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Author's Chapter Notes:

File Name: A Cat and Cat Game

Owner: Pokégirl

File Location:

File Type: Story:Adult:F/F:Delcatty x Liepard

Caption Text: Support us on Patreon for special art, stories, and more!

Details: ...this is totally not a story that was made with two female felines so that I could write about pussies.

A Cat and Cat Game

  File Name:    A Cat and Cat Game

  Owner:    Pokégirl

  File Location:

  File Type:    Story:Adult:F/F:Delcatty x Liepard

  Caption Text:    Support us on Patreon for special art, stories, and more!

  Details:    ...this is totally not a story that was made with two female felines so that I could write about pussies.

  Related Artwork by .CanadianBacon


              “Hey, Adelle! I’m heading out now!”

               Moaning slightly, I rolled my shoulders before wiggling my toes, kneading the sides of my plush, lilac colored bed. Lifting my head up, I saw my human partner wedging her feet into what looked to be the second most uncomfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever seen humans design. The spike things on the end were far too long and thin for me to fathom how Kelly could still stand upright while wearing them but, when I’d asked why she’d bothered with them, she’d mentioned something along the lines of “different weapons for different battles” and I’d let the matter drop. As long as she didn’t try putting them on my feet or trip and break an ankle, I saw no harm in letting her wear them. Besides, more importantly, it looked like she was wearing a black dress that I’d yet to have the personal pleasure of inspecting and introducing my scent and fur to.

               Slipping out of my bed, I was picking out just the right spot to rub my cheek against, to maximize my claim, when Kelly caught sight of me and backed away, stumbling on those ridiculous spiked, height enhancers.

               “Nonono, Adelle! This is, like, the one dress I have for job interviews that doesn’t have fur on it!” She waved her hands, as if that would somehow compel me away while still backing up towards the door. “It doesn’t look good when I leave the house and have Delcatty fur all over me!”

               [Well, how else is everyone to know that you’re mine?] The light huff I gave was soft, projected more by the rise and fall of my chest than any actual sound. [Some lowly fowl might think you’re a free trainer and claim you for their own, you know? It’s really for your own protection that I do this...]

               I’d been about to pounce towards her but was thwarted by the sudden hissing, tsk sound that she made through her teeth. That sound was usually accompanied by a squirt of water and it was enough to make me step back, flattening my ears and glancing at her hands. I didn’t see a water bottle or squirt gun so it was a weak deterrent, at best.   

               “I really doubt that would happen. Besides, you and I haven’t done any competitive battles in a while and I really need to make income somehow. Your purchases aren’t going to pay for themselves.”

               My head jerked back, as if she’d struck me. [I’m not the only one buying things!]

               “All the more reason I need to get this job,” Kelly answered, with a sweetness as artificial as an Ekan’s comforting embrace. “Anyway, I really have to go or I’ll be late, which is never a good first impression.”

               [If you must.] Lifting my head and turning it to the side, I glanced at the dress out of the corner of my eye, thinking I might still be able to put some marker on it that Kelly was mine.

               Unfortunately, Kelly seemed to be on to me. She was out the door with a quick twirl, leaving me to fume in her absence.

               I muttered, abandoning my angry glaring at the door, as if it could have somehow stopped Kelly’s departure.

               Treading down the hallway, the carpet plush under my toes, I made my way into Kelly’s room, deciding it was my duty to see to it that she didn’t leave without the protection of my scent again.

               [Clearly, I can’t trust her to bring her clothes to me herself…] I muttered, deciding to start with the closet.




               After about thirty minutes or so of productive scent marking (with my facial cheeks, thank you very much!), I had decided to claim my spot on the middle of Kelly’s bed, just in case some stray something or other decided to make its way home with her. Rocking my back against the Zebstrika patterned blanket on the bed, I pawed at some dust motes in the air, more pronounced in the sunlight now streaming through the window. Personally, I thought the pattern on the blanket was tacky but the fake fur feel of it was warm and I did enjoy pretending that I’d hunted and killed a real Zebstrika just for Kelly and that this was the remains of its pelt.

               …not that I’d ever do such a thing but it was sometimes pleasing to think about.

               An unexpected chime made my paws twitch and my back jump, the first unsheathing while the latter twisted to get me onto my feet, ready to fight. As silence filled the air again, I realized it was merely the doorbell and not some unknown threat that had to be dispatched.

               Taking a moment to groom my fur back into place, I continued to wait for a second ring but none ever came. Wondering who had been by, I jumped down from the bed and started to make my way to the front door. I couldn’t see anyone through the glass panes on the side of the door, even when I got close enough to put my face to the glass.

               A delivery then? I thought a moment before nodding. I had placed an order recently, I just hadn’t expected it quite so soon. Safari’s Prima Pidgey Parcel delivery was rather quick about such things, though.

               Moving back to the door, I stood up on my hind legs so that I could reach the handle with my paws. Pulling down on the golden, curved knob, the push lock disengaged and I was able to pull the door towards me before easily opening the storm door.

               Sure enough, there to the right of the door was my package. It was a little longer than I’d thought it would be, for a few cans of Starmie Chunkie Tuna (Water Pokemon safe), but it wasn’t as though I hadn’t received oddly packaged items in the past. Why they’d sent me a box almost three times as large as my new catnip Pikachu toy was beyond me…

               Which I used for medical reasons and totally not for recreational purposes! I have a Professor’s note and everything!

               Clearing my throat a little, I turned my head up to the sky. Clear blue with white, not gray, clouds of fluff, it appeared early enough that I could meet up with Leila, if I wanted to. The feral Liepard should be out and about by now and Kelly probably wouldn’t be back from her stupid interview thing with her un-marked dress until later (when I would fix the dress for my human but I needed to put that thought out of my head for now unless I wanted to shred something with my claws) so I ought to have plenty of time.

               Slipping back inside for a moment to pop the lock back in place, I shut the door behind me and picked up the box in my mouth, blinking when I realized how light it was.

               They must have packaged it really well so it wouldn’t shift in transit , I figured, vaguely impressed when I shook the box and found the weight barely moved inside. This will make the trip    much    easier.

