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Under Strange Skies by DarkType


Story Notes:

Chapter 1 is the contest entry/story. It's actually PG-13 and pretty clean outside of some nudity, references to violence, heavy themes, and mild swearing.

Chapter 2 is a little porn for you guys. It's technically not part of the main story (hence being it's own chapter), but everyone likes porn so why not?



Author's Chapter Notes:

Porn for the pornening! Is that even a word? Who cares.

Contains some spoilers as it's (sort of) a continuation of the first chapter.

New Discoveries

Luiz smiled as he watched me fumble with the metal tag around my neck.

Dog tag: used for identification. Worn until death and given only to loved ones. Very special. I looked up at him appreciatively. This was a very special gift indeed!


“Mee-w! (Thank you!)” I floated to his side and nuzzled his warm, soft skin. I wrapped my arms around his waist and gave him a hug as best as I could, even though my arms couldn't reach all the way around him.

Luiz wiggled a little. “Hey!” he started laughing again. Oh! That's right, my fur tickles him.


He reached down a large hand and stroked the fur at the top my my head. His warm, amber eyes met mine. They were so deep. It was like somehow we were meant to be like this. A soft musky smell met my nostrils. It was strange, but pleasant.

“I'm glad you like it, Mew. Take good care of it.”


I floated back a little and smiled up at him. I found my eyes wandering over Luiz's thin frame, following the way the muscles curved under the tan skin. His toned muscles flowed like water rippling over rocks. The scattered soft brown hair accented them like sprays of water in a river. His broad breast gently heaved with each breath. Indeed, he was beautiful.

Thoughts of tender embraces and enjoyable feelings flashed though my head, but they were quickly pushed aside. These thoughts weren't my own. Did Luiz also find me to be beautiful?

I was going to try scanning deeper but I didn't need to. His eyes said everything. Yes, he found me beautiful. His great hand moved down and stroked my cheek fur. Despite his fingers large size, they were very gentle. I planted little kisses along the back and sides of his hand.

He made a soft “Hmmm” sound in his throat as his hand wandered further down, stroking my chest. What was this strange warm feeling coming over me?


“Say, Mew. You're an adult of your race, right?”

I nodded.

“Well, how does your race… err.. man, I sound like a creep.”


I tilted my head in confusion. The thoughts flowing from his mind earlier were lovely and pleasing. How could he be ashamed now? I took his hand in my small hands. I planted a small kiss on the back of his hand. Out of the corner of my eye I saw an appendage I had not taken note of before. It was smooth and rounded like a finger and pointed up gently towards the ceiling.

I let go of his hand then floated over to the strange appendage.


Luiz's face flushed red. “Err… Mew… you don't have to...”


By now I was getting very curious. The musky smell was increasing in volume with quite a bit seeming to be concentrated around this new appendage. I reached out and touched it. The flesh was stiff to the touch and very warm, even though the skin covering it was even softer than the skin of his hand. I stroked the flesh gently, my fingers tracing the large veins pulsing beneath the skin. Luiz shuddered. I felt a wave of a strange but enjoyable feeling ripple out from him. He was enjoying this.

I came closer, letting the appendage press against my chest and stomach. The heat and pleasant musk seeped into my fur. It felt so good! I rubbed against it, feeling how the weight pressed into my body. At last this was a part I could easily hug. Beneath the appendage were two spherical masses. I curiously touched them with my toes, letting the loose skin seep between them.

I came a little closer and nuzzled the low part of Luiz's body. The flesh throbbed between us. I looked up into his face. Those warm eyes were so wide. His chest heaved a little more rapidly now. Luiz placed his hands at my back. He was cradling me. For a moment it seemed like time stood still.

“Please… be gentle.”


I slid my body upward a little to get a better look at his face. Luiz moaned softly, a gentle wave of that enjoyable feeling radiating from him again. Taking the hint, I slid by body back down a little, slowly feeling the flesh slip through my fur. The tip of the appendage was now dotted with clear fluid. I licked at it gently. It was salty with a strange slickness.

“Oh god...”

Luiz's eyes rolled back a little. The wave was intensifying. I had to be doing something right. I licked gently along the tip, my tongue caressing each fold. There were so many of them and my tongue was so small, but I was patient and careful not to miss any. Occasionally the fluid would re-appear, issuing from a small hole. I would lick this fluid away and continue with my exploration.

I tried to lick along the great shaft, but found that there was little of interest past the folded skin along the tip. There was merely rigid flesh interspersed with deeply pulsing veins. The reaction from licking at this area wasn't as great as licking at the tip, so I moved further down. The large, hanging sacks contracted slowly with my licks. I could feel the wave intensifying. By now Luiz was gently panting.

“Please, Mew. I'm getting close. Please, stroke it. Touch me.”


I floated back and reached out with my foot. I slid my foot's soft pads up and down the ridig flesh. Luiz cried out, almost a gasp. It was working. I clasped my feet together and slid them up and down the shaft of flesh. A gush of milky-clear liquid rushed from the tip, flowing into my fur and down his flesh. A torrent of sensation washed over me in a sudden burst like light breaking through the darkness. It ebbed, but the waves of sensation remained.


