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The completed story of Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1. On a island of a large lake is a castle that stands tall and proud. Here Bangam the Absol established a school for helping to train young Pokemon in the ways of survival, both in the wild and in the bed room. Mystical and wonderes things await those who attend, but this school is not a simple place and there are more going on behind the scenes than any of the students, teachers and even its Headmaster and founder know. 

  1. Character and Settings (1126 words)

    A simple list of the different locals of Bangam Island and some of the characters who will play a role. 

  2. Chapter 1 - A Absol's Morning In. (4749 words) [Reviews: 2]

    Bangam remembers his life before becoming the Headmaster of his school and it makes his feel uncomfortable. Nikcino decides to help her mate forget his troubles and assist him in relaxing and relieving himself. 

  3. Chapter 2 - Duosoul Fox (6143 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Like every year there are always a few students who refuse to pack their belongings and head out to go to school. Chip the Zorua refuses to go, his sister wants nothing else to do but go, and their best friend has other ideas. When all of the fun comes to a end there is one big question that no one is asking, how much time do they have to catch that Lapras?

  4. Chapter 3 - Fox and the Rockruff (5172 words)

    Chapter 4 was done at the same time as Chapter 3.

    Slight tension rises in the air after Amber and Ribbon's moment together. Chip is upset and confused as he has mixed emotions about what his sister is using his body for and the fact that their best friend seems to be taking advantage of the twins. Before all of Chip's emotions could get the better of him the Zorua leaves and heads to his hide away to think and be alone...or at least as alone as a duosoul Pokemon can be. But even after he does get his peace and quiet he finds out that someone followed him back home, and this someone has alternative motives on their mind.

    Chapter Illustation:  Thanks to Revous for his great work as always. 

  5. Chapter 4 - Kindled Spirits (6301 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Ribbon and the others are running out of time, as the sun is setting on them and their chances to arriving to school on time. But each of the main characters must deal with their own problems and figure out what is weighing them down.

    Learning to love yourself is never a easy thing.

    Chapter Illustation:

  6. Chapter 5 (5540 words)

    The time has finally arrived for Chip, Amber and Ribbon to reach Bangam Island and prepare themselves for their new lives. But will the actions of Darious cost Amber and her brother the chance of a life time?

    Else where Bangam is confronted by Nikcino about his moonlight actions. Truths are revealed and for the first time in a long time Bangam might not have a answer for his girl troubles.

  7. Chapter 6 - Darious and the Alpah "Fluff" (2203 words)

    Darious gets to know Sir "Scruffy" alot better and we learn a little bit more about Canine Laws. On the other side of things Bangam begins the long awaited Sorting Ceramony. Where shall our favorite Pokemon go?

  8. Chapter 7 - The Future is not Certain (4334 words)

    The sorting is well underway and the new students of Bangam Academy are quickily being put into their new homes. Amber still walking around in her brother's image has to figure out how to handle being around so many new faces.

    Meanwhile Darious is being seen by the Sorting Slowpoke. Everything is going least until the Slowpoke begins revealing old memories that Darious does not want revealed. What secrets does the young pup already hold?


  9. Fox Trials (4264 words)

    Chip and Amber go though their Sorting Trial, what secrets will be revealed as the twins must now face themselves. Will they be able to handle the truths about themselves and what new home shall they be assigned to?

    Ribbon must go though her own trial. What sort of issues can possibly arise from a meeting with the friendly Slowpoke?

  10. Chapter 9 - The Generals of Arceus (3658 words)

    Neoral the Jirachi is a most interesting Pokemon, he follows all of the rules set forth...but in his own way. Why is one of the 6 Generals of Arceus hanging out in Bangam Academy, what is his goal and is he friend or foe.
    As always just when you think you have all of the answers, a new comer comes into the fold. A old friend has appeared and she is not looking to leave without getting something that she wants.

