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Affections by Zana An


New Ties

Thanks everyone, and thank you for taking the time to pop by this little effort of mine. This was originally a one shot and the follow up chapters I'll write will be geared towards love and romance to supplement occasional erotica. The fic will be mostly clean but ahem, not entirely later. I prefer to build a relationships so my readers can fall in love with the characters.


A big thanks to Capthavoc who kindly assisted me with this a very long time ago. His fictional ontourage of blissful writing can be found here. So go check them out, they're amazing. You can also find me here if you want to see artwork I've created. Anyway, here you go, enjoy ^_^




Chained Souls


 Chapter 1 - New Ties



Strenuous were the days in lonesome wonder, seeming long and hard-traveled with the labouring tone of recycled tedious repetition, but it was a way of life. Time drifted by, day in, day out, and every week it would be the same; the usual circle. Life for a circus performer was always on the road, however it did make for meeting an abundance of interesting people. Amber was one such girl as life took her in every direction from Viridian City to Fullmoon Island, but then it looped back to start over again like a song track on repeat. There was no time to really take a breather. Even so, like everyone, she had some brief moments in the week to herself. But that's how it had to be for high performers.


Amber trained her body extensively, pushing its limitations further and further. Even while on board her caravan she would be there doing her push ups, squats, handstands and stretches to keep strong and supple for her high wire acts and jumping on the trapeze through vibrantly burning rings. All of her acts were extremely hazardous and required pinpoint precision and a focused mind, demanding the performer to be vigilant and at her very best.


Most of the acts had an accompanying Pokemon, save for Amber. Sadly, it wasn't always that way. It was all a harsh reality of how her sad tragedy had played out in a circus act that went sourly wrong. She had lost her Electabuzz in one of her unfortunate routines. It wasn't the dramatic performance anyone had hoped for, but dramatic it was nonetheless. Some things no one can anticipate, not even the most prepared, and some things are simply unavoidable. Nobody expects these things to happen, yet when they do, they hold the power to crush people. She was not at fault but deep inside she couldn't help but regret and shoulder the burden of once having had a Pokemon who she personally felt responsible for now; it was her failure that cost him his life, or so she made her self believe. 


Amber's bond with her Pokemon has been sacred. She was a Pokephile, which she kept hidden and even refused herself. Her attraction and love towards him had grown so intense all she could imagine was to hold him serenely within her arms. It wasn't lust, she never had fantasised beyond making out with him. A tender kiss was all it was sometimes, at others more passionate, but a day dream she loved to indulge so freely within. During all this time she never expressed those specific sentiments to him. There would be times they'd take pleasure walking along a canal in some foreign city they would visit, and times she would sneak her hand into his so she could express her love but never step over the threshold. This, was an undeclared love. One of bane having never been voiced or expressed upon her silent lips. What could she say? It wasn't as if people could throw around words such as I love you so whimsically and expect a reaction which wouldn't complicate things.


If only she could have said those words back then, but time holds infinity to no one. Can a chained heart really break free from love, or will it forever be chained to even the one she'd lost? Electabuzz, he really did have a way with with her, and all those times he'd make her smile and laugh. He was....



Something else...


Amber never found herself drawn to humans, maybe it was the fact they weren't like pokemon as in made things overly complex? Pokemon are true to their nature on many levels, emotions, love, needs, which are all so easy to see.


It all started as a simple act. Like every other day, both she and Electabuzz were the A-list act of the show. Burning flames licked off the sharp spikes, waiting below. The danger and thrill of the moment was what really fired up the adrenaline: the anticipation of getting fired from a cannon, getting elegantly caught, then thrown onto the high wire, finally somersaulting through some suspended burning rings. Easy for them to execute, having practiced this dozens of times. No biggie, though everyone knew full well it was a dangerous throw and catch act, with some balance and coordination needed.







Four years ago -An Account Of The Past-


Amber never gave real thought about the risk of the act. She had been thrown by a cannon so many countless times, and every time she had been caught safely by her trusted and worthy friend, her one and only beloved Electabuzz.


Cheers of the spectators roared and claps came to applaud the entrance of the main acts. The feeling of excitement every time never failed to inspire Amber; she loved the thrill of the moment and the response that she and Electabuzz received.


