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Author's Chapter Notes:

File Name: Perks of the Job

Owner: Pokégirl

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File Type: Story:Adult:F/M:Human x Luxray

Caption Text: Support us on Patreon for special art, stories, and more!

Details: Interviews suck. The End.

Perks of the Job

File Name: Perks of the Job

Owner: Pokégirl

File Location:

File Type: Story:Adult:F/M:Human x Luxray

Caption Text: Support us on Patreon for special art, stories, and more!

Details: Interviews suck. The End.

Related Artwork by Dark Violet


               Kelly’s fingers twitched against the steering wheel of Alex’s car, her girlfriend not only having secured her this job interview but also going so far as to loan her car to Kelly when her only other options had been biking, walking, or taking the bus. Given the curves of her dress, the length of her heels, and the unreliability that was public transport, it was a fortunate thing that Alex had been kind enough to offer.

               “Okay,” she said softly, gripping the warm rubber of the wheel once more before loosening her grip, checking on how much time she had left. Twenty minutes to three. That meant five more minutes of prep before going in early enough to show she was punctual without appearing desperate.

               Reaching for her thin, cloth briefcase on the passenger seat, Kelly opened it to pull out a manila folder with a copy of her resume, references, and training certifications. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, careful not to touch the makeup that Alex had insisted on applying earlier this morning, Kelly skimmed the words yet again to make sure that there were no errors.

               Not that she could have done anything about them at this point, short of removing the offending page.

               “It’s fine!” She snapped the folder shut, still careful not to crease any of the papers within before exchanging the folder for her clipboard.

               On the front were several questions she planned to ask about the company, Clarity Envisioned, to show that she was both interested and had some knowledge on what they did. Behind that, she kept a copy of the ten most likely (and asinine) questions they’d probably ask, including: “where do you see yourself in ten years,” “would you report someone for stealing,” and “what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?” It was all a big joke, really. Like a test with multiple choice answers where each answer was based on a half truth or misleading wording and the teacher hated everyone so they left out the real answers and just graded based on favoritism alone.

               Yeah. That about summed it up.

               Checking the time again, Kelly pressed her hand just above the valley of her breasts, putting enough pressure on it that the muscles under her fingers protested and she could feel the firm bone that was her sternum. Inhaling, feeling the pressure of her fingertips becoming even more prominent, she finally dropped her hand, leaving a dull pain to linger and accompany her and her just-in-check anxiety. With any luck, by the time the ache faded, it would take some of the apprehension she had with it.

               Alex said it was just a matter of making a good impression and that everything else would fall into place. She’d helped Kelly prep for the interview, going back and forth with common questions and coaching her on better phrasing.

              Never focus on what you can’t do, spin it into what you can do, Alex had said, before telling her a little about the translator that was the company’s main product and a few of their lesser known ones. Even if you haven’t done quality control, you’ve got a lot of experience in other areas that can help you in this field, especially given your exposure to so many species of Pokémon.

              While Kelly appreciated Alex’s confidence in her abilities, it made her nervous that she hadn’t heard from anyone inside the company about the job, aside from Alex. When Kelly had mentioned it, Alex had only said that the company was “weird like that” and “they hire friends and family first, before they put a job out on the market. If they can’t promote someone from within, anyway.”

              “It’s not what you know, it’s who,” Kelly couldn’t help but mutter, the irony not lost on her that she really didn’t know much and probably wouldn’t have even heard about the job without Alex’s help.

              Seeing that her time had run out, Kelly’s hazel eyes darted from word to word, trying to cram as much in her head as she could before returning the clipboard to her bag and grabbing the handle to pull it out of the car with her.

              “I can do this,” she whispered to herself, somehow feeling the words had more power aloud. “I can.

              Shutting and locking the car door, slipping the keys into a pocket on her briefcase, she smoothed her dress and headed towards the glass and steel framed building. Focusing on walking, willing her ankles not to twist or give because of the heels she was wearing, Kelly hoped that Alex had been right about picking this outfit to interview in. The material was thinner than she would have normally chosen and, while it did have sleeves, they were short and nearly transparent, only fanning just past her shoulders. The slight kiss of cold in the air had her arms prickling into tiny bumps and she was even more aware that her nipples were growing perky, the neckline of this particular gown impossible to manage with a bra in such a way that wouldn’t show her straps, and she’d yet to find a strapless bra that could contain her “bounty” without her breasts spilling over or feeling like she was wearing a medieval torture device.

              So, she had to go without.

              Don’t think about it. She tried to keep herself from hissing at the self-conscious, cowardly side of herself, instead forcing her thoughts to be calm and logical about the matter. No one will think twice on it, assuming they notice at all. You’re just being silly about it! It’s not like you stare at other women’s tits and try to figure if they have a bra on or not, right?

              The doors slid open upon her approach while she intentionally ignored the way the fabric seemed even tighter around her chest or how sensitive her nipples seemed from the slight tugging and playing she’d done to them the night before, during a quick indulgence of “self play” to ensure herself a good night’s rest.

              I can do this, she repeated, concentrating on having a smile “naturally” form on her lips as she noticed a receptionist just a little further in the lobby. Act confident, even when you aren’t!

              The clicking of her heels echoed in the small corridor, the space devoid of anything save for the receptionist’s desk, an elevator, and some doors leading somewhere deeper into the building. Oh, and the company’s name on a wall to her left, made out of a kind of brass metal and hung against a beige fabric backdrop that nearly blended into the color of the walls.

              “Hello.” The receptionist’s head cocked slightly to the side to see around the monitor on her desk. Her blonde hair boasted a single streak of rebellious red along her left bangs, leaving Kelly to wonder if there was some significance to it or if she’d just grown bored with it one day and said, “why not?”

              “Hi.” The smile felt a little more relaxed on her face, that flare of red making her feel as if she wasn’t so out of place after all. “My name is Kelly Kuldell. I’m here for a three o’clock interview.”

              “Alright.” Her head bobbed, her hair moving in a slight wave. “With whom?”

              “Someone in quality control, I believe?” Alex hadn’t been sure who’d be doing the interview or if there might be more than one person attending it. “I’m afraid I wasn’t given a name.”

