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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Lightsoul learns more about the strange Sylveon who saved him from a life of wondering. But the more he talks to her the more he wonders what sort of life he was about to enter into and if it is one that he truly wants to live.

White Dreams

Chapter 7


Lightsoul White Dreams





It did not register in Lightsoul’s mind at first what Madam Elizabeth said to him. It felt like her words were echoing from some place far away from them. She had told him, that he was her king. But he wondered, what did that even mean? Lightsoul played with the word in his mind, King. The Shinx always wondered what it would be like to become the leader of his tribe someday, to be the leader of so many and have them do whatever he wanted. The Shinx pictured having some of the pretty girls weighing on him while the boys did his bidding. He saw himself sitting on his own throne and having at all times someone there to pleasure him how ever he wanted.


“King Lightsoul…” Lightsoul pictured a Nidoran Female saying to him as he sat on top of his throne. “How may we take care of you today?”


Lightsoul laughed, “Oh you know what I want.” Lightsoul pictured him petting the Nidoran’ s head.


“It will be my honor sir…” The fantasy girl blushed.


“Having a nice dream?” Lightsoul blinks as he comes out of his day dream. Madam Elizabeth was laying down in front of him, her eyes were locked with him. “You like to talk while you’re sleeping.”


“How long have you been here?” Lightsoul asked, a slight feeling of embarrassment began washing over him. He wondered how much she heard, or could interpret.


Madam Elizabeth chuckled as she used her feelers to pat the Shinx’s cheeks and head playfully. “Long enough my little cutie, you are so cute when you’re sleeping.” The Sylveon lays one of her paws under her head and then lays her head down. Lightsoul noticed that she blows him a kiss and he couldn’t help but turn a little red. Why did he always have to get this way when he was around a cute girl or Fenzura?

“Nidoran Female…I did not know you had such nice taste in girls.” Madam Elizabeth giggled. “I approve. We have one who works at the house, I am sure you two will make such a cute little couple, I will see about setting you two up after we get back.” Lightsoul fights the urge to stay quiet up and finally decides to put his paw down.


“What is going on here? Why did you just out of the blue pick me up, how are you able to read my mind, and most importantly who the hell are you?” Lightsoul hissed. Madam Elizabeth pets his cheek again and this time Lightsoul pulled away from the feeler. He saw that the Sylveon did not look pleased, but she quickly changes her expression to one of joy.


“I will admit that all of this is very sudden, I mean if I was you I wouldn’t believe it myself. Least I can do is explain myself right?” Madam Elizabeth takes a deep breath. “Though before I begin…will you be so kind and to lay close to me?” Madam Elizabeth’s eyes became sad puppy dog like and she seemed to long for his companionship. Lightsoul knew it was against his better judgment but he couldn’t let her be so lonely.


“Damn it…” The Shinx crawled over to her and he felt the Sylveon’s ribbons wrap around him and pull him close. Elizabeth nuzzled his cheek until she was satisfied. Lightsoul heard her give a happy cry once she was satisfied.


“I will introduce myself again.” Madam Elizabeth started. “My name is Madam Elizabeth ‘Queen of the Fairies’.”


“Are you the queen of all fairy types?” Lightsoul interjected. He feels Elizabeth nuzzle him again, it was as if he was her teddy bear.


“No I am not the queen of all fairy types silly. There is another who has that honor.” Madam Elizabeth grinned and nuzzles her nose against the Shinx. Lightsoul wondered if all Sylveon’s were this touchy, or if he just happened to be wrapped up by what he felt like was a crazy one.

“I am the owner and head female of the White Dreams Manor/Brothel.”


“Wh-what…um come again?” Lightsoul asked while trying to keep his cool. The Shinx was become more and more excited the longer he was around the Sylveon.


“I run the White Dreams House, and am head of about…” Madam Elizabeth used part of one of her ribbons to rub her head, the Sylveon looked slightly unsure of herself all of a sudden. “How many girls are in the house again?”


“Wait…you run…White Dreams?” Even Lightsoul knew of the infamous house called White Dreams, it was a house full of Poke’ Girls who needed a place to stay. It was legendary because to every male in the house there was about 3 to 5 girls. Sure the Shinx had strong feelings for Fenzura but…he dressed like a girl, talked like one at times and was very good at reminding the Shinx the joys of the opposite sex.

“Wait how don’t you know how many girls are in your home?”


“We have a lot of girls living there. Let me think now…” Madam Elizabeth rubs her head and Lightsoul pictured her trying to look up into a thought bubble. An empty one by the looks of it as the Sylveon wasn’t able to come up with an answer and she instead has a look of defeat after a few moments of trying. “I give up.”


