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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Prism always believed in himself, Shadowfang Tribe and his mentor Ember the Braixen. He wants to some day follow in his father's pawsteps and help lead his tribe, but for him to do that he must learn to become the strongest warrior he can be. Ember his mentor sees the potential in him and she wants to do everything she can to make him the best warrior he is ble to be. Her methods sometimes though...

Master and Mentor

Chapter 4



It had been a week since Prism last spoke to either of his friend’s Lightsoul or Fenzura and he wasn’t all that worried, by tribal law he shouldn’t have played with them in the first place. Tribes were separated because it was impossible for anyone to separate duty from friendship and when it came to life on the battle field there was no room for friendship. Prism had always been told that it was his duty when on the battlefield to battle for the honor of his land and tribe and anything less was inexcusable. And if Prism was to one day possibly lead his fellow tribe pokes into battle he had to have his mind clear and free of unneeded feelings or attachments. That was why he was now training standing beside his mentor and friend Ember a beautiful female Braixen.

Ember has been Prism’s mentor for about three months now and she was just the right type of mentor for the tough Vee. She held him responsible for his actions, she wasn’t to hard nor was she soft with him and strangely enough the Vee felt that he had slight feelings for her. Prism didn’t like feeling that he like Ember as more than a teacher and he made sure to hide his feelings when he was around her in fear that it could destroy what they had. Prism knew how important being his mentor was to the rising star that she was and he would hate himself for life if he destroyed that.

Today they were planning on training near the waterfall to the north of their camp. Ember told Prism the night before that he needed to train his mind just as much if not more than his body for mental toughness was something that could take him from being a good warrior to being a great one. The night before Prism had trouble sleeping, the thrill of getting to go on a field trip was making him extra excited and wanting to jump outside of his fur. By morning he was feeling tired and wanted to go back to sleep but as soon as dawn came Ember was knocking on the entrance to his training den looking for the young Vee.

“Ember...can’t it wait until this afternoon?” Prism asked. He couldn’t believe how tired after in theory just getting up. “I didn’t sleep that well last night.”


“Good.” Ember said as she came into his den and grabbed the Vee’s tail and started to pull him out. “That will make our training today twice as effective then.”


Prism tried to wiggle free but the fox had a good handle on him. She took him outside of his den and drop him. Ember then takes her species signature stick from out of her tail and begins tapping it against her hip. “I want you at your most mental weakness, that way we can see just how tough you are and how much work I have in front of me to toughen you up.” Ember said before tapping Prism on his head with her stick.



“Ya…. why didn’t you tell me this in the beginning?” Prism asked feeling confused. “I couldn’t sleep last night because of how excited I was about today. Did you really want me to not sleep?”


“Nope.” Ember said before tapping Prism on his rear with her stick as she wanted him to start walking. “Whether you was feeling good today or not I would have found a way to make the most of the time we have. Your condition right now I hope will double what we can get done. Now mush.” Ember giggled happily as she gives him another tap which made the Vee feel embarrassed.

Part of him so badly wanted her to use that stick in other creative ways.


The forest outside of their home was thin compared to Open Sky Tribe that lived just north of them. That tribe lived in the forest in the mountains and sometimes whenever the Eevee was tasked with heading near their boundary lines to inspect the area he thought that something would reach out of the forest itself and try to snatch him away into the darkness of the forest. To Prism if you weren’t in Shadowfang tribe he didn’t believe you was living to your fullest. That went double for his old friends Lightsoul and Fenzura who were lost to the Thunderplains tribe and their far to open life style. Ember often reminded the young Vee that despite their tribes to meet with the other tribes at the Gathering they were to not share any information with them. 

Prism thought about the tomorrow night when the next gathering would take place and what it would be put out. Next week would start the mating ritual and the week long breaking down of the boundaries and the chance for Pokémon of any tribe to be with anyone else. Prism found the event to be strange, why fight among one another during most of the year just to have a week-long event of wild out of control breeding, then just to turn around and hate one another again.