               Resisting the urge to tighten my jaw around the box, wanting to keep the moisture on it to a minimum, I started my trip towards the forest edge, just outside of town.




               While I did try my best to be careful, a certain level of saliva had caused parts of the box to grow soggy and soft, ready to buckle or give should I handle it anything short of “gingerly.” Had I given it more thought, I could have probably come up with an alternative way to carry this but, really, I was almost there and I hadn’t wanted to deal with the mess of trying to put it in a bag and fumbling with a way to carry it on my back. Sometimes, lacking thumbs or Psychic powers really sucked!

               Taking a moment to glance along the trees and mentally measuring the depth of which I’d travelled into the woods, I figured I was almost to the rock where Leila and I met. It was aggravating, sometimes. I’d invited Leila to my home to visit but she was adamant about preferring to remain outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions or seasons, leaving me to make the trip each time I wanted to see her.

               Highly unreasonable. I rolled my eyes, thinking how alike the Leipard was to Kelly. You’d think I was asking her to move or something, not come and spend an hour or so inside a nice, mostly dirt and leaf free home!

               Speaking of leaves, it looked like most of the ones around here were finally starting to grow along the branches. Spring was finally far enough into the season that I could even make out tiny buds of purple and white straining to make their way above last year’s brown, fallen leaves. The faint chill of winter’s breath still came around the middle of the night but it was growing fainter as spring pushed forward. Bits of moss were even starting to grow thick green in patches, scattered along both fallen trees on the forest floor and the still living trees that were stretching their limbs to the sky.

               I wonder if Leila even uses that blanket I bought for her. I gave a light laugh around the edges of the box. Knowing her stubborn self, she probably just sleeps on moss.

               One of the more practical gifts I’d gotten for the Liepard, Leila had been pleased with the black and purple striped thing… at least, more so than she’d been with the scarf I’d gotten her. The Leipard had insisted it would get caught in a bush or that the white, silk scarf would somehow give her position away while hunting and, therefore, she couldn’t be expected to wear such a thing.

               Wanting to cluck my tongue but unable to do so with the mass of cardboard in my mouth, I settled for a huff that almost sounded like a laugh before shaking my head and putting the box down.

               Our meeting rock hadn’t changed over the winter, the gray boulder still as large as I remembered. Easily five times as tall and perhaps a little larger around, I’d found it one day while exploring this new town that Kelly and I now called “home.” I’d been looking for something to do after Kelly had decided battles were nice and all but not something she wanted to do indefinitely, leaving me with considerably more free time on my paws. If pressed, I’d have to admit to missing the thrill of competing against other Pokemon and showing off just how marvelous my trainer was. We still do battles here and there to get some extra income when we need it so… I guess that’s all I really needed.

               I mean, I’d rather Kelly be happy, anyway.

               “You looking for me, pet? Or just looking?

               Instincts kicked in and I trusted them, moving to the left just as a blur of fur landed where I’d been. A moment after that, I was dodging to the right as a paw came swinging my way. Ducking down, I twirled, whiskers bristling as electricity began to dance along them. My tail lashed out and connected, the Thunderbolt racing from my whiskers, down my back, along my tail, and into the body of my opponent.

               Giving a sharp, short roar of either pain or discomfort, the assaulter stumbled back and I leapt back myself, wanting enough space between us so that I could safely follow up with a Thunder attack, should it be needed. My blood was humming in my ears and I almost hoped we’d be continuing, though I did still meet Leila’s snarl with a smile.

               “I was, actually.” Keeping my eyes focused on Leila, I watched her for signs of if we’d be continuing today’s battle or leaving things as they stood. Usually, Leila would back off after I landed a solid hit but the Leipard could be prone to recklessly attacking if her temper was lit. “Were you hoping I’d be?”

               Giving a sharp hiss, Leila sat on her haunches abruptly, raising a paw to her lips to lick the fur in between her toes. Sitting myself, I moved slowly, just in case this was another one of her tricks to lure me into a false sense of security before she pounced. When no apparent attack came, I decided to wait my friend out, to see if she’d answer my question.

               I didn’t have to wait long. Leila was about as patient as a Sableye who’d spotted a gem.

               “Didn’t think you’d be out and about. Ain’t it too muddy for you, princess?”

               Refraining from raising an eyebrow or even reminding Leila about my visits to her this last winter, when more than just mud was on the ground, I instead gave a soft hum and directed my gaze towards the package I’d been carrying, now laying by our meeting rock.

               “Well,” I said, bringing my attention back to Leila, before she could decide my inattentiveness was an invitation for round two to begin. “If someone had accepted my offer of housing, instead of choosing to remain in a forest, I wouldn’t have to be here, now would I?” Sensing Leila’s mood to be amiable for the moment, I decided to chance shifting my shoulders so that I could smooth my fur back into place. “I mean, really, Leila, what is so enchanting about the cold and the mud? If you would have just come over for an hour or so, I think you would have decided to stay the whole winter or longer at my place.”

               Leila only pulled her lips back to show her fangs, her whiskers fanning closer to her face.

               “And, seriously,” I went on, departing from the topic of her visiting me, which always seemed to be a sore one for some reason but not something I was willing to give up on permanently. “Do you have to keep trying to get the jump on me? You’ve been trying since you were a Purrloin and only got me once when I had a cold.”

               The Liepard’s tail flicked, quickly, before she gave a large yawn that showed off not only her main set of fangs but also several smaller, equally sharp teeth within.

               Remaining silent for a minute or two, to see if she had anything to say about the matter, I finally gave up waiting when it appeared that Leila was choosing to remain highly indifferent and pretend I must have only been talking to myself and certainly whatever I was saying had nothing to do with her.

               We’re in one of those moods today, hmm? Resisting, yet again, the strong urge to roll my eyes, I simply decided it would be best to give my friend her gift and then be on my way. For whatever reason, sometimes Leila could be moody and, it seemed, today was one of those days. It would be better to leave and try again on a day when the Leipard was being more pleasant than to stick around and get caught up in her moody little funk.

               “I ordered something I thought you might like.” Pointing a paw in the direction of the box, which I was certain she was well aware was there, I figured she’d get the hint. “I just wanted to drop it off to you.”