Amber grabbed onto the wide barrel, hoisting herself up, steadily entering it. The drums began to beat, introducing the little daredevil before she was shot. She felt the tingle run up her spine; it was obvious she was exhilarated. The cannon burst but, for some unknown reason, with a little less power then normal. For the first time fear set in as she sailed through the air slower than she should. Something was terribly wrong as she reached her peak in height.


Things where not happening as they were meant to. The distance to Electabuzz was too great and she was falling short by a large gap. The cannon had not thrown her far enough. In an instant she knew it would be her last performance. The question dawned on her: had the angels of heaven reached down to take her?


Fear grasped hold of her, and there was nothing she could do but brace herself for the unbearable pain that accompanied death. The cheers of the crowd fell to quiet gasps, as even they knew she was done for. That's when something unexpected happened. From the corner of her eye she saw Electabuzz leap to her aid, bursting towards her with electricity trailing in sparks behind him as he propelled through the air like a bullet.


Electabuzz hit her free-falling body with enough strength to alter her descent. She felt a sudden pain, her bottom two ribs caving in, her body violently jerking away. Her legs hit down on sanded ground, which absorbed some of the impact. Pain rushed over her body like tidal waves and she looked down at her leg, bent backwards midway down her thigh. She was unsure of what else was damaged.


Things were blurry as she rested there upon the bed of sand, hearing the slurred sound of people rushing to her. The concerned sounds and screaming soon began to fade into the background, and everything went black as the light faded from her eyes. She knew it was either death or unconsciousness, but none of it mattered. She only wanted to know if Electabuzz was okay.









It was a day later when she awoke. Amber's eyes opened and the darkness slowly cleared as her vision came to. She was resting in a bed with a soft mattress, and she knew she had felt better days. The pain of dull throbs circulated nearly all over her body. She noticed she was in a white room with a table to the side. A get well soon card from her friends in the circus rested on top of it, alongside some flowers. There was someone else there. A man with a big greyed beard and twirly long moustache. He wore a large uncle Sam hat adorned in red, white and blue colours with a matching pinstripe suit. She immediately recognized the unforgettable figure. It was her adoptive father, the ringmaster, Laurell


He remained there with sternness and devotion, just staring down at her, keeping her hand in the warm, caring embrace of his own. He had been like a father to her for most her life, ever since she had run away to join the circus from an orphanage. He had adopted her and raised her with love and taught her with whatever wisdom he had. He was always cracking jokes, but something in his eyes differed today. What was it? She could not understand the look he had, and yet she had always been able to see the mischievous sparkle, which was no longer there.


Amber anxiously waited for him to say something, but he remained silent, holding her hand in his and gently patting it for comfort. He seemed pained. It appeared it was something that was for her. Yes, pain for her. The silent moment was broken when he finally found courage in the words which he could use.


"Don't worry. It will be all right."


Laurell's voice trembled as if trying to suppress the torrents of tears which needed to break through, his eyes wet as if the dam was about to break any moment and flood down his face.


She pondered about why the words were so sorrowful, why so sad? She is alive isn't she? Her mouth was dry as she suddenly remembered the last few seconds before her vision went dark . . . Electabuzz!


"Where is Electabuzz?" she desperately asked.


Laurell just wavered on replying, as he did not know how to bring himself to break it to her. He shook his head side to side as tears could no longer remain welled up, freely rushing down his cheeks as he wept.


"Where is he?" Amber asked again more adamantly as her heart was beginning to beat faster and her breathing became heavier. "Tell me!" Her voice became more direct, trying to gain the answers. Where is her best friend? What's happened to him?


"I am sorry for your loss my child. I don't know how to tell you this, but he is no longer with us, he has passed on."


It felt as if a lead weight dropped on her. She felt speechless as she turned her head to the ceiling, just resting there, staring. It can't be, it was only yesterday he was with her, he can't leave her...but he had. Still she refused to believe in this, there was no way he could be gone. Her eyes shed no tears; it had not fully sunk in. Amber remained gazing at the dull magnolia colour around the white background of the ceiling. Hours passed before the tears came, and for hours she cried till she finally wore herself out, and fell asleep.