“Ember why do we fight?” Prism asked his mentor. The Braixen looked at the Vee and then picks up a small twig and puts it into her mouth. Prism wondered if she was going to answer his question or not, but as always the fox wanted to make sure she gave her trainee the best answer.


“The Four shall stand both united and separated.” Ember said. She seemed to be trying to find the right words which was a first, as Prism knew his mentor always had something to say. “In truth I do not know why we stand against one another so much, when we do so many things to help bring us together. This might go back to when the tribes were first created. Maybe something happened between then and now that caused us to stand so far apart.” Ember said as she looked at her trainee with a look of concern.


“That is stupid Ember.” Prism responded. He gets a hard tap on the top of his head from the fox. Ember looked at him with a bit of anger in her eyes. “Well it is. I have friends in other tribes, and we -” Ember hits him again.


“But who comes first Prism, them or your own tribe?” Ember said before pushing him along with her stick, a bit of heat was coming off of it. Ember would usually have it lit on fire as it was what she used to channel her psychic abilities and fire energy into attacks, though she did not want to burn him...that much. Prism shook his head.


“But Ember!” Prism started but stopped. He felt the wind pick up and blow a cool breeze against his face. A silence fell between the pair and Prism turned his head away from his mentor and then bows before her, a submission to her. “Forgive me.” Prism wanted to fight his mentor about this, but at the same time he knew that the tribe came first by both tribal law and principle.


“I know its tough Prism, I struggle sometimes to remember who and what comes first.” Ember bent down and brushed the Eevee’s head. The pair look up at one another and see eye to eye, their friendship and relationship as mentor and trainee made their relationship closer than most. “The tribes remain the way we do, so we never forget that the tribe comes first, when we are on the battle field we fight for our tribe first and we do not want to have to decide between friendship to a outsider and our tribe mates.” Ember hugs Prism. “It is a decision I hope you never have to make.”


“Ember…” Prism whispered. The Braixen lets him go and then puts her stick back into her tail. “Come on Prism we are burning day light.”



The trip to Meditation Falls was a long and was a challenge in of itself. Prism rarely found himself having to walk for so long and not have a chance to stop for a break. Once they left their pine wood forest home the pair traveled around just a small sliver of Thunderplains as they traveled into Open Sky territory, the path they were taking was a neutral path that was used by all three other tribes to travel to the old training grounds of Meditation Falls. The falls themselves was one of the oldest training grounds used by the tribes as a means of training young pokes mental and physical strength. The falls were not at first being used by any of the other three tribes that was not called Open Sky. After the great Dragon Wars, the Pokémon of Open Sky were willing to let others use their falls as it had served as a training grounds and place of refuge for all of the tribes.


Once the pair crossed into Open Sky’s territory the rest of the path was up a mountain path that was littered with sharp gravel, tough foot holes and a few pot holes in the path that caused Prism to tribe over himself from time to time. Cursing his luck as one time he got his paw cut off of a sharp piece of rock, he saw crimson blood drip onto the ground and his paw pad was starting to swell up quickly enough. Ember gentle yanked up his injured paw and looked it over, the Braixen was slightly trained in first aid as all warriors in Shadowfang were. They were not always lucky to have a healer with them during a trip and knowledge of how to take care of themselves and their teammates was critical to Shadowfang’s success.


“You will be alright.” Ember said as she sits a small sack that she had around her body off onto the ground and pulls out some large sticky leaves. She began fixing him up by wiping away some of the blood that was around the injured area and then using some ointment that she had, began to apply it to the area to keep out infection. Finally, Ember finished by wrapping his injured paw up in leaves and setting it in a way so it did not hamper his walking too much. Stepping back the vixen looks at her work with a bit of a chuckle. “Want me to kiss it and make it all better?”


“What….no…. maybe….” Prism growled at himself for even letting her tease him like this. “NO! What do you think I am, a puppy?”


“Nothing wrong with being a puppy.” Ember giggled. “They are cute and love to get all of the attention.” She pets the Vee’s head like always and Prism gives her a angry swipe away. “Oh I like it when you get all angry with me.”