  11. chapter 10 - Ribbon's Burdon (3195 words)

    Ribbon and the others begin their first day of school shopping for supplies. She can not shake the feelings from the other day and her relationship with Amber is on the rocks. Darious continues to push the limits with Sir Scruffy and Mina, while Amber is trying to keep herself from killing the puppy Pokemon. Ribbon can not the shake the feeling of something powerful being nearby and after some time of being with her friends leaves to find the source.

  12. Chapter 11 - A Mother's Duty (2381 words)

    Ruby and Neoral have to figure out how to handle the passed out Ribbon, because surely it will not be long before her friends will start to miss her. But before Ruby can figure out what she wants to do Neoral already has a plan that he is ready to put into place. Swallowing her pride and distaste for the Jirachi she decides to go along with what he has planned...for now.

  13. Chapter 12 - My Daughter is What? (2131 words)

    Ruby spends some time as her daughter and she learns that Ribbon lives a strange life with her friends. She has a relationship with a herm Eevee, is hanging around wild dog and has strict Pokemon as her mentors. She will have to talk to her daughter when she wakes up from her nap and try to explain some life lessons to her. But that will open happen if her cover is not blow...

    In the mean time Ribbon wakes up to find Neoral tending to her. Her Uncle seems to have loose lips and secrets about her mother possible may be revealed. What dirty secrets does such a nice looking Ninetales be hiding?

  14. Chapter 13 - A Fox's Icy Past (3069 words)

    Neoral reveals some truths about Ribbon's and Ruby's past. Ribbon doesn't know what to make of it, but she decides to go along with what her trusty Uncle has to say. What she doesn't know might be what does her in...

  15. Chapter 14 - Reunion (1643 words)

    Ribbon and Ruby finally have the reunion that they has long been delayed. Will Neoral's ambitions finally be revealed or will he continue to work in the shadows that he has built up?

  16. Chapter 15 - Me or the Bartender... (2111 words)

    Nikcino throws Bangam a curve ball when she mentions his side piece. Worried that he may lose his mate the Absol tries to find a way to prove to Nikcino that he truly does love her. Although for Bangam to prove his love to Nikcino he might just have to do it in a way for the entire world to see...or at least the entire student body.

  17. Chapter 16 - For the Love of Fluffy (5093 words)

    Darious is sure that Sir Scruffy is like any other dog, he likes to sniff things, pants alot, and barks when he gets angry. If Sir Scruffy is from the packs than he is sure to know what any good mentor must do to their new protege right...right?

    Mean while Mina volunteers herself to fight in place of another pair of fighters who are no shows. Her opponent is the lovely and talented Angelblade the Absol. Mina and Angelblade have been rivals in the arena since they were little and the crowd is in for another intense fight between the Fox and Hound. Unlike last time the girls have tricks up their...well guess where two beautiful females like them might hide their "tricks."

    Warning: Matches at Bangam are not like normal matches. Remember what this Academy is for...

  18. Chapter 17 - Ruby, the Mew you love to hate (3975 words)

    You can love her, you can hate her, but Ruby always leaves those who she is with with a mixtures of emotions. Ruby and Neoral finally make "love" and the Jirachi tries hard to please the Mew/Ninetales but comes up just...short.

    Kia is Chip and Amber's father, he is a strong Espeon who took on the position of becoming a teacher so he may stay close to his children and be a influence on the life of young minds. He speaks with Sir Scruffy who is lost as to how to handle a certain Rockruff that refuses to stay in line as to what Sir Scruffy believes is good order. What sort of advice can Kia give him, and how did Kia become the strange Espeon that he is now?

  19. Chapter 18 - Blood Feud vs Honor (2894 words)

    Darious must take on the same Riolu who has continued to appear since day one. But the moment that the pup steps onto the battlefield he feels great answer boil up inside of him. What is so special about his new opponent that Darious the mild and funny puppy feel that he must not lose this fight, even if it means fighting until his last breath.

  20. Chapter 19 - Young Love (2208 words)

    Darious and Chip make love in the bathroom. Chip is not happy about this, but he has issues saying no to Darious who seems to be able to talk the Zorua into doing just about anything. Is Darious using Chip just to get his rocks off or is there more to the pup than meets the eye.

