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Affections by Zana An


Author's Chapter Notes:

With all said and done, the final moments where all he had dreamt to would become reality or ruin, it was time to make his move. Will she be the dream come true he has yearned for or would she be the heartbreak he feared most. 

Where Weeping Hearts Meet

Jinkies! I'm nervous about this chapter and hope it's worth the read. Welcome to the final chapter and glad you’ve made it this far. Tuck in and lets see if Havi makes it.




Chained Souls

Chapter 12

~Where Weeping Hearts Meet ~


Personally, she was glad to be getting out of there having been given the all clear provided she rested up a little more when she returned home; though she dreaded to see what had become of her home.

The ride to the campgrounds was quiet, Havi on her lap while Laurell drove. The green truck with rust around the edges sputtered and jostled at the littlest of rocks on the ground, though it travelled at reasonable speed. She kept her arms curled around the Espeon, worried that one good jolt might have him tumbling on the floor. Havi didn't appear to mind and just pressed himself closer to her, his tails brushing against her side when they moved. Laurel had to pick up a little shopping on the way, and the whole one way system of streets to coordinate the traffic only added a little more time onto what usually would have been a short trip.

Having been too excited to sleep with pending promises of the discharge, Amber hadn’t really slept for most of the night, which only took it’s toll now that she was out. The swaying movements of the truck slowly lulled her into a comfortable doze, as she closed her eyes. Soon the sounds faded and newer visions came, those of familiarity.

Amber looked around, it was her land again, once more in the form of an Absol. She was a little lost why she returned here. It was a retreat for when she was distressed, or deeply upset. “This seems strange, why am I here?” she said as she looked out over the river, which crashed on by, wild and untamed, still as beautiful as ever.

A voice crept within her mind catching her off guard. “Not sure, you’ll need to answer that for yourself, but it’s nice to be here for once without those fears right?”

“I guess it does. Although, hmm,” she said swishing her black bladed tail. She turned to face the Espeon, the one from before, which she’d assumed was attempting to rape her. Although it was her mind that made that situation. He slowly walked towards her treading through the long grass which came halfway up his legs.

“Maybe you needed to do a final thing here?” he said smiling and pointing to himself.

“You can...” she started shyly watching the dandelion florets rise in the air around him, carried within the breeze.

“Go on?” he urged in a very soothing tone.

“Stop it you’re making me nervous. No rushing, hehe.”

“I would be worried but it’s a good kind of nervousness isn’t it? Well, you need to finish,” he said, gaining a nod from her.

“You can stay,” she finally said and the relief that came was like a thousand stars bursting inside her. She couldn’t explain what happened. “For as long as you wish, and forever I hope.”

“I thought as much. Now that wasn’t so hard was it?” The Espeon split suddenly into two more versions of himself. The other two that had manifested from the original ran off as quickly as they appeared.

“What just happened?” she asked a little clueless.

“You can also answer that one for yourself too I think.”

“It’s growing?”

“Yes love is growing, and spreading now. Somewhere you were still restricting and fighting it inside. Still afraid of me?” he asked as she shook her head, leaning more on her front paws as she drew closer.

“No I never want you to leave now I’ve felt you again.” She tenderly wrapped both her dainty front legs around him, holding him firmly to her. “I have no idea how to tell him though. I’m nervous, kinda still a little scared.”

“If you don’t know, you will when it feels right. Don’t let it go unheard, those three words are harder said but worth the moment. You’ll need to find your own courage. Just one thing, if you’re getting it on with me, doesn’t it count as cheating if you love him?”

“It would if it wasn’t for the fact my eyes are open, you are Havi’s love, therefore an extension of him, I’ll feel him through you. It’d make no sense to cheat on him, with him.”

“Pretty good deduction. I’m glad you’ve realised that now. Not to be big headed or anything, but I know I feel amazing don’t I?”

“Hush, you’ll spoil the moment.”

The car rolled over a bump, causing Amber to open her eyes as she looked down seeing her sweetheart looking up at her. Now she wanted him so much, she didn’t know how to ask, but felt reluctant fearing denial.

“Ah you’re awake, sorry about that, I tried to take it easy as I could see you were resting up. Anyway had a nice nap?”

“Yes hmm, delightfully enlightening,” she said knowing of the changes within her that dream had brought. It was a completion of her inner struggle, and the mark of a fresher look.

"We did the best we could, fixing it up," Laurel said, as if realizing where her thoughts were heading and intercepting before she could get there. He kept both hands on the wheel, a slim frown on his face. "It's not going to be like it was before, I just hope you realize that."

She nodded a few times, trying not to envision the worse. When the truck came to a stop, they'd arrived at the camp. The engine gave a few final sputters as Laurel turned off the key, the truck fell silent.

"Whelp, we're here. Let's get you settled in." Amber nodded as she felt her headache growing. She’d only taken the painkillers as she left hospital, but she didn’t know how long it’ll be before they kicked in.

Turning to look out the front window, already bracing herself like she would from a fall, Amber was more than a little surprised to find her wagon looked hardly bruised from its fall. Hearing Laurel's door slam shut, she opened her own and gave Havi a small nudge. The Espeon gave a quick turn on her lap and jumped out, landing gracefully on the ground before turning to look at her. Giving a reassuring smile, she hopped down, shutting the door behind her.

Even moving closer, she couldn't find any telling signs of her wagon falling over the cliff. Was this a different wagon?

Noticing her expression, Laurel chose to comment. "The old wagon was trashed, unfortunately." Then ran his hand through his hair. "Snapped almost in half." He didn't say, but from the glance he gave her, it was lucky she'd made that desperate jump when she did.

"How did you afford this?" she asked, reaching to touch the outside wall, almost afraid to go inside. The wood was almost brand new, a dark brown with a hint of rich red mingled along the grain. It had to have cost a small fortune!

Laurell just gave a snort, reaching in the