“Gosh do you ever stop?” Prism asked as he tries to step down on his injured paw and feels that he had some ability to step on it. “I can take care of myself.”


“Right, and that it wasn’t me who just fixed you up...” Ember began walking, though with a slight shake in her step. “Let’s get going Prism, If we do not start moving we won’t make it to the falls until night fall.”

“Ok.’ Prism gives a small nod as he wanted badly to stop for some real rest. But he then pictures the two of them trying to make their way to the falls overnight and how dangers that type of trip will be. Like it or not he was going to have to tough it out.


The sun was starting to set over the mountains by the time the pair were stopping for the night. Prism and Ember had traveled nearly the entire distance to the falls by and by the evening they were able to see it from their resting spot. Ember had sent Prism out to gather fire wood, and the Eevee came back with a lot of twigs but nothing large enough for starting a long fire with. Ember sent the Eevee back out to gather more wood, telling him that it was part of his training to show toughness. Prism complained that his paw was in a lot of pain and that he was still bleeding a little bit.

“Ember no one else is tougher in this tribe than me.” Prism stated as he was trying to fight going back out into the night. He was both in pain and was a bit scared of going back out. He was a little afraid of the dark.


“If your tough you would go back out.” Ember said as she checked over his paw. She removed the old leaves and this time wrapped his paw in dry mose and applied more ointment to it. “You remain here and watch the first and sort out our rations. When I return we can eat and then go to sleep.” Ember than pulls our stick out of her tail and lights it on fire to use as a torch. “Tomorrow’s training is going to test you in a lot of ways, so I want you at your best.”


“I thought we were supposed to be there already?” Prism asked, he didn’t want to sort berries nor tend to the fire. He wanted to be out training and getting stronger. Ember did not give him the kindest of looks and her hard glare at him made the Eevee gulp and start getting to work. With that Prism saw Ember walk off into the forest and he couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.


Why did Ember have to be so tough on him, he was the son of their leader, and out of all of the Pokémon in his village he had the best chance to rule over all of them some day. Including Ember who the Eevee already saw making sure she would treat him with the respect he deserved. As much as he liked her, and he did like her a lot. Prism also wondered if she was the best poke to train him, being such a unique Pokémon and all. She was someone who tried very hard, and because of her work ethic did make her a great teacher and warrior for their tribe. But Prism sometimes wondered if her unique…. characteristics made it hard for her to be well suited to teach him.


Ember was a unique Pokémon in that she was a hermaphrodite, a Pokémon that had more than one gender, she was as some called a shi but Ember did not like using such terms and preferred to be called a “she.” Another Pokémon that was like Ember was Wintertail of Thunerplains who also was a hermaphrodite and was born with both male and female parts. It was said that there could be others in the other two tribes but if there was no one spoke about them. Ember’s very past was filled with hardship and never being able to fit in. Prism did like Ember a lot and the two shared a strong relationship but Prism didn’t know how much he wanted to continue growing his feelings towards her, seeing how others in the tribe would think he was gay. The Vee was bi at the least and he did experiment with Lightsoul and Fenzura, though he tried to keep any romantic feelings for either of them.


“Give someone a little bit of power and it goes to their head.” Prism spoke outload as he was sorting their berries apart. He was taking all of the Cheri and a few Oran berries while he gave Ember the Raspberry and the Sitrus they had on them. Ember had told him back in the village about how important it was that they kept up their strength, so packing as many energy restoring berries as they could muster before a long trip would be key. It appeared to be a good thing that the Vee listened to his mentor and did not pack all of the tasty treats. Prism wished that he could show Ember that was tough and able to survive on his own.


“How is the sorting coming along?” Prism heard Ember say as the Braixen returned to him. She was carrying several large sticks with her and had her torch stick sticking out of her tail up right so the flame could help guide her. She walks over to Prism and sets the sticks down. “Looks good Prism.” Ember pets the Eevee on top of his head and the little Vee lets out a little cry of happiness.


“Hey! I am not your pet.” Prism growled.