              Kelly’s words grew a little uncertain towards the end, the receptionist’s smile having faded slightly. Was it really that bad that she didn’t have a name?!

               “Ah.” The sound made her back stiffen, certain the receptionist would be asking her to leave. “Just one moment.”

               Tapping the side of her head, a silver and black headset peeked through her hair as she turned her attention back to the computer screen. There were a few clicks of the keys and then the mouse, the receptionist’s eyes darting around at information that Kelly couldn’t see from where she was. There was a low, almost inaudible humming sound before the receptionist blinked then sat up straighter.

               “Mr. Radi? I believe your three o’clock is here.”

               There was silence on her end but Kelly could still hear the faint hum and the muffled tones of a reply. With another nod, the receptionist lifted her head.

               “He says you can go up.” She reached a hand to the opposite side of her head, just past her red streak.

               Fingers combing through her hair, she pulled out what Kelly first had thought to be a clump of blonde hair before realizing it was a deeper yellow than the rest of the receptionist’s hair. Four blue eyes opened and four legs emerged from the lump of yellow fur with blue tips on the end, a soft chirp coming from the Joltik in her hands.

               “Joel likes hanging out in my hair,” she explained, a faint pink warming her cheeks, as if she had been teased on the topic once or twice. “It’s warm there and I always get zapped when I touch something metallic. It works out great for the both of us. He keeps me from getting shocked and gets a free meal out of it.”

               Still slightly flushed, she motioned for Kelly to take him. Not sure what the Joltik had to do with the job interview but not questioning it allowed, Kelly put her free hand out to accept Joel. The little yellow Pokémon climbed right from the receptionist’s hand onto hers, not seeming to be bothered in the slightest about going with her. The humming noise she’d been hearing became identifiable as his blue eyes looked up at hers and the sound grew a smidge louder.

               “Good. He likes you.” The receptionist’s head nodded in a few quick but short successions before waving her hand towards the elevator, her equally red nails flashing with the motion. “Mr. Radi’s office is on the third floor, second door on the right, just past the bathrooms.” She checked to see if Kelly was following so far before continuing. “When you’re in that area, his office will be the first door on the left.” She made a soft “ha” sound before pointing to Joel. “Almost forgot! There’s a gray pad in the elevator. Just hold Joel up to it and, when the light goes from red to green, you’ll know he unlocked it. Then, you can push the buttons like you normally would. Otherwise, it won’t go anywhere.” She held up her index finger and her middle finger. “There’s only two to worry about. The one in the elevator and one to get you into the offices upstairs. You won’t have to worry about unlocking anything on the way back down.” With a wave of her hand, as if expecting the question already forming in Kelly’s mind, the receptionist went on. “Once you’re to Mr. Radi’s office, Joel will head back here by himself.”

               “Okay…” Kelly wasn’t quite sure how the Joltik would manage that on his own but didn’t doubt he was capable of it. That, and she really couldn’t waste the mental resources to figure thatout when she was trying to keep everything the receptionist said straight. “Thank you.”

               Keeping her left hand level so as not to dislodge Joel, Kelly walked over to the elevator. With her right hand still carrying her briefcase, she decided to manage the buttons with her briefcase hand, rather than to upset Joel in some fashion. His bright eyes watched as her finger moved to hit the “up” button, the maneuvering needed to do so fairly simple, given how light her case was.

               The sounds of moving cables announced the arrival of the elevator before the doors even opened. Once inside, Kelly heard the lady call out, “Remember! Third floor!” before the faint sounds of a rock ballad blared to life in the lobby just as the doors closed shut, leaving only silence in the elevator.

               The elevator buttons were obvious to find and the panel that the receptionist had mentioned was right by them. Holding Joel up to it, as instructed, Kelly watched as he moved towards the ends of her fingers and lifted his two front limbs out to press them to the panel. His fur fluffed and little stray tendrils of electricity moved from his fur to his limbs then into the plastic box. The light changed from red to green and he removed his legs, pointing a single limb at the elevator buttons and chittering.

               Getting the gist of it, Kelly pressed the number three with her right hand and felt the elevator jerk before it started rising upwards.

               “Thanks,” she offered, a little nervous now that she was on her way again.

               A soft tapping on her thumb prompted her to turn her head away from the darkened mirrors lining the inside of the cab as the Joltik on her hand chittered something that might have been some kind of encouragement from the way he was lifting his front legs up and down, as if to get her excited about something.  It did make her smile and her nerves loosened up at the sight of his tiny, waving limbs.

               Before she could thank him again, the elevator came to a stop, the door sliding open.

               Entering the hallway, Kelly found that she remembered the instructions, even without Joel’s pointing. She thought about slipping into the bathroom as they were going by it, just to check herself over one last time, but decided against it. For one thing, she didn’t know if Joel should be going into the ladies’ room, for another, she felt a little odd about taking him in there so that he could watch her check herself over.

               Arriving at the next panel, Kelly held Joel up to it and he did the same fluffing and electric zap to it as he’d done with the last one. Once the light changed, she opened the door and turned to find two offices in front of her with shut doors and no nameplates. Joel was fairly adamant about her taking the one straight in front of her, rather than the one just to her left, so she took his advice and made for that door.

               With a few more chitters and hums, given so quietly and quickly that Kelly couldn’t quite make out every detail outside what she thought might have been “good luck” and “later,” Joel gave one last pat of his leg against her thumb before wiggling and springing from her hand to the door. His little legs grabbed onto it and he gave a small wave before scampering up higher and darting around a corner, presumably heading (in some way) back to the lobby.

               Standing alone, Kelly switched her briefcase to her left hand and rubbed her freed fingers together, taking a breath and readying herself to knock.




               Some Time Before:


               “Fuck it, Azad!”

               [Don’t you mean, ‘fuck you,’ Alex?] the Luxray asked, his tone smooth and even while an expression of satisfaction glinted from his bronze eyes, noticing, likely, that the skin around my cheeks had blotched up to an unflattering red color.

               “It’s not a coding issue!” The papers he’d offered me to read when I’d come into his office shook in my hand, my grip already having formed several creases along the white pages. “I’ve told you this before!”

               [Oh?] His tail curved slightly from behind him, his body leaving just enough space between himself and the back of his cumbersome, wheel-less chair so that he didn’t accidently crush the thing.

