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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Lightsoul and his long time best friend Fenzura go out on a training play date near the boarder line to their tribe and Shadowfang. Lightsoul struggles to keep up with his friend but ends up falling short. Fenzura being the honorable Vulpix he is holds the Shinx to their long time agreement...

Chapter 2: Fire and Lighting

Chapter 2


Fire and Lighting

It was nearing the evening and the sky was beginning to change from a nice sky blue to golden red and orange. Thunderplains began to reflect the image of its name sake as the grass in the evening became a golden reddish yellow as it reflected the sky up above. Thunderplains was home to a vast array of pokemon ranging from the small Rattatas that the Thunderplains tribe pokemon enjoyed eating to large beast like the “ “ that migrated across the plains from time to time. Thunderplains Tribe lived near the forest on the western side of the plains. To the north was a the beginning of the mountain trail that lead to Open Sky Tribe, to the east was a long river that seprated Thunder Plains from their brethren of the east Emerald Coast tribe. Finally to the south was a rocky trail that would take a traveler to the south which lead to the city pokemon of the south. To the west past their village was the Shadow Fang’s tribe forest. Thunderplains and Shadow Fang tribes were always fighting with one another since both pokemon laid claims to the large meadow that both tribes shared. It was here that Lightsoul the Shinx felt like exploring today.

Crawling though some underbrush Lightsoul was practicing his stalking skills for the next time he went hunting he wanted to catch his prey by scaring it to death. He was ever so slightly moving his paws just above the ground under him in a attempt to make the least amount of sound that he could. The key to being a great hunter came from how quiet he could be up until he was in striking distance of his prey. He felt the grass tickle up against his stomach and as much as the lion wanted to giggle form it he kept his composure, hunters only laugh in the face of danger. Stopping for a moment Lightsoul lifted his head and sniffs the air, he picked up the slight tinge of something and his heart began to race as it was the prey he had been tracking.

“Spicy…?” Lightsoul whispered and leans back down so he could try to hide himself under the tall grass once more. He knew that what he was tracking had a slightly spicy aroma to it and he had to focus all of his attention onto that scent so he didn’t lose it. Now came his least favorite part….sneaking up since he didn’t have a lot of patience and he had even less when it came to getting what he wanted. Sucking it up the Shinx began pushing his way through the brush and continued forward as the scent became stronger and stronger with each passing step.

“Why does this have to be such a boring chore?” Lightsoul said to himself as he moved closer and closer. His heart was racing, his paws were itching to race across the plains and leap onto his prey. Why did he have to creep in silence like this when he was more than fast enough, strong enough and best of all had electric powers that he could use to stun his prey? Why do things the hard way? Then he remembered, ‘Because it’s the Thunder Plains way.’

“Thunder Plains way my ass.” The Shinx whispered to himself. He was so close now that all he could smell was his prey. Pushing his nose and eyes just though some tall grass he saw a small red tail bouncing up and down. This was it, this was his prey and with a small purr that he couldn’t contain the Shinx braces himself for the pounce. “So worth it…” Pushing himself back on his hindlegs, lifting his tail just enough to give himself balance for his leap….

“Your mine!!” Lightsoul hissed as he leaps though the grass and onto his prey….or at least that was what he thought in his mind as the Shinx was met with dirt and gravel. “Oofff!”

“I missed???” Lightsoul cried as he was face first in the dirt, his eyes slammed shut from the dirt and embarrassment he felt at the moment. He feels something put its paw on his back and knew that he had failed his stalking test yet again.

“I beat you again.” The voice of a howling Vulpix filled the Shinx’s ears. “I heard you coming a mile away.” Lightsoul felt a soft lick against his neck and he was rolled onto his back and sat on. Opening his eyes the Shinx was looking up at the evening sky, all golden and red. This was his favorite time of the day since Lightsoul loved looking up at the beautiful changing colors that took place right before his eyes. Though that wonderful image that Lightsoul loved so much was slightly being blocked by his best friend Fenzura’s head as the Vulpix was looking down at him, the entire time giggling at him like he always does when Lightsoul failed to catch him. Which was pretty often the way it was starting to seem.

