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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Chapter 11

Chapter 11

House of White Dreams

The Toxic Love Princess

“House of White Dreams, is my life long work.” Elizabeth said walking up to the front door of the mansion. Lightsoul had seen on the way in that that mansion was situated about a half a mile from the edge of the coast, it had several acers of land, a front and back garden though the Shinx had not been given a tour yet to be able to tell anything apart. There was a gate that ran all around the outside of the mansion, while a moat protected the mansion from inside of the gate and a drawbridge kept anyone who wasn’t welcomed from easily just going up to the front door. Lightsoul had never seen anything like it and wondered how Pokemon were able to create something like it.

“Is it not amazing Lighty, this is one of the most well protected places you will ever see.” Elizabeth said as they reached the front gate and was walking through it. She licked her lips and lets out a loud shout that made the Shinx cover his ears. Once the sound was gone the drawbridge lowered allowing for easy crossing.

"Well it is not like I get to see many "protected" places, I do live out in the open plains after all." Lightsoul said as the pair continued their little walk around the Sylveon's property. "How were you able to build this place, its huge?” Lightsoul asked as he looked down at the moat and wondered if anything was inside of it. A few shadowy figures were swimming around the bottom and the shinx shive as he was feeling a bit fearful to find out the answer to his question.

Oh yes you are Lighty." Eliza giggled. "Anyway, I had the help of a lot of fellow Pokemon from down south.” Elizabeth grins. “I come from a very privileged family and I used my influence to have my mansion, moat and large garden out back built. As you have already experienced this place is very comfortable.” Elizabeth pushed Lightsoul along and the pair begin walking across. The wood felt smooth, as if it had been sanded down and then somehow treated so it did not splitter, there was ropes that held it together and allowed for it to be raised and lowered with ease. Lightsoul figured that a very smart Pokemon must have come up with all of the designs.

"The bridge to my heart," Eliza stopped walking and looked down at the moat below them. Lightsoul walked to the sylveon's side and looked down at the water, it was calm to the passing eyes but deep down Lightsoul could see that something was disturbing it...

"Are you ok?" Lightsoul asked the fairy eon.

The sylveon looked at Lightsoul, for a moment he thought he saw sadness in her eyes, as if she wanted to cry on the inside. But as soon as he thought he saw the fairies inner feelings she quickly sticks out her tongue. “I have been so lonely for so long Lighty, it feels so refreshing to have someone to truly be with. Come on, lets get that big booty of yours inside so you can meet the girls.” Lightsoul felt a something slap him on the rear, the pain was intense and he thought that his rear was on fire. “I won’t tell you again, hurry up Lighty.”

“MY NAME IS LIGHTSOUL!!!” Lightsoul dashed away from Elizabeth who was still walking swifty behind him, her feelers were glowing as the Sylveon was “motivating” her king into action. Lightsoul kept running until he was out of her smacking range, once he was sure that he was safe the Shinx tries to sit down but as soon as he tried he was jumping back up.

Oh my Arcues…she is one hyper, crazy and... really cute girl!” Lightsoul had to sigh, as much as the sylveon tried his nerves she did excite him like no one has before.

“I guess you will not be doing to much sitting when you get in.” Elizabeth giggled as she made her way over. “Good since you will either be laying down or standing up.”

“You are one crazy eon, you know that right?” Lightsoul wiggled his rear. The pain still hadn't started dying down.

“You know Eliza you have a eye for talent,” Lightsoul heard from behind, when he turned around he saw that he was standing on the doorstep to the mansion, and at the door was the dressed up pikachu Audrey. Lightsoul still couldn't believe how few pikachus he has seen and the one that he finally was able to interact with was a herm. Before this the only chus that the shinx has seen were the ones who were passing by the village on their way to others things. But none of them were anything like this one in front of him, this pikachu was wearing a pink skirt with small shoes and a bow on the top of her head. The pink outfit went well with Audrey's pink eyes and made her look strangely extra cute today. Something that Lightsoul had a slight weakness for were small cute things. It might explain why he liked Fenzura so much, the vulpix loved to dress up and look his cutest just for him...

