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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Princess the Nidoran, Love Venom

Lightsoul looked behind himself and closed the door with a foot, the shinx was tired of being disturbed every time he tried to get close to the nidoran he always was disturbed. Not this time, this time he was going to have the gal all to himself. Walking into Princess's room the shinx saw that the girl loved light blue as her walls along with her bed were the same shade of blue as her skin. While on the floor the carpet was purple like the male version of her species. Princess had a window that overlooked the lake just like Eliza's was, not as good as there were a few trees and objects in the way but it did provide natural shade so only so much natural light came in. Princess's bed was unmade and looked a bit messy, it wasn't as large as Eliza's but it did look more than comfortable enough to sleep on. On the floor were several toys, some of the naughty kind and others that looked like something a young nidoran would like to play with when no one was looking. On the wall was a picture of Princess and Zeal enjoying what appeared to be a large sundae. But Lightsoul found it hard to keep looking around the nidoran’s room when her rump was sitting right in front of his face…

“Well Light…how do you want me?” Princess asked as she looked behind herself. Lightsoul saw the Nidoran girl give him a wink while shaking her big beautiful blue rear. Lightsoul found it hard to focus on much else in the room other thank Princess’s big rear as she had supinely large hips…egg laying hips. Taking a deep breath, the shinx was trying to compose himself.

“Well…you um…you look really good the way you are right now.” Lightsoul blushed as he tried to look away, but as soon as he tried Princess turned around and approached him. The pair were inches from one another, each breath either took could be felt by the other.

“Tell me more…” Princess asked as she looked into the shinx’s yellow eyes. Lightsoul looked back into her red eyes, why did she look so good to him right now. Princess was a very cute Pokemon, maybe one of the cutest he has ever seen but…she just seemed so…innocent. Did he really want to be the one to take her virginity? Was he that worthy?

“You do not think this is a bit fast?” Lightsoul asked and the nidoran girl rolled her eyes before giving him a kiss on the lips. The male Pokemon was surprised that his female partner actually was the one to do the kissing. Pushing off he blushed. “Whoa, whoa…let’s think a bit rationally here- “

“Screw that!” Princess pushed herself up against the nidoran and kisses him again. Their heads pressed up against one another, Lightsoul felt the nidoran’s horn press into him just a little bit, but luckily not enough to break the skin…yet. Purring the shinx feels the nidoran girl continue pressing up against him, her tongue pressed up against his, their hot breaths blew into the other’s mouth, while their saliva slowly dripped into the other’s maw or slowly down their cheeks. Both were a bit inexperienced at this, but their natural instincts was helping them get through the learning curve. Finally, after a minute the pair stop to take a breath. Princess with friendly nudge began guiding the shinx over to her bed. With a big smile on his face Lightsoul followed, his tail wagging happily behind him all the way over.

Lightsoul watched as Princess shook her rear at him all the way over, the shinx gulped again as he was tempted to mount the nidoran right as she stood. But he did not know if that was what she wanted…but then against how many “wild” Pokemon really cared. Licking his chops the electric feline took a few bit steps and soon found himself on top of the nidoran girl. Instead of hearing any sign of wanting to struggle Lightsoul saw that Princess was murring happily.

“About time,” Princess giggled happily. “I thought I was going to have to throw out a bigger sign.” Lightsoul feels something warm push back up against his crotch, the nidoran fem was grinding her back end up against him. A small bit of nervousness bubbled up inside of the shinx as this was his first time ever mounting a female like this. Sure he had Fenzura but…it wasn’t the same… Fenzura was a boy and Lightsoul knew how to please him. Princess was a girl, she was wet…wet? The shinx was so into his own thoughts that he didn’t notice at first how wet the nidoran girl was until now. The feeling of Princess’s wet pussy pushing up against his crotch and cock made the electric feline unexpectedly purr. Princess wasn’t trying to make him enter her just yet, just get him calm enough to not freeze up.

“Have you done this…before?” Lightsoul asked as he was strangely enough getting over his own nerves. Princess shakes her head.

“Nope I am a virgin just like what the Madam said earlier.” Princess calm bounced her had back and forth playfully. “But I have seen the other girls around the manor do these a million times and I have played acted this scene a few times by myself.” Lightsoul saw Princess blush up, the fem seemed to be begging for him to take her now. “I know this is sudden but…I want you to be the one to pop my cherry. You are so sweet and when the Madam brought you here I instantly knew I wanted you to be the one I am with.”

“Alright,” Lightsoul said calmly as he gripped his paws tightly around Princess’s body and began feeling himself around on her butt, the male couldn’t wait to find just the right…spot…there it goes. Lightsoul felt the warm, wet lips of Princess’s entrance greeting him. The smooth, moist entrance called to him and he was going to answer the call as he pushed himself into the Nidoran. Instantly the shinx was greeted by the feeling the tight feeling of the little virgin’s hole, unused and just ripe for exploring. Princess was very tight and despite how wet she was the shinx found himself having to take a moment to adjust himself for pushing into her deeper.

