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Affections by Zana An


Author's Chapter Notes:

Having settled into his new lifestyle now, Havi will come face to face with new challenges from acceptance of others, to love and what crossing the threshold to adulthood can bring. Having lived so sheltered from other worldly affairs, he is unprepared and his knowledge is poor on intimate affairs. Would he be able to bridge the gap and make friends or will he fail to win their companionship?

A Touch Of Reality

Welcome back, and thanks for joining once more for another chapter. This little romance of mine wouldn't be right without the notion of some erotica, so here we have the first set of fun a little later in. This chapter will see the two leads develop as we'll share their friendship. Maybe something will happen between them eventually, who knows? From me and for now, have fun, enjoy, and also let me know what you thought. 


A big thanks for Arcane Reno who gave me the idea for the lemon scene, and also giving it a little beta read before I finished it off. He's really cool, so have a read of his fantastic fiction here ? You'll be sure to find something to keep your mind occupied from one thing to the other.





Chained souls


Chapter 2


~A Touch Of Reality~



Months had descended upon Amber since her life changed for the better. Her weary body came to rest on the grass, still a little moist from the previous night. Batting her lashes, she elegantly sat with her legs folded, in the proper mannerism of a lady, even if she was cheap, some etiquette could never go amiss. Having only just showered, traces of water slid down her thighs, adorned in her navy denim shorts complimented with a white, slogan-ridden t-shirt, cheekily worded; jugs. The performer having completed her regular rounds of arduous exercises couldn't have been more relieved to feel a volley to her red hair as it wafted to the firm breeze.


Feeling the heat during the later digressions of the evening beam down on her soft, porcelain-white skin made her enchantedly stir, finally at ease. Somehow, she always failed to tan; on a latter note, more like sunburn. Inhaling a deep breath, the summer smelled as sweet as nights spent drinking Rosetta wine, locked in her caravan with Havi. It had to be said that many nights were lost in such a way, or with a more precise word; found.


Invariably, even just a little way out, away from the circus was enough to call this her safe retreat and whisk her away from the insecurities of the world, if not for a little while.


But... Today, peculiarly she had found herself rendered in the same feeling as she basked like one of the flowers that lay scattered nearby to find an irreplaceable peace of mind. Still, she was so close to her peers that she could hear them from a short distance away in the background. Slowly, she reclined to lay herself down and laze with an arm outstretched to cradle her head like a pillow, watching Havi's joyful sparkling eyes. Returning his look, she adoringly eyed him jumping around with that silly, yet charming expression to his face.


Havi had unfortunately failed to grow much during this time, and even though he had almost reached adulthood according to Eevee years, his appearance seemed rather close to that of an infant, standing merely eight inches tall. Sometimes it did niggle at her like an itch she couldn't appease. She couldn't love him any more than she already did but feared it was something that Havi yearned. In her devoted search she had tried to help him earnestly, buying various Pokemon supplements and every kind of herbal concoction to remedy this, but to no avail. She knew the lack of food, proper nutrition and the blatant fact that he had been stricken with a life-threatening sickness when he was found had adversely affected his growth. This was prior to her adopting him. He didn't seem to have a care in the world for the likes of these things as she did. His only concern was to remain by her side; as long as he had the pleasure of her company. This meant everything to him, but for Amber, she felt she owed him for some reason.


There was no denying the red headed girl loved nothing more than to spend long hours with him upon completion of her daily training. At other times nothing could touch the tranquillity bestowed by lazing around goofing off with him till twilight came to take them back home, the last being just as rapturous. These everyday routines had become complacent, like clockwork. Regardless of the same cycles rotating day in and day out, she never grew tired with Havi, and the only part of the day that made her feel reluctant was when she had to part with him to commence her daily training.


Forthwith, the little tyke dashed right up to her abruptly. With a mischievous grin he blew a raspberry, grasping her attention and making her laugh with the giddiness of a schoolgirl; solely from his playful antics and energetic behaviour. He really wanted more attention it seemed.


“Okay, hehe you win."