               Leila’s ears twitched slightly and she did turn her head enough to look at the box.

               “It’s not another scarf, is it?”

               The dry tones of the Leipard’s voice set my ears back slightly and I tried to keep a growl from echoing along my words, though I’m afraid it might have hummed along them anyway. “No, it is not another scarf.” Shaking my head, I felt my whiskers trembling in the air as I moved to stand. “If you don’t want it I’ll jus-”

               “I didn’t say I didn’t want it, now did I?” Leila kept an intense watch on me until I sat myself back down. “You gotta learn to listen better, Dell.”

               Pulling back my own lips to let Leila know just how much I appreciated the shortening of my name, I went back to observing, trying not to appear too obvious in my eagerness to see her reaction at the sight of the tuna. If I did, she might take the box somewhere else to open it and I’d miss out on the way her eyes would soften and the slight smile that would show for only a split second before she’d be hissing and spitting about how she didn’t need “some useless piece of junk,” even though she never took me up on my offer to take it back, if it’d displeased her so.

               While caught up in my musings of what was to come, I’d almost missed what was going on in the present. She had already gotten up to move over to the box, placing a claw along the dark colored tape and piercing it, dragging it down with a ripping sound accompanying it. Flaps opening, Leila peered inside. However, rather than wonder and perhaps even satisfaction, I noticed only confusion and uncertainty.

               “You don’t like it?” I had never considered it a possibility that Leila wouldn’t like tuna, as I myself enjoyed it greatly.

               “I wouldn’t say I don’t like it,” Leila answered, her words spoken after a pause and more delicately than I would have thought her normally capable of. “I just don’t get what it is.

               Lowering her head, Leila pulled out a smaller, equally long box from within the original packaging. Moving closer, frowning to myself even as I thought of what an odd way that was to store tuna, the golden, looping lettering on the side caught my attention.

               Mighty Machoke’s Double Delight Dildo.

               “Oh no. No, no!” Turning to look at the original box, I batted it to the side and hastily sought out the label. There, smeared with dirt but still legible, was Kelly’s name. “I grabbed the wrong box!”

               Not that there had been another box for me to take but, when this one had come, I had just assumed this was it, that it was the tuna I’d ordered. I certainly hadn’t been expecting this to have been in it and didn’t even think to check the label!

               “Leila, I have to take this back!” Reaching to grab the box out of Leila’s mouth, my teeth only dug into the air as Leila pulled it just out of my grasp. “ Leila! It’s not mine! It’s Kelly’s.

               Leila only gave a low growl before shaking her head and mumbling something around the box that sounded like “mine now.”

               “Leila! You don’t even know what it is!”

               I swear, it almost looked like Leila was smiling at me, awkward as it appeared. Claws digging into the ground, the fur along my back bristled and puffed along my tail, trying to figure out how I was even going to begin to explain this to Kelly as well as find a way for Leila to give it back to me in one piece.

               “You… you can’t even use it yourself!” I finally spat out, hoping that would somehow dissuade her.

               Leila looked even smugger as she curled her tail in the air, apparently more interested in playing keep away than in the actual item itself.

               Hissing in annoyance, I attempted to grab it back from her and missed again. Cursing inside of my head, I twisted and danced around her as she twirled and skipped, trying to keep it just far enough from me. I would jump and lunge and she would pull back and twirl, always keeping it just outside of my reach.  At some point, my hissing had evolved into a growl before I tossed my head and gave her a glare that would have made an Arbok die of envy.

               “Fine, then! Keep it!” I spat, feeling the words leave my lips like venom.

               Turning to head home, my shoulders so tensed my fur was almost straight on end, I was already trying to figure out how quickly I could get another one to replace this one and hoping it wouldn’t cost much when an unexpected bump against my shoulder almost knocked me off my feet.

               Almost ready to scream, Leila’s words just barely stopped me.

               “Tell me what it is.”

               Turning sharply, annoyance twisted bitterly in my stomach. Of course she would drop the box in such a way I had no chance to run by her to grab it. Growl still rumbling along my throat, I decided that answering her couldn’t hurt and maybe, just maybe by answering Leila her curiosity would be sated enough to relinquish the toy.

               “It’s a toy. A human toy.”

               The emphasis wasn’t lost on Leila, from the slight pinching of her brow, but a glance at the box had her shaking her head.

               “That’s a picture of a Pokemon on the box. Not a human.”

               “An adult , human toy for humans who like Pokemon!”

               Despite my words coming out in a rush and thorny with exasperation and weak with desperation, Leila seemed to understand, though she still had a slight frown on her face, as if not believing it.

               Looking at the box again, I waited for Leila to declare herself as having more important things to be doing than entertaining a pet like me, as she’d done several times in the past, or for an opportunity to dash by her, grab it, and run like my tail was on fire (had that happen once, don’t recommend it). After all, there wasn’t much excitement in a box that she didn’t think I was going to try to get any more, right?

               That slender sprout of hope withered as Leila spoke.

               “Then, how do you play?”

               I had to have misheard her. “What?”

               Leila’s green eyes stared directly into mine as she spoke again, this time with a slowness that relayed she knew I must have heard her the first time but she’d go ahead and oblige me like I was a Slowpoke.

               “How. Do. You. Play?”

               A lesson on Flying types and Combees was not what I’d had in mind when I’d left the house for this visit so I decided to keep it simple and as uninteresting as possible while still seeing if there’d be an opportunity to dart for the box when Leila wasn’t paying attention.

               “It takes two players playing together to work, I guess.” Even shifting my weight slightly instantly had Leila’s attention on me so I decided to stay as still as I could for the moment before snapping. “Look, it’s Kelly’s, okay? I’ll just take it back to her and get the right box then we can forget all about-”

               My words drifted off as Leila took a step closer, almost touching her chest to mine. If I breathed too deeply, I thought my fur would brush hers. This sudden closeness without attack made me cautious and dizzy at the same time, certain Leila would Tackle me at any moment. Each second she delayed made my failed expectations rise again and again, certain this would be the moment. Right here!

               “Why don’t we play, then?”

               Her soft words struck me harder than a Tackle could have.

               “ What?!”

