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Royally Fucked by loki_115


Royally fucked

Mongol lay on a beach, basking in the sun.   

Hope was walking along the beach trying to find a good spot to lay her things down. She was in a beautiful bikini that goes well with her white fur.   

Mongol was laying down, half sleeping, his cock slowly rising to fill mast, imagining sexy things in his head.

She found a good spot and bent down to put her things down. She would give Mongol a good view of her clothed crotch.   

Mongol's eyes opened a bit, and staring him was a nice rear. Now that was something he'd like to plow.   

After she got her things ready, she went down to the water to swim for a bit.   

"Hey there baby." Mongol came up behind her, his cock throbbing against her ass.

"Whoa there." She said feeling his cock on her ass.

"What?" Mongol asked, pretending to not know what she was talking about.  

"You know what." She said as her tail brushed his cock away.

He grabbed her breasts from behind. Smirking, "Didn't you read the sign, 'clothing forbidden.'?"   

"Where does it say that?" She asked moaning.   

Pointing to the sign with his tail, he began to strip her

"Just don't be forceful or too grabby." She said.

He stopped immediately, wanting to see her reaction.

"If you want to fuck them, then let it be something we both can enjoy."        

He laughed. "Ok then."

She took off her bikini, his eyes scanning her lovely curves and form.   

His cock was hard, and ready to go, little did she know what he had planned for her.   

"Want oral or skip to the main part?"   

"Your pick, sexy." Smirked Mongol.

She bent over, showing him her pussy and ass.

Smiling, he grabbed her ass, and shoved his cock up her pussy.   

"AH!" She moaned at the sudden insertion.

His cock made her stomach bulge from his size, moaning at her pussy. "Nice and tight."

"It really isn't. You're just big."

Like Mongol needed that ego boost. "Why thank you baby." He humped her a bit faster.

"Oh god!" She groaned out.

Leaking fertile preseed into her womb, he began to hump her fully.

"That feels good. Never felt this full in a while." She said.

"I don't think you'll feel this full again." He fucked her hard, his hips making a loud slap against her ass each time.

"You underestimate me." She smirked.

"And you me." Moaning as he fucked her harder.

She came on his cock    .

He laughed. "You like that, don't you?"        

"I do!" She moaned out loud.

Leaking preseed into her, he squeezed her rear.

"You going to fill me up?"  She moaned, panting.      

"Oh most definitely, and not just with cum." He throbbed inside her.   

"Got something else then?" she asked, not knowing what he meant.

Laughing. "Nope." He came inside her, hard.

She moaned hard as she was filled up.

Continuing to hump her, her filled her with his spunk, impregnating her, her belly bulging from the seed that was entering her womb.

She just moaned and groaned in pleasure.

His hands went around her stomach, feeling it bulge. "Oooh yes...You are most definitely pregnant now..."

"Pregnant? Is that your goal?"   

"Laughing, "Hehe, yep."

"Could've said something." She didn't sound pleased, but to his surprise, it was not that he impregnated her.

"Oh, but that would have spoiled the fun." He nuzzles her.

"I'm not too big on surprises." She told him.

Mongol smiled, "Sorry, but you were just too sexy to pass up."

"Just keep that in mind." She told him.

Laughing. "Whatever you say."

"Done or can you go longer?" She asked.

He was still hard inside her. "Guess."

"Pick me up and fuck me." She told him.

He obliged, and railed her on her back.

She just kept moaning more loudly.

He lifted her up so they were cowgirl style, and he kept fucking her harder.   

Her face was lost in pleasure as her royal pussy was being pounded.

"I never asked your name, what would that be?" He squeezed her ass.   

"My name is Hope and your cock is fucking a queen's pussy." She answered.

He laughed, "So I would guess that makes me royally fucked then?"

You're a queen fucker." She chuckled. "You might even be a repeated queen fucker and the father to a prince or princess."   

Smiling at the prospect. "You should have told me, I would have been gentler, your majesty"   

"I like it a little rough. I'm not your typical queen." She said.   

He liked her, "Oh I like you, you wouldn't happen to have a king would you? I'd hate to knock up another man's wife."   

"Just me and a couple of servants whose cocks have found their way inside on occasion."   

"I may not be a king, but I do have my own castle."

"You might find me visiting some time." She winked.

He chuckled. "I like you more and more every second." He throbbed inside her.

Hope came on his cock with a sexy moan.

"That's a lovely voice you have there,"  Mongol complemented her, trying to win points with flattery. 

"Thank you." She blushed.

"Forgive me if this is a bit too personal, but am I the first to have impregnated you?" Curiosity made him ask.

"First. Maybe you won't be the last." she promissed him.

Hearing that was enjoyable. "Then it pleases me to be the first." He moaned and came again inside her with a fresh, fertile load.

She smiled feeling another fresh load of cum fill her up. Her already bulging womb unable to contain much more, his seed forced its way out of her pussy, leaking around his cock.

On her stomach he put his claw, and felt it bulge with his seed. "Think of what they will look like, and how much fun it wat to make them." He smiled, looking at her.

"It was quite fun." His cock still throbbed inside her. They would enjoy one another.

A few weeks later, Mongol and Hope were in their care of their daughterm angela, an anthro Absol, much like her mother.

"Hello there little one." He held her in his arms, his little princess.

"I think she will learn to love yout cock as much as I do." Hearing that, brought more pleasure to Mongol.

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Oct 29 2016 Chapter:Royally fucked

    First blush, VERY short. Rushed. And quite puzzlingly, the format was highly unusual.


    HOWEVER; it was a nice change of pace--odd as it was--and hopefully you can improve!


    For now, you're getting a low score, BUT should you take my advice and improve greatly & rewrite this, I my take this low-score back and give you a higher one.