“How is it that someone who can be so powerful and influential, be a bit of an air head” Lightsoul thought to himself.


“Well…means there is going to be a lot of meeting and greeting when we get back.” Madam Elizabeth got up and stretch her limbs. She shakes her body like the Sylveon was drying herself off and then picks up Lightsoul with her ribbons and sets him down on his paws.

“Let’s walk and talk, we still have some catching up to do.”


“We barely know each other.” Lightsoul sighed; the thought that the Sylveon could have such a innocent personality was a lot to handle. She was super cute, powerful, and very sexy, though she had a very bubbly personality. Back in the village no one was this happy, and Pokémon like Wintertail and Fenzura were pretty happy normally, though nothing like this.


“And that is why we have a lot of catching up to do.” Lightsoul felt Madam Elizabeth wrap one of her feelers around his tail. “There now we can bond properly…at least until we get back to my room…or should I say our room.”


“What…” It was the Shinx’s turn to make a face as his face felt like it was frozen in the surprisement look, his mouth was open, his eyes were slightly wide, and if it wasn’t for the Sylveon holding his tail while walking he would be frozen in place. Lightsoul couldn’t figure out if he was being taken in by a nut case. “Madam Eliza- “


“Eliza…” The Sylveon said with a big smile on her face. “You can call me Eliza. Madam Elizabeth is super formal and I only like to use it for those who I do not know, or who are submissive to me.” She then pats Lightsoul on top of his head with her free ribbon and giggles. “Granted you are my King but…in the bed room I like to sit on top of the throne, if you know what I mean.”


“Mad- “Lightsoul was cut off.


“Eliza.” Elizabeth snapped and she gave the Shinx’s tail a good tug, the sudden shot of pain made Lightsoul cry out.


“What is wrong with you?” Lightsoul asked, a few tears formed in his eyes. “That hurt a lot.”


“Oh come on you.” Elizabeth shook her head, “If you are going to be my king, we’ll need to toughen you up. How can you be a harem king and not be tough enough to protect your girls and boys?”


“What! WHAT!” Lightsoul felt the blood in his head draining, his mind was being blown away by what he was hearing. “Are you serious…” The Shinx began feeling dizzy, his mind wasn’t able to handle all of the excitement.


“Very serious.” Elizabeth gives the Shinx’s tail a good yank and Lightsoul felt himself wake back up a little bit. “We expect big things from you, both effort wise and down below.”


“Can you please stop making those kinds of jokes?” Lightsoul begged as his mind was full of erotic images at the moment. Most of them were of the Sylveon and her using her Cute Charm to win him over. Elizabeth gives him a friendly tug on his tail and the pair began moving quickly, the Sylveon seemed eager to get him back home. Lightsoul shook his head several times as he was trying to clear his mind, but the image of Sylveon butt in his face kept popping up, and as much as he tried to keep it out of his mind it didn’t go away, although it also didn’t help that he was in sniffing length of the real thing as Elizabeth’s rear was right in front of him of his face.


“I am not joking; we like to do big things.” Elizabeth said proudly. “The girls and I aim to please. There is no length to long, or Pokémon too large for us to handle. Our thirst for pleasure is never quenched and most importantly of all, I teach that spitters are quitters.”


Lightsoul tripped over his own paws and fell flat onto his face. The taste of dirt and mud got into his mouth and the Shinx cursed himself for looking silly in front of Elizabeth. But something like this wasn’t going to change the Sylveon’s mind on making him her king. With a small sigh the Shinx closed his eyes for a moment and pictured himself again being in the loving embrace of Elizabeth and several other Pokémon.

“How could I be so lucky…”



“Lightsoul….” Elizabeth’s voice spoke up. The Shinx could sense a bit of fear in her voice, something that he did not believe he would ever hear coming from the bubbly Sylveon. It made him feel a little bad, as if he had let her down.

“Wake up please…I want you to see this.” Lightsoul felt something poking at him again and again. It felt a little funny and the Shinx found it much harder to keep his eyes closed anymore and finally after a minute the lion opened his eyes. The sight he had to look at was that of Elizabeth’s cute face as she was looking down at him with her big pink eyes.


“What happened…” Lightsoul rubbed his eyes and looked he saw that the moon was coming out over the horizon. It took a few moments before the Shinx realized what time it was, more importantly what he was missing.

“Eliza let me go!” Lightsoul yelled up at the Sylveon who looked a little hurt.


“You want to leave me?” Elizabeth asked in a hurtful voice. “Why would you want to do that?”