His zestful nature quickly brought on her own vivacious surge as she shot to her hands and knees, predatorily staring him down but carrying a deviously playful smile to mirror him. Oh, now it was game on. She loved making him feel like a hero by playing the villain, and he is no less to her.


“I have taken your princess Amber and she will be a fine meal to quench my hunger, for I am the mighty red head dragon!" she recited with a very regally spoken pseudo accent.


He gave her a raise of his brow questioningly and shook his head to state he will rescue her! She arched her back a little, akin to a feline and continued her cheesy bout of dialogue.


“Rawr rawr rawr. No knight, nor Eevee shall save her from my clutches bwahaha. You think you can best me then act now. What shall you do to save her Sir Havilot!? Draw your claws! Be you Pokemon or mouse?"


Havi grinned back at her little audacity and nodded eagerly. Rising to the challenge he hopped around. Amber observed with a kind gaze that never grew weary, eyeing his little moon shines as he raised his tail and wiggled his butt to the air to taunt the bad dragon.


“How rude hehe." Catching her off guard with his action, he turned making a sudden charge and leapt for her like a predatory animal taking his chance against the beast.


“Eeep! You cheekily little Eevee!" A sudden shock ran through her although she was only just quick enough to react, embracing him with her arms that circled around him in a flurry of quick motions. To him they were the wings of something divine encasing him within a sanctuary she reserved solely for him. She was his saviour and he saw her as no less as it was her compassion and choice to adopt him that had granted him a love that no one else had. She was a special human, and the likes of which he had never experienced. He acknowledged it within the depths of his small frame, and knew it was as if his prayers had been answered that last winter's day.


“I have been bested, for Sir Havilot has slain me, it's growing dark, yes-yes so dark. Oh my, the light, it's so bright, I see it. Farewell cruel world. Rawr-Ugh-defeated!" She rolled her back to the ground and turned her cheek to the side. The girl's tongue hung out comically from the corner of her mouth with her eyes closed playing dead. Havi couldn't stop his little giggling fits at her charade, enjoying the way she always played with him. The Eevee sat on her bosom and bobbed up and down on those lovely cushions as he threw his front paws to the air in triumph.


Clinging to him she sat back up. “Oh dear..." she said, looking over her shoulder off into the distance, noticing the time. as the sun set to the western horizon. It looked beautiful as it cast an ambient orange afterglow over the landscape and traced its light along the distant tree tops. Looking back down at him she drew a lengthy breath and sighed.


"Let's get going. We'll be in Violet City tomorrow and we should get some shut-eye. No doubt those noisy wheels turning will probably get you very little sleep though," she said concerningly with a frown.


Havi did tend to wake up a fair bit being a light sleeper, and especially if they were on the move. The circus was set to return to the city where she originally found her sweet little Havi. During the time they had spent together, he had become accustomed to human speech and understood many of the words Amber spoke, but he did understand her better than anyone else. Even though he could not speak any of his own, it made no difference, as he knew Amber was able to read his body language like an open book.


The equipment was already packed, locked and loaded aboard the many caravans as they amassed in an orderly line a couple hundred meters ahead. She slowly stood up, feeling a little exhaustion within her hard-worked body. Lowering her head a little, she brushed hers along his, cuddling him close knowing how much he savoured her contact.


Giving a little yawn himself, Havi comforted himself by resting his head against her chest. Listening carefully, he found what he wanted to hear as her soft heart beats nested within his ears. The rhythm never failed to lull him into an indulgent drowse and no matter how his day turned out. That lovely sound from within her washed a calming influence through him which he could only gain when she held him.


Nuzzling softly within her cherished hold, he heard every breath she took as he coyly tried to sync his own with hers. His tail casually swished against the side of waist while his mind was lost to concentration, inhaling the same time she did. His little tongue squiggled out and rolled up along his nose with an almost serious expression, like he was partaking in something of the utmost importance. She looked down at him a little dumbfounded by his peculiar behavior.


“What are you doing you silly little thing? Hehe."