               “It’s a linguist issue.” Slapping the pages down in front of him, I felt my palm sting while he didn’t even blink an eye. My shoulders and neck were tight, my muscles straining as I reined in the desire to pick up his name placard and throw it, just to see if he could keep holding that cocky-ass grin while it went whizzing by his face. “I can’t code the program to know the difference between words that sound similar but have different meanings!”

               It was hard to tell, at this point, if the color had spread from my cheeks to my neck, ears, or forehead. Normally, it was an annoyance to have my feelings so easily displayed, whether I was shouting or whispering, but in this instance I wanted him to know just how aggravating he was being so I didn’t bother to contain my temper or my voice.

               My left hand pointed to him before flinging it out towards the door. “You need the linguists to go through and provide the rules as to how a program can distinguish someone saying things like ‘she’ and ‘sea’ and then give them to me so that I can program it.  I can’t tell the program how to do it when it’s a matter of pronunciation!”

               My lungs were heaving now, readying themselves so that I could draw in as much air as possible to start in on all the reasons why what he was asking was so fucking asinine that he needed to get the damn linguists to do their jobs so that I could do mine when I caught the telltale sign of molten gold shimmering along the edges of his eyes, his gaze fixed in such a manner that I could tell it wasn’t my face he was staring at.

               Tension leaving my shoulders, draining along my back until it pooled and warmed along my toes, I gave him more of a snarl than a smile, realizing the reason he’d called me to his office wasn’t to discuss a topic we’d already been over.

               “You. Fucking. Suck.” I tapped my right index finger on his desk to emphasize each word.

               His eyes did look up to my face this time, his head tilting as if expecting me to give a response.

               When I didn’t, he lowered his gaze back to my breasts.

               More aware of my breathing now, his eyes as heavy as a touch, it felt lewd to even take in the air I needed to breathe, knowing that he was watching my chest swell and strain against the thin layer of fabric that was my jade blouse. His eyes were becoming even more gold in color, matching the stud in his right ear that prevented any pokéball from capturing him. One of the company’s earliest designs, made by both he and the trainer he’d been with at the time, it was designed to house a coding in it that would register the Pokémon as “caught” by a registered trainer and prevent capture from any legal means. 

              So that once Azad was set free, he would be an equal to any human he worked with and never be owned by anyone other than himself.

              [No bra today, Alex?] His laugh was mocking but still had me throbbing. The cloth of my shirt was no more effective at protecting me from his stare than it would be against his claws, a fact he made sure I knew. My skirt was no better a deterrent than my blouse as his searching gaze wandered lower. [Ah.] The heat of my anger had left my skin flushed and warm, the space between my thighs almost blistering as his knowing tone caressed me. [No undergarments at all.] There was a rumble to his words, pleased sounding as well as smug. [What a hopeful slut.]

              “Like you just called me in here to talk about programming, Azad.” His lips pulled back ever so slightly into a non-committal grin. “Don’t even go there.”

              [I’m just a mindless beast, though.] He lifted his head and put a paw to his chest, as if making an earnest plea. [I can’t help myself.]

              There was a bitterness to his words that left a bad taste in my mouth. I started to ask about it when his fluid, sudden movement of leaning forward, lifting his upper body so that he was half on the desk, half on his chair, drew my attention to his already hard, coral colored cock jutting out of his fur.

              [What’s your excuse?]

              “We’re all just fucking beasts, Azad.” The accusation in his voice made me snap, a hand moving to unbutton the top few fastenings of my blouse, a sharp sting of satisfaction making the gesture worth it when his eyes turned to watch. “I’ve never claimed to be anything different.”

              His initial laugh was closer to a Growlithe’s sharp bark, as if I’d startled him with my answer, before it softened into a warmer chuckle.

              [Just think…] My hands undid another button, almost halfway done, when he lifted a paw to touch the head of his cock. [If I hadn’t been walking by, I might never have heard your pitiful moans while you were trying to get off in the bathroom.] When his paw pulled away, there was wetness clinging to it just as there was moisture between my legs. [Think of that averted disaster.]

              His tongue flicked out, to clean the taste of himself from his paw, and I couldn’t help but watch; the very same tongue that had pressed between my legs that day. There’d never been a word of permission asked. He’d at least had the sense to lock the door so no one else could wander in while he claimed me, accepting the offer my body had all but screamed. To this day, just walking into the handicapped stall had me dripping in remembrance of the ease of which he’d possessed me and the frantic pace of which we’d both found our relief. Arceus knows I’d loved it just as much as he had, if not more.

               Still, the bastard enjoyed throwing the fact that he’d caught me into my face whenever he got a chance.

               “I could just leave.” My fingers toyed with the last button, as if considering starting the process of doing them all up again. Watching him, I already figured what he’d say to that.

               [You could.] He nodded, as if not troubled by that, even while his cock-head wept for attention.

               “What?” My lust chilled at his words, my brain trying to process thoughts other than cocks and sex.

               [Well, not today, anyway.] He turned his head pointedly to the clock on the wall. [It’s not like I could interview her with this,] he touched his paw to his cock once more, [in the way.] He looked back at me, giving a soft huff. [Unprofessional, you know.]

               “I didn’t ask you to interview her because we’re fucking, Azad.” My body was a mix of hot and cold, not really wanting to think he was suggesting I fuck him in return for interviewing Kelly but wanting to make absolutely clear that this didn’t go there.

               His voice matched my own cool tones before his head abruptly turned away and he muttered. The fur along his shoulders bristled before relaxing back into place. [There’s only so much time left and I don’t think I can get this,] his cock leapt and smacked against his stomach. [To go away so soon after-]

               He cut himself off, still avoiding looking at me.

               This is where I’d like to say I took the high ground and left but, well, as I’d said before…

               We were all fucking beasts and I didn’t claim to be any different.

               “A quick one, Azad.” I warned, even as I could feel my pussy squeezing gleefully at the thought of his spear headed cock filling me. “But you sure as hell better give her a fair shot. Today.”

               [Of course.] His head lifted higher as he turned back to me, his nostrils flaring as if I’d insulted him before he faltered. Drawing in a deeper breath, his lips pulled back into a feral smile. His eyes were almost completely gold and gleaming.