“Audrey my love.” Elizabeth said as she reached the door step. “Oh I am so happy to see you.” She touches noses with the Pikachu. “Have the girls been good?”

Oh course Eliza.” The Pikachu bows her head to the Sylveon. “Would you like for me to take young Lightsoul to see the girls now?”

“Yes, please take him to the parlor, pour him a drink and make sure he is well relaxed.” Elizabeth walked inside of the house. She heads over to the stairs and then stops. Lightsoul the entire time couldn’t stop staring at the Sylveon, she seemed to move with such grace, from the way she stepped up and down gently with her paws, to the way she shook her rear as she walked. "Because he won't be very relaxed after the girls get their paws on him."

“She is so lovely.” Lightsoul felt like he was watching a breathtaking performance. A performance that only Madam Elizabeth could deliver for him. “We only had one Pokemon back in my village that was as lovely as the Madam.”

“Who was that?” Audrey asked as the Pikachu lets the Shinx into the home.

“My best friend’s mother Ruby the Ninetales.” Lightsoul purred as he remembered the hot vixen, he enjoyed seeing her so much that the Shinx would sometimes spy on Ruby while she was grooming herself. Sometimes if he was lucky she would be outside and would lick herself around her nipples or even her slit or tail hole and the Shinx remembered trying to save as many of the images as he could to his “special” part of his memory. It was fun to do until he got caught a few times by Ruby or his own mother…

“The Vulpix bloodline is full of very gorgeous females and males.” Audrey pats the Shinx on his rear and Lightsoul jump forward a few feet. Audrey place a paw on her mouth and blushed. “Oh the Madam must really like you, she only uses that technique on those really, really likes.”

“You have never met Ruby the Ninetales, she can be a real... bitch sometimes.” The Shinx growled. He looked up the stairs and saw that Elizabeth was looking down at them from up above. The Sylveon was grinning as she stared down at the electric types.

“Audrey do not send the girls in before I come back downstairs.” Elizabeth ordered, Lightsoul heard the command in her voice yet again. It amazed him how the Sylveon can go from being so…bubbly to sounding like a boss in what seemed like a split second.

Yes my lady.” Audrey bowed. “Would you like for me to change into my maid outfit.”

“Maid outfit?” Lightsoul never knew Pokemon could wear so many clothes. Fenzura worn bows and Prism had a collar but he thought that was the extent of it. Then again he lived out in the wild where wearing nice things was not a smart idea. City Pokemon did not have to worry about living in the dirt, or fending for their lives on a daily basis. Lightsoul looked up and down the Pikachu and admired how cute she was, if her other outfits were this adorable he wouldn’t mind getting to know her better.

Yes that would be nice, little something for all of us to enjoy.” Elizabeth finally goes up the stairs and was out of sight. Lightsoul’s ears tingled; he thought he heard voices from far away. Looking around he saw what seemed to look like shadows watching them from a few rooms away.

“Audrey…is this place haunted?” Lightsoul asked, he could see the shadowy figures chuckling.

“What no. We may have one or two ghost type here, but those are the girls” Audrey guides Lightsoul towards what they called the parlor and sits him down in a chair. The room was large with two large windows that’s that reached from near the top of the wall and went down to the floor, a large rug was laid out in the room and several large hay beds were spaced out around the room. Two small tables were spaced on either side of the large windows and a large rectangle table was spaced several feet in front of the windows, a vase was on top of it with exotic blue flowers that Lightsoul had never seen inside of it. A fireplace was on the left paw side of the room, a protective gate was in front of it so no one accidently falls into it and all of the hay beds were space well enough away from the fire place so nothing easily could get burned. Pair of doors was on the right paw side that led to other parts of the house. On the ceiling was a series of different pictures of legendary Pokemon interacting with the Pokemon of the world.

“Elizabeth likes the architecture of our homeland, so she had the mansion designed like one of the palaces in the south.” Audrey said as she let Lightsoul slowly walk around the room. The Shinx walked slowly over to the windows and looked up at the large drapes that hung along the top, small golden like ropes hung from the middle so smaller Pokemon could close the drapes with ease.