“I have to get to the Gathering, if I do not get there right now-“Lightsoul felt Elizabeth put her paw over his mouth. The pair locked eyes and he saw that Elizabeth seemed needy.  It was strange but the Shinx hated seeing the Sylveon look anything but happy, as if he had a duty to make her happy. Why did he care for someone that he barely even knew, Elizabeth basically kidnapped him and had been holding him hostage? She seemed a bit out of her mind and evens after all the promises of finding a house full of beautiful females, they still haven’t arrived yet. And now she was keeping him from leaving and trying to get to the Gathering grounds…that there was no way of getting to in time. It was already moon high and by the time he got there everyone would have already left for the mating grounds without him. What was he going to do now?


“You know as well as I do that it would be a fruitless venture.” Elizabeth said, she kept her paw over his mouth and now was laying her head down on his chest. “White Dreams is like going to the mating grounds every single day. Your Vulpix friend will not be here but…you do have me.”


“Eliza, before you start…why me? Why are you so attracted to someone that you only met tonight?” Lightsoul asked, the feeling of being unable to be with his tribe was starting to dawn on him. Fear of never being able to return home also came to mind, never to see his family, tribemates and Fenzura…would he really never see them again. He could go home, he could return after some time and see them again, but…could he really face them? Fenzura…why would such a handsome and at the same time cute Vulpix like him not find a suitor during the mating season. He was just a Shinx, and not even the biggest one at that, why would anyone want to take him as a mate? Elizabeth must have sensed how he was feeling and she pulled him in close for a hug, the feeling of being close to the Sylveon soothed the Shinx like before and he closed his eyes and took in her scent.


“Because I am lonely Lighty.” Elizabeth admitted. Lightsoul couldn’t think of any reason why someone like Elizabeth would feel a sense of loneliness. She was the Queen of White Dreams Manor, she lived with a lot of other Pokémon and Lightsoul was sure that she could gain the companionship of anyone that she wanted. If anyone should feel a sense of loneliness it was him, the idiot who left his home and village because he couldn’t get his way.


“You are too lovely to be lonely.” Lightsoul hoped that he could cheer Elizabeth up.


Elizabeth paused what she was doing for a moment and slowly moved Lightsoul away from her, she admired how the Shinx looked and then gives him a nuzzle on his nose. Lightsoul remembered when Fenzura did that to him as he was leaving, the Vulpix did it as a way to show his feelings for him. Did Elizabeth feel the same way that Fenzura did for him?

“Thank you Lighty.” Elizabeth chuckles and lets the lion cub go. Lightsoul let out a small whine as he hadn’t realized how much he already missed being close to the fairy. “So cute.” Elizabeth giggles.


“Sorry I couldn’t help myself.” Lightsoul looked away, his cheeks had turned rose red.


“Don’t worry, I have that effect on others my king.” Elizabeth sticks her tongue out at Lightsoul while giving him a cheesy grin. The Shinx pictured the Sylveon’s tongue being covered in “milk” and he looked away from her.

“You do not have to hide your feelings for me Lightsoul, remember I have a six sense for how others feel.” Murring Elizabeth takes hold of the Shinx with her feelers and nuzzles the top of his head. She rubs his stomach with one of her feelers and whispers into his ears.

“Admit it, you want to touch me, feel me up, mount me and make me yours.”


Lightsoul clenched his teeth, he felt nervous at the idea of admitting to Elizabeth that he wanted to do all of those things to her. “Are…are you teasing me?” Lightsoul asked, if this kept on going he was going to do all of those things to her and then some.


“Mmmaaayybbbeeee.” Lightsoul felt his left ear being nipped on by Elizabeth, her teeth lightly held onto him. “When we get home…you’ll find out.” With that she lets him go, but not without leaving the Shinx with deep need…to breed.

“That was fun.” Elizabeth giggles, she seems to give herself a pat on the back. “Ok Lighty, now where was I?”


“Causing me to remember every wet dream I ever experienced.” Lightsoul groaned as he was keeping his paws in front of himself. The ground under his fore-paws was darker than the rest of the ground.

“Let’s see…” Elizabeth does her thinking pose again, after a moment she remembers that she wanted to talk about. “So my name is Madam Elizabeth, and I run the White Dreams Manor/Brothel. My second and third in charge are named Audrey the Pikachu and Lita the Clefairy, I could not run the house without them. We are a sanctuary for the wayward souls, which now leads to how I came to know about you.” Elizabeth giggles and bounces up and down a little bit as she seemed to be excited for the news she was sharing. “Keeping up?”