“No but your cute enough to be.” Ember chuckles and starts adding a few sticks to the fire. Prism wanted to be treated with the respect he deserved. In Shadowfang tribe you either had respect or you did not, and if you did not have the respected you thought you deserved there was only one way to earn it.


“Ember bring that ass over here.” Prism said, though he did not sound or feel that confident about his chances of doing anything to her. Ember wasn’t a push over and she was a very good fighter, but how else could he earn her respect if not by taking it. Prism though saw that the Braixen wasn’t paying him to much mind. Instead she was tending the fire and was already starting to but a few berries over the flames to allow them to heat up. Only once she was done did Ember look in his general direction. Her face had a smirk on it, her tail was wagging a bit and she seemed a bit excited.


“Oh do you want a piece of me, Little Vee?” Ember asked, she was straightening her fur, the vixen seemed very excited for the challenge.


“I’m not little.” Prism pouted.


“Oh I have seen you in the morning from time to time, oh you are not that small.” Ember said as she finished brushing her fur. She looks right at Prism and gives him a wink. “Oh this is going to be so much fun Prism, I always wanted to verse you outside of a training session.”


“You have…seen me?!” Prism felt so embarrassed that if he did not have tan fur all over his face and body you would have been able to see how pale he had turned from hearing the vixen talk.


“What there is nothing to be embarrassed about, others use to see me too have a bit of morning wood. It’s natural and very beautiful.” Ember pulled her stick from out of her tail. “Now what are the rules my little cutie.”


Hearing the Braixen call him cute again made the Eevee blush. “Ember stop saying that please.” Prism whined. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and then became angry as he was getting into the fighting mood. “When I beat you, I am going to make you respect me. I am not a “Little Vee.””


“Oh I say you are not little.” Ember giggled, “Not as big as me, but then again I wouldn’t mind comparing size, how about the loser gets dominated by the winner.” Ember suggested and Prism did not know if he liked that idea, he did not know if he could beat an evolved Pokémon and none the less his mentor. She trained him after all.


“I don’t know…” Prism gulped


“Tell you what, if you can knock me off of my paws I will let you win.” Ember said “But…if you lose, I get to own that cute little tail of yours, and do whatever I want…whenever I want. Now until you beat me and make me your bitch.” Prism felt his heart racing, why did Ember suggest something like that.


“Doesn’t that break the mentor and trainee code?” Prism asked, he was trying to find a way out. “You know having relations together.”


“Nope. Cause we are not going to be mates, you’re going to be my bitch.” Ember smirked, she began tapping her hip with her stick, the fire on it becoming more and more orange. “We just won’t live together, no love, no feelings, just lots, and lots of sex. And maybe after your training is done, if you still cannot beat me…I’ll make you my mate.” The Braixen gives a bow. A tradition that has stood for a long time, to give respect before a battle of honor. “How does that sound…My Little Vee?” 


“Oh I am starting to regret this.” Prism’s voice was slightly shaky. He really was regretting his decision now but he returns the bow. “I’ll try not to get burned.”


“Good luck.” Ember swings her stick and fired several balls of fire at Prism, the Eevee dodged the first two with a short hop but couldn’t escape the third and got blown off of his balls and rolled back in the dirt a bit. His head hits the hard earth and he felt slightly dizzy from the impact. Prism looks up from where he was laying and saw Ember slowly walking over, she did not have to move too fast or come any closer but she was playing with him.


“That was a little dirty.” Prism said getting up and with a growl he used Quick Attack to close the distance and when he was within paw steps of Ember jumps into the air and used Bite. Prism felt his teeth sink into Ember’s stick and with a good tuck…felt himself throw back as the Braixen over powered him.


“Tsk, tsk, you need to think faster than that my Little Vee.” Ember placed her paw on Prism’s chest and the Vee saw it beginning to glow. He wanted to let go and hopefully dodge the attack but for some odd reason he couldn’t control his body anymore.


I-I can’t move…’ Prism thought.