“After we are done with the meet and greet I could give you a tour of the rest of the mansion.” Audrey began walking back towards the entrance they had come in through. “Please stay put while I go change into something more…appropriate for the occasion.” The Pikachu chuckles, she wiggled her rear in the Shinx’s direction before walking out of the room.

Now all alone Lightsoul decided to keep looking out of the windows and down at the backyard. The backyard housed a large water garden, with various small bridges and walkways over a beautiful clear pond. Small islands in the pond had trees, bushes or flower gardens it, while other parts of the pond itself had aquatic flora growing out of it like water lilies, cattails and lotus. One of the main attractions was an island in the center of the lake that had a large practice battlefield on it. Lightsoul could only sit in wonder as he never believed anything this beautiful could be sitting a mile away or two away from his home.

“This is only half the backyard you know.” A small voice spoke from the other side of the room. The Shinx looks behind and he noticed a small light blue Pokemon with a tiny horn on its head was standing at the door. The small Pokemon enters the room and walks over to the Shinx, once over it bows it head and looks up at him with its curious big red eyes. Lightsoul thought that he knew what this Pokemon was, and he tilts his head as he was trying his hardest to figure out what he was looking at. A small light blue looking creature, with a small horn, spikes on its back and small off color blue spots all over its body. If Lightsoul was thinking correctly this was a Nidoran, or better yet it female version of the species as he remembered seeing their kind out in the plains during the spring and summer seasons. They were highly curious species that are sometimes helpful as long as one did not upset them, if you did try to stay away from their horns that drip poison or their claws that could leave deep wounds. The males have longer horns and were known to use those for fighting, while the females have sharper claws and teeth and made up for their lack of long range horn attack with quick nimble claw and bite attacks.

“Oh, do you live here?” Lightsoul asked as the Nidoran, he did not know what else to say. In truth, he was feeling a little nervous; outside of Elizabeth and Audrey he hasn’t been approached by anyone else since leaving home.

“Observant, what gave it away?” The Nido girl asked in a slightly sarcastic voice. “Only those who have been invited are allowed within the gates, it's safe to assume that anyone who is here, either lives here or was invited.”

“Ok...” Lightsoul rolled his eyes, he didn’t appreciate the girls tone of voice.

“I am the "Toxic Love 'Princess.” The Nidoran bows her head like before. “Although you can just call me Princess.”

“Do you know when Audrey is coming back?” Lightsoul asked looking towards the door, he did not know what he was supposed to be doing at the moment. Princess brushed herself up against Lightsoul and points her noise towards the small hay beds. “She is rounding up the other girls, it can be our little secret that I am here right now.”

Princess sounded a lot like Fenzura to Lightsoul at the moment, the Vulpix would act the same way in moments like this. Lightsoul felt a slightly uncomfortable at first but the more Princess stayed closed to him the calmer he felt, it wasn’t until she got him to lay down in one of the hay beds that a slight feeling of nervousness come over him against. If she was taking trying to make this more physical in nature…he didn’t know if he was ready for it. Reason was simple…he never has done it with a female before. Fenzura, bless his little soul and love for dressing the part was still not a female.

“Princess... um…what are you doing?” Lightsoul asked as the Nidoran as she sat on top of him, it was the first time he ever seen her kind this up close and strangely enough, the Shinx was starting to think they were pretty attractive.

“Just helping you get comfortable.” She said as she adjusted herself a little bit, the Nidoran F laid herself belly to belly with the Shinx. Lightsoul was able to feel the warmth coming from her back side as the pair were touching one another. As much as Lightsoul was trying to keep himself from getting excited, that feat was becoming harder and harder.

“What do you think is ‘comfortable?’” Lightsoul asked as he felt the Nidoran move herself around on him a bit more. Princess gave the Shinx a content look at she seemed liked she wanted to lay on top of him for the rest of the day.

“Are you not feeling relaxed?” Princess taps a claw on the Lightsoul’s chest. “Hmm…I would have sworn that this usually works.”

“Why do you think laying on me…in this very suggestion position would help to relax me?” Lightsoul asked as calmly as he could. “Usually…this is the position we assume…before doing…well you…know... um…” As he finished his thought, Lightsoul saw the Nidoran’s eyes brighten up.