“Oh Arceus…” Lightsoul heard Princess gasp happily. He watched the nido girl tilt her head up to the ceiling and call out their savior’s name. “This is why they love it so much. Ooohhhh….”

“You alright?” Lightsoul felt a bit dumb for asking Princess if she was feeling alright, when clearly she was feeling overly blissful at the moment. Princess panted like a dog in heat.

“Why did you stop…please keep going…ooohhhh….” Lightsoul heard the nido respond. He was use to a different kind of response when him and Fenzura did it. Fenzura made alot of noise but nothing like this, he normally moaned a lot, egged him one and generally sounded like he was enjoying it, with a bit of painful tones from time to time if Lightsoul got a bit rough. The tail hole wasn't naturally made for being taken as it was dry and Lightsoul had to find ways to lube it up, it could sometimes be a bit smelly and it was always messy business, but it sure did feel good to nail hard at times despite all of the flaws. Instead with Princess the shinx found that she was naturally nice and slick, she was very tight, warm and her body felt so welcoming, as if she was made just for him. The shinx didn't know if he ever wanted to pull out of the little nidoran after this, cause nothing else might feel as good as she did to him right now.

" all in," Lightsoul purred and began humping into the nidoran slowly now, the male was making sure every little hump felt better than the last as he gripped her sides tightly. He felt his hips slap again and again against the nidoran's big rear, her hind side felt like it was made to take a good pounding. Lightsoul lets out a loud purr as he couldn't contain his excitement about how much fun he was having at the moment.

"Well...don't fast...shinxy." Princess moaned as she looked back at the shinx, her face had become a mixture of blue and red as the nidoran fem was blushing so much that it was affecting her complexion. Lightsoul couldn't figure out why at the time, but for some odd reason the way the nidoran looked right now was so arousing to him.

"As you look...why are you calling me...shinxy?" Lightsoul asked as he was picking up the pace, the shinx was bucking into the nidoran like she was a wild female shinx in heat. Which the way Princess's scent was at the moment reminded him of his home village during this time of year. But there was no way that she was in heat... right? It was that time of the year after all.

"I heard the...Madam say it...yesterday and thought it was...cute." Princess winks at Lightsoul before turning her head forward again. "Don't...stop."

"Do I look like I am?' Lightsoul stay all in one breath. He gripped his claws into Princess causing her to moan happily again. The shinx leans down on the nidoran and gives her a dominate nip on her neck making the fem groan happily as her natural instints to being dominated during mating kicked in. Lightsoul didn't know why but Fenzura would do the same thing whenever he did this, making the shinx sometimes wonder if he should check behind his friend a bit better just to make sure he didn't have a hidden slit waiting for him. If he hadn't seen and made good use of Fenzura's rod himself he would think his friend was a female and not male. No complaints, since it felt good either way and he loved Fenzura for who he was...

"Light..." Lightsoul heard Princess say out of nowhere.

"Huh...something wrong?" Lightsoul asked the nidoran girl who was looked back at him again.

"Why did you slow down?" Princess asked. Lightsoul didn't notice that he was humping so slowly that he might as well have stopped. Smiling the shinx lets go of Princess's neck and gives her a lick on the horn. Lightsoul felt a bit funny after doing so as he felt his body quiver a bit. Princess murred for a moment from the lick but she then looked at funny.

"Light why did you lick my horn?" She asked him in a worried voice. "You do know that I constantly leak poison from it."

"Ah..." Lightsoul didn't feel weakened from the poison though, but instead felt energized, no that wasn't the right word for it. Lightsoul felt like he could jump over a mountain, take down the great dragons and fuck them into submission. Yes that was the perfect way to describe it, he felt like he wanted to mount a dragon and fuck it. But since he wasn't going to find a dragon at this hour...Princess will have to do. Not even minding that she still was giving him a look of worry as she thought that he might pass out from being poisoned the shinx sinks his teeth into her neck once again and started screwing the nidoran faster than before.

"Light! Oh that feels good..." Lightsoul heard Princess moan. He didn't hear much else after that as all he could focus on was getting his own rocks off in the nidoran. What went from a loving first time was quickly turning into a wild runt of a moment as the nidoran's poison had caused him to go into a wild runt. Lightsoul didn't understand why but it sure felt good and Princess didn't seem to mind it that much either, or at least that was what he gathered from hearing moans of happiness.