“Its almost like you have a sixth sense for when someone is sneaking up on you.” Lightsoul said wile feeling a bit upset about how he could never catch his friend. “I was so sure I was doing it right that time.”

“Just admit it, I’m just really good.” Fenzura proudly said tooting his own horn. He shakes his tails about a little bit and purred. Lightsoul sometimes thought that his friend acted a bit more like a cat than a fox but then again Fenzura was anything but normal.

“You’re a real tepig that’s what. You mind getting off of me?” The Shinx asked. Fenzura was really light which was a good thing since he was sitting on top of his chest and stomach. The Vulpix shakes his head and give the Shinx a lick on his cheek.

“Don’t you remember the rules silly. If I win I get to do whatever I want.” Fenzura reminded Lightsoul of the rules of their games. Winner gets to keep the spoils and do whatever they wanted. He was hoping that Fenzura would have forgotten this time since he was tired of playing whatever game the Vulpix could come up with. It usually involved the Shinx having to pose for the pix or make out with him. Lightsoul didn’t mind but…he also would rather not do such things out in the open.

“Does it involve making me kiss you again?” The Shinx asked as he looked up at his friend. “We are out in the open and I do not want anyone thinking that we are weird.”

“What is so weird about two friends experimenting with each other?” Fenzura as and moves himself back a bit on the Shinx so his tails were over his tail. Lightsoul was able to feel the heat coming out of his friend’s tail hole as it was right over his crotch. Giving a small gulp the Shinx wanted to talk his friend out of what hare brain idea he had.

“Fenzura you never said anything about playing…. like that.” Lightsoul didn’t even know how to respond to what Fenzura was doing. He was thinking of them mating. The pair have done it together once before, but it was night time and they were alone in their favorite hide away. It was a wonderful night of exploring one another that ended with Lightsoul humping into Fenzura and the pair sharing a lovely moment together as they climaxed together. Even thinking about it now made the lion feel a bit aroused as he feels his rod starting to poke out and press up against Fenzura’s well placed hole.

Fenzura responded with a bit of giggling. “See you do not care.”

“Well you got me thinking of the last time we got this close together.” The Shinx sighed and looks up at the sky again. It was starting to get a bit dark as the sky was changing from a nice gold, reddish-orange to black. The first stars were starting to come out and twinkle in the night sky.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Fenzura asked as he was looking up at the sky as well. Lightsoul nods and then feels something warm overtake him…

“FENZURA!!!” Lightsoul moaned, the Vulpix had used the moment to sink himself down onto his friend’s now fully exposed and erect member. The feeling of himself being inside of Fenzura’s really hot body and then it was his tail hole again at that….he really hoped no one was around. “What are you doing? What if we’re caught?

“So? What are you so worried about silly?” Fenzura giggled and blows a small flame out of his mouth, the Vulpix seemed to be enjoy this a lot. “Do we have anything to hide?”

“YES!!” Lightsoul screamed. “My dick is inside of your ass.”

“And?” Fenzura smiled and gives his friend a nuzzle on his cheek. “You do not have to worry when you are with me. I will protect you.” Fenzura giggles again and licks Lightsoul’s cheek. “No just relax and let me take good care of you.”

“Your enjoying this too much.” Lightsoul grumbled. He felt Fenzura work himself up on him and then back down again slowly. To be honest the Shinx was enjoying the feeling of being inside of his friend, he was so warm and strangely enough very moist inside of there as the Vulpix was having an easy time taking the Shinx. It was a moment before Lightsoul began to feel pretty relaxed and actually take in the moment as he was forgetting his fears and feeling them replaced with thoughts of how much he was loving it. Plus he finally actually was paying better attention to what was going on and saw Fenzura’s erect cock not that far from his face, the tip was dripping slight bit of pre cum at the moment.