It was on that day she had made a vow to never work with pokemon again. After a few months passed she had recovered to again join her circus, becoming a solo side act. She distanced herself so much she lost sight of what friends were or what she had at the circus. If she never became close to anyone, then she would prevent herself from feeling the loss that she had with Electabuzz. She blamed her inadequacy as a performer for what had happened. There was nothing she could have done but at the end of the day she still held herself accountable. If he had not been her pokemon, then it would be her six feet under. His sacrifice was her doing, she chose him to be hers, and that's why it was all her fault, or so she believed.


The day came when things changed for Amber, and it was on a day like every other day. It may have been luck but she believed it to be good karma, and good things come to those who wait. This is where this tale begins...







- December 25th -Violet City -Present day-


Amber now was comfortably in her early twenties and had established herself as one heck of a performer of the death defying solo arts, and she was well renowned in many cities and towns for feats which brought an awe-inspired applause from the onlookers. Yet with all these fans, there still remained a void within her heart, an emptiness.


Winter had settled in, topping the city with white, seeming like the icing of a cake; a white Christmas. It was a like every other day for her as she stepped along the soft snow, hearing the sound of her foot crushing and compacting it, leaving trails of footprints behind her. The orphanage was one of the buildings she passed daily on the route back to the circus, as they were there for a couple of weeks in Violet City.


Every day she always saw the same sight of a particular Pokemon. His eyes reflected the same loneliness that hers did every day she stared in the mirror. She knew that look, those eyes. They are one and the same; no different from her own eyes when looked at herself. She saw her own pain as a reflection within them, and could relate to his pain as want of a better life. Unknown to her he saw her as a human version of himself, a symmetrical loneliness that ran the same path as his.


For a week she had loathed taking this path home but she did not feel so bad when the number of Pokemon lessened each time she passed. But for one, that particular one. She assumed the others had found good homes and families. When she saw less it made her feel happy that they were being adopted by some loving trainer or someone wanting to give them a home.


The orphanage was close to closing down and had been trying to raise money. A small wall-mounted billboard outside stated how much they had raised each day and was updated. They were closing in a couple of days unless they reached the target of 15,000 poke-pounds. It appeared they were still short of the target by a good few thousand poke-pounds.


She noticed today it was empty as she glanced through the iron bars at the bareness of the vacant playground, save for one last Pokemon. It was that poor Eevee that always stared through the bars, and he stared at her as he always did when she passed. He probably stared at everyone in that exact manner when they passed, in hopes that a loving soul may want him. She knew he was male as she heard the orphanage staff refer to him as 'He' once.


This Eevee was a little scrawny and probably not fed enough; his fur lacked the shimmering shiny coat of the untamed Eevees. She had come across a fair few out in the wild when she was growing up and travelling. The poor little thing must find his solitary home very lonesome with no peers to perk him up or to play with him. She knew the orphanage had been struggling of late but this was just one Pokemon for crying out loud. What kind of Scrooge is this orphanage owner?


Amber pondered about the money she had been paid that rested in her back pocket, it was not enough to save the orphanage by far. She stared within the wary eyes of this homeless little one dwindling in sorrow before her. Amber had a little time on her hands and she could afford to play a little with him. He murmured something that she faintly understood, knowing exactly what would make his day. Maybe it was a goodwill gesture for him, but she could not be certain why she just felt so compelled. Maybe in doing this act she would feel her own soul less burdened.


The Eevee had noticed that this girl had been watching him and was aware that if he managed to win her affection he may find a new mistress to care for him, as all his friends had. With his rickety strength he rushed towards her, trampling over the snow in leaping bounds right up to the gates. He seemed excited that someone had finally paid some attention to him and had stayed watching him longer than anyone before. His heart filled with the question: Could she be the one to give him what no one else has given him in all these months? Was she the one he would call his mistress?


Amber knelt down to meet his benevolent gaze as he stared back in awe of her pretty scent. Her presence before him was serene, which paralleled the gentle warmth of rain in the summer. The cold around him felt warmer, being so close to someone fulfilling his dreams. He pleaded with his big puppy eye look in a way he hoped would gain ground over her heart, and win her affection.