“Ee, ee, krrrrr..." he softly purred, contenting his head more by rubbing ever more prominently up and down against the soft cotton plumage of her t-shirt. Her bare feet slowly ambled their weary path back along the moistness of the grass, leisurely enjoying the sensation as the singular blades pleasantly tickling the spaces between her toes.


The caravans all carried similar decorative themes, swirled in colourful vibrant tones of golds and reds, which neared with each second. It was seconds later when she strolled up to her own caravan when she heard the voice of her long-time companion behind her accompanied by cringingly feeling the stir of a couple firm pats to the rear.


"Come on, peachy butts; you sure took your sweet time!" he gruffed in that grainy voice. The action fired some venom to her tongue and a look that could kill was released.


"Hey! I've told you this before. Don't touch my ass, Harry-ass," she fumed, carrying a hiss to her tone. She didn't appreciate having a private space violated.


"Don't call me Harry-ass. Harry will suffice. And I'm not indulging, I'm telling you off, toots. Besides, we have a long night's travel ahead while you hold everyone up by playing around on that field all day," he retorted. Calming, a slow sigh slipped past his lips. "If you weren't such a cutie with a great ass, I'd really spank it. Now tuck yourself in so we can get going, or else I will be pulling those panties down." He tilted his head back with smirk, checking her legs out.


She pouted at him, and then noted Havi glare with anger-imbued eyes that could burn. Amber too felt it almost immediately after; it slowly settled back down as she boarded her humble little home. She could almost feel his sleazy eyes on her ass. Once onboard she was quick to sweep her hand across the bolts of the rickety old door securely. She couldn't quite trust others sometimes and with good reason or did she overact sometimes? He hadn't forced himself upon her, but he had spanked her ass on more than one occasions making her skeptical. It was better to be safe than sorry. Feeling a little safer now the door was shut behind her, she placed Havi down, free to pull her shirt over her head and slip out of her shorts, tossing them aside . She felt lighter as walked around in nothing but her undergarments as if some burdens had been lifted.


With her mind clearer now, she gave Harry another thought. Okay he may have be a little perverse but she did smile now. She was never one to hold grudges or anything, just a little hot headed and protective of herself and Havi every now and then. Amber undeniably knew she was pretty. All it took was a compliment to make a woman feel good about herself. Peachy butts.. Cutie with a great ass... “Hehe." Even though she lacked romantic interest and intimate involvements of any kind with humans, a few well-placed words from anyone about her figure or body always managed to delightfully uplift her, even if he was a jack-ass.


The travel arrangement they had in place made sense; training and practice routines were conducted during the day, whilst travel came by night when the performers retired for the evening. It was very convenient and it worked out pretty well. She peered out the window, seeing the moon resting its face upon a pillow of clouds. Yawning herself now, she took it as an invitation for them to also seek sleep, and explore whatever dreams the night may bring. Amber's little refuge was tidy and arranged to her taste. Her hand slid down, probing beneath the armchair as she quickly located the small, fiddly lever. Giving it a tug, the chair drew out into a compact single bed.


This little mobile home had all the conveniences she needed: a condensed shower, a futon chair, and a small table, with two large bean bags to sit on while she ate. She even had a small table-top gas hob she could tuck away after use, and most importantly, she had Havi. It wasn't long before she was all washed up, teeth sparkling and in her comfy, loosely-fitting pyjamas. The key word being "loose" was probably an understatement; a couple of sizes too big was about right, although it did make her look really cute in a way. Havi jumped up and came to lie down pressing against her as an arm claimed him; her own personal teddy-bear to love and hold.






