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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

The mating ritual is nearing and Fenzura has alot more on his mind than he ever wanted to. His mother wants to set her son in the right direction and remind Fenzura about what he really is.

Knowing who you are.

Chapter 5





The night of the Gathering was quiet, the moon was full and all of the feeling of the upcoming event made some jump with excitement. Fenzura knew that this sort of Gathering only came around once again, the gathering centered around sex, wild and uncontrollable sex. Or at least that was what Fenzura had been told by some of the older Pokémon who have gone to at least one of these. A few Pokémon were staying behind to watch the village but Flare was making sure that all paws were one deck and moving out in under a hour. The event was supposed to take place at the sacred grounds at the bottom of Wishing Falls. The falls have been the gathering ground for generations and many important meetings and decisions had been made there. Tonight would make the beginning of the mating season and with it the journey to the mating grounds for a week of bonding. But before they could begin that journey the Gathering had to commence.


“Fenzura are you ready?” Ruby asked her son. Ruby was a beautiful shiny Ninetales, her silver fur shined in the moonlight, the tips of her tails had light blue fur and she wore a necklace with a ruby pendent attached to it. Fenzura tonight was wearing his signature set of bows, one on his head, one at the base of his tails/butt and six small ones at the end of each of his tales. Fenzura loved to look girly and it did get him some positive attention. Plus, Lightsoul loved seeing the Vulpix wear his bows and always asked him if he was going to wear them when he didn’t have them on.


“Sorry…” Shakes his head and the Vulpix lets out a big yawn. “Um…are we about to leave?” the fox asked his mother with an awkward chuckle. Ruby nuzzled her pup on the top of his head.


“You never cease to make me chuckle.” Ruby smiled. “In about an hour. It will be a bit of a hike so make sure that you do not tire yourself out.” Fenzura’s mother gets up and begins walking away, but she then stops and looks back at Fenzura. ‘You remember what we talked about. Remember what you are.’


‘I remember Ruby.’ Fenzura watched his mother leave, the image of what him and Ruby had spoken of a short while ago came back to his mind.



 “Fenzura what were you thinking?” Ruby had said after her and Fenzura had returned to their den. Fenzura remembered how upset she had been that day, bags were under her eyes and her fur was completely unkept and matted.


“We lost track of time.” Fenzura pleaded, he had already told Flare everything that he wanted to about their night and why they were out all night. Fenzura and Lightsoul of course kept out what they were really out there for but he did mention that they went out to do some hunting training and became side tracked. This story of course was not believed and the pair were pressed even harder by their leader for the truth. A truth neither wanted to have revealed.


“If you are going to lie at least make it sound more believable.” Ruby sighed, his mother had run out of energy and patience by this point in time and she truly just wanted to drop the subject all together. “As long as you two did not do anything stupid, that is good enough for me.” Ruby walked over to her nest and laid down in the hay. Fenzura felt terrible about how he had made his mother feel and tried to comfort her with a few nuzzles to her cheek.


“I never meant to upset you.” Fenzura remembered saying.


“Your father and I had been the same way once.” Ruby spoke a bit out of the blue. Fenzura had rarely heard his mother speak about his father, but when she did it was usually after something that made her remember a time long before he was born.


“We once took a trip up to Wishing Falls.” Ruby said with a long sigh of happiness. “You was conceived during that trip-“Fenzura had to speak up.


“Mom!” Fenzura whined. Ruby chuckled at her pup. Fenzura was happy that his mother wasn’t holding a grudge against him.


“We had a good time, we spent the entire day exploring the cave and finding ways to spook one another.” Ruby lovingly looked at her pup. “At the end of our journey, right in the hidden room at the end of the cave…we made love to one another. We were happy to be ourselves and we had wonderful, hot, passionate love.”


“I really do not want to listen to this.” Fenzura said holding his ears down. It wasn’t enough to drown out anything Ruby had to say.


“Your father is one of the most passionate males I ever have been with-“Ruby started


“Oh Arceus…” Fenzura pressed his ears harder as he was trying to drown out what his mother. He might know about the Combees and Pidgeys but it didn’t mean he wanted to hear his mother talk about it.


“What we did wasn’t much different than what you and Lightsoul did together.” Ruby said in the calmest of voices.


The moment Fenzura heard his mother say those words he felt cold all of a sudden, like he had just been hit by Sheer Cold. He looked wanted to say something but there were no words that the male fox could say that wouldn’t make the situation feel any better. Ruby seemed to sense her pup’s fears.


“You have nothing to fear Fenzura, I am not mad at you, nor will I tell Flare what you two did.” Ruby’s face had a look of deep concern it though. “I worry about your Fenzura, that you are forgetting who you really are.”


“I haven’t forgotten who I am, what I really am.” Fenzura huffed and blew out a few flames. “But if I…if we are going to live our lives among the tribes, eating like them, being one of them then we should be able to enjoy ‘being’ with them as well.”


“Fenzura what are you?” Ruby asked, her voice was becoming slightly low as she was becoming frustrated. “Why do you need to be smart about what you do?”


Fenzura closed his eyes and look a deep breath. “I am a Mew.” Fenzura’s fur began to glow and a moment later he flashed a bright white light. Fenzura did not feel anything happening but his body was changing from the form of the six tailed fox into the form of the mystic Pokémon Mew. His tails merged together and became a long thing tail, his ears changed from the slightly longer fox’s and changed into the smaller wider cats and his much longer framed body became that of a smaller feline like shape. Once the light cleared, Fenzura opened his eyes and saw that he was floating just above the ground, his body returned to its true form.