               “Doesn’t mean you won’t look.”

               [No,] he agreed, not even attempting to deny it.

               Shaking my head, trusting my past experiences with him to know that he was telling the truth about this being separate from anything in relation to Kelly, I let my shirt part and slide past my hardened nipples, peaked and waiting for attention. They knew, equally, from past experiences, the wonders of his tongue catching on their flesh and how his teasing bites along the undersides of my breasts felt. The midnight colored skirt I was wearing was long enough that bending over wouldn’t alert anyone to my lack of panties but still short enough that all I’d have to do was bend over between him and the desk, lift it up over my ass, then feel his thick, curved cock-

               The ringing of the phone startled me out of my thoughts, Azad snarling as three loud pops filled the air and electricity crackled around him for a charged moment before vanishing.

               No thunderclouds formed but I could almost feel their static touch in the air. [And I have a fucking boner that could kill a Golem.]

               I wasn’t sure if he meant that he could kill a Golem by fucking them or just hitting their stone hide enough times with his dick but the image of the latter one made me give a strangled gasp of laughter, a sound that Azad still caught.

               [Well?] His voice was deep and dark, clearly not finding the humor that I did in our situation.

               “I’d answer that, if I were you.” I motioned to the still ringing phone, despite his snarls. “Go on,” I encouraged. “I have an idea.”

               His eyes narrowed, thin golden slits that clearly doubted my claims but a sudden jab of his paw had the phone silenced as his claw connected with the speaker button and he sat back in his chair.

               [Yes?] His words were so close to a growl I was surprised the voice on the other end could make out what he was saying. [Yes, yes. Send her up.]

               Another quick jab ended the call and he turned to look at me, his mane bristling out while his muscles remained tight and clenched, his cock still beautifully hard and rosy against his dark fur.

               [You have three minutes to get me off.] His voice was so rough from need that my thighs pressed tighter together, the friction doing little to ease my own cravings.

               “I think I’ll have more than that,” I answered, pleased by the calculating look he gave me, trying to figure my words out. “That is… if you think you can handle it.”

               The challenge was one he couldn’t ignore and the low rumbles of thunder from his growl only made me wish we had enough time so that he could have fucked me.

               Oh well…

               Moving around towards the side of his desk, sliding between it and him, I dug my fingers into the thick fur of his mane and gasped when the electricity within it raced along my skin, the hairs along my body raising as I leaned in to kiss him. He lacked resistance, perhaps shocked by my boldness in taking his lips to do anything at first. When my tongue parted his lips, he responded by pushing forward to pin me against himself and his desk, his cock rubbing wetness along the lower part of my blouse before pushing the material out of the way so that it could stroke itself against my belly and skirt. Rocking with him, I felt the weight of his balls against my clit, teasing me with faintest brush of pressure as our tongues fought in each other’s mouths. His desk pressed against my back, a small unpleasantness compared to the lack of cock within me.

               Biting the corner of his mouth, he jerked back and bared his teeth at me with a silent hiss. He may have actually hissed at me but two knocks on the door wrenched his attention away to stare murderously at it.

               [Now what?] His anger at being denied made a satisfying feeling of power blossom within me.

               “Invite her in,” I whispered, sliding my breasts against the softness of his fur as I slid down, letting my fingers rake against his sides as I kneeled on the floor between his chair and desk. “If you think you can manage… boss.”

               Breathing in his scent, the promise of rain from a coming storm, I pressed a kiss along the length of his shaft.




               [Come in.]

               Taking in one last breath for confidence, Kelly opened the door and entered the office.

               Directly ahead of her, a Luxray sat at a desk, the words “Clarity Envisioned” inscribed on it. He had the usual coloring of blue and black (though maybe the blue was darker than normal?) but not quite in the standard arrangement. Black spots ran along his blue fur, reminding her of a Liepard’s, and no yellow bands circled his forearms. The star-tipped tail swaying behind him was black, instead of the more common yellow coloring, and the length of his tail was blue and spotted, rather than a solid black color. His pointed ears were half the size of his brethren, with black fur lining where only blue should have been. They were laid flat against his head as he watched her, small tendrils of electricity dancing and vanishing around his body in a way that reminded Kelly of Adelle, when she was particularly annoyed and lashing her tail to show it.

              His golden eyes moved to look down at his desk, allowing Kelly a moment to take in the rest of the room while swallowing to clear her throat.

              It was a decent size, a bit larger than she’d initially thought. To her right, a bookshelf occupied nearly the entire wall, minus where a sizable file cabinet was nestled. The opposite wall was sparsely decorated, a few pictures that she couldn’t really make out and a clock the only things there. Beyond the Luxray, blinds rose from the floor to the ceiling, parted just enough to let light through on the emerald leaves of the plants beside his desk. A light breeze from the ceiling fan brushed along her skin, the faint humming as it swirled helping her to relax even while it chilled her.

               “Hello.” Kelly was pleased that her voice sounded so calm. “I’m Kelly. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

               [Well, you didn’t assume I wasn’t Mr. Radi, so I guess that means something.] The grumbles the Luxray was making took a little longer for her to make out, so used to Adelle’s lighter tones that she felt almost a step behind in processing what he was saying. [Though, if you can’t understand me, you might as well leave right now.]

               That had her spine straightening, her chest rising as she kept herself from getting too snippy.

               “If I couldn’t understand you then what would be the point in telling me to leave?”

               The Luxray gave a slow blink of gold before his gaze moved from the desk to fix upon her, a slight narrowing of his eyes making her think he was getting ready to send her on her way.

               [You can understand me.] He considered that, nodding curtly. [That’s a step in the right direction, at least. Shut the door, then.]

               His voice had a snap to it, like an arcing wire. Doing as he said, Kelly then made her way deeper into the room, standing beside one of the seats in front of his desk. He had more papers on it then she’d realized, though the font was too small for her to read upside down.

               “I brought a copy of my resume-”

               [Save it. I already read it.] He winced, one ear lifting then falling as he frowned, his attention now back to the pages on his desk as his expression darkened. [Sit.] The sharp word was met by another flinch and a slight jerk, his claws digging into one of the papers and tearing it abruptly. [Please,] he added, grinding the words through his teeth.