The morning came, tugging with it it's brimming vitality which radiated through the windows as golden beams. Havi was first to bask in its warmth as the rays lit up his face, rousing him softly to awaken to a new dawn. Still blanketed within the shelter of Amber's arms, seeming inseparable his eyes shot wide open. His mood perked up a few keys, having had the joy of being snuggled pleasingly close to her, even if he had slept less hours than he'd hoped. The little Eevee was quite the active little fellow this morning, slowly wiggling out of her soft fur-less arms. He made sure to take care and avoid disturbing the peaceful slumber that his beloved human partook. Besides, she looked so lovely this way he thought, cocking his head a little to the side feeling warm and fuzzy as he gave her a wondrous gaze. She had no fur apart from that mane that came down from her head; humans were such funny creatures this way. No wonder they needed foreign material to warm them! But he liked the touch of it and the way it felt, or maybe it was just Amber's skin. He liked it best in the summer when she had worn nothing but a colourful strap thing around her human mound features and shorts as he could lay on her soft belly while she sunbathed. He remembered it didn't turn out well, even with her lotion as she still got nasty sunburn.


Admiration aside, the invigorated Eevee bounded off the bed, and excitedly skipped towards the table. With a little dash of speed, he lept up in a lithe stretch of his supple body, just about making the catch with his paws. He was remarkably fast and agile but not the greatest of jumpers; his hind legs kicked at the air under him while he fought to retain his grip in an attempt to hoist himself up. Out of the blue he felt fingers combing through his fur as as they imprinted sweet sensations which made his face tingle. Slowly they cupped the undersides of his front legs. Havi looked around with a big cheesy grin.


“Silly Havi. Who's my favorite pokemon? Hmm I wonder I wonder," she teasingly asked with a charming smile to meet him. She did ask him this very often and in different ways to express her fondness, it had become habitual.


Little Havi had failed to notice when his princess had actually awoken. He loved the feeling of being lifted by her as he pointed innocently to a scruffy looking Teddiursa plush on the far side in response to her question. Cheerily he felt as if he could soar in the clouds as she gently elevated him onto the table beside the window. The Eevee made a little purr grazing her hand gently with his cheek as it withdrew from him.


“Try again?" she asked. He raised a paw and pointed at her, snickering.


“That's silly Havi I'm not a pokemon!" Giggling, she shook her head as he became bashful, twiddling his front paws against each other. He always felt his cheeks get hot when she made him compliment himself. Leaning forward she blew teasingly along his forehead. The crisp breath washed its cooling effect to run like a river through him on this warm morning. Slowly moving back she sat down on the bean bag adjusting herself before leaning forward again. Her dainty arms folded flatly across the rough textured surface of the oaken table. She finally came to place her chin upon her hands, greeting him with more early morning smiles that had become so customary but never misplaced; he loved her for them.


"You noisy little scoundrel! Come here!" she implored.


The little Eevee crawled closer on all fours to sit and face her inches away. She pushed her nose into his, nuzzling it side to side affectionately.


"Let's try again, who's the cutest Pokemon of them all huh?"


Havi's shying blush was well hidden behind his short fur strands as he squinted and pointed at himself before returning her sentiments by rubbing his nose in circles around hers affectionately.


"That's right; it's little Havi!" she cheered with a slightly higher pitched voice. He couldn't help make little sounds for her.


“Eee, eee, eee."


Havi took the initiative to engage in a morning romp of his mischievous bouts, his ears perked and his beady eyes widened. If hyperactivity could be a switch you could turn off, then Havi's was certainly broken. She sent him an tentative gaze, as it was attention he hungrily yearned, and for her it was a pleasure to lavish him with all he desired. Little growls came from the playful stalker as Amber waved a little tassel tied to a string before him. Havi happily bounced like a ping ball, to and fro, swatting at it with a frown of concentration. It was then on that leap that both their heads collided while they travelled over a bump.


She yelped "Ouch!" He also imparted a cute pout to her. They both stared at each other as a small silence followed, before they both started laughing. His paw came to rest gently upon her forehead, massaging it better gently while she caringly reached with her own hand and soothingly kneaded through his fur tufts to rub his little boo-boo away.


"Now you know what you have to do to say sorry, right?" She pointed to her forehead where she received the little ouchie. He smiled and scurried for her forehead to apply a small peck, kissing her better. His eyes followed the tip of her finger as she pointed to her cheek and smiled, and Havi was eager to oblige. He turned to her cheek and gave another soft peck, followed with a tiny lap of his tongue. As her hand reached down to ruffle the fur on his head, he heard her delightful humming sounds. Amber took hold of him with both her hands, as she was about to place that welcome and familiar magic she gave him every day. Since the first day he'd become hers, the small kiss she gave him still is as enchanting as the very first time it had been bestowed. He felt her warm lips pressing tenderly to his welcoming cheek passing fuzzy tingles tickling through his entire body. They remained there a moment, enforcing the splash of colour to his cheeks to burn brighter and to the point it was just about visible through his fur now.