Oh do you want to do me?” Princess asked with a happy squeak in her voice. “I was hoping you would say that, you was beginning to make me think that you didn’t find me attractive or…that you was you know gay.” Princess leans down and gives Lightsoul a kiss right on his lips, her lips pressed up against his. It wasn’t long before she lets go and leans back up. “Not that there is anything wrong with that, heck my best friend Zeal and me are going down on one another at least twice a day.”

“Whoa…” Lightsoul’s breathing increased as he was becoming aroused, the thought of this cute little Pokemon doing a bit of girl on girl action was turning him on. “I'm sorry I might have heard you wrong, you and your friend do what?” Lightsoul saw Princess blush and nod in response.

“You haven’t met her yet but my partner is the adorable, cute, hot, sexy…clever…” Princess closed her eyes and Lightsoul guessed that she was thinking of whoever Zeal was in her mind. “Oh I want to go find her now…” She got up off of Lightsoul and sits in front of him. Lightsoul felt slightly cold all of a sudden as he was left hanging. “Sorry, I know I am leaving you hanging…” Princess looked at Lightsoul’s hind legs at his now exposed rod.

Is this really happening right now…?” The Shinx asked himself as he was laid staring up at the Nidoran Female. “Did you do this just to leave me hanging?” The Shinx felt like this was a cruel joke. Princess shook her head and then positioned her crotch just inches from his nose; the scent of the female’s arousal was intoxicating.

“Oh sorry…sometimes I can be a bit of a scatterbrain.” Princess had a embarrassed smile on her face. “The others are bound to be coming soon anyway, if we start trying to bond now there is a good chance we will be caught. Though do not worry…” Princess murred and nips the Shinx’s ear again, this time licking it slowly from top to bottom. Lightsoul’s heart felt like it stopped beating, all of the blood in his entire body felt as though it had frozen solid. Only once Princess stopped licking his ear did it feel like he was alive again. “We will finish this tonight.”

Bonding? That sound like something Fenzura would say.” Lightsoul felt a peg of sadness. He wondered what the Vulpix was up to at the moment and wished that he was here for this, Fenzura always said that he wanted to be in a threesome.

“Anyway, are you good with pleasuring yourself?” Princess pointed out the Shinx’s throbbing member, a few drops of pre cum could be seen glistening. The longer Lightsoul was up under Princess the harder it was for him to lose his erection.

“You know this is your fault, right?” The Shinx hissed

“I know, but what are you going to do about this?” Princess snickered

“If I wasn’t afraid of being caught, I would make you blow me.” Lightsoul threated.

“Really…?” The Nidoran licked her lips. “I love how you just said that, the anger in your voice, that glaring look you are giving me, oh its so hot.” Princess growled. She seemed ready to obey Lightsoul and help him out but there was a knock on the parlor door.

“Lightsoul are you ok?” It was Audrey. “Why is the door closed?”

Princess eeps and runs for one of the side doors out but she quickly found out that they were locked. “Oh shit!” She squeaks and looks for a spot to hide. “I am not even supposed to be in here right now.”

So why are you?” Lightsoul rolled onto his stomach and gets up. He shook himself and feels some of his pre cum get onto his underside as he couldn’t stop himself from doing so. Taking a deep breath, the shinx walks over to the door. Before opening it he heard Princess whimper a little bit, the Nidoran Female was slightly upset about being caught. “I will tell them that you came in wanting to see how I was, if I was thirsty or wanted my pillows fluffed.”

“Fine.” Princess groaned, from the slightly defeated tone in her voice the Shinx could tell that the Toxic Lover was going to have to accept whatever happens. “We still on for tonight?” Lightsoul saw the Nidoran wink at him and the Shinx couldn’t help but wink back.

“Of course, you still owe me a blow job.” Lightsoul finished his wink and then opens the door, what greeted him on the other side was Audrey and her very…revealing maid outfit. The Pikachu was wearing an French maid outfit with a black and white top, a black skirt and tiny high heel slippers. There was cut in the back for her tail to go through and a small white and black tiara like hat on top to complete the outfit.