               Leila breathed deeply in, her eyes having closed for a short duration before she opened them again and continued to keep her eyes locked on mine. I could feel heat burning along the insides of my ears as Leila deliberately rolled her eyes at me.

               “There are two of us,” she said, thankfully not as slowly as she had the first time but there were still noticeable pauses between her words that weren’t normally present. “We are both adults. This toy takes two players.” Leila went on, still making sure she had my attention. “I want to beat you at this human game.” A light sneer pulled along her lips, her head lifting even as she made sure to keep her eyes on me. “I’m certain I can play this game as well as your human can.”

               “I’ve never played this kind of game with Kelly, Leila!” I groaned, seeing that Leila apparently cared little about my protests from the way she was stubbornly holding her position and from the curve of her tail. “Look, I’ll take it back to the house and come back with something even better, Leila.”

               “I want that.” Leila jerked her head towards the box, turning her body so that the length of her blocked any easy path I might have taken to try and grab it. “And I want you to play with me.”

               As I opened my mouth, thinking I could persuade her to give it to me if I just found the right words, she stepped away, her tail brushing along my right side.

               “I’ll take you to my den.”

               That made me pause, closing my mouth before Leila could comment about flies getting in. For the three years that I’d known her, I’d never known where the Liepard lived. It hadn’t been something I’d fixated on but, well, there was a small, sharp spike of curiosity that dug into my mind on the days I would be at home, laying in my bed. Staring at the window, seeing swirls of snow or splatters of rain, I’d have to wonder… was Leila dry? Warm? Had she enough to eat? The Liepard certainly had enough pride that I would never hear the words come past her lips if she ever needed help.

               Even as the idea of finally seeing Leila’s home swayed the scales within my head, weighing if it would be really so bad of a thing as to indulge her, apparently she decided to tip the balance further.

               “I’ll even come to your den.” Leila’s lips twisted at the corners, as if tasting something displeasing and wishing to spit it out but having the good graces as to not do so. “ After we go to my den and you play with me.”

               I found my jaw clenching, thinking it horribly unfair (but not out of character) for Leila to make that offer, especially when I’d hinted, asked, teased, and bribed (unsuccessfully) for both of the things she was now just so casually tossing out there.

               “This isn’t some play on words or a trick or something?” My jaw loosened just enough to get out those words before my teeth went back to trying to crush themselves in my mouth.

               “I’m offering,” Leila said, her tail swaying in the air like an annoyed Seviper. “To take you to my den, where you’ll show me how this toy is used or the game played with it so I can beat you. Then, I’ll go with you to your own den.” As if seeing the uncertainty in my mind, those scales still swaying to and fro, Leila went on with a smile so sharp it could cut through a Steel Pokemon’s hide. “Think of it this way… you’ll get half now, half after. I’m really the one with no assurances,” she added, placing a paw on her chest, as if she wasn’t the one who’d wiggled herself out of past promises she’d made.

               It was a very, very tempting offer; one that made me reluctant to accept just because it was so tempting.

               “Or, I guess you could just take it and go home. Alone.” Leila had actually turned to walk towards the discarded toy, placing a paw on it and rolling it lightly against the ground, her voice growing softer, smaller. “I mean, if you think that badly of me…”

               The lowering of her purple ears and the quick blinks of her green eyes didn’t fool me for a minute.

               But that tone of her voice…

               “Fine.” I still felt like this was against my better judgment. “But so help me, Leila, if you try and welsh out of this one!”

               The Leipard’s pleased laugh was enough to make me doubly certain that I was going to regret this.




              The walk was longer than I’d anticipated, for some reason having had it in my mind that Leila lived closer to our meeting spot and, therefore, closer to town. The trees around us didn’t suddenly increase in number and they were still spaced out reasonably, but their branches did seem to reach higher and appeared thicker so that there was a chill in the air. Straggling piles of snow clung to the bases of the trees like crying children, wet rivets seeping into the ground as they tried to hang on against the inevitable. Spring might be delayed in reaching this area of the forest but it was still coming to brush away the remnants of winter.

              I thought to ask Leila if we were almost there yet but, in typical Leila fashion, the Liepard had insisted on carrying the box, making conversation difficult and not really worth the effort.

              Giving a light huff of annoyance, I instead went back to trying to memorize the path Leila was leading me along. Which, so far as I could tell, wasn’t really a path at all. There was no worn ground, grass, or leaves to show which way we were heading or even where we’d come from. With the sun obscured by clouds, I could only assume we weren’t going in circles based on the fact that Leila, once she’d started walking, had kept going straight except for one turn at a creek of mud and stones.

               Not wanting to complain that my feet were gradually starting to hurt, so as to avoid any commentary on what a “pet” and/or “princess” I was, I had to wonder how often Leila made this trip and if there was something so interesting near the town that made it worth it

               Caught thinking of Leila’s possible reasons for the journey, I almost ended up with my nose buried in her fur, having not noticed her sudden stop. Rubbing my head, trying to keep dirt off my face, I had to admit a quick prick of irritation that there’d been no warning. It wasn’t as if this clearing looked any different from the several others we’d passed or anything.

               Leila’s head was up, her ears stretched out as high as they could go as she glanced around. Thinking she might have heard something I’d missed, my heart jumped as I, too, turned to see if there was an unknown threat lurking just out of sight. Other than the faint chirps and songs of several bird Pokemon in the distance, I failed to sense anything or anyone close to us.

               As if reaching the same conclusion, Leila gave a sudden, firm nod before walking over to what appeared to be a rather thick but otherwise ordinary pine tree.

               “Leila, I swear to Arceus, if you’ve made me walk this far just to play some kind of joke-”

               My tongue pressed tightly to the roof of my mouth, cutting off any other words or curses I’d been thinking to use after that. Leila’s focus wasn’t on me but on the tree. The air was starting to waver around her, as if her body was hot enough to cause invisible ripples because of it. A light green started to color area not only around her but around the tree, too. Branches pulled back, creaking to the point I thought they’d break. Instead, an opening formed where one certainly had not been there before. A thick vine, maybe three or five times as thick as my forearms flowed out of the opening, like a tongue too weighted down to do anything other than flop down to the earth.