"Yes, yes, oh don't stop..." Lightsoul heard Princess cry as he was humping to quickly, the sound of their bodies hitting the other could be heard just outside of the room they were in. The shinx's rod was pouring its pre deep into the needy nidoran fem, her body clinched itself up around him giving the slight effect of Princess trying to milk his rod. Lightsoul closed his eyes. The shinx was focusing on trying to not pop just yet and instead get the most out of what he had now. That didn't change anything for Princess who couldn't stop moaning for him. The nidoran ended up surprising the shinx as she cummed before him, the little poison gal spilled her female juice all over the shinx’s lap. The aroma of Princess’s scent was in intoxicating for the shinx and it wasn’t long before he felt himself being driven deeper into his runt. Lightsoul gripped the nidoran as tightly as he could and used quick attack over and over again, his hips were moving as quickly as possible into he fem’s already spent sex. Cum was flying forward and back, both Pokemon were howling loudly enough for a few of the nearby girls to hear, while the aroma of their sex could be smelled over the room. It was glorious messy scene.

Time to wrap this up…’ Lightsoul thought as he reeled back all the way, his tip was the only thing just inside of the nidoran. Taking a deep breath, the shinx slammed himself into Princess one last time, spilling his seed deep into her needy virgin sex. Lightsoul felt string after long string of his seed spill into Princess’s womb, and before long could feel that he had actually filled her up. Once done the shinx began feeling himself relax, but not without consequences as he was still under the influence of the poison which had sapped his strength despite giving him what felt like endless sexual energy. The world felt it was spinning and before long the male feline fell over and blacked out….

“Oh my Arceus, LIGHT!!!”

Several hours passed by before Lightsoul came to, the shinx found that he was no longer in Princess’s now lewd aroma room and was instead laying on top of a long wooden table. The room itself was small and pretty well chilled, as it was cooler than any other spot in the house that Lightsoul has been through so far. The shinx’s head was pounding and he felt slightly ill.

“Ah you are awake,” A voice spoke from the shinx’s side. Looking to his left the feline saw that Eliza was sitting next to him, the sylveon had a book in her ribbons that she was reading. Lightsoul thought that he was seeing two sylveons as from time to time he thought he saw her split apart. The shiny eon closes her book with a small “thump” and sets it on the table next to Lightsoul. Eliza took a moment to clear her throat before speaking.

“Good evening Lighty, how do you feel?” Eliza asked in her usual calm humming voice. If the sylveon was upset with him for anything it was nearly impossible to be able to tell. Lightsoul decided to not lie about anything and just tell her the truth.

“Sickly…” Lightsoul began, he really was feeling ill still. “Why do I feel like I want to throw up? My head will not start hurting, I feel dry inside and out and I want to go back to sleep but if I do then I will keep hurting.”

“You became poisoned after you decided to lick Princess’s horn during your little cherry popping session.” There was a small hint of anger in the sylveon’s voice, she wasn’t pleased with him. “Next time I highly recommend you do not do that again. Poison types toxin can change depending on their mood or the situation at paw. If a poison type Pokemon is in battle their toxins will usually cause damage over time as a means of helping them to end the battle quicker. But out in the field it can be used to confuse an opposing Pokemon helping the poison type get away. Believe it or not but the biggest use of a Pokémon’s poison outside of battle is shown during mating season, when females go into heat.”

“What? Ouch!” Lightsoul’s head felt like it was going to slip open when he yelled.

“I need to get you some water, you are very dehydrated.” Eliza didn’t move to get him anything to drink just yet, but instead continued to lecture the shinx. “Anyway. When a female goes into heat she is able to release a powerful concentrated version of her toxic that can actually affect male Pokemon regardless if they are poison types or not. And if they are affected by this special poison it will cause them to go into a sort of…hyper sexual state of being where all they can do is fuck, fuck and more…fuck.”

“That is nuts…” Lightsoul felt like throwing up but all that came up was a dry air. “I think I am going to die…”

“You are not going to die,” Eliza said with a chuckle. “Right after we finish talking I will take good care of you.” Lightsoul felt the ribbons wrap around his waist and pull him close to the sylveon who nuzzled his cheek. He feels Eliza press her face against his just enough so she could whisper something into his ear.

“I do not mind you screwing around with the other girls in the house, what is mine is yours my love.” Lightsoul feels Eliza pull on his ear with her teeth. It was slightly painful but felt good at the same time. “Just do not forget who your queen is, got it.” Lightsoul felt one of Eliza’s spare ribbons grope his crotch, the ribbon squeezed on his sheath causing a bit of his tip to poke out. “Because I would hate to have to show you Madam Elizabeth.”

“Um…I do not know what to say?” Lightsoul eeped lowly as for the first time being at White Dreams he felt a bit scared. But as much as Eliza made him nervous just now, he couldn’t help but want to get to know her even more. Something about her was just so…thrilling.

“Well…” Eliza kissed Lightsoul’s cheek and looks him in the eyes. “Madam Elizabeth doesn’t have to be a bad thing, in fact it can be a good thing. In face Lighty, tell me, do you like milk…?”

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