“Confusion.” Ember said calmly, a moment later Prism was blown away from Ember and he lands inches from the base of a tree.  The Eevee was seeing stars and barely was able to muster the strength to get up anymore. Ember was much stronger than Prism first believed and she was nothing like the training buddy that he spared with from time to time. Still feeling confused the Eevee felt himself picked up and dragged over to the tree and set down under it. Finally recovering from the effects of Ember’s move, Prism felt Ember sit down on him, her bushy tail was rubbing up against his face.


“Wh-what are you doing?” Prism asked as he tried to get her off of him but the Braixen was heavier than him by a lot. Ember could be heard giggling as she was enjoying the position they were in together.


“So…do you want me to blow you or do you want to go 69 and we make each other happy.” Ember asked as she looked back.


“Neither.” Prism used his forepaws to try to push Ember off but she was holding steady. Prism watched as the vixen pushes her butt onto his face and grinds her rear end all over him. “Aaaahhh!!!” Prism cried as he felt the Ember’s tail hole grind up against his nose. Ember did not smell that good…but not that bad either.


“Oh come on its not that bad.” Ember giggled as she pushed up against the Eevee a bit more and show him her slit instead of her tail hole. “Is this what you want?” Prism felt that Ember was feeling very…aroused as she was dripping her clear fluids all over his face. The Braixen’s scent was powerful and Prism felt himself becoming stirred, his rod was beginning to poke out and the Vee lets out a little moan.

“Good my Little Vee, now how about giving your master a few good licks. Let me know that you’re enjoying our little session.”


Prism did not want to lick Ember; she was his mentor after all but…that aroma…her scent was so strong. It reminded Prism of their camp fire, a bit of a scorch aroma to it, but a little sweet and bitter at the same time. Prism closed his eyes, swallowed his pride and did as he was told and sticks his tongue out.

Ok…here we go Prism…’ Prism lifted his head slightly and gives the wet slit a little lick, the taste of the fox almost matched her scent. It reminded Prism of eating Rattata that had been cooked over the fire. Slight smoky flavor.


“Um…I like.” Prism said as he gives her another few licks. “You have such a…smoky flavor.”


“I am a fire type.” Ember lets Prism lick her a bit more, each lick the Eevee gave her made the fox give up more and more of her fluids. Prism did not have much of a clue what was going on for the long time and just hoped that he did not mess this up. Though just as he was feeling that he was understanding what he was doing the fox turns around on him and flips around so they were looking at one another face to face. Prism saw her pink rod staring right at him, the memory that Ember was a hermaphrodite and that she had “other” needs than just female ones.


“That’s right…” Prism blew a bit of air up at Ember. “You are a herm.” The Eevee had experience thanks to his play dates with Lightsoul and Fenzura but he did not know how much he really wanted to do it with Ember. The Braixen was bigger than him, her rod was pressing up against his as she was comparing herself to the Vee and she was larger than him by at least an inch. Her rod was a like his though, canine like with a knot at the base of it, the tip was just slightly pointier than his.  Prism was actually impressed.


“Yes I am.” Ember pats Prism’s head. “Do not worry Little Vee, I won’t push you to do anything…. that I cannot get your little ass ready for.”


“Can it wait…” Prism asked feeling nervous as he thought of where Ember wanted to put that big rod of hers. He pictured himself being in a very uncomfortable situation and it made the Eevee very nervous. Ember seemed to be sensing his emotions and she pets him again.


“Oh alright. I will not work that cute little ass into shape until after the Gathering tomorrow.” Ember said as she pats the Eevee’s cheek. She gets up off of him and stretches. Prism saw Ember’s rod glisten in the fire lite and Prism felt his heart race, he never saw his mentor in such a wonderful light.


“Is that all we are going to do?” Prism asked as he strangely enough wanted to have more. Ember took their food off of the fire, their food looked a little burnt from being over the fire to long.


“Oh no hun, we have so much more lessons to go over.” Ember brings the food back over to Prism and sits it down for him. “By the time we’re though you are going to be My Little Vee, a sex machine.” Ember murred.


Prism did not know how much he wanted to keep doing this but he was having fun, and they only have just begun. Prism did not know that Ember has big plans for him, ones that will test his endurance, will power and make him question a few of his old beliefs.

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