               Taking a step back, I just barely kept from opening my mouth in a hiss and having my fur fluff out as the glow faded from Leila, the opening and vine remaining in its absence.

               Blinking, Leila shook her head once before turning to look at me. Her brow furrowed suddenly, her frown obscured by the box though I was sure there was one. I flattened my ears, knowing what was coming before it happened, a faint warmth burning hot and quick under my cheek fur just as recognition set in and Leila’s furrow vanished, muffled laughter taking its place.

               “You could have warned me,” I snipped, feeling my ears almost aching as they pushed as flat as they could against my head. “How did you even learn Secret Power, Leila?”

               The mirth faded abruptly, as if a switch had been flicked.

               Rather than even attempting to try and answer me, Leila crouched down and sprung up into the air. Her paws hit a large leaf that had unfurled on the vine when I hadn’t been looking. In two more jumps, I lost sight of her as she vanished into the dark opening of the tree’s mouth.


               I knew my voice sounded small, maybe even worried. Her change in behavior had me baffled but, figuring I wouldn’t get any answers down here (much less Kelly’s toy back), I decided to crouch down and aim for a leaf myself. With a quick wiggle to adjust, I sprang once, twice, thrice, and followed the Liepard into her lair.

               It was brighter than I’d been expecting, though still a little darker than it had been outside. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust and I could make out the inside of Leila’s home. By that time, the rustling behind me had indicated that the opening had closed so, really, my only way to go was forward.

               The floor appeared to be made out of branches, stripped of their smaller limbs and leaves so that they appeared like logs. The walls were thick and bushy, the chill from the outside unable to penetrate the arrangement of pine needles that sheltered us. Moving deeper within, I was surprised to find decorations along the floor and walls. There was a poster that showed a meadow with flowers and Pokemon, a small table with cushions on either side, a blue rug with white dots and waves, and at least three plushies that I could make out from here. Two additional hallways led further back into the tree, leaving me to wonder what lay deeper inside her home. Leila, though, was sitting on one of the cushions, the box resting on the table while she stared at it, her eyes only briefly rising to meet mine before she went back to staring at it.

               “This is really nice, Leila.” After seeing even this much, I could understand why Leila had declined my offer to stay with me. “I thought you lived in a cave-”

               Realizing how that might have sounded, I tried to backpedal my thoughts into making it sound better but everything that came to mind just seemed like it would make it worse so I shut up and tried to keep myself from burying my head in my paws.

               Leila’s eyes darted up and she almost choked. “You thought I lived in a cave?

               “Well, it doesn’t seem like that stupid of an idea,” I muttered, rubbing my cheek with a paw as I tried to press my blush away.

               “You do know, pet, that there aren’t any mountains close to us, right?”

               The light flavor of joy in her voice made something flutter inside my chest but I squashed the feeling, knowing she was laughing at me.

               “Maybe you found a small den or something, like in a hill?” I winced, hearing the question in my voice and realizing my point wasn’t as strong as I’d hoped.

               That hardly mattered, however, as Leila threw back her head and laughed. It was a loud, belly aching sound that made her whole body shake and tears form at the corners of her eyes. I could hear her wheezing as she fought to breathe past her amusement, my tail lashing behind me as I had to wait it out.

               Finally, when her shaking had subsided to a stray giggle here or there, I was able to demand an answer as to what she found so funny about what I had thought to be a reasonable idea.

               Resting her head on the table, she gave a smile that was as fragile as the shell of a Spearow’s egg before breathing in and answering me, voice so soft I had to lean forward and tilt my ears towards her.

               “You just remind me of me, pet, when I was much younger and just as foolish.”

               About to ask what she meant, the Liepard shook her head and lifted it from the table, placing a paw on the box.

               “Alright. Show me how to play this game now, pet. You promised, after all, and I did my part.”

               “Half,” I countered, quick to make sure she remembered. “You did half your part, so far.”

               The slight twitch of Leila’s lips indicated she’d hoped I’d forgotten about the latter half of our deal but she did incline her head slightly to acknowledge it.

               Glancing at the box, anxiety weighed in my stomach like an iron ball. Coughing slightly, I turned my attention away from it, deciding to check out Leila’s poster again while speaking.

               “It… it works better in a room with a bed, I think.” Swallowing four or five times in quick succession, the iron ball was now starting to roll around. “Do you have a place like that? Somewhere soft to lay down?”

               Leila’s head tilted and her eyes narrowed slightly, perhaps checking to make sure I wasn’t delaying things, before giving a nod. Standing, she picked up the box once more before leading the way down the right hallway, leaving me to follow.

               The new room was large, maybe even larger than the entry one. In here, there was a sizable, circular rug. While blue, as the one in front, it was lighter in coloring and had a yellow stars and jagged patterns on it. Besides it, a pillow large enough to be a small mattress rested at the corner of the room with a recognizable black and purple blanket on top and a suspiciously familiar looking silk scarf tied around the neck of what might have been a Skitty doll. I couldn’t say for sure, though, as Leila had suddenly moved in front of me and, in the next instance, the thing that might have been a Skitty doll had vanished with the box taking its place.

               “Alright,” Leila said, moving to take a seat on the bed. “Enough stalling.”

               Still not sure what I was getting myself into, I sat at the other edge of the bed with my back to the pine wall corner and hoped Leila might still reconsider once she actually figured out what this particular “game” involved.

               “Just so you know, it’s not like I’ve ever done this before,” I said, deciding to keep my gaze lowered on the box while I worked a claw between the flaps of it to slit the tape sealing it. “So I’m not sure-”

               “Stal~Ling.” Leila said, dragging out the “l” sound, making it sound both musical and mildly impertinent at the same time.

               Lifting my lips a little, feeling my fur ruffling even as I willed it not to, I worked the box open. Mindful of my claws, I reached inside until I felt something rubbery yet firm and pulled.

               Rather than long and straight, the blue-gray cock I’d pulled out had a gradual curve while the other side attached to it jutted more abruptly into the air. Both ends had what appeared to be a cock head and veins etched into the rubber, as if they were really based off of a Machoke (or two’s) dick.  It was… thicker than I’d anticipated as well, making me wonder if it would even manage to fit into either one of us.