               “Thank you,” Kelly replied, a little uncertain about this interview, given Mr. Radi’s temperament.




               That’s right, I thought to myself, releasing the loose skin of his cock from my teeth. Mind your manners or see what happens.

               The last two bites had been gentle, all things considered, but if he didn’t watch it, Azad was going to wish he’d let a Croconaw suck him off instead.

               Licking the tender spots with my tongue, I figured he’d gotten the point when he began talking in quieter tones to Kelly, asking her to tell him about herself. I knew there’d be hell to pay for the bites later but there was no need for him to be a bastard just because she’d interrupted his plans of a quick fuck.

               Bumping my nose against his cock, I flicked my tongue outwards to lick along his sides, suckling here and there until I made my way to the little thorns along his cock head. The spines were dulled on the tips and located nowhere else on his shaft. I loved how they spread open when he came in me, forcing me to be still as they pressed outward against my insides, spreading me even wider to help his cum try and take root. Birth control aside, I didn’t think it possible, regardless, but there were always whispers and rumors about such mixes…

               Huffing slightly, preferring to focus on the cock in front of me rather than the warnings of those who just didn’t understand that a good fuck was a good fuck, I opened my mouth to whisper a breath of warm air along the head of his cock. Pulsing expectantly, I smiled to myself before taking all of those sweet little spines in my mouth, sucking on him while tracing around the little barbs with my tongue.

               You want to cum, Azad, don’t you? I bobbed my head, still taking just the head of him within my mouth but teasing him as if I might do more. Do. Then I’ll have my own story for when you bring up the bathroom thing.





               Kelly nodded her head at her friend’s name, expecting something about how he’d heard about her from Alex or maybe even asking how they met. When the silence stretched on, his attention once more to his desk, Kelly wondered if he might have forgotten what he’d been about to say. He cleared his throat then looked up, his golden gaze suddenly focusing on her in a way that was far more intense than she’d been expecting. It felt like she should cover herself, even with her clothes on.

               Were her nipples still hard?! She didn’t dare glance down to check.

               [Alex tells me you have some trainer experience. With a Delcatty?]

              The roughness of his words actually helped to smooth away some of her nervousness, knowing she could talk for hours about Adelle if she got started. His attention was still pinned on her in a way that made her think she preferred him glaring at his paperwork but it wasn’t as unbearable as his indifference, she supposed.

              “Adelle is my only partner at this time,” she agreed, deciding to keep her answer short and allow him to ask more, if he wanted to know more.

              [Any other…] There was a pause again, his body shifting in his chair though his eyes didn’t waver from her. His words were getting a little thicker, more guttural, but Kelly assumed it was just the Type difference between himself and Adelle that was making it a little harder to understand. [Experience?]

              Something inside of her pulsed, responding to the extra huskiness of his voice in a way that dazed her.

              “I attended the Trainers’ School in Aspertia so I’ve worked with other Types and species of Pokémon.” She decided to keep her thoughts focused on the interview, not wanting to examine the sudden alertness present in her body. “I do have my credentials and references, if you’d like to see them.”

              She glanced at her briefcase, waiting for his permission to get them, if he was interested. There was a pause again and she half expected him to be looking back at whatever was occupying his attention at his desk. When she lifted her gaze, she found his eyes still focused on her in a way that was unsettling. She could feel her heart flutter, as if it were a Pidgey startled into flight. She was feeling uncharacteristically warm, given the dress she had on, and found herself swallowing repeatedly until she lowered her eyes, unable to keep meeting that concentrated stare. Rather than allowing her to relax, she still felt a sort of pressure around her and her body, as though touching her skin and tugging at her dress.

              [Yes.] That sudden word forced her to look back up, catching the slight smile on his face as his tail curled in the air. [Present them.]

              Pulling the folder out, glad for a moment to actually do something with the nervous energy she could feel building along her fingertips and toes, wanting to make them twitch or wiggle, Kelly placed it on his desk. Uncertain if she should open it for him, knowing how clumsy Adelle could be trying to grab things off a flat surface, she was glad she hadn’t when Mr. Radi used a nail to flip open the folder, the weight of his gaze finally off her as he went over each page of her past experiences. He paid more attention to them than she thought he would, almost as much as he had his own papers.

              Relaxing back in the chair, careful not to fidget, Kelly began thinking she might have a chance after all.




               Good boy, I quietly slurped, feeling his cock twitching inside my mouth, as if it could sense my approval at him taking her documents. I didn’t think he’d actually be able to read them, not with my throat and mouth squeezing most of his cock, but it was a nice enough gesture that I thought to reward him.

               Reaching my left hand forward, I moved my fingers to cup the soft fur of his balls as best as I could with one hand. Feeling the solid masses rolling inside the soft sack made me swallow a moan, squeezing tenderly as I rocked my body, suddenly needing more attention for myself.

               Lifting my skirt out of the way, I spread my knees against the floor, my palm pressing hard against my clit while I jammed my fingers into my sopping pussy. I knew that if he could smell my wantonness while I was in front of the desk, he most certainly would be able to while I was under it, dripping onto the carpet. That is what he’d told me had actually led him to the bathrooms on that day. Yeah, he’d heard me moaning, I guess… but only after he’d followed the scent of my desperate body.

               Can you smell me now? I wanted to laugh, wishing I could see how he looked. Can you hear how badly my pussy wants your cock?

               My fingers quickened their pace as I let his cock slide out of my mouth, drool tying us together for one brief moment before it broke, clinging to my chin. Still fondling his balls, I ignored the way his cock throbbed and gave a slight thrust forward, demanding I continue.

               “You might be my boss,” I whispered, my voice so soft I wasn’t sure even he might hear me. “But you are not the boss of me.”





               The sharp and sudden word made Kelly tense, wondering if he’d seen something he hadn’t liked in her documents.

               [No,] he repeated, quieter this time. [Experience with quality control?]

               His back leaned further into his chair, his tail twitching once before lowering, making her heart sink with it.