Ruby stared at Fenzura, her eyes seeming to burn into his soul as the Ninetales was studying him. Only once she was satisfied did she stop staring at him. Ruby was his birth mother and she was like him a Mew, though she did not reveal her true form at any time unless it was needed. Which was never and outside of the dream world has Fenzura ever seen what his mother looked like.

“We are guardians Fenzura, tasked with overseeing the tribes and ensuring their survival. Not sit around and get laid.” Ruby said with a small growl.


“I know…but what about you and dad?” Fenzura asked. Ruby had fallen in love with one of the members of Thunderplains and he was the result of their relationship.


“I…I…” Ruby was at lost for words as Fenzura expected her to be. Regardless of how she answered it would end the same way. With her feeling like she hurt her son’s feelings. Without her falling in love Fenzura would not be born.


“I know you love me Ruby.” Fenzura said with a weak smile. He knew that their lives were hard, the responsibility that had been put on them hard for anyone to handle.


“I do and I do not regret what happened.” Ruby looked to the entrance to their home as if at any moment her lover and mate would walk through to greet his family. “But Fenzura do not forget that you are a Mew, you…we can breed with just about any Pokemon. When you are a Vulpix you are a male…but you also still a Mew and that means that you can breed with any female…and be bred by any male. Our DNA is like a Dittos, it is fluid like water, able to change and become what it needs when we need it.”


“That is stupid. Lightsoul and I did it and I have felt nothing.” Fenzura argued. “Your wrong.”


“It has happened before. You may have dodged a bullet this time but the more you play with fire…the easier it is to get burned.” Ruby said and Fenzura felt himself becoming upset.


“I do not believe you.”


“I just do not want you putting yourself into a position that you may regret.” Ruby got up from her nest and moved over to Fenzura, and nuzzled his cheek. “Remember that you are both a Mew and a Vulpix.”


“Why is that Ruby?” Fenzura asked feeling slightly lost. He closed his eyes and pictured a clock ticking down. He was a halfblooded Mew and wasn’t able to maintain his “true” form forever like his mother could. Fenzura had to return to being a Vulpix after some time, but he did maintain some of the psychic powers that his Mew form had and he often had to suppress his enhanced abilities so he could fit in with others around the village. Ruby told him that when he became older he will be able to stay being a Mew much longer but that would only come after years of learning to channel his psychic abilities. Much of it still did not make sense to Fenzura and he often times wondered why in the dream world he was able to be a Mew and even enter the dreams of others nearby.

“You should change back to your regular self.” Ruby said, the Ninetales wrapped one of her tails around her son. “A lot this can be confusing and it may take a while. Also I do not want anyone just walking in and seeing you like this.”


“Why do we hide what we really are?” Fenzura asked as he closed his eyes and pictured himself as a Vulpix again. A few moments later the Mew glowed and changed back into the Vulpix that he normally was. Strangely enough Fenzura felt relieved to be back on all four once again, floating off of the ground felt very strange to him and he wondered how others could stand not feeling the ground under them.


“Because Fenzura, many who live in the tribes fear legendary Pokémon.” Ruby began. Fenzura was able to sense his mother’s discomfort as she was remembering events from long before he was born. “The Dragon Wars, the war that tore the entire world as we know it apart. Zekrom, Palkia, Giratina and Rayquaza each fought over the belief that their tribe, their power and their way of living was the true way that Pokémon should be. They fought long over their beliefs and nearly destroyed the very land that we stand on now apart in their war of influence.”


“That sounds stupid. Unbelievable and makes no sense.” Looking up at his mother the Vulpix wondered how any of this could be true. “I always heard that the Dragon Wars was when the dragons from the north attacked the lands of the south.”


“No it is not. After the Dragon Wars, Neoral the Jirachi, Meadow the Shaymin, Lucky the Victini and myself Ruby the Mew used our powers to wipe the memories of the four tribes and made them believe that other events had taken place instead. We found it was easier that way, for the normal Pokémon of the world to not know that the beings they look up to, wanted to possibly destroy them.”


“They have a right to know.” Fenzura spoke up after thinking about what his mother had told him. “I am one of those ‘normal’ Pokémon. Lightsoul believes that he lost his parents during the Dragon Wars, that they gave up their lives to save us.”


“That is a discussion for another day.” Ruby lets go of Fenzura and snaps her tails. “You may have their blood in your veins, but you are not one of them. You are something more than that, you are one of the last of our kind and someday you shall take over this tribe and lead these Pokémon to something better.”


“You talk like their wild animals.” Fenzura looked down at his paws, the feeling of confusion washed over him. He was a Mew, one of the last of his kind and was tasked from his mother Ruby to learn all he could about tribal life and to someday become the leader of Thunder Plains. He did have dreams of being a leader in his tribe but he wanted to do it because he loved his tribemates and wanted to look out for them. He did not even know why Ruby wanted him to be leader so much but she spoke about it from time to time.


“They are not animals Fenzura.” Ruby spoke and began glowing. Fenzura had only seen his mother transform into her true self rarely, usually to help him learn something more about himself. But right now he felt like she was about to drive a point home to him as after a moment a blue Mew was floating before him.

“But some day the Legendries may have to reclaim this land.” Ruby held up a fist and looked at Fenzura, that same stare of great intensity as before. The Vulpix gulped as sometimes his mother scared him.

“We are guardians of this land Fenzura, sworn to protect it. I will not explain everything to you today, but just know that someday you may or will be called to complete a task that you will not be ready for. When that day comes…I hope that you will be ready.”


Fenzura opened his eyes and found himself back in front of the center of the village. Ever since that day the pix had stayed away from his best friend, out of fear of making a mistake. He feared is mother being correct and the pix being able to breed with Lightsoul or anyone else for that matter. He was a Mew, tasked with protecting everyone that he loved from something greater then themselves. But did it mean having to be lonely, feeling like he was an outsider?

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