               “Well?” Leila poked the opposite end that I was holding with her paw, causing it to sway. “How do we play?”

               The insides of my ears felt like they were burning and my cheeks were equally as hot. Opening my mouth, I thought to explain but couldn’t get any words out when Leila lowered herself on the bed and almost had her lips touching the end of the toy.

               “Do we see who can put the most in our mouths?” she asked, her tongue flicking out to touch it.

               Every hair on my body froze, my eyes unable to move as she licked along the length of its side, raising her head and stopping just short of licking my paw holding the other end.

               “It doesn’t taste very edible,” I heard her murmur, lowering herself again.

               Opening her mouth, she was about to put the tip of it in when I yanked it away, my voice squeaking out.

               “Leila! It’s not for eating!

               “It’s not?” She crossed her paws and tilted her head, her tail curling like a question mark. “Then what is it for, Adelle?”

               The use of my name, my name , and not pet, princesses, or Dell, dazed me. Watching her, seeing her look to me and wait for an answer, I tried again to force the words out but only dry air left my mouth.

               Frowning, I lashed my tail and hissed, dropping the toy and staring at it so hard I thought it might melt away so that I wouldn’t have to figure out how to even begin to explain this to Leila.

               A quiet bark of laughter made my head jerk up, my ears perked high on alert.


               I swallowed, trying to think past the trick she was using to make my name sound so soft and sweet.  


               Leila didn’t just move, she flowed . One instant, she was laying down, the next, she was a mere inch away from my nose. Pulling my head back, I found myself bumping into the wall of pine needles, sharp points digging into my skin as Leila closed the gap again.

               Her grass green eyes were dark. This close, she gave me no choice but to stare into them.

               “Did you really think I didn’t know what a dildo was?”

               Sudden shock had my mouth popping open, just wide enough for a mischievous Dark Pokemon to take advantage of it with her own.

               The tender warmth was almost more stunning that Leila’s declaration, my mind spinning as I tried to swim past the onslaught of emotions trying to demand my attention. In the mere seconds it took for me to try and snap out of it, Leila’s tongue was in my mouth, touching my own and pressing her chest to mine as a soft rumble vibrated between us. As she put her paw on my shoulder, I felt her claws digging past my fur, though they offered no more pain than the pine needles behind me as she tugged me closer to her.

               Finally, out of breath, Leila pulled back enough to give a gentle bite against my bottom lip, leaving it feeling swollen and bruised.

               “Fuck.” The word caressed my mouth as she spoke. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?”

               “For me to accidentally bring a dildo?” I asked, before my mind could fully fathom what my mouth was saying.

               Leila gave a growl that sounded more pleased than annoyed before leaning in again, moving to put her head just above the paw keeping me in place. Nudging my head up and to the side, her teeth sank in just deep enough that their sharpness dug into my skin without piercing it. Saliva soaked along my tanned fur as my body squirmed, confusing me as to if I was trying to move closer or get away. Pressing my paws to her chest, I thought I might push her back but they only rested against her, lacking any will to actually push.

               Letting go of my neck, Leila offered a light lick before speaking.

               “Since I met you.”

               “What?!” I tried to shake my head but a sharp, warning sound from Leila stopped me.

               “You’re repeating that word a lot today,” she muttered, moving to put the bottom edges of my ear between her teeth and bite.

               My eyes rolled up and I almost sank into the pillow, my limbs having grown weak and warm.

               Leila gave an appreciative moan before going back to licking.

               “That was… three years ago, Leila.”

               “Mmhmm.” A chuckle came from the Liepard as she bumped her head lightly against mine. “Not at first, of course.” A light snort of air brushed some of my fur to the side before Leila groomed it back just the way I liked it. “But after our first spar…”

               “I beat you!”

               “Mmm, pet… you really need to learn how things work outside your little city.” Touching her nose to mine, she placed a soft kiss on my lips before going on. “Strength is very attractive.”

               I wanted to rub my head with my paws, finding this all somehow very flattering and confusing.

               “Then why…” Something clicked in my head, so bright and clear that it had to be right. “All those other fights… were you flirting?

               Leila’s head tilted, the two sudden and quick blinks she gave answering the question even before she spoke.

               “Well, not in so many words but, yes.” Her lips pinched together, as if to keep laughing again. “Now, I know we’re two queens, Adelle, but, seriously? You know how it works, right? Male and female fight, female either kicks his ass and he goes away or she loses and the male claims her. You won again and again soooo…” Leila trailed off, waiting for me to connect the dots, I suppose. “You, on the other paw, would win and not do anything . Well,” she amended, “we did talk, a lot. That was nice, for a while. You also brought me gifts, asked me to move into your den with you, kept coming to see me…”

               I thought about congratulating Leila on her most elaborate joke yet when the expression on her face stopped me. The usually confident, don’t-give-a-fuck Leila had her eyes down and to the side, not meeting my gaze. Her tail, normally animated in some form, was lying on the bed, twisted and curled as if in prolonged pain. Her ears trembled, still upright but almost struggling, as if trying not to lay flat.


               Again, I found myself without words. All I knew was that, somehow, unintentionally, I’d caused this insecurity in my friend.

               “Leila.” This time, she looked up. Having considered my own feelings and, taking hers into account, I moved away from the wall to lean into her fur and pressed my lips to hers.

               I could feel her body tremble against mine, her tail moving to touch my side as she answered my kiss with her own. Soon, the one kiss shattered into many, as if we were competing to see who could kiss the other the most. Many of them were quick, brief things. Others were long and forceful. Some had tongue, most didn’t. I know I was rubbing my cheeks against hers even as she was rubbing hers against me. There was wetness and warmth and all that I could think of was wanting to make sure my scent never left her body.

               Her lips began to wander, leaving to trail along my jawbone then chin before going further down along my neck. Her nose was nuzzled so deeply into my fur I could feel the slight chill of it on my skin before her head tilted and her teeth bit more along the back of my neck than the side.

               Something flashed along my vision, my body growing heavy as I almost collapsed against her with a moan.