               “Not at this time, however,” she quickly went on, wanting to make sure she was able to turn the negative aspect into a positive one. “As you can see from my professor’s letter of recommendation, I am an excellent student and I would be able to learn your company’s preferred method of inspecting for defects, without having conflicting experiences that might otherwise hinder me.” Noticing the way his brow furrowed, a spark of electricity popping off him in a way that made her worry it might actually singe some of the papers if it touched, she added, “Alex also advised me that your company offers training in that department so I would be readily equipped to handle the position.”

               [Alex says a lot of things… some of which she may come to regret.]

               The way he growled out Alex’s name made Kelly wonder if she’d said something that might have gotten her girlfriend into trouble.

               [But, in this, she is correct.] He hummed slightly, rocking in his chair before flipping to the next page.

               He half looked up from the paperwork, his mouth opening as if to say something but no sounds came out. His golden eyes shone brightly before dimming to a tarnished brass, his tongue slowly sliding out of his mouth, just peeking past his teeth. He was panting, she could tell, having seen the signs before when Adelle had been overheated during a training exercise. Before she could ask if he was feeling well, the brass coloring brightened to that radiant gold glow again, a rumble cascading from lows to highs and back again before his head turned downward, flipping to another page.

               [Though, there are many other things I’m capable of multitasking.]




               Pulling my fingers away from my pussy, I sucked on the first one, glancing upwards and wondering if he might be watching. I had no way of knowing, under here, but it was a fun thought.

               Licking the next one, the bitter tang and scent making me hotter, I decided to touch his cock with just the tips of my wet fingers, wishing I had some ice. Feeling the searing heat against them, squeezing his balls again, I thought of maybe having him cum just by that. He’d been so eager to fuck, I didn’t think it’d take much more to get him off.

               When he shifted, I had to move to let his legs adjust. More of his lower body was now under the desk, his feet bracing against the sides and back panel of the desk to offer him support. He didn’t even try to thrust his dick towards me for attention, making me feel as if I must not be teasing him enough if I couldn’t even elicit that response.

               Puzzling over if it would be more tormenting for him if I started sucking on his balls or went back to deep throating his cock, a sudden sensation made me jump and almost knock my head on the underside of his desk. It had started at my thigh then pushed its way to my clit, wiggling and rubbing against it in a way that made me lean forward with an eager pant. Glancing down, I could make out the thin rope of his tail, his tail tip now pressing firmly against my opening.

               “Yes!” My harshly whispered word erupted from me, my lower body rocking eagerly against the hard exterior that made up his black star before his cock slapped the side of my cheek, no longer content to be ignored.

               Taking the hint, I turned my head just enough to get his cock in my mouth, once again sucking and bobbing as I finally felt a subtle push of his hips towards me. His balls were hot and heavy as I continued to squeeze them and, with a now free hand, I could shamelessly put it to use groping at my own chest and tugging at my nipples while I worked on getting him to thrust again.

               Multitasking at its finest.





               The word was drawn out in such a way that Kelly wasn’t sure if he was pleased or angry. His attention suddenly snapped back on her, though, the ferocity of it making her breath catch.

               The golden sparkle of his eyes had her shifting slightly in her seat before she remembered that fidgeting was a bad thing in an interview. [Your assets… in understanding me without having a translator and your experience with varying Pokémon are certainly traits that few have.] 

               “Thank you.” She said the words slowly, suspecting from the tone of his voice that there was a “but” somewhere.

               [However,] he shifted in his seat again, his paws resting on the desk as he leaned forward, [your lack of expertise in the area means it would be remiss for me to hire you as the External Quality Control Supervisor.]

               Kelly bit the inside of her lip, having to give a slight nod of understanding despite the disappointment soaking into her dream of working at Clarity Envisioned.

               [What I’d like to do, instead,] he went on, his teeth gritting for a second before he made what might have been a soft intake of breath. [Is to hire you as an External Quality Control Supervisor in training.]

               Her head jerked up, staring blankly at him, thinking she must have misheard. Instead, the Luxray inclined his head, keeping his eyes focused on her.

               [We can train the necessities you need for the job. The other qualities you’d be bringing to the table are not so easily taught.] The gold of his eyes shifted towards the dim brass color again, his eyelids fluttering just before he shook his head and blinked, the gold color returning. [So, I’ll expect you here first thing tomorrow to see our Human Resource Department to fill out your paperwork.]

               “Thank you, Mr. Radi.”

               [Hm, don’t thank me yet.] The grin slowly spreading onto his face reminded Kelly of the look Adelle got before pouncing on her tuna and gobbling it up. [As Alex can tell you, I’m… quite a handful.]

               His deep chuckle was short and made Kelly feel as if she was missing something but, before she could contemplate what it might be, he tilted his head slightly.

               [Did you have any other questions, Kelly? I have an important matter to attend to shortly so I’m afraid I’ll have to wrap up our interview.]

               Here’s the part where Kelly would have normally asked about the company or for more information on what she’d be doing… but he’d already given her the job, all things considered. Shaking her head, Kelly was about to say no when she did have one thing pop into mind.

               “This is… slightly unrelated.” She rubbed her lips together, unsure if she should even be asking him but, well, it was important. “But, speaking of Alex, do you know where she is? I didn’t see her at the receptionist area when I came in and I was supposed to give her car keys back to her.” Making it on time had been Kelly’s main concern, along with not having her panties being shown off while on a bike or tripping in her heels while walking. She could easily take a bus home without caring if she were delayed, especially now that she had a new job!

               The Luxray stiffened, his eyelids closing off his golden gaze before a tremble made his shoulders shake, his head falling back while his mouth clenched tightly along his jaw. Kelly swallowed a gulp of air, wondering if asking him had been the wrong thing to do after all.

               he finally said, after the silence had increased Kelly’s concern by more than a few degrees. His eyes blinked, his head lowering to look back at her, now a bronze coloring rather than the brilliant gold they’d been for the majority of the interview. [If you leave them with me, I’ll see that she gets them.]

               “Are you sure?” Kelly asked, not distrusting him but not fully comfortable with giving the keys to anyone save for Alex herself, just in case something happened. “I could wait for her…”

               His ears twitched, not quite flattening but no longer straight in the air either.

               His voice was deeper, a slight rasp to them. He cleared his throat but there was still a huskiness to his words. [If there was nothing else, I really must get back to things.]