“Can you not shot that in my eye?”

“Your really worried about that?” Fenzura asked as he lets out a little moan and continues working himself up and down on his friends rod. Lightsoul could feel Fenzura’s anal muscle contracting from time to time as the Vulpix was trying to grip him as much as he could. “You’ll look so cute with abit of cum on your face.”

“Not in my…eye.” Lightsoul eep as he felt a bit of his pre starting to shot up into Fenzura’s waiting rear. The Vulpix roared slightly from it.

“Just keep your eyes closed then. Vulllll.” Fenzura murred happily and picks up the speed. Lightsoul couldn’t help but purr in response as his head was laying back on the grass and he looks up at the stars. This was the best feeling in the world….maybe getting a blow job from Fenzura came close but mon did he have a ass on him and knew how to take a good dick.

“But I am going to make you look super cute tonight.”

“Did that really come out of your mouth?” Lightsoul asked feeling that his friend was acting silly.

“What about keeping your eyes closed…” Fenzura’s rod was quivering a little bit, pre was dripping onto Lightsoul’s chest.

“No…well yes.” Lightsoul moaned. “NO I meant about looking cute-“ Fenzura paws a paw to his mouth.

“To much talking…..” Lightsoul feels the Vulpix lift his paw and then lean in to give him a kiss. Lightsoul felt Fenzura’s wet nose press against his and then feels his maw press against his. The Vulpix was trying to press his tongue into Lightsoul’s mouth. The Shinx was trying to keep him out, but with a bit of force the Vulpix was easily able to enter his friend’s mouth. Lightsoul’s eyes opened up wide for a moment and then he feels himself losing it to the kiss as he feels Fenzura holding himself to him for a long moment. Lightsoul felt Fenzura’s hot breath against the roof of his mouth, his vulpix breath was being sucked down into Lightsoul’s thoat as the Shinx was trying to breath though his mouth and all he found was his friends breath. Least it didn’t taste terrible but it was also all he could taste too. Things began feeling a lot more real was when Fenzura’s tongue wrapped around his own and the feeling of their combined saliva began feeling his mouth.

It felt like they were like this for the entire night to Lightsoul who had closed his eyes and allowed the moment to live on as long as he could. Once Fenzura released his grip was when time felt like it began moving again. Opening his eyes the Shinx looked up at Fenzura who for a moment seemed to be glowing but then it went away.

“Having fun?” Fenzura asked as he had stopped bouncing on Lightsoul for the time being and was just sitting on him.

“Ah….this is getting hotter than I expected.” Lightsoul still found it interesting how calm and confident Fenzura was about this, like he had done this a lot of times before now.

“Oh goodie! Come on lets finish strong.” Fenzura giggled happily and began humping down on the Shinx harder and faster than before. Lightsoul felt the Vulpix’s weight bumping up and down on him constantly and he was starting to feel himself coming close to his climax as he felt pressure building up inside.

“Fenzura…” Lightsoul moaned and he feels the Vulpix touch his paws to his.

“That’s my name…be sure to ware it out.” Fenzura giggled and begins to humping down on the Shinx faster. “I love hearing you say it.”

Lightsoul blushed heavily and tried to keep his eyes on Fenzura the rest of the time as he was enjoying himself a lot. The Shinx locked eyes with his friend and for a moment he forgot that they were evening having sex together. For one moment Lightsoul felt completely connected to Fenzura…

“F-f-feeennnzzzurrraaa….” Lightsoul cried as he felt his climax hit, the Shinx felt his seed being sprayed into the waiting fox rear as he couldn’t hold his load back any long. Keeping his eyes on Fenzura he saw the Vulpix open his mouth and blow out a bit of fire as he was happily welcoming every last drop in.