               I could feel her pleased purring along my neck, her teeth pressing harder against my skin as the sound vibrated straight down to my pussy. Shifting my weight slightly, my hips spread wider from where I sat, my tail curling absently to the side as my body grew to feel even heavier.

               Leila’s purring dipped deeper, the growling sound dimly making me wonder if she intended to bite even harder.

               Her grip eased, instead.

               I was going to say something, maybe ask why she’d stopped, when her head moved to press against my chest, pushing me so that I fell back onto the bed. Straddling me, Leila’s Dark nature had never seemed more apparent as it did while she purposefully brushed her tail against my clit, making me cry out and arch into her.

               “Fuck, pet. We haven’t even gotten started yet.”

               I frowned at her, a little annoyed she didn’t seem as, as overcome as I did by what was going on. Deciding to try and wipe the smirk off her face, I lifted my own tail to try and return the favor, only to have my body jerk and my tail spasm as Leila latched onto my neck again, this time where it joined at my shoulder.

               “None of that, princess,” she growled, her voice just barely audible past my fur and her grip. “I’ve been waiting for three years so you get to do your share of waiting now.”

               “T-that’s not fair, Leila.” It had taken a few breaths to get the words out. “I didn’t know.”

               “You know now, don’t cha?”

               Her grip around my throat tightened, hard but brief. Against all logic, I tried to pull away but her arms had me pinned on either side. All I could do was struggle, pointlessly, against her grasp until another squeeze from her fangs forced me to still.

               Her growls returned to threading the air, a promise and a warning, before I felt another brush against my clit.

               I couldn’t help but squirm at the light brushes, my hips jerking as I cried out, wanting more. She never gave more, though. If I thrust upwards, her tail pulled back, teasing me just as softly as it had before. If I tried to move away, to get a respite, her tail followed me, never relenting as it kept stroking my tender pearl. My whimpers only seemed to encourage her, if the gentle but insistent flicks against my flesh were any indication.

               “Leila…” I spoke her name like a plea, my body arching upward, trying to rub myself against her, but she kept just outside of my reach.

               “Yes, pet?”

               The humor in her voice didn’t escape me but I was too desperate to care.


               “Please stop?” She gave a light hum, as if considering. “Well, if you really want thaaaat.”

               I felt her tail lifting and the decrease of her touch, soon to be an absence, was frightening. What if she just stopped altogether?!

               “NO!” I felt my skin slide against her teeth as I yanked upward, not wanting that at all.

               Her grip adjusted, her tail pressing back against my clit as she finally touched her chest to mine, her weight settling over me.

               “You’re going to have marks from that,” she told me, a pleased tone in her voice letting me know she wasn’t the least bit sorry.

               “I don’t care.” I was rocking against her, her tail pressing harder against my pussy while she kept her own hips up in the air. I thought again of lifting my tail to touch her but was at least clearheaded enough to realize she probably wouldn’t let me cum if I did that. “Just please, fuck me.”

               Leila’s paws adjusted so that they were resting on my shoulders, the weight of her upper body keeping mine pinned as she released her hold on my neck.

               “Oh… I bet you wished you’d showed me that toy right away, now. Don’t you?”

               I whimpered in agreement, thinking about how it could have already been inside me if I’d done so.

               “But, no… you wanted to take it back home, didn’t you?” Leila didn’t seem to expect an answer this time, instead continuing. “You didn’t want to play with me…”

               “ I’m sorry!” I wasn’t sure how to explain that the thought hadn’t occurred to me that she would even want to do this with me in a way that wouldn’t have her up and leave me as a bundle of unfulfilled, frantic need.

               “Mmm, really?”

              She sounded more bored than convinced.

              “ Yes!


              Her tail was now swirling along my clit then dipping between my petals, hovering right before my opening but only toying at parting and pushing in without really doing so.

              “Leila, come on. Please .”

              She turned her head away. I turned to follow her gaze, thinking for a moment there might be a clock or something she intended to glance at, but saw nothing of the sort.

              “You are really good at begging,” she mused, speaking more to the air than to me. “But does that really excuse three years of neglect?”

              This time, her tail did push in, making my hips leap in gratitude before she pulled her tail away completely.

              The withdrawal hit me harder than I’d expected, my body trembling from the loss even as I felt tears forming. The only thing keeping me from crying outright was the warmth of her chest on mine and the soft kiss she placed at the edge of my lips when she turned to look back at me.

              “Shh. Poor, pretty kitty.” Her cheek rubbed against mine and I eagerly nuzzled her back. “You really do feel bad, don’t you?”

              I nodded, about ready to agree to anything to get her to go back to touching me.

              A scent caught my attention, my nose sniffing a few times to try and place it. My cheeks began to burn and ache as I saw Leila’s tail tip stretching out towards my face. The scent was from me . Her tail was drenched in my wetness from her teasing me. As ashamed as I should feel, I only felt an intense thrill when I saw her open her mouth and stick her tongue out, the tiny pink flit of color darting in and out again and again as she groomed my flavor into her mouth. Her eyelids began to droop, her gaze becoming half lidded as she opened her mouth wider. I could feel my own opening in response as she placed the end of her tail in her mouth.

              Unable to hold still, I started squirming again, desperate to get some relief off of something as she opened her eyes to look at me.

              “Yes, pet?” she asked, pulling her tail from her mouth, her own drool now soaking into her fur. “Did you want something?”

              I groaned, throwing my head back and wanting to scream at her that she knew exactly what I wanted but wasn’t giving it to me!

              “Oh! How rude of me, pet.” I lifted my head up instantly, eyes widening at the thought that Leila might finally, finally be letting me cum. “You probably want a taste too, don’t you?”

              I slammed the back of my head back against the bed three times while Leila only watched, her expression the perfect picture of fake innocence.

              “You’re a bitch,” I muttered, the words not having any real heat behind them.

              She moved her tail directly underneath my nose so that I could smell the both of us, her purple appendage rippling like a lazy wave. For some unfathomable reason, I could feel myself salivating as much as if she’d opened a can of Starmie Chunkie Tuna in front of me.

              “I’m fairly certain I’m not a canine, though I’m most definitely female,” she responded, that faux innocence still plastered on. “Not that I’ve checked recently.” Her voice dropped into a whisper that made my breath catch. “Once you’ve cleaned this mess, I’ll have you double check for me.”

