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Plains of Lights: Journey of the Four by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Yes that is right, Plains of Light is back with us entering Act 2 of the story which follows the White Dreams Saga.  

Chapter 8 picks up where the last part of the story left off, with Lightsoul being welcomed into the White Dreams manor by Elizabeth. But why did Elizabeth welcome him into her house, is she really in love with him or is this a trick of some kind. And who is this cute but odd tailed pikachu maid who all of a sudden seems interested in the young Shinx.....

Chapter 8: White Dreams

Act 2

Chapter 8

White Dream's Saga  


Lightsoul remembered little what happened to him the night before after he followed Eliza back to her mansion, it had been a long trip back and the Shinx had been worn out. The moment that they had reached what was a draw bridge between the forest and the island in the middle of the lack that housed the mansion, Lightsoul remembered feeling extremely tired.



"Wow...I am really tired," Lightsoul remembered telling Eliza the moment they reached the bridge. He knew that it had been a very emotional day, but that shouldn't cause him to feel so worn out that he could barely walk. He remembered being pulled close to Eliza, her ribbons rubbed up and down his body, the Sylveon's feelers felt strangely very soothing.  



"Awww, don’t worry love, I'll take good care of you," Lightsoul remembered being lifted up by Eliza's feelers and his face being rubbed up against, the pair murring together. Lightsoul couldn't figured it out but he felt calm and strangely very happy. The shinx picked up a very sweet scent from Eliza, it reminded Lightsoul of fresh berries in the spring, mixed with a bit of honey. He wondered if this was the natural scent of a Sylveon, would Prism smell like this if he was to evolve into a Sylveon as well. The last thing Lightsoul remembered as the pair stood at the edge of the bridge was Eliza giving him a kiss on his lips. The feeling of his energy being drained as the last thing he felt, while the last sight he saw was seeing the big adorable blue eyes of the sylveon looking down at him as he had drifted off to sleep.   



Now here he was, waking up on top of a pillow top mattress in a strange room that he had never been in before. Looking around he saw pink and purple colored walls, with see through curtains on the windows, and beautifully polished wood floor. Lightsoul's head was pulsing slightly, his body still felt drained of energy, but no where near as bad as it was before he passed out. He strangely felt calm despite not having any idea where he was. He felt like he was in a safe place, as if nothing could harm him here. Lightsoul looked outside the window and smiled as he marveled at how beautiful the pond looked. The water glimmered in the sunlight, and reminded Lightsoul of looking at a crystal.  



"Good evening," Lightsoul heard the cute voice of Eliza. Lightsoul looked behind himself and saw the shiny blue and white sylveon staring back at him. "I heard you talking in your sleep, you seemed pretty troubled."



"Well I am being held hostage by an crazy Sylveon who basically kidnapped me and is holding me against my will." Lightsoul said back, the Shinx wanted to figure out how to get out of Eliza's ribbons as soon as possible. To his surprise the Sylveon released her grip on him and recalled her ribbons. Neither Pokemon said anything to the other for what felt like hours, and instead stared at the other in what felt like a intense stare down right before a duel. Lightsoul wondered if he should get up and head for the door while Eliza stared back, her head was laying on top of one of her paws, a smile on her face.  



"So...are you going to leave or not?" Eliza asked calmly after a while, breaking the stare off and leaving Lightsoul in a state of wonderment. He did not expect Eliza to call him out like this and he was completely thrown off. He thought that Eliza needed him, that she went through with bringing him here to tame her own needs for companionship. But here she was, letting him go all of a sudden as if he didn't mean much to her.  

"Bu-bu-but..." Lightsoul asked after thinking about what the Sylveon just asked him. "I'm-I-I...dear Arceus I am lost..." The shinx felt Eliza's ribbon tap him on the head, a big smile was on her face.  


"Your free to go anytime Lighty, you do not have to stay here if you do not want to," Eliza began, the fairy eon kissed the shinx on his cheek. "There are plenty of more "fish" out there that I can catch if I want." Eliza pats Lightsoul's cheek with a paw. "I can have any male, female, herm that I want. And if you do not believe me, I can show you the long list of Pokemon who want to be my companion, it can go on for days. I have been with partners of every shape, size, some with odd backgrounds, some who come from money, and I have even spent the night with a legendary or two in my days. Most want to come "free" me from my life style of pleasuring others for money and whisk me away to a "proper" life." Eliza nuzzled Lightsoul's nose and murred happily.  