He almost felt withdrawal as she gently pulled away followed by a small silence, leaving them smiling at each other a moment.


“Never change for me? Promise you'll forever be my little Havi?" He nodded happily but soon found her smile turn more solemn noticing something that caught her benevolently, even nostalgically.


"Ooooh, quick, looksy!" Havi looked at her with slight perplexity, catching her pointing through the misty window, one constructed of low quality glass. Outside a grim sight grasped at them. Only rubble remained of the once-filled orphanage. It felt sorrowful to know what had happened to it considering if it was still open, then others may have found the bliss that they have.


"Remember?" she enquired. “That's where we met."


Havi shuddered, as if caught in the wake of a small tremor. In a split second she felt the same shuddering effect. It was the same as last night; was she feeling what he did? She shook her head and smiled; that was clearly just a silly thought and more than likely coincidental; she tallied it up to an emotion driven from mutual thoughts- after all, they shared so many common feelings about that place.


A few minutes passed on, and they were lost in appreciation of one another again before her caravan eventually rolled to a firm halt. A loud noise came in its usual ear-aching manner. The sharp wake-up call sounded like a piercing fog horn and was meant for those not already awake. Everyone knew it was time to haul their rears and get ready, and also the non performing circus hands to begin their unpacking, setting up what needed to be done. She climbed to her feet, made her way to the door, wistfully unbolting it and nudging it open.


"I need to get dressed for exercises and rehearsals. Go out and get some fresh air. I gotta show to prepare for." Havi bounced off the table and like shot was out the door. He stopped just outside, giving a small grin as he gazed back at her, blinking adorably.


"Hey, you little Rascal! Remember to go to the Pokemon care tent when the show starts if I don't see you before then, or a Pidgey may carry you away!" Havi shivered at the thought, looking up at the sky with a gulp as he raised a paw running it behind his head apprehensively. Could a pidgey really abduct him? He heard her laughing at him. “You're so gullible."


Squinting his eyes together, he felt obligated to retort with his own action and whipped his tongue in protest from the distance, then huffed, before shooting off to play somewhere.


Suddenly, he felt it, he hadn't been to this place in so long it felt like... home. Still it wasn't a patch on his new home, but still a sense of origins. Eyes closed for a few seconds, he took a deep whiff of the familiar aroma he could call his heritage before opening them again. That felt good. He scampered playfully along the soft morning grass of the park, the stretch of lawn blooming with flowers. He vaguely remembered that he had been found in this very park when he was taken to the shelter of the orphanage weeks before he had met his beloved. It felt like he was taking a trip down memory lane.


As usual, he watched people start to set their camps and tents not too far away. The circus was amazing and the things he saw he could have only wished for back then. He never really found acceptance in all the months he had been with the circus. The other Pokemon looked down on him; still the outsider looking in. He sometimes wondered what Amber saw in him. For one, he lacked the ability to utilise any pokemon moves properly making him unable to Pokemon battle. Second off, he was scrawny looking and very underdeveloped in comparison to other Eevees.


Havi felt blessed to have such a wonderful person adopt him. Many pokemon can only imagine what he had with Amber and for that he was grateful. It had become sacred, as rare as a rose that blooms once only in winter. Every day he had hopes, plans on befriending those Pokemon who would shun him, words were only words, but sometimes impacted more than any physical injury could.


Havi scampered along what seemed to him as the divine path, picking out the flowers and eating them naughtily. The taste sour on some, and sweet with others. His eyes roamed the colourful vastness and the varying pretty shapes, finding one that seemed to stand out. His petite body with a carefree motion, trampled over other flowers in his effort to get to it. He lunged like a wild little Pokemon, biting into the purple-and-blue-coloured flower, which concluded in the unwelcome bitterness that filled the realms of his mouth.