              My tongue felt thick in my mouth, having no doubt as to what she was referring to.

              Her tail remained in front of my face, never pushing closer but just hovering, waiting for me to fulfill her request. My lips parted, pulling our combined scent into my mouth with a deep breath before sliding my tongue out to touch her fur.

              I’d never really tasted myself before. Certainly, I groomed (as any feline did), but never had my tongue dipped past my lower lips to explore. The taste wasn’t quite bitter, wasn’t quite sour, but was, instead, a faint impression left somewhere in the middle. It wasn’t strong enough to taste bad, rather, the elusive flavor had me running my tongue against her fur in shorter, quicker strokes so that I could try and get more of it, try to place it.

              “Pet,” Leila’s voice was soft but with a current of energy sparking behind it. “You look like you’re enjoying cleaning up your mess.”

              I offered a quiet mewl, not wanting to take my attention off licking her tail.

              “Why don’t you see if you’d enjoy cleaning up mine?”

              Licking her tail, I hadn’t registered that she’d moved and changed positions. Her hindquarters were now above my head, her tail moving under my chin, forcing my head up so that my attention was now directed to her swollen, wet lips.

              “So, what’s the verdict?” I heard her ask before a steady stream of air blown over my own pussy made me jump. “Am I still a female?”

              The smile I could hear in her voice and my frustrations over wanting to cum left only one viable answer. Lifting my head up, I pressed my muzzle to her pussy and began to lick along the outer folds of her petals. Her body tensed but I continued, pulling one fold into my mouth to suckle on it before releasing it and doing the same to the other. Panting against her opening, I dipped my tongue into her to taste her warmth from the source. Her taste was similar to mine but with a pale sweetness mingled with it that made my tongue push deeper in. I could feel her inner walls squeezing around my tongue, encouraging me to pull it back into my mouth before thrusting it back inside her. She might have given a gasp but the trembles of her body were enough to let me know Leila was enjoying it.

              Placing my paws along the curves of her bottom, my digits dug into her fur before pulling her cheeks further apart, wanting to press my head up closer to see just how deep I could go.

              An unexpected warmth and wetness pressed into my own pussy, causing me to lose focus as I realized that Leila was using her tongue on me. Her wiggling tongue would mimicked my own before she quickened her pace for a fleeting moment or slowed it down for an eternity. She would even take her mouth away to place a mix of kisses and bites along my thighs, making my hips bounce and wiggle with a need for her tongue to get back in me. Thankfully, for the moment, she seemed willing to oblige and would do so.

               The liquid sounds of our tongues in each other and the muffled gasps as we each drove each other to the brink began to grow louder, frantic sounding. Her juice was already staining my facial fur, her scent inescapable as she rocked against me, fucking my tongue even as I fucked her with it. I could feel myself rocking, my insides pulsing and ready to cum. It would only take a little longer, another few thrusts-

               Of course, this would be when Leila chose the moment to pull her mouth away and stop.

               Crying out at the injustice of it, I had intended to keep going, to try to encourage her to start back up, when she pulled her hips away. Wiggling and rocking on the bed, I was frantic now and have some way to get off. Maybe if I flipped over, I could rub against the bed until I came?

               I’d started to turn when Leila’s paw stopped me.

               “Not yet, pet.” I felt something cold and spongy against my pussy. “After all, we still have a game to play, don’t we?”

               Lifting my head, I could see Leila’s free paw holding the dildo against my entrance. As if waiting for that moment, she pushed the rubber mass within me, stretching me in ways that her tongue couldn’t. Thrashing, I attempted to turn over, to get on all fours, but Leila again prevented me.

               “No. Not this time.” Climbing on top of me, she bit just to the right of my lips. “This time, I want to watch you, Adelle.”

               Leila’s hips rocked and wiggled; a wet sound and sudden sigh indicating she’d managed to slip the other end into herself. There was pressure pushing the toy down, pushing it deeper into me. As she moved, I moved. As I moved, she moved. Back and forth we rocked, each one trying to drive the toy that much deeper into each other as our pants and growls mingled in the air. Leila’s inner muscles would grab the toy, pulling it with her hips, before she’d thrust into me. Mine would grab and hold it, allowing her to fuck herself harder against me. Our mouths, at some point, had come back together. The exchange of kisses, bites, and licks we shared were almost as frantic as our fucking. My pants were becoming suppressed shrieks while Leila’s growls broke off into hisses as sharp as a curse. I thought I heard something rip but there was no pain so I didn’t care what’d caused it.

               My paws moved to wrap along Leila’s sides, grabbing her to me as my hips jumped upwards and I came with a savage keen. My nails slipped out but Leila arched into them, rather than pulling away, giving a loud and long roar before pushing hard against me and cumming herself.

               Both our bodies trembled in the aftermath, our pants filling the otherwise silent void left behind from our lovemaking. Tugging lightly on her, after having removed my nails, Leila took the hint to rest her body more fully on mine. Her tail moved to curl with mine, our cheeks touching just enough that we could feel the others fur before Leila’s tongue flicked out to caress the underside of my chin.

               “I really liked that pillow,” she said, after both our breaths had slowed. “But I like you so much more, Adelle.”

               I was confused for a moment before Leila lifted a paw, small tufts of cotton stuck to her claws as she wiggled it and they drifted down on the bed. That had been the ripping sound I’d heard.

               Trying not to giggle, Leila must have still spotted my amusement, if the hurt pout she gave was any indication.

               “Well, since I won the game, I think you owe me a new bed.”

               “How do you figure you won?” I was more curious about the answer she’d give then concerned about the possibility of getting her a new, giant pillow.

               “You came first.” Leila tenderly bit at my chin. “So I won.”

               “But,” I countered, “by cumming first, I won.”

               Leila gave a soft hum, her head lifting to gaze down at me, the smile on her face making my pussy pulse around the fake cock within me.

               “I suppose,” she said, her words drifting into a low whisper. “We’ll just have to… play again.”              

    Date:Nov 30 2016

    I really enjoyed this story and see REAL potential for a second part. I really hope for a second part.

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