He examined her, that vibrant red hair. Low cut to her shoulders, and so distinct with the elegance of being well-groomed. The smell of a summer orchard that emanated from her carried to him with the subtle breeze. Her eyes, the colour of beautiful amber rocks, and a smile that was so gentle and loving.


He felt that if there was a chance this would be it. Her hand came like the light of heaven descending as he felt the most wonderful touch ruffling the fur on his head, kneading through the standing bristly fur like a tickling comb as he let out a beguiling purr. He felt his insides chirp with a need to be hers.


He remembered her face since she had wandered past every day for just over a week. He did not know if she had really noticed him or had just been looking at him like an animal in the zoo, but he noticed her and he noticed everyone else that went by regularly. All those with families and some old friends which occasionally strolled past with their new owners. He watched a smile forming a beautiful expression that was easy going and love inspired as she spoke to him like a creature of divinity who was here to rescue him from his solitude. He felt the void of friends disappearing in this moment.


"You really are cute, you know that?"


He was naturally very empathic, bordering on psychic, which was not a common trait for his species, or at least not until an evolution, but maybe he had developed it as a defense mechanism. He was not sure and was too young to understand such things. What he did understand was what he could feel from her various emotions, and what he sensed was a sincerity and conviction towards wanting to partake in his company. He could not tell if it meant she wanted to adopt him or just meant she wanted to play but either way he felt happy to oblige.


The little Eevee was still growing and learning how to assess these emotions, and most of the time he did not judge these emotions too well, but he knew enough to tell a positive one which he felt as fluffy and playful from a negative that felt tar-like, dark and undesirable. Her voice fell on his longing ears with words he did not understand and yet he loved them like the sounds of a sweet hymn.


There was something he could not comprehend about her but what he saw in her was like no other creature that he had come across. If he had any chance he would want her to be the friend he never had, and to guide him to a better life with her. He may have been thinking a little crazy and maybe all this was the premature dream of a naïve young child, or maybe he had formed a obsession in a short period of time. None of it mattered. He wanted her to take him away.


Amber wondered what harm it could be to play with him just a little while, as everyone needs someone to spend some time with, whether it's the company of a family, friends, or loved ones; it was Christmas after all. She had her circus co-workers but she knew this little Eevee had no one, and even he deserved someone. She spun her head quickly, left to right, trying to see if anyone was nearby that may observe her delinquent activities.


The coast seemed clear as she grappled the cold metal of the bars, hoisting herself up like an agile feline. Her arms pushed with force against the bars, tossing herself over the 10 foot steel gate. Having been raised as a high-risk circus performer meant she'd had to work harder, as Laurell rigorously trained her in the tough lessons of circus life. She was more Pokemon than human in many ways, and her agility and reflexes surpassed those of most humans.


She graciously landed with nimble feet on the other side, right beside the astonished Eevee. He pondered if this female was human or Pokemon. He analyzed her deeply, staring her up and down, filled with intrigue, and he became very curious by her movements. She giggled, noticing he had an adorable perplexed look on his face.


"What's up? Never seen a human move like that huh? Well I guess...Well you probably never been to the circus or seen a gymnast I guess. I may not have the powers of a Pokemon but I have the agility and dexterity to keep up with a little tyke like you. Now, it's playtime, you little munchkin, and I say we play tag!" Amber knew full well how the life of an orphan was, and because no one had done something like this for her when she was at the orphanage it did not mean she could not change that by giving something she never received, and that was compassion from one orphan to another.


He knew this game well. He loved it, and maybe he would have a challenge this time, as he was faster than the other kids that used to be here. He caught them within seconds and they never caught him; they eventually stopped playing with him. But this human was athletic, and fast, judging by her quick movements earlier.


He felt a rather abrupt spank on his ass as he fell forward, his muzzle falling face first into the snow as he heard her laughter taunting him.


"Hahaha tag, you're it! Come get me! I'm a jet plane you ain't going to catch!"


He stared at her, provoked to take action and chase her down. No one could last more than a few seconds and this girl was human after all, so there was no way she could evade and outrun him! He pulled his face from the snow, shaking his head rapidly to remove the snow from his fur as he growled.