               “Of course,” Kelly answered, figuring she could just send Alex a text once she was out of the office, making sure she knew where her keys were.

               Taking them out of her bag, she rose to put the keys on the desk, offering her hand to shake Mr. Radi’s.

               “Thank you again, so much. I’m really looking forward to working here.”

               He gave a low grunt, taking her hand and giving it a quick shake, indicating clearly to Kelly that she should be on the way before he might rescind his offer of employment. Opening the door, she exited and shut it behind her, just barely containing her giddiness save for the grin spreading so widely across her face that her dimples hurt.

               I got the job!




               A handful? More than a handful, I thought to myself, drool coating my lips as his cock popped out of my mouth before forcing its way back inside.

               The warmth of his soft fur was intoxicating, my hand having abandoned my own breast to join the other one in stroking and fondling his immense balls. Even with both my hands cupping him, I couldn’t quite fit him in my palms.

               So much seed, I moaned around his cock, still trying to keep my voice soft while I gave another squeeze to his sack. Fucking cum already, Azad!

               The more he teased the rough texture of his star between my pussy lips, the more my hips rocked and my head bobbed, forcing myself to choke on his cock and forgo breathing for seconds on end, just to try and get one. More. Inch. Of him within me. The scent of my juices mingling with the fragrance from the sweat of his cock, growing as hot as jungle steam under the tight confines of his desk, clung to my skin and made my earlier heat of anger a cool winter breeze compared to the feverish, consuming fire that now burned at my body.

               I could feel his balls cinch, his cock surging in my mouth. I thought he would have caught himself, held back with Kelly still being in the room. Instead, as my head was pulling back, his cock expanded and contracted, leaping in my mouth as warm cum hit the back of my throat. Snorting in surprise, I felt wetness leaking from my nose even as his cock slipped from my lips, splashing the last bit of his cum on my neck and breasts. Swallowing the thick spunk in my mouth, I tried to cough quietly even as I felt his cum continuing to trickle from my nose down my lips and chin, rolling down my neck, and dripping from my breasts to my knees and the floor.

               His tail had stopped its frantic presses against my pussy, merely twitching once in a caress against my thigh before stilling. I’d been startled out of my desires only temporarily by his climax, the heat building up again as my hands moved from his balls to my breasts, rubbing his cum into my skin. The slickness of his seed against my nipples made my mouth pop open as I squeezed them, my tongue flicking out to capture his taste from along my upper lip before pulling it inside my mouth to savor. I was going to burn up without being satisfied, I knew, from experience with my human flings. One good load was all you got, after all. Then they were fucking limp dicked for at least fifteen minutes, if you were lucky.

               I wouldn’t survive five seconds, let alone the fifteen minutes it would take for him to recharge.

               I thought I heard a door shut but I was too focused on slipping my fingers back into my pussy to care about the loud, sloshing sound they were making as I picked up speed to try and cum.

               [Hmm. Well, as enticing as that is, perhaps now that the interview has concluded, we can finish up our own… business.] His tail brushed against my side, coaxing me to come out.

               “What the fuck do you think I’m trying to do, Azad?”

               It was no fucking good! My fingers just weren’t thick enough or long enough to hit where I needed them to. I had to feel something striking my womb or I’d never get to cum!

              I could feel frustrated tears forming, feeling much like I had the day Azad had found me in the bathroom. There was just too much need to focus beyond my desires. Oh, I could get cleaned up and try, but all my thoughts would be on sex. My body would continually be seeking the touch it needed, the satisfaction it craved. Every brush of air would be the phantom touch of a lover. The pressure of my own thighs along my pussy a cock about to press in. Even breathing, feeling my blouse along my breasts, would have me waiting for a slap, a stroke, something that would never come.

              I would never cum.

              [Alex.] The firmness in his voice made my fingers pause, my body prickling with awareness even though I knew he couldn’t do anything for me at the moment. [Come out.]

              Maybe I’ll get lucky and he’ll eat me out and it’ll be enough. Doubt didn’t even allow hope to form, knowing it was penetration or nothing at this point.

              Still, like the dutiful employee, I emerged out from under his desk, briefly noticing his cock had shrunk slightly but not gone limp nor completely back within his sheath. There’d been guys who’d been semi-erect after they’d cum but left me wanting so I wasn’t too surprised. Wasn’t like I could do anything with it, though. It wouldn’t stay in, at this point.

              Back to sitting slightly on his desk, my bare ass resting on the wood while my skirt still remained pulled up along my hips, I crossed my arms under my breasts while a pout formed along my lips. He didn’t seem to care about that, too pleased with admiring the cum job he’d painted on my body.

              [Turn around.] The words were quiet but no softer than his command for me to come out from under his desk.

              Doing so, I jumped a little when I felt his weight pressing against my back, forcing me down so that my breasts almost slammed into his desk before I could get my forearms in place to hold me up.

              “Azad?” I drew in a breath, feeling his cock pressing against my ass, slick still from my saliva.

              [Mm?] His forelimbs moved around either side of me, pulling himself forward so that more of his body was on top of mine.

              “What are you doing?” I shook my head, trying to make sense of it even as I felt his barbed tip pressing at my entrance.

               he whispered, his teeth grazing my ear. [It should be obvious, Alex.]

              A jerk of his hips buried his cock within me, no warning given as my thighs hit against the desk with enough force to make me cry out.

              [Shhh,] he murmured, pressing himself deeper within me. [You wouldn’t want anyone to hear you and come in, would you?] His hips gyrated into mine, my head leaning back with a moan as I felt his cock against my cervix, right where I needed it to be if I had any hope of cumming. [Kelly didn’t lock the door, after all.]

              “I didn’t think…” I gasped, a spark of electricity leaping from his fur to my ass, making my hips jerk involuntarily from the sting. “You could go… so soon.”

              He only laughed against the shoulder of my skin, rocking into me so hard my whole body was moving with him like I was nothing more than a cocksleeve for him to fuck.

              [Humans might only be able to cum once but, if you knew more about Pokémon anatomy, you’d find the majority of us have a baculum to keep us hard enough to fuck our females multiple times without stopping.]  He gave several hard thrusts, the sloppy sounds of my pussy making me mewl softly before sobbing as he slowed down. [It’s a bone in my cock that keeps me just hard enough keep fucking you again-] His hips slammed into me, pleasure almost blinding me. [And again.] Another hard thrust and I could feel him touch right where I needed him to be. [And again.] I felt myself cumming as my pussy clenched around him, trying to get him to cum again with me but failing. [Until either you cum or I do.]