Now that things were nice and slick it was easy to move my feet against his skin. The hardness flagged slightly, but I didn't mind. The flesh was now so easy to manipulate with my feet that I couldn't resist. I slid my feet up and down, letting my toes gently play with the skin at the tip. Luiz's knees trembled.

“Oh god. She's milking me… oh god...”

The hardness returned slowly but steadily, the fluids starting to dry into something sticky. I leaned in and licked the flesh clean, paying close attention not to miss anything. The waves were intensifying again. I was starting to suspect that the fluids denoted some sort moment of great enjoyment.


“Please, Mew. Let me pleasure you, too.”

I tilted my head. What did he mean by that? His hand slid down between my legs. My people, well, we don't have appendages like his do. We don't really have holes like his females, either. It's a sort of vestigial vent left over from the times before we learned to use machinery to make perfect children. It now mostly shields our anuses from view unless in use. What was he planning?

His fingers felt gently through my lower fur. He found the small slit in the flesh and stroked it with a fingertips. I shivered. Nobody had ever done this to me before. A small grin spread across Luiz's face.

“I knew it. You're a girl! Well, unless you're like a bird or something… Anyway, let me know if it feels good.”


Luiz's finger slid up and down the vent opening. A little fluid started to collect, moistening my fur. The vent slowly yawned open, accepting his finger in. The roughness of the skin near his fingertips was a little uncomfortable, but strangely inviting. He pumped his finger inside me slowly, entering a little at a time as if testing how deep it could go.

An unusual tingle started at my vent. The internal muscles contracted starting a chain-reaction of shivers through my body punctuated by a sort of pleasure I had never seen before. My eyes rolled back as I moaned. The gush of fluids dripped down my thigh. Is this how the ancients bred?

Luiz left his finger inside me for a few moments. My inner walls contracted gently against it in a rippling motion. My body felt utterly relaxed. He slowly took out his finger and stroked my outer vent tenderly.


“Did I do OK?”

I nodded. Luiz smiled then held my limp body against his breast.

“It's Ok, I'll let you catch your breath. Then we can keep going if you want to. I should be good for one or two more. It's been awhile… heh...”


I nuzzled his soft chest hair and looked down over his body. Sure enough, the appendage was still stiff. A serene feeling of tenderness flowed from Luiz. He wanted to protect me and make me feel good. I trembled with delight. Perhaps this was the start of something permanent?

After a few moments of rest Luiz gently guided me down his body. I felt his hot, stiff flesh against my still wet vent. I knew it wasn't going to fit in there. Thankfully, he didn't try. He carefully slid me up the shaft. Each vein created a ridge that bumped against my soft wetness, sending small shivers of delight through me. The skin at the tip brushed my flesh, rippling gently just inside the opening before flowing out again. His eyes carefully monitored me for reactions. My mouth hung open as I breathed heavily. Luiz seemed glad.


Down he slid me again. The flowing skin rippled past my vent, giving way to extremely soft skin and those delightful vein ridges. I rocked my hips a little, increasing the sensation against my flesh. My fluids wept out, coating his flesh in smooth juices. “Yes, that's it. Enjoy me. Please.”

I tipped my hips back and forth in increasingly long slides along his skin. Luiz kept me steady with his great hands but otherwise didn't force anything. My vent snapped open and shut a little as if trying to swallow him inside of me. Everything was sopping wet with my juices. That unique sensation was growing again. I wasn't sure I would last much longer.


“Getting close, Mew? Let's finish together.”

Luiz carefully slid me down to the tip and tipped me on to my back. “Just relax. It's going to be OK.”

He stroked the tip against my vent. It felt impossibly hot against me. His fluids started to mingle with my own, flowing into every crevice. He was going to be inside me! I could scarcely contain the excitement. I rubbed my vent against the huge tip, pressing myself against it. It couldn't go far, but even just a little was everything to me. I wanted this. All of it. I could feel the first waves starting from him already. I slid my feet down to the shaft, stroking it.

The first contractions of his shaft sent jerking thrusts of pressure into me. My vent responded with contractions of it's own, yawning wide, begging thirstily for every drop the would come. And come it did! Rush after rush of pressurized fluids flowed from him into me, filling my vent with our combined juices. My mind lost all reason becoming a soft fog as we finished together. He was growing softer, but I still pressed against the flesh. I didn't want it to stop.

Luiz gently lifted me to his breast again. My inner legs were soaked, combined fluids dripping off my feet. He smiled, then ducked his head and shoulders down to lick my thighs and vent opening clean. His broad tongue slid easily over everything making short work of the mess. Afterwards he simply cradled me.


I curled up, safe and warm, and fell asleep listening to the steady thump of his heart beat.

Chapter End Notes:

Remember: Mew is maybe a foot tall. Ever rub against a big-headded vibrating wand? You know, the kind that won't fit inside like a Hitcahi Magc Wand? It was sort of like that.

And as to Mew's actual "gender"... well, I'll leave that up to you.

    Date:Nov 15 2016

    Young man did you really make all the aliens have Mexican names? WITH A PRONOUNCIATION GUIDE FOR THEIR NAMES? DID YOU WRITE THIS FOR DONALD TRUMP HELLO?

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