“Eliza why are you so giggly.” Lightsoul said feeling slightly annoyed. If he did have such a “huge” problem brewing underneath him the Shinx might have tried to make a break for it already. But Lightsoul remembered something; he was a tribe Pokémon without a tribe to call his own. “And how do you know about me?”


“Well I saw you and that cute little girl out in the field several nights ago.” Elizabeth murred, Lightsoul realized that the Sylveon had a thing for peeping on others. But that begged the question, why was she out in Thunder Plains territory at all. Outside Pokémon knew better than to tread on tribal lands without being given permission. “I was hoping that you and that cute little Vulpix girl were still together, but I overheard what happened. You have my regards, plus you have this cute little ass to call your own sooner or later.”


Lightsoul shakes his head as he was feeling confused. “First off why were you in my…I mean Thunder Plain’s territory, and second why do you think I am right for you.” Lightsoul felt more lost now than he did before, but at the same time he couldn’t deny how interested in all of this he was. “You are very nice Eliza, your cute, sexy, really powerful, even though I do think your bubbly personality sometimes does make you seem well…. not all there.”


“You sure do love to asked a lot of questions Lighty, though I do love your honesty.” Elizabeth gives a bow, though as her head was down the Shinx couldn’t help but notice that she was staring at his erect rod, the red member was throbbing a bit. “Trust me when I say, there is far more to me than meets the eyes.” The Sylveon raises her head. “I hope you taste as hot as you look.” She gives a wink and the Shinx chuckles at how Elizabeth was the most unique Pokémon he has ever known.

“Ok lets finish story time and then get home. We are only a five-minute walk away.”


“Wait we could have finished our journey this entire time?” Lightsoul asked. “Why didn’t we just go in?”


“You never asked.” Elizabeth said happily. Lightsoul sighed and felt like it was hopeless to try to make complete sense of the Sylveon’s intentions.

“Ok, Lighty here is the deal.” Elizabeth seemed more serious now, the tone of her voice commanded attention and respect. Lightsoul was able to tell that this was “Madam” Elizabeth speaking instead of carefree Eliza. “When I saw you in that field with your vixen friend I felt an instant connection to you. I cannot explain it but that is what happened. So with my limited usage of Psychic abilities and yes Pokémon other than a actual Psychic type can use such powers. I maintained a mental connection with you and last night I sensed that you needed help and so I went to your aid.”


“So are you able to read my mind?” Lightsoul asked, he knew that everything she was saying was true.


“To an extent yes.” Elizabeth nodded. “Nothing like what a Espeon can do, nor am I able to alter what you’re thinking or control you, but I can read your mind and your feelings.” Elizabeth gives the Shinx an awkward smile. “All of this must sound crazy.” Elizabeth looked in the direction of where the sun was rising, Lightsoul assumed they were heading that way. “I’ve been lonely for a long time Lighty. I may be surrounded by other Pokémon and we have wild parties, and share secrets, and some nights go down on one another for what feels like days…” Elizabeth looks at Lightsoul now, her eyes were full of sadness. “No matter how good my girls taste, or how I can make the boys cum like Miltanks, it cannot replace the feeling of mating with someone you really like. No…maybe love.”


“We barely know one another…” Lightsoul felt bad for Elizabeth. But could actually watching him and Fenzura mate in the fields have caused the Sylveon to fall for him?


“I am not in love with you Lighty. Although I believe that we can grow to love one another.” Elizabeth seemed relieved, as if she just got something huge off of her chest. Elizabeth then smiles at Lightsoul, she had a look of genuine care. “I am taking as much as a risk on you are you are on me Lighty. I am putting my reputation, my house and even my bloodline on the line for you. Maybe I do seem a little crazy, but…I wouldn’t be Sylveon if I wasn’t.” Elizabeth gives Lightsoul a wink.

 “Come on the girls are waiting for us, I told them that I was bringing back a stallion of a stud.”


“You what?!” Lightsoul followed along as Elizabeth was seeming to have a little pep to her step. It was time for the Shinx to meet his new family.

Chapter End Notes:

This chapter took longer than expected to put together. I took some time to go back and proofread and redo a bit of my work before putting it out this time. I did not know if I wanted to continue and show the scenes after Lightsoul arrives to the manor of if that should wait till slightly later chapter. Once I noticed how long the beginning of the chapter had become that it would be best to let "White Dreams" stand on its own as its own chapter. The good part is that I actually already wrote the second part of "this" chapter and once I finish with the in between part I will put it out as its own chapter. So expect at some point to see a back to back submission of two chapters. 

Thanks to all those who have enjoyed the story. I love and enjoy writing this story and I hope that you guys continue coming out to read it. 

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