               He sounded so pleased with himself that I was really glad today was “one of those days.”

               “Nice trick…” We’d never really stuck around long enough after our couplings for me to have learned that fun fact about him but, then again, he’d apparently missed something too. “Except, for one thing.”

               The lazy hum he gave only bolstered my annoyance with him. With his cock still in me, I turned quickly, enough of his weight on the desk that he didn’t just fall on me as the chill of his desk raced along my back. Pulling his startled face down to mine, our noses touching, even as my insides quivered with a silent but ignorable protest, I rocked my hips upwards to force him to keep fucking me.

               “Humans can cum more than once, you ass.” The slower paced rocking while his fur glided softly against my breasts, whispering along my skin and trailing the cool remnants of his seed, wasn’t nearly enough. “Different ones, different recovery times… but it’s possible.” I lifted my legs to wrap them around his waist, pulling him to go deeper in me. “And, right now, with all that fucking teasing, you could probably fuck me,” I gasped, feeling myself cum again with the same lack of satisfaction as the first one. “Again, and again, and again,” I mocked, arching towards him, “with me cumming again, and again, and again without actually fucking being sated until you fucking cum in me, you smugass alley cat!

               My ending words were punctured with a shriek as my inner muscles spasmed yet a third time but still with no relief.


               His snort had my nails digging into his mane until they found skin, not at all appreciating his amusement at my plight.

               “I swear to motherfucking Arceus, Azad-”

               he purred, his hips finally moving forward to meet my thrusts as my body arched and I felt my frustration peaking as my cumming this time had my juices running down my thighs and onto his desk, soaking my ass and whatever papers were under it. [But, if it’s fucking you want and seed you need…] His words were a growl along my skin as his muzzle moved to trace along the side of my neck. [I’ll make sure to oblige you.]

               I was going to ask him how the hell he planned on doing that when a sharp but quick spark of pain along the side of my ass made my body arch, my eyes widening as the pain curled into pleasure. There was another shock, this time higher along my sides so that I could make out the shape of his tail and see the shimmer of electricity along the dark material of his star just before he touched it to my skin and timed his thrust to match the jolt.

               Quicker, the pinches of electricity came. Once against my breast, then my stomach, my hips, my legs; wherever his tail could reach. His thrusts never paused, his teeth grazing my collarbone as he pumped into me, the swirls of pain being swallowed by greater pleasure along with my inadequate climaxes and growing needs.

               [My tail alone is enough to make you cum,] his tongue bathed along the hollow of my neck, my fuzzy mind still picking up on his smugness right before his star made a spark just under my left breast and my cry while cumming took the place of any words I’d wanted to say to that.

               I couldn’t tell if I whimpered out a “no” or just whimpered but his thrusts became shorter, quicker as my legs struggled to hold on to his back and my hands raked through his fur.

               [If only…] His words were a mere whisper to the wet slurps of my pussy, the tender lick along my right shoulder speaking louder to me as his teeth yet again traced my skin.

               “Do it.” I was high. Had to be. “Bite me, Azad.”

               He pulled back his head but my hands wrapped in his mane again before he could escape, tugging him back to me, pressing his mouth to my skin even as I lifted my head to take his left ear into my mouth and bite.

               I tasted copper at the same time my ears rang from a roar that could have only come from Azad. There was pain overriding the pleasure, a jagged tear far stronger than the little zaps had been that almost brought me out of my lust and to tears before euphoria had me reeling, reaching, and grasping, for that final something that could bring me over the edge and find relief from the cycle of need, pain, and pleasure.


            My name was muffled as he spoke around my shoulder, the soft throbs of pain sweeter than any candy or berry I’d ever tasted as I swallowed his blood into my throat and suckled for more, tugging against his ear with a growl.


               His tail’d pulled away but there was a current racing from him to me along everywhere we were touching. My shoulder, my hands and arms, my legs, breasts, and pussy;  the current affected them all. I could no longer control the grip my limbs had around him or how my insides squeezed for him. It didn’t even hurt, really, just a warm buzz that almost, almost had me there.

               Cum in me, Azad!

               I couldn’t open my mouth to say the words but the current cracked, his star between us, dividing my pussy from his balls for a brief moment before it lifted, moving somewhere just under his tail but above his sack.

               The pressure on my shoulder increased and I let loose his ear with a cry, feeling myself just about to cum for the unsatisfactory, umpteenth time when his cock surged within me. Gasping, my head turned slightly, not believing the sensations I was feeling. Warm, bronze eyes met mine as he thrust again with a growl.

               [For you, Alex.]

               The current between us rushed down to our lower halves before his cock pushed as deep as possible and then some, giving one final swell and rush within me. My nails dug into him and my body lifted from the desk as I was finally able to reach beyond the peak and find the calm of the storm within myself as he came, taking me with him.

               Electricity tickled the hairs along my body as I felt myself growing lax, letting my arms fall back onto the desk and my legs to his chair, in some semblance of comfort. My shoulder now simply hurt but his tongue caressing the edges of the grooves his teeth had left behind helped comfort me, even if it didn’t really help to heal it. Azad remained within me, still hard enough from whatever the fuck he called the bone within his cock that I could still feel my inner walls squeezing him for his cum without him slipping out and making even more of a sopping mess on his desk.

               [Now, might I assume you’re done?]

               The only reason I didn’t muster the energy to punch him was that his normal smugness was replaced by a wary, concerned tone that only made me smile against his fur and make a soft sound of affirmation that, little as it was, took more energy than I’d thought.

               [Good.] The relief in his tone was palpable. [I’ve never used electroejaculation twice in a row and would rather avoid frying my insides.]

               That raised a few questions but they floated away like Drifloom in the wind.

[Mmm… Oh. And, Alex?]

               I made a soft sound into the mane of his fur, my mind a white void that I wanted to enjoy after my long denied pleasure.

               […don’t think I’ve forgotten about the ‘smugass alley cat’ remark.]

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