    And just when they think its over and the cost is clear, Halvon walks in on them...

  21. Chapter 20 - Enter Meadow, the General of Fertility (3849 words)

    I am so excited for this, I finally got to add in one of my two favorite Pokemon, Shaymin the Sky Warrior. She is going to be working along side my other favorite Pokemon Zorua.


    Ribbon sometimes feels that she could kill her males friends, how can Darious and Chip be so stupid as to do it in the bathroom of all places. If putting he idiot Rockruff and Zorua on ice could not come back to bite her she would do it. But as always Amber is here to make her feel better...

    Else where Ruby meets up with a old friend and fellow general Meadow the Shaymin. Ruby after talking to her friend for a bit remembers something interesting about the Pokemon of Fertility that could come in handy with helping her deal with her daughter and her little herm lover Amber.

  22. Chapter 21 - Bangam vs Sawyer, You can't have it all. (3906 words)

    The time for Bangam to show the students his battle skills has come once again. Each year he faces off against one lucky student in a battle for the ages. This year though he ends up facing off against Sawyer the bartender at his favorite hang out place. What should be a friendly battle between good friends turns out to be anything but. Can Bangam over come the upset Jolteon and calm the waters between them, or will Bangam have to face a different out come?

  23. Chapter 22- First Day, Zorua meets Shaymin (3767 words)

    Finally the first day of class starts. Chip and Amber run late for class, no thanks to Darious not helping them to wake up in the morning. But like all things in life, if it doesn't kill you, it could make you better. Chip ends up sitting next to Meadow the Shaymin who some how managed to find herself in the same class as our favorite Zorua, and like all good things in life, one thing can lead to another...

  24. Chapter 23, Old School (2939 words)

    Sir Scruffy meets up with some old friends at his favorite cafe'. Experience a blast from the past as we find out what has been happening to Wooly, Din and Shawn Cheater since the end of the old series.

  25. Chapter 24 (4489 words)

    Ribbon and Ruby collide on the hillsides outside of Bangam Academy in between periods. Ruby tries to tell Ribbon that she is not a terrible mother, and Ruby listens to what her mother has to say. But Ribbon has ideas of her own as an old saying is practiced.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    How will Ruby respond when she is forced to watch her daughter do something that no mother ever wants to see their child do. And just when you think its all over, the Pachi-Mew makes a discovery that has her set her eyes on someone that she lets her daughter call...Uncle.

  26. Chapter 25 - Gentlemon Training (4408 words)

    Meadow is an elegant and sassy Shaymin and she knows it. She wants to help teach Chip to be a Gentlemon and she is willing to go to great lengths to get the job done.

  27. Chapter 26 - Ruby the Fem-Dom (4125 words)

  28. Chapter 27 - Shaymins can do H.S.O.W.A Too (7462 words)

    Ruby and Neoral talk about the Jirachi's plans and Ruby reminds the naughty legendary who is boss once again as she doesn't mind making him talk whether he likes it or not...because she does enjoy it.

    Mean while Meadow and Darious have something important to tell Chip, something that could affect their relation going forward. At the same time we learn a bit more about Meadow and what goes though her mind.

  29. Chapter 28 - Tying up Loose Ends part 1 (4740 words)

    <p>With the license exam behind them the students of Bangam Academy prepare for the up coming Fall Festival. Chip and Amber find themselves fighting with one another over something that both of them share. Amber loves her brother and she refuses to see him throw away his chance for happiness over something petty and outside of their control. <br /><br />Ruby has a dicussion with her oldest child over the fate of Ribbon and what must be done to protect her. At the same time she meets Chioren a Meowstic who for some odd reason doesn't believe in being pushed around so easily by the Mew. Does she have any idea who she is starting a war with...?<br /><br />Meadow wants to help Chip to see that she is just the right gal for him. But when he ask her a strange question, she decides to give him just the right response. Is the Zorua truly worthy of winning over the courtship of the Shaymin or will his own insecurities do him in. Well if he fails...he always has Darious to stick </p>

  30. chapter 29 - Tying up Loose Ends Part 2 (5102 words)

    With the end of the license exam comes a time of celebration for a crowning achievement in any student's time at the Academy. But what do the teacher's do after such a event? Bangam and Nikcino talk to one another about their future together and what changes needed to be made.