“Wow Audrey you look really cute in that outfit.” Lightsoul said with a smile on his face. Audrey smiled back and entered the room and quickly surveyed it. She noticed Princess standing there and quickly frowns at the sight of the nidoran girl in the parlor with him.

“Princess, who told you that you could come in here?” Audrey asked. Lightsoul saw the Pikachu’s foot tapping on the floor as her patience was being tested.

“Sorry Audrey…I wanted to meet the new male.” Princess looked down at her paws.

“Please do not be mad at her, she was only trying to help me.” Lightsoul said as he got in front of Audrey. The Pikachu looked at Lightsoul and she looked him over from head to tail. Everything would have been fine if not for one small detail that Lightsoul forgot was hanging out at the moment.

“Well she was trying to help you out wasn’t she.” Audrey crossed her arms and Lightsoul felt a cold draft as he realized that he still had an erection. Although it was quickly going away now, for obvious reasons.

“Princess go clean up, and then come back so you can give a proper introduction.” Audrey closed her eyes and sighed.

“Audrey I-“Princess was cut off.

“That is an order my little Princess.” Lightsoul heard Elizabeth say from the doorway. Lightsoul saw that the Sylveon had freshened up as she was now wearing an long purple silk regal like cape around her back, gold trimmings ran along the outside of it, and Lightsoul couldn’t help but feel like he should give the Sylveon his full attention. The most interesting part of Elizabeth’s outfit was not the cape or how long it was, but was the brooch that connected both parts of it together. Elizabeth wore a bow like brooch around the neck part of her cape that reminded the lion of the bow that her species had around their necks.

“Yes Madam.” Princess bowed her head before Elizabeth. Afterwards Princess walks towards and door but Elizabeth stops her and gives the Nidoran a kiss on her head.

“I love you my little Princess.” Elizabeth was comforting Princess as though she was her daughter. It reminded Lightsoul of how Flare was with the other Pokemon back in the village, he was fair but firm.

“Now go clean up and then come back so you can properly meet our new member.”

“Thank you, Madam.” Princess excused herself headed deeper into the mansion. Once she was out of ear shot Elizabeth finally spoke up.

“You have to excuse Princess, she is our newest female member and she is still a virgin.” Elizabeth said in the most casual voice Lightsoul ever heard.

“A virgin?”

“Yes. She is one of my few girls who came to me still a virgin. Which is usually an issue.” Elizabeth said tilting her head. Audrey walks to the door and makes a loud whistling noise. Elizabeth scowls at Audrey who noticed and rubs her head.

“Sorry Eliza, I thought we were ready for the girls to come in.”

“No, no its fine. I just wish you waited maybe a minute longer, so I can finish my explanation.” Elizabeth rolled her eyes but then blows a kiss at Audrey who giggled.

Lightsoul watched as several girls walked into the room and posted around the fire place. Lightsoul noticed that there were 7 girls standing in front of him, minus Elizabeth who was slightly to the side and Princess was cleaning up.

“I do not like to have virgins join the house because they sometimes fall in love with the clients.” Elizabeth used one of her feelers to touch her chin. “It is annoying really, to spend time training up one of my girl and then she runs away with some random male.” Elizabeth balled her feeler up like a fist and shakes a bit as the memory of someone from her past was upsetting the Sylveon. She was like this for a moment but then settles down and takes a breath.

“Sorry…anyway…” She looks at the girls and starts pointing to each of them, one at a time. “You already met Audrey the Pikachu, she is the head of my maids and my trusted advisor. Next is Trish the Mienshao, she is the head of teaching, Zeal the Skitty, she is our local Liberian, Hailly the Frostlass, she is our cook.”

“We are pleased to meet you.” The meinshao named Trish said stepping forward, bowing her head and then stepping back.

“You look a little under fed, I will fix you fight up dear.” Hailly the Frostlass spoke happily. “Oh I need to look up some tribal meals, but…that is why you are so skinny in the first place. Oh but I do not want to mess up your diet…” Hailly kept speaking to herself as she floats away for a moment to think.

“You’ll have to excuse Hailly.” Audrey said rubbing her head. “She can really get into her cooking.”