“That’s a good boy.” Fenzura teased. “Its good to let it all out.” Fenzura still hadn’t hit his own climax yet, his rod was quivering a lot now with pre squirting out of it. “My turn?” Fenzura had stopped humping on Lightsoul so he could enjoy taking the Shinx’s climax and now he was going to finish himself off. He uses his paw and starts rubbing himself off, his rod aimed right for Lightsoul’s face. After a few moments the male fox lets out a long moan and Lightsoul saw the first string of white cum shot from his friends tip and hit him right between the eyes. The warm cum rolled down his face and onto his mouth. Another string of Vulpix cum hits his chest and finally a very weak one lands onto his stomach. Letting out a deep breath the Shinx licks up some of the cum that had dripping onto his lips. The salty taste of the cum made the Shinx purr alittle bit, as nervous as he was about being out here in the open like this he did enjoy himself.

“See….I did miss your eyes.” Fenzura chuckled and gives his friend a lick on the cheek. “I would clean you up but…your so cute with my seed all over you.”

“Your enjoying yourself too much.” Lightsoul responded.

“And your not?” Fenzura asked as he nuzzled the Shinx. Their noses were touching and Lightsoul felt his heart start pounding fast again. Why did he always feel his heart rate go up when he was close to Fenzura like this? “I mean we do not have to do this anymore if you do not want to?”

“No…I like…um….mating with you.” The Shinx said truthfully. He didn’t want to stop mating in general. It was fun and felt really good. “Just can we not do it out in the open. I mean what if someone from the village caught us.”

Fenzura lifted his head off of Lightsoul and takes a deep breath. “Because you are afraid to be caught?”

“Fenzura you know why.” Lightsoul said knowing where this was going.

“Because your afraid Flare will find out that your having sex with me?” Lightsoul knew Fenzura knew the answer, he was just trying to get the Shinx to say it.

“Because we are having….you know male on male.” Lightsoul felt Fenzura get off of him entirely, his rod popped out of his friends rear and fall back onto his lap. The Shinx already missed the warm of the Vulpix’s rear.

“You can just say it. You do not want Flare knowing that your having gay sex.” Fenzura said as he had walked over to the side and as cleaning himself off. The Vulpix was licking his cock clean and was slowly moving down to his damp tail hole. Lightsoul felt a desire clean his friend up for him. “Its fine…”

“Fenzura…” Was all the Shinx could say as he felt guilty inside.

“Oh and to think I wanted us to say out here all night, cuddle and fall asleep together.” Fenzura was cleaning up around his tail hole now, his tongue was lapping up all of the extra cum that had gotten dripping out. Lightsoul gulps as he was feeling turned on again, he really did want to do that for his friend. He noticed that Fenzura was grinning as he stopped to look at him.

“And in the morning…I was going to blow that big morning wood that you always get.” Fenzura murred. “Finally I might have let you give me a rim job…since it looks like that is what you want to do for me right now.”

“Hush.” Lightsoul said sticking his tongue out and looking way.

“Is that all you want to use that tongue for?” Fenzura joked as he got up and brushed himself up against the Shinx who felt a great wave of relief. He was hoping that Fenzura wasn’t upset with him.

“Like it or not your stuck with me.” Fenzura murred. “Besides…who else is going to keep that tight ass of yours loose.”

“FENZURA!!” Lightsoul roared.

“See what I mean.” The Vulpix laughed and dodge a quick swipe. The pair tumbled around in the grass for a bit before stopping and laying together side by side. Lightsoul glared at Fenzura who was giggling the entire time. Fenzura stopped and pressed his nose to the Shinx and yet again Lightsoul felt a strong sensation of relief as he became calm again.

“I will always be here for you…” Fenzura said with a kiss. Lightsoul kissed back.

“And I will always be with you too Fenzura.”

With that the pair stared at one another until they fell asleep. The night sky the only witness to their love making that night.

Chapter End Notes:

Took a bit to finish this one. But one a better schedule so I will try to finish chapters a bit quicker now.

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