He squinted his eyes, taking in the footwork of this figure which was running amok around the playground. His keen focus tried to make heads and tails of the prey as he thrust his feet into the ground, taking off in huge lunging strides towards her. She was shocked that the little pip squeak was so fast as she gasped and turned, running towards a tree and kicking up snow with each stride.


He smiled as he was gaining ground. This girl sure underestimated him. He was almost there and she was only a couple of feet away, but then she did something unpredictable. She leapt up, kicking the tree and hurtling her body off like a ricocheting bullet, averting her course to another direction as he slammed his feet into the ground. He turned around, hearing her laughter. No human was going to out play him! He smirked as he chased after her, assuming she wouldn't do the same thing twice in a row.


Amber used to play this as part of training when Electabuzz used to chase her. It was all part of the endurance and survival training meant to help avoid mishaps and be able to act on your feet, in case a stunt went wrong. She was pretty good at it and enjoyed it thoroughly. He noticed she was running towards the big metal climbing frame which was eight foot high and had a horizontal metal bar across the top. He had her now as he gained on her! He obviously was faster!


He cried out to her "EEE EEEE EEEEEAVEEeeee!!!" and very estatically.


Which she roughly understood as "I'm going to get you," but he could not understand her human talk at all as she replied with something that was mumbo jumbo to his ears. She leapt once more as he anticipated the direction which she would change to without any loss of speed. Her foot landed on the side of the frame, and she used it like a springboard to elevate herself higher, grabbing the overhead bar and using the momentum that she was travelling at to swing her body over the top of the bar, coming to a stop.


She looked down at the confused Eevee, who was frantically looking side to side to see where she had landed. Moments later he heard a whistle coming from above him. She was something special; there was no one in the world that had bested him at this little game. If there ever was anyone he wished that would adopt him, it was her, and right now. He had not witnessed such a display of athletic abilities by any human before, and he thought that she was remarkable for a human.


His excitement grew bolder as she dropped down, squatting as she landed like a silent flower that fell to the snow gracefully, with not even a single sound He raised his paw and flung it down, batting her ass as she let out a little surprised scream. She lost balance and fell face first into the snow. He laughed, knowing he got her back as he took off running away. It was his time to run and he knew she was far slower. Even a super agile human was no match for him! He snickered on his thought, and she only seemed good at evasion.


His feet kicked up dirt and snow as he raced away. Amber planted her hands to the ground, pushing downwards to thrust herself off the ground as she brushed the snow off her face. She had a playful grin on her face, and she knew that she had deserved that. Her eyes watched him like a hawk as he criss-crossed along the ground. She carefully studied the routes he was taking, and he had a flaw where he only looked over now and then.


She used her brief analysis to put her plan into motion, hoping he would continue to use this method. She was used to making split second decisions quickly and acting upon them without hesitation. It was like a double-edged personality trait she had, which sometimes proved useful and other times landed her flat in trouble. He ran swiftly and gained faster speeds, a little too fast for her. But he wasn't very observant. She broke out into a sudden burst of fast strides, chasing him. He was too far ahead as she used criss crossing patterns to match his, and each time he glanced over he thought he was safe and far ahead.


She began to work him steadily into a corner, getting him to see her when she wanted him to. Once more he turned his head, and he realized that she was in a slightly different place, making him change his direction slightly to avoid being caught by her. He then looked around and she was nowhere to be found.


He looked with desperation, wondering where she was. Had she stopped playing with him like the others once did?


"EEEee EEEeee EEEeeeveeee" He called out, thinking that she might be the same as the others. His heart started to become heavy, filled with loneliness, his only conclusion that she too had given up and left him. He tried once more as his eyes began to water. He knew he was about to cry, letting out one final call.




He felt a sudden impact along his left ribs as something grabbed him from the side, rolling him over and gripping to him. He started laughing out. She hadn't left him after all! But how did she do it? He realised she must have set this all up to corner him, then sneak up on him. Such a clever human! He wanted her so much, and he clung to her as their tumbling came to a halt.