"Bleh Bleh Bleh! Eeveeeeeee!" He spat out the half-chewed flower almost immediately.


Havi did not like it at all, not one little bit as he frantically swabbed his tongue with a paw in cartoony fashion, trying desperately to rid it of the undesirable taste. He heard laughter coming from somewhere behind him, a kind-hearted presence.


"You're such a silly Pokemon, Havi! Hehehe..." That unmistakable voice. The little Pokemon whipped his agile body around excitedly, rushing towards the origin. It was none other than his Amber, her hands extended down, raising the little Eevee like a feather into her hands.


"Somehow I knew you would be doing something silly. Didn't like the taste of that one, huh?" He rolled out his tongue, pointing to it with wet eyes.


"Well, I've got to take you someplace safe anyway. Remember what I said?" He shook his head. “The Pokemon care tent for you, Mister!" She carried him, gently snuggling in arms, not wanting to part with her, but this was always the feeling he got when he was with her. His body felt so warm brushed up against her soft fabrics; he closed his eyes and imagined them playing tag like they usually did.






He didn't know how or when it happened but the lack of sleep and her soothing actions had lulled him to sleep within her arms, or even how long he'd been dozing. Opening his eyes just partially, he scouted around a moment. Cleary he was in a large tent with no humans but other Pokemon. Where am I? He then remembered. Oh, the pokemon care tent. He heard purrs and other growls coming from in front of him; he always saw Pokemon here that took this time for recreational activities touching each other in awkward places that he failed to grasp the concept of until now. This is some kind of game! The alluring medley of smells sent his mind a mixture of signals, which only served to confuse him further. He felt the birth of a new sensation, a yearning for something budding; it was so alien to him. What he didn't know is he'd crossed the bridge into adulthood although his small appearance would suggest otherwise.


The little pokemon remained motionless, save for one wandering eye he kept partially open and observed curiously in his quest to learn how this game is played.


The particular set of urges gripping him made him more alive, and smelling the musky scents growing thicker, only placed a firmer drive to his curiosity. Tracing a specific one he liked, his keen gaze led to a snake-like female displaying an oddity of gestures. Her tail eloquently motioned through the air as she moved in her entirety to an unseen melody.


Having gained an eye from another, her tail swept around reaching for something part way up her tail. Her finned tail slid between the arousal soaked blues and pinks somewhere just out of Havi's sight, caressing herself. He watched the female Milotic's end teasing to and fro, then shifting to circular motions across a region he wanted to see. From the parts he did glimpse he could only conclude it was somewhere nice to pet as she coiled over a barrel. She sensually swayed her lower section side to side, enchantingly fluttering her vibrant red eyes.


As she tried to attract this significant other he couldn't yet see, her moans captivated and enticed Havi, beckoning him to her but he remained put. What... what is she doing? He watched her throw her head back as her long hair-like tufts swished with their silky strands through the air and another unusual cry escaped her lips. Seamlessly, she drew her invisible portrait to the air with enchanting displays of her supple body.


Only one thing came through his mind. She's... beautiful.


A Dragonair slithered near, being drawn by her magnetism. His cheeks reddened with his approach, tempting a giggle from her. He noticed how coy his behaviour had become, coughing before changing his demeanor apprehensively. A low, dominant growl followed, only gaining him a another bout of charming laughter from her. Havi almost giggled; it seemed cute to him too. Whatever it is, this game really did seem fun . The Dragonair paused with an adorable gulp as his eyes locked to her lower half before he raised his gaze to meet hers. She carried on pleasuring herself letting her mouth part to release cooing sounds and urge the Dragonair closer. Snapping out of his adoration he slithered onwards to her. The Milotic used her upper half to lift her intimate offering, showing him just what she'd been going at. Still unable to see it, Havi was only treated to the sight of liquid that flowed, trickling down from her tail.


