds of.... pleasure and excitement. She hadn't been crying in pain but joy. It reminded him of the way Silverstreak was whenever they did it.

“I want for you to be happy Flare my love.” Silverstreak said as she rubbed up against him. The Flareon still felt upset though. “We all lose control sometimes but it doesn't mean that we are wild uncontrollable fiends. Instead it allows us to be something wonderful, something that has tapped into our true nature and are not afraid to show it.”

“ scared to let go. What if I-” Silverstreak stopped Flare as she puts her nose to his. The pair stared at one another for a long moment.

“I am here for you my love. Just trust me.”

“Do I need to leave you two love birds alone? Tribe can use more tribe born pups anyway.” Chip spoke up.

Flare felt a bit more relieved as he knew that he could depend on those closest to him. Maybe Chip and Silverstreak had a good idea about going into a limited duty status for a while. Though this would mean that the apprentices would also be on limited status as well.

“Chip I want for you to design a schedule for this limited duty thing you want to have put together.” Flare saw the Furret grow excited.

“Oh my Arceus are we really going though with it?”

“Try not to get to excited yet.” Flare said as he finally felt that he could sort of relax a bit. “I want to make sure the apprentices do not slack in their studies, that warriors are not having to much time off and that when everyone leaves in a few days for the mating ritual there will be enough taken care of everyone can go.” Flare saw Chip clap his small paws together as he was excited. All the tribes would meet in a single location decided on by the four tribe leaders. The mating ritual was a major event that allowed any of the members of the tribes to breed with one another. Some said this was a bad idea but it did prove to help with tribal loyalty as before they began doing this years ago there were many out of tribe love affairs. By allowing members from different tribes to be together during this week long event it created an environment where there were fewer borders and more positive tribal interactions.

“You will not be disappointed sir I promise you that.” Chip growled happily. “Oh the ideas I have…” Flare stopped paying attention to what the Furret had to say. He did like Chip and he normally had great ideas and had a bubbly type of personality. But he did tend to ramble on and it was times like this one where the Flareon pretended to pay attention, nod his head and let the Furret ware himself out talking before he spoke up and told him how it was going to be.

Once the Furret finally stopped and seemed out of breath for sure this time(since there was more than once false hope that Chip was done talking a few times), Flare spoke up.

“Chip I like what you had to say, run it by Silverstreak and some of the other senior Pokémon and make it happen.”

“So you want me to have a stand down and provide sex ed training to all of the apprentices before we take them with us?” Chip asked seeming a bit confused. Flare hadn’t heard anything his Second had said and was just going to shot gun it. Though mating season training was a good idea regardless, even if Flare hadn’t heard the details. He wish he had received such training when he was coming up.

“Yes that is a very good idea. Make sure that all of the males, females and Wintertail are there for it. Anyone who is two years and below should attend.” Flare thought of his daughter and knew he wanted her there.

“You really want Wintertail to attend? I mean she is well…. not normal.” Flare heard Chip say and the Flareon felt his temperature rise a bit. He did not want any member of his tribe being put down solely because they were born a bit differently.

“She is a member of this tribe and regardless of how she was born she will not be shunned because of it. Tomorrow all of our younger tribe members will attend sex ed. If they do not then they will not go to the Mating Grounds next week. Understood?” Flare asked with great authority.

“Your command shall be done sir.” Chip responded. The Furret looked a bit scared at the moment. “Anything else sir?”

“No that is all.” With that Flare watched Chip walk away in the direction of the village. The Flareon sometimes seemed like he did not like to use his authority and for the most part he felt that he did not need to. Though there were times when he felt like he had no choice but to use his authority as tribe leader and snap into someone, which most of the time was one of his senior tribemates who believed that they were on the same level as him or refused to do as he asked.

Like it or not the Flareon was going to need to use more of his authority as leader going into the future.

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