"You do not want that sort of life style do you?" Lightsoul asked as he tried to keep a bit of space between the him and Eliza. But that little gap between them was slowly becoming smaller and smaller.  


"White Dreams is my life's work Lighty, I created it so I find my freedom, you cannot do that when have nothing to call your own." Eliza said as she rubbed the Shinx’s face with a ribbon, the feline couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Sylveon. Maybe there was more to her than the bubbly, over joyful Pokemon that she appeared or tried to be on the outside. Despite the way they first met, Lightsoul wondered if there was something to this “faithful” meeting of theirs. Like he was supposed to come here and help her out, but if so, how? Eliza was rich, powerful, super-hot, ultra-sexy, and if anything was well out of his league. Lightsoul was nothing more than a shinx from Thunderplains Tribe that ran away from home, was in a relationship with a gender-bending vulpix, barely was able to pass most of his trials so far and didn’t have a single poke’ to his name. Heck he has yet to even truly kiss a girl, and Eliza expected him to some how step up and be her mate? Putting all of that into context made Lightsoul wonder if she truly was crazy. Or was he the one crazy for actually just now thinking that he was good enough for her?



“Eliza you’re rich, sexy, I mean...shoot I should be lifting my tail for you to take me, since I do not have anything to offer you,” Lightsoul sighed.


“Of course I know that you do not have anything material wise to offer me silly.” Eliza perked up and pinched the shinx’s cheeks with her ribbons making them turn a little red. The shinx pulled away the syvleon’s ribbons and shakes his head.



“That hurts,” Lightsoul whined.



“Oh them let me make you feel good…” Eliza leaned in and gives the Shinx a kiss on his cheeks where she had been pinching him. The shinx couldn’t help but purr and before he knew it was being wrapped gently around by the fairy’s ribbons and held onto by her forepaws. Lightsoul felt Eliza rub his head, her ribbons felt soft to the touch and helped him to get over his feelings of not being good enough for her. “Better?”



“Yes.” The shinx purred happily in response. He didn’t think much of anything until he hears the sound of someone knocking on the door. The sylveon turns laying with him growled a bit to the noise.



“Just my luck…” Eliza gets up and walks over to the door. Lightsoul turned around to see a Pikachu standing at the door. Lightsoul watched as Eliza and the Pikachu exchanged greetings before Eliza turned around and motioned for the shinx to join her at the door. With bit of hesitation the lion pokemon gets up and walks over to meet the new comer.



“Audrey this is Lightsoul, he will be staying with us for the foreseeable future.” Eliza happily introduced. Lightsoul took a closer look at the pikachu and noticed a few interesting things about her. First she was wearing what appeared to be a black skirt around her waist covering a bit of her underside. Second this pikachu unlike others that Lightsoul has seen before had pink eyes instead of the normal amber color. Finally and the most odd thing of all was that Audrey’s tail strangely had the notch heart shape of a female pikachu and half of the lighting bolt end of a male pikachu’s tail. All in all Lightsoul did think the pika girl was cute, though just a bit odd looking. Lightsoul had been so into studying how the pika girl looked that he didn’t notice that he had been staring straight at her crotch, nor the fact that both girls were staring...or more so glaring at him.



“What are you staring?” Audrey asked Lightsoul after he finally noticed what he was doing. “Trying to get a good look?”



“What no!” Lightsoul cried as he frantically moved his eyes away from Audrey and tried to find anything else, anything at all to stare at other than her. Lightsoul failed to do so and found himself looking back at the pikachu who had her hands on her hips.


“Well, if you wasn’t staring at me, what were you staring at?” Audrey asked and Lightsoul became even more flustered than he was before as the shinx’s cheeks were turning red as he found himself looking back at the chu’s skirt again. Eliza could be heard giggling.



“Alright Audrey, stop joking around, I think Lighty has had enough.” Lightsoul looked at Eliza who had a paw over her maw as she was trying to contain herself, but wasn’t able to. Lightsoul heard Audrey giggling as well and it was by this time that Lightsoul finally figured out that the two had planned this. He felt a bit upset about being played by the girls, it wasn’t fun being the butt of the joke.



“Great...thanks for making me feel bad.” Lightsoul groaned.



“Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.” Audrey squeaked. “Everyone here tries to have a good sense of humor, you’ll learn to fit in sooner or later.”



“I see…” Lightsoul frowned, his ears hung a little low and he couldn’t help but sigh a little bit. He noticed both girl looking at the other and then back at him. Without warning the lion is surrounded by both girls on either side of him.

“And then we make up by cuddling with one another,” Eliza murred happily as she nuzzled her cheek against Lightsoul’s. Audrey did the same on to the shinx’s other cheek, a few sparks crackled from the pair of electric pokemon touching on another.



“You’ll like it here, promised.” Audrey squeaked.



“I think so, just need to calm down a bit.” Lightsoul did feel a bit overwhelmed by everything that was happening. It felt rushed, something he wasn’t use to. He felt the girls help him lay down on his back. “Hey what are you two doing?”



“Helping you calm down.” Eliza said as Audrey goes to the and sets a sign outside of the door that read, “Do not Disturb...Unless you intend to join then.”



“How much time do you think we have Audrey?” Eliza asked as she sits a paw on top of the shinx’s chest. Lightsoul looks up at the Sylveon who towered over him. Eliza had positioned herself just over the Shinx, her rear end and underside were just above his face. Lightsoul noticed that Eliza’s underside had a bit of pink and blue highlights mixed in with her white fur, she had 6 tiny nipples around her stomach. Lightsoul blushed and was about to look away until he noticed a strange black marking near the Sylveon’s butt when she wiggled it just above his face. It was hard to figure out what it was without putting his paws on Eliza’s butt just to make her stop flaunting it in his face. Lightsoul heard Audrey walk back over, the pikachu stops near his hindlegs and hold onto them.



“The rest the afternoon and evening Madam,” Audrey began as the chu puts her hands around the Shinx’s sheath. Lightsoul gulps as he struggled to free himself, but failed in vain as Eliza and Audrey were putting their weight down on him. “Wow you are the first Pokemon I have ever met that tries to get out of having a good time.”



“Because this doesn’t feel right,” Lightsoul complained as he felt like he was being taken advantaged of. “How would you feel if two males were doing this to you?” Lightsoul heard Eliza sigh and get up off of him. Audrey did not move though.



“Would you feel better if it was just one of us at a time then?” Eliza asked in a disappointed voice. Lightsoul couldn’t help but feel that he was letting the sylveon down now. Which was strange to him since he didn’t think that he cared very much how she felt up until now. With a small groan the shinx shakes his head.



“Well I do not want to let you do-” Eliza cuts the shinx off as she this time sits herself down on top of his face. The aroma of the sylveon’s scent filled his nose making him oddly enough want for her not to get off any time soon. A strange need to get a bit of a taste test was building up inside of him and he couldn’t help but find himself using what little room he had to try and give the fem a good licking.



“Good then...oh!” Lightsoul heard Eliza eep and then giggle as he was trying to find his way to the fem’s little love hole. “Oh are quiet the...OH! Adventurer.”



“Having a good time Madam?” Lightsoul heard Audrey ask. “Should I join in?”



“I don’t know Audrey, is a bulbasaur’s ass green and blue?” Eliza asked as Lightsoul felt the fairy eon adjust herself so the shinx had better access to her. The moment she pushed her warm, moist slit over his nose and mouth the shinx felt himself instantly turned on. Granted he was getting turned on before just now.



“Oh, they do have cute little butts, all big and round, I love to just hold on tightly and just pound into them.” Lightsoul heard the chu say. At first, he wondered what she was talking about, but then again maybe she meant something else all together. Pounding into someone else was a job for someone like him, not cute little chu girls like Audrey.


“Aww Audrey, you said they have cute little butts, but then say they are big and round.” Eliza’s giggle was loud enough for Lightsoul to hear even as the sylveon sat on top of him. It was starting to feel warm under where he was at and the shinx wondered if it was always like this or was it just him? Lightsoul wasn’t use to being in such a position...well at least with a female. Fenzura had sat on him like this a few times in the past back when they went on “training” trips. Lightsoul remembered Fenzura not wanting to get off of him until he gave him a proper “washing” and even went as far to grind himself up against his tongue. Lightsoul usually remembered having mixed feelings about it all, since he had been licking at his best friend’s tail hole. Lightsoul at first usually had been a bit grossed out and unsure if he wanted to give his friend a rim job as it was called, but usually by the end of it the shinx had a good time, made his friend feel good and was rewarded by Fenzura raising his long beautiful tails, bending down for him and showing off his glistening wet little tail hole.