The blue pokemon slithered, winding his way up the barrel. Contact came with his sleek blue scales teasing along the Milotic's as she hissed at first touch, pleased with the feel. Havi watched her squirms from the movements of the Dragonair's tender body gracing along smooth flesh above the scaled area. He enjoyed her subtle arching motions which came in response. The elegant twists of her serpentine body sent oooh' racing through his mind.


The Dragonair continued his sensual courting, sliding more over her body in lengthy passes until his head reached behind hers finally. He continued by gently bumping his head along the back of hers, more like nudges. The creams below her eyes turned a slightly more vibrant rouge as she softly chewed her bottom lip. The Milotic adjusted herself a little for Dragonair, giving both the Dragonair and Havi a timely sight. Enthralled, the Eevee gazed at something, an unusual area unlike one he's seen before, quite reminiscent of the flowers he loved. It had two thin, long petals the partially protruded and a little bud above what seemed like a small hole which seeped nectar peculiarly. He didn't know any other way to associate it. Males had pee pees and girls had flowers? Did all girls have flowers? He took his time admiring her folds, observing their sweet softness which were just a tiny bit translucent. They moved slightly, twitching, as if they were being touched by unseen fingers as she flexed in anticipation


Havi felt a certain hardening, and seemingly pleasant. He wondered did Amber also have one or something else? She probably had a pee pee like his, he agreed to himself, or probably nothing as she played with him all the time, and if she did have a flower thing, then she would have played this game too. The more he gazed the more he yearned, feeling his male-hood fully grown now. An foreign took him below the waist as it felt like something was leaking, pushing pleasure out in dribbles from him. His little heart rocketed against his sternum, ascending to higher beats, finding it hard to keep his tail from wagging as he hooked it under his hind leg to prevent others from knowing he's awake.


The dragonair's motions continued fluidly as his hot breath streamed over her moist area. She watched his maw close in and shorten the space to her sacred pinks, casting little trembles over her heated silken body. Almost hushed sounds vacated her as she opened her mouth to inhale a deep breath. Abruptly, his tongue slipped between the folds, lashing her delicate flesh with his tongue all too suddenly for her to prepare. Her body flinched in pleasure making her almost fall from the barrel, gasping. He worked away draining her intimate flavors feverishly as they escaped from her. The tastes driving his own desires wild and rivaled only by her own burning need.


Seeing the dragonair engaging her like this surprised Havi, he wondered if this was hurting her for a moment but dismissed it seeing the smile and further eagerness in her eyes. From each lick, her sensitive nether lips moved being dragged by the Dragonair's oral administration. Her breathing doubled, before she breathed easy again as the blue scaled serpent slowly lifted his head away from her sensual part and spiralling his body upwards along hers. With subtle movements he wrapped his body, and coiled around hers while she mimicked his to become entwined.


The sounds that had come from the Milotic and her wet southern chasm only urged the Dragonair needs to discover more of its pleasures. Her body had a slight sheen to it having broken a sweat already, clearly heated by their intimacy. The dragonair took a moment to admire her shying, trembling form, looking her up and down. Bringing his head level with hers, he placed a soft licks along her cheek affectionately as she looked down feeling something prodding the area around her slickened sexual modesty. Her expression lit with surprise as if she had only expected something else. She gave a short gasp and marvelled at how sizably hard, not one, but two throbbing organs appeared to be. She shuddered taking in the slightly visage of those bulging pinks, at first seeming intimidated, then quite impressed. He gave a another playful growl which ushered giggles from her, relieving a little of her anxiousness. His lower half began to rock back and forth, purposeful prods against her labia a few times before his pink impalers found their mark. He slammed hard, penetrating her, jutting her lower torso upward from the force. Her suppressed voice couldn't stay muted within her shyness as a loud cry exuded from her to the ears of all who were present.


