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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

A simple list of the different locals of Bangam Island and some of the characters who will play a role. 

Character and Settings

Settings and Characters

Angel Harbor:

The island of Bangam was divided into several different little sections, the south side of the island was called Angel Harbor and it was designed like a port town city, it had beautiful brick roads, small shops and a small battle arena in the middle of the city that was used during various tournaments and festivals. This was where students were docked when they first arrived to the island and were cartered off to where ever he or she needed to be. A long road led from the edge of town up though a small haunted woods and from there students were able to see the gates to Bangam’s school waiting for them. The gates to the school had a statue of Lugia and Ho-Ho on either side of it, and pair of large gates blocked the path heading into the school. Once a student went thought the gate they went up a long winding trail that ended at the door step to Bangam’s Castle, a pair of statues one of Kyroge and Groudon greeted the students here and after giving them a password they were able to enter into the castle.

Bangam Castle:

The castle of Bangam was well decorated with portriats of various different students, teachers, and events though out the history of the school. The first picture that greeted anyone when they first entered was that of Bangam the Absol himself, it was of him as a younger Absol when he first began building his school and bringing others together for the betterment of a higher education. Though out his life the Absol had worked hard to influence everyone that he has met and it was reflected on those who came to the school and completed their education. As one traveled the inside of the castle they would notice that some of the decorations and furnishings were inspired from the southern towns in the region as there was Valor City like vases and finishings littered around the halls. Once one reached Great Hall they were greeted by another statue, this time of the legendary birds Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos as one was placed at each of the three entrances to the Great Hall. The Hall itself had a raised roof that opened sometimes to reveal the night sky, the ceiling would change colors throughout the day and sometimes would reflect who it looked outside so students were able to feel that they were eating out in the open. Long tables with hay seats were placed all along the hall and allowed for comfortable sitting.  Outside of the Great Hall was Tranquil Garden, it was a place for peace and quiet and also functioned as the gateway area to several other destinations around island as several portals were placed around the garden. Students were able to use the portals to fast travel, though depending on what level of license the student had would determine if they were able to use a certain portal or were restricted to time of day.

Paradise Cove:

Paradise Cove is a large cavern stationed east of Bangam High, features of the cove include a beach, several caves that house places to hide and allow for more one on one interaction, fresh water for swimming or drinking and is one of several places around the island to have a battlefield that is used for league fighting. Paradise Cove is home to the Manaphy statue.

Neon Central:

Neon Central is stationed to the northern part of the island and is home to the Bangam League. Neon Central is known for being a place for combat, but it also has lots of shops and a museum that features things from all around the region. Bangam had Neon Central built as a place for students to escape school work and have fun. As such there is no sexual activity allowed and if anyone tries they are blocked. Neon Central is home to the Victini and Mew statues.

Midnight Forest:

Stationed between Neon Central and Paradise Cove lies the forest that never sees the sun. Midnight Forest is home to dark, bug and anything that did not like natural sun light. The forest has been known to hide varies secrets and only Pokemon like Bangam and Professor Lita knew what some of those secrets could be. Students have for years tried to explore Midnight Forest in hopes of unlocking its dark secrets. A league arena can be found deep in the forest and only those who were considered worthy fight on its sacred grounds.

Western Island:

Students are not allowed to explore the western part of the island yet. What mysteries could it hold.




Bangam the Absol: Headmaster of the Academy that bares his name. He still teaches a few classes but he had begun to push the responsibilities of teaching off to his staff. Bangam is a normal colored Absol, is slightly undersized for his species, and wears a black collar with a half heart shape on it, Nikcino wears the other half of it.

Mates: Nikcino, Hermes

 Friends: Bones, Aurora

Nikcino the Cinccino: Gym and Contest Teacher. Nikcino has been with Bangam since she was in her last year of being in school. She finished tops of her class and took a teaching position at the school a year after she graduated. She fell in love with Bangam and will do just about anything for him as long as he asks her the right way. She has a slight rivalry with Aurora that goes back to their time being roommates.

Mates: Bangam

Friends: Lita, Aurora,

Aurora the Jigglypuff: Nikcino and Aurora were former room mates and best friends. During their last year when Nikcino began dating Bangam their friendship began to fall onto the rocks.

Mates: Unknown

Friends: Lita, Bangam, Nikcino, Gertrude


Chip the Zorua: Chip is a hermaphrodite Zorua, though he will deny it if you ever ask him. He loves his sister but he hates to show her that he cares about her and wishes that she will just let him be himself. Chip is a cream colored Zorua with purple highlights. Chip has purple colored eyes and a purple bow on the base of his tail. Chip rarely shows his girly side but when he does he blames his sister for it and tries to brush it off. Secretly he enjoys it. Amber and Chip are a duosoul Pokemon and that share the same body.

Sibling: Amber  

Amber the Eevee: Amber is a hermaphrodite Eevee who shares a body with her brother Chip. Where Chip does not like to accept what he is Amber embraces it. She knows that they are not able to be separated but using her brother’s illusion ability she is able to appear as herself. Amber has pink eyes and wears a pair of purple ribbons on her ears.

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Chapter End Notes:

Will be updated over the course of the story. 

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