“ really are enjoying yourself down there,” Lightsoul was brought back to reality by the giggling voice of Eliza. The shinx had been so into his fantasy about Fenzura that in reality he had been licking, sucking and eating out the sylveon as if she was Fenzura. He wasn’t about to tell her that he had picture the vulpix in her spot, but...knowing that he had a bit of talent when it came to female pleasuring, or pleasuring a vulpix that acted girly did make him puff his chest out a little bit.



“At least getting...some...action.” Lightsoul heard the voice of Audrey speak up, he felt small burst of pleasure over and over against as the pikachu was busy licking up and down his now fully erect cock. For a moment, the shinx couldn’t figure out why something that felt this good wasn’t being felt before, but then he remembered that he had been so zoned into giving oral that he somehow had been missing out on the joys of getting oral. The shinx moaned over and over again as Audrey worked her small tongue up and down his shaft, the chu spent a little extra time licking up his dripping pre.



“Well, I do like to make sure I take care of myself.” Lightsoul heard Eliza say back. In response Lightsoul heard what he considered was the most adorable little grunting noise was flung back at Eliza.



“Ssshiiiinnnxxxx!” Lightsoul moaned out as he gave Audrey a face full of shinx seed. He couldn’t see it happen but from what he had been told by Eliza later was that he shot more than a few good strings of his seed  right in between Audrey’s eyes, onto her forehead, mouth and finished but covered the maid’s stomach and skirt in his seed.



“Oh my Arceus!” Lightsoul heard Audrey cry after he was done. “Where did it all cum from?” Lightsoul felt a slap against his thigh and butt, the surprised pikachu didn’t seem to know what else to do.



“We have ourself a little breeder,” Lightsoul heard Eliza giggle. The sylveon soon got up off of him. The first thing he saw other than sylveon butt, was the face of its very cute owner looking down at him. A big smile on her face.



“Whoa...I do not think...I have ever, cummed so hard life.” Lightsoul said in a worn out but satisfied tone.

“Well Audrey, despite all of her complaining just now, is very good and enjoy a good blow job.” Eliza said smiling at the chu who was busy sitting to the side licking herself clean. Lightsoul saw that she had taken off her skirt, but he couldn’t see all of her because he was lying at a bad angle. Eliza used an gentle paw to guide his eyes back up at her. “There will be more time for getting to know one another later.”



“Why did you two-” Lightsoul’s mouth pressed on by one of Eliza’s ribbons, she used the other to make the “sheeshing” gesture.



“That is one of the perks of being my king, your queen and servants take good care of you.” Eliza bends down and gives the shinx a kiss on his lips. Deep down Lightsoul was saying a thank you to Arceus for letting someone so cute give him his first kiss. Well with a girl, since Fenzura did not count. “You needed a chance to relax and not be so tense. The other girls would not enjoy seeing you all worked up, and plus myself and Audrey agreed that we would take team you when I brought you home. More to come later, after meeting the girls.”



“Next time you are the one getting cum in your face,” Audrey said bitterly said in between licks. “Besides I would like to get a blow job while getting eaten out. You couldn’t stop “sylving” over and over again.”



“What…” Lightsoul spoke up as he tried to get up. Did he hear Audrey correctly? “Don’t you mean get a...tongue is the female version of a rim job called?”



“Cunniligus,” Both girls said together.



“Is that what I just did?” Lightsoul asked as he got onto his paws, the shinx shook himself a few times as he wanted to “wake” himself back up.


“Yes you did,” Eliza murred. “It was wonderful, you will have to use some of those skills on Audrey after dinner. You can return the wonderful favor that she did for you.”



“ her out?” Lightsoul asked as he turned his attention to the pikachu who up until now had her back turned to him. She takes off her skirt and began turning around to face him.



“No silly…” Audrey squeaked in a happy tone as she fully turned to face him. What Lightsoul saw was not what he would have expected. “You can give me a blow job instead.” What greeted the shinx was the sight of a female pikachu with cock sticking out of her, and it wasn’t because she had straped it on. Lightsoul did not know how he missed it up until now but…Audrey was a herm pikachu.

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