He rested on top of her, growling at her while finding the most comfortable set of cushions to seat himself on, partially trampling on them. Amber flushed a little but knew it was all innocent and nothing but joy for her was expressed. His eager tongue slithering out and lapping at her face as she returned his love with laughter and the bloom to her cheeks subsided. She was trying to protect herself from his actions, trying to get him off but he was going to teach her a lesson and slobber over her! He felt her arms release him and her hands take a firm hold of his body, tossing him away like a light paper plane. She had got him and it dawned on him for the first time ever that he had been bested at the game he was undefeated at, and not by a pokemon but by a mere human?


She stood up and glanced down at him, as he raised his head to make eye contact with that cute little smile coming from her. She remembered it was time to go, and she sighed.


"Okay, little pokemon. I've got to go now."


She watched him as he seemed to not understand. Amber bent down and did something unusual. He felt a warm soft touch on the side of his muzzle, it was a little moist as she gave a small farewell kiss. What was this touch and why did it feel so fulfilling? He had seen this many times when the adult humans said farewell or greeted their youngsters who had been taken to the school in front of the orphanage.


He had always thought of this act of procreation as a trivial thing but had always remained curious about it. He never had felt anything like this. Was she to be the mother to him he had no memory of? She wont forsake him, she can't. Did she play with him to give him false hope? No. She would not do such a thing. He sensed her emotions and nothing was as bitter as what his mind was telling him. But he sensed she meant to leave him. He purred loudly as his chest vibrated subtly in gentle waves from his loud cry.


She stood up and said something. He did not quite understand but guessed its meaning, and she turned back and began walking away. He felt her sadness in her words and emotions; it was not a difficult thing to sense. He fumbled across the snow trying to follow her steps. She spoke out those sorrowful sounds, speaking her tongue.


Amber decided it was not in her to just abandon him. There was nothing for him here and possibly he would end up homeless when the orphanage closed in a couple of days. She was fully aware that there was no possible way that she could adopt him. Even if she took a false alias, she would need to be subjected to background checks and vetting before she could take him. She already had committed the crime of jumping over in here to play with the little tyke. Being implicated of kidnapping would just be another to tally up one more no-no.


Her heart began to ache a little. What had she done? She never meant to give him the hopes she was going to be his new trainer. She began feeling a burning inside of her that was almost sickening. It hurt. The thought crossed her mind that this was all her fault for misleading him. A part of her really wanted to end her loneliness, and to move on by adopting him, but she made a pact with herself four years ago to never take another partner.


A tear rolled down her face. She knew that Electabuzz would not want her to be alone forever without a pokemon to be her friend. A pokemon was an extension of the trainer. After all, a human without a pokemon was like day without the sun, or a night without the moon. Was this going to be a turning point for her? He had made her laugh and she felt her soul almost sing with joy whilst she played with him. She gritted her teeth, wondering what Electabuzz would want for her.


She looked down, seeing the big eyes of this creature almost begging her, pleading with her not to forsake him after having been shown such joy. It would break him. Something felt like shattering glass inside Amber, and it was clear to her that everyone deserves a second chance. It was something she had learned from her Electabuzz. She felt calm but warm now. She wanted this Eevee so much now, because he made her feel alive again and give her the same hope.


"Okay, you little scruffy thing. You can come, but I got to do something once we get out."


His eyes changed and they were not like the ones she had seen. They were not made of the pain of solitude but the joy of new friendship. Her own eyes had changed, of which he noticed in her. Amber wanted to live again instead of being this corpse, and the painful hollow space in her heart seemed to be filling.


She pointed at him to stay as she walked to the door, knocking loudly. It was only a moment later before it was answered. A middle aged woman in a grey cardigan opened the door.


"Hello, how can I help you?"


From what the Eevee could see, this girl was talking to his caretaker, who looked after him while he was a resident of the orphanage. His new friend pointed to him, as he wondered what they were speaking about. The two figures soon went inside, and his thoughts drifted about what was happening. Was he getting adopted finally?


Amber smiled at the lady after having talked awhile, awaiting her answer eagerly.