    Angelblade and the girls go out for a night on the town and what better spot to take the celebration than to the biggest (and 1 of 2) clubs on the island Tail Lifters. Where they witness a interesting guest make a appearance.

  31. Chapter 30 - Tying up Loose Ends Part 3 (5106 words) [Reviews: 1]

    The epic finale of Bangam Academy Book 1.

    Chip and Meadow find themselves in interesting position as both Pokemon want the same thing but do not know how to say it. Well...maybe Meadow wants a bit more from Chip than just a good time. But how does the actions that Chip is taking affecting his sister who finds herself lashing at Ribbon for some odd reason.


    I will say I am super proud of myself for writing about 10k words today and finishing this up. I still need to knock out the epilogue but it is not a required part of finishing the "book" and here you guys have the finished piece. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed this ride with me and wishing me luck in my goal of finishing this "book" before the clock strikes midnight. Leave those likes, drop a comment and let your boy know what you think of the end of Bangam Academy Book 1.

    The Wild-Card!
    Date:Oct 16 2016 Title:Character and Settings

    Interesting list! Hope we get more introductions soon!

    Date:Nov 19 2016 Title:Chapter 1 - A Absol's Morning In.

    Hey Lightsoul

    I was just wondering if you would be able to have a look at my two stories on here. It would mean a lot to get your opinions on them!



    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Oct 16 2016 Chapter:Chapter 1 - A Absol's Morning In.

    Good start. A few little slip-ups here and there, yet still enjoyable. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!


    only other critique I have is that little bit of into at the top. Perhaps that could be on the story notes, or the post-note, or even in your bio. Just saying.


    {} Achievement Unlocked; 50G

    Time to r-r-r-r-remix!

    Relaunched and remake an old story.


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    Have a close-knit group of friends in a love-triangle.

    Author's Response:

    I am going to try to finish writing the chapter sooner in the week and spend mroe time proof reading it. The reason the tip-bit was at the top of the story before it began was because I uploaded it to more than one spot. But I'l be sure to change things up in the future. 

    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Oct 25 2016 Chapter:Chapter 2 - Duosoul Fox

    Looks to be shaping up nicely. Still a few spelling errors here nd there, and perhaps a few grammatical erros as well.


    Overall, can't wait for the rest! And I would like to perhaps see one of my characters cameo as a teacher!

    (I'll send a pm to you)


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    Author's Response:

    I'm working on the proofreading, I've heard from more than one source my work is looking better each time. As for your character idea, I'll try to find you on the irc. I might set up a twitter and see if people would want to submit ideas to me though there. 

    Reviewer: Tesla_Nightclaw
    Date:Nov 19 2016 Chapter:Chapter 1 - A Absol's Morning In.

    Absolutely Awesome! If a school like this existed, I'd be there enlisting in a heartbeat. Apart from a few grammatical errors, this is perfect! Can't wait to read the rest!

    Author's Response:

    Thanks, more is to come. I already have chapters 8-12 done, I just need to proofread them and upload them. I hope you continue to enjoy the story and review.

    Reviewer: Boom_xD
    Date:Mar 23 2017 Chapter:Chapter 4 - Kindled Spirits

    Overall, story is good but there are some grammar errors.

    BTW, Braixen is only a Fire type.

    Reviewer: zackarykidder
    Date:Aug 8 2017 Chapter:Chapter 30 - Tying up Loose Ends Part 3

    aww so cuttttte and with this i will rate 10/10 excellent character devolpment very realistic views on character thought and feelings you made a great series and it is successful keep it up also book 2 needs to be continued you must make more I NEEEEED IT XD. -you earned this 10/10 ~zero's Extra effects reviews