Havi's heart bolted, shocked by what just happened. She closed her eyes attempting to adjust to the size of the twin protrusions ramming into her with moans stretching longer and louder as her sensitive flesh was being smashed into with feral ferocity. Her lover huffed with his labour and expelled his own deep grunts in union with hers. The Milotic tried her best to relax her walls being violently pounding in and out of her starting to enjoy every little inch he could piston into her. Pleasure serenaded his twins with each shot into hers as their juices splayed across their lower halves. The resounding wet slapping became heavier as he continued. Adjusting to the pain, a smile graced her, letting the euphoria take her once more. Her vibrant expression filled with complete rapture.


“Miii Miii Miiii," she cried. The Milotic's slithery body undulated under the pummelled of her slit. She endured the best she could, watching her lover show no signs of tiring. He fiercely took her time after time, sending blissful shivers through her. Havi observedever more eagerly at this sublime enchantresses movements. Instinctively, the Eevee accidently grinded his hips a little into the soft sand. The sudden feeling the discomfort of such a grainy texture made him wince and forcibly stop himself. Just when Havi thought things couldn't get anymore intense between the two playing their game, she arched her spine, draping her serpentine body over the barrel backward as he sped up even faster, his lower torso gyrating harshly into her. Warm sloshing sound could be heard with each strong slap into her.


The Militoic's expression shifted as her brows broadened as all sense left her. Suddenly unable to bear any more, her internal walls contracted powerfully around his pink menaces pulverizing her. Screams of bliss broadcasted loudly around the tent, and probably any passerby as her orgasm tolled over her heavily. The Dragonair kept going not withholding as neared his own climax, mercilessly shoving it into this beauty. With a final heaving thrust he smashed into ascending to that peak. The fruits of his play splashed into her as his eyes widened with his jaw hanging open. The whites flooded her, and too copious in quantity, gushed out from her strange female flower.


The two lovers intertwined around each others body, just embracing lovingly while trying to catch their breaths.


Havi was mesmerized. This must be a really good game as it looked like it had a winner. Now he knew how to play, he wanted in as he shot to his feet ecstatically jumping around. “Whoa that was great, you won!" He cried at the Dragonair. "I wanna play, too, who wants to play?"


"Damn it! Why did that hyperactive squirt have to wake up," came the feminine voice of the Lopunny as she got herself ready for her regular group mating ritual, waiting for the Cradily over there to become excited, but this really killed her mood. The green Pokemon behind her sent a menacing glare.


"Can I?" he pleaded making rather large eyes at them.


"No," came the reply from another female that was already participating in an explicit act. There were many males and a few females who alternated partners. Excited, Havi's enthusiasm to still join in on their playing didn't waver but paused a moment to that response.


"Come on, I want to be friends with you guys too, you know!" He rushed over to line up for a go of this odd game that they always liked to play next the the Lopunny, as he was desperate to befriend them at the same time.


Havi, without any warning, felt a harsh impact to the side of his ribs as his helpless frail from skidded along the floor, yelping afterwards. The Hitmonlee lowered his leg from having delivered the cruel blow. Laughter and mockery soon followed with a condescending overtone.


The Milotic screamed out with what little energy she had remaining from her sexual aftermath. “Stop it, don't be so mean." She was quickly silenced by a majority of cold stares which descended upon her from the pokemon around. Worried she looked down in shame unable to do a thing about their cruelty in case they turned on her too. The Dragonair also gentle couldn't do anything, hanging his head in shame, not wanting to be a part of the degradation, but also unable to help out of fear.


Havi never had taken part in any fights, unlike his peers within the tent. The bruised, and broken hearted pokemon was neither a physically honed performing pokemon nor one with any martial combat talents to defend himself in anyway. He was and is, simply...





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    Reviewer: ashoka
    Date:Apr 18 2017 Chapter:A Touch Of Reality

    Damn I feel snugly. You really do capture a bond between character and draw a warm fuzzy feeling out of the reader. I implore you for your character building. The relationship between Amber and Havi is almost tangible, and feels warm and genuine. There's many great points within your writing style and I have to admit you're very talented as an author. You left me feeling genuinely concerned for Havi as you created him in such a loving and innocently caring manner that I was easily able to relate to him strongly, which is rare. Hope he's gonna be okay. 

    Author's Response:

    Thanks :D I tried as I'm a sucker for cute things.