“Do not worry, everyone here is very nice.” Lightsoul saw the skitty named Zeal had taken a seat next to him. “I bumped into my girl Princess on the way over and…you are really cute.”

“Ah…thanks…” Lightsoul blushed.

Ya we really should have a threesome with you, it would be a blast.” Zeal meowed. Lightsoul gasped as he felt a bit embarrassed. “I hate sloppy seconds, I will go first.”

“I-I do not know how to respond…” Lightsoul felt lost.

“You don’t respond,” A cute voice spoke up from Lightsoul’s other side. Looking to his left side the shinx saw a small green and white Pokemon looking back up at him. The Pokemon reminded him of a rodent that he might find out in the plains, but from the looks of it, not to mention strange aura around the little Pokemon…Lightsoul didn’t think she was just anyone. “You just lay back, relax and take it.” Lightsoul heard the little Pokemon giggle.

“That is Meadow our gardener.” Eliza said from where she was sitting. Lightsoul hadn’t taken the time to keep surveying the room and failed to notice that Audrey was pouring the sylveon something to drink. The other girls were laying about talking to one another. Eliza fanned herself with a paw while letting out a big yawn. “Oh Audrey after this how about giving me a massage.”

“Yes madam.” Audrey chued happily.

“As the madam said my name is Meadow the Shaymin.” Lightsoul looked down at Meadow who was holding a seed in a paw. “I am the local gardener from time to time, and call this place home for maybe…about half of the year.”

“Shaymin…why do I think I’ve heard of that species before?” Lightsoul asked himself, he feels something nuzzling up against his side and saw that Princess had returned. Both her and Zeal were nuzzling up against him. “Hey!”

“Hey is for Ponytas.” Princess murred.

“Ditto.” Zeal purred.

“We can talk later,” Meadow walked in front of Lightsoul and over to where Eliza was sitting, she took a seat near Audrey and began chatting with the sylveon and pikachu. Lightsoul felt himself being pressed on both sides by the two girls near him.

“Hey what are you two doing?” Lightsoul asked as the girls pushed him onto his back and together sit on top of him. This little position brought back memories of the previous night with Eliza and Audrey.

“Time to give you a proper White Dreams welcome,” Zeal said as she adjusted herself on him so her butt was near his face.

“I think I…” Lightsoul was forced to take in Zeal’s scent, the skitty’s scent was doing things to him as he felt himself becoming aroused once more. The feline’s scent was close to what a female shinx would smell like. “Um…lost my train of thought…” Lightsoul weakly chuckled. He feels Zeal grind herself up against his face.

“Don’t worry I’ll do all of the thinking for you.” Zeal snickered.

“I was hoping to make our first time a bit more intimate.” Lightsoul heard Princess say as she was playing with his erect cock, the nidoran girl was lightly licking his tip.

“Take it to a room you three.” Lightsoul heard Eliza say from what felt like a mile away. Lightsoul felt the girls get off of him. Looking up at the ceiling Lightsoul wondered how much of his blue balls adventure he could stand for today. Was he in heaven or some twisted version of hell where the girls are cute, and they will cater to your every little dream but…something always turns up just before you get to cum. Just as the shinx was about to give up he felt someone nudging him to get up. It was Princess as she was pushing her nose up against his side.

“What do you want?” Lightsoul asked as he looked at the blushing nidoran girl. Princess kisses his face.

“Come on let’s go to my room, we have a little something to finish.” Princess answered. Lightsoul groans as he got up and stretched his body. He didn’t care that he had the words biggest hard on at the moment, nor that some of the girls were sneaking peeks at him. He followed Princess out of the parlor, down the hall and up the stairs. Princess looked behind herself from time to time just to make sure he was still following. Finally, she guides him down the left hall to a room near the end which was labeled, “Princess.”

“Your room?” Lightsoul asked already knowing the answer. Princess smiles and opened the door to a room that was painted light blue, with large bed in the middle, a few small toys littered the ground and a nice carpet led from the door right to Princess’s bed.

“Alright Light…how do you want to do me?” Princess asked as she bends over a little bit. Looking around just to see if anyone would disturb them this time the shinx felt confident that he could finally just let loose.

“Oh boy…this is going to be fun…”

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