"I know it is wrong for me to just give him to you without having the correct paperwork, but I guess he will be on the streets soon anyway. I guess I can say he ran away "


Amber's smile rose


"You would really do that for me?" She replied with tears in her eyes, she had no idea of how and when it happened but she felt such happiness, it was alien to feel such things having not felt them for so long, they felt a little overwhelming hence the emotional outburst as she leapt hugging the older women.


"Calm down dear, call him a Christmas gift if you want then. I didn't think this would mean so much to you, and I'm very sure he will have a wonderful life with you. I can see you will make a amazing friend to him. Now hurry before one of my employee's turns up to take over for night duty. . . . . Merry Christmas."


Meanwhile the Eevee closed his eyes, imagining what life would be like with his new human companion. Will it be the magical adventure which he day dreamed about or even better? A short time lapsed before he heard that delightful voice of hers once more. No one had shown him such love and he yearned for more, and to snuggle in her arms at night, if she would permit. The mere thought of seeing her face when he awoke almost made him cry in happiness. His new friend will be there for him now, and he will never be alone.


He watched her run at the gates using large bouncing strides, jolting her body of the ground with a powerful leap using the side of the wall like a spring board to boost herself higher over the iron gates, landing safely on the other side. He realised she is a bit of a show boat but this he liked about her, it excited him to pursue her and to be her equal.


He watched her gesture, signalling him to follow her. The Eevee rushed to mimic her movement so he could show her that he was a athletic little tyke too. He lunged of the wall just as she had done waving his arms wildly as it went kind of wrong, landing on his rump beside her. He felt so embarrassed leaving his eyes a little tear ridden. He felt silly but just then he felt that special kiss on his cheek again, feeling his cheeks flush, he nuzzled against her lips to return the affection. The little Eevee bravely held back the tears watching her stand upright.


She let out a playful growl running ahead as he paced in her footsteps to wherever this may lead him. She was a funny human and he knew he could definitely get accustomed to this kiss thing, it was really pleasant and made him tingle inside.


One thing which she regretted all her life was never having had given Electabuzz a personal name. She only had the afterthought but it was something to late. She could not decide at the time and it went on for years and never happened. She hated herself for not giving him something as unique and as special as his own individual name but nothing can turn back the hand of time, but if she could have another chance she would have named him Malone. A reason she didn't want to name her new Pokemon Malone was purely simple, she wanted him as her new friend, not a replacement for what she had lost. The latter reason would have not only been unfair to her, but been unfair to him. The other reason made more sense; she no longer wanted to live in the shadow of the past.


This is a new chance to correct those regrets and mistakes, a second chance. This marked the blossoming of a new friendship, moving forward as she'd been living in the past way to long, and now its finally time to move on and set things right. She will never forget Electabuzz as he was such a big part of her life but she could finally stop punishing herself for what had happened, Electabuzz he would never have wanted her to isolate herself like she had done all these years, this she understood now.


This little Eevee needed a name but what? She had a brief think and the first thing that came to mind was a famous novelist famed for his amazing literature, he was known as Captain Havoc, who never left his full name. She did not know where or how that popped into her head but it seemed to be a good a name as any. The name did feel rather long to call out and he did seem excitable enough to cause mischievous havoc. She thought for a moment then had a a idea to shorten it to Havi. That's perfect!


She skipped along and as he ran circles of excitement around her trampling in the snow adorably, whilst wanting some attention. She was his saviour, which he felt lovingly indebted to, or was it the other way around?


"Hey Pipsqueek, you're going to be called Havi! Like it? Well yes or no?" She looked at him waiting for a reply as he happily carried on jumping around her ecstatically.


"Ok I see you have no objections, so come on Havi we need to get you a pokeball!" she cried out with a spring in her step and her heart aloft. 


Ambers heart felt less burdened with the cool evening air filling her lungs, making her feel light. The weight she had carried like lead, finally felt unshackled from her, leaving her to feel as if she could soar high above the clouds. Something new and wonderful has come into her life and that special thing is Havi. The best Christmas gift she'd ever received.





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    I enjoyed the starting chapter and will read the next tomorrow. This was a great start and I do love the way you did the play scene at the orphanage. Very nice start. I look forward to reading more. 

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    Thank you kindly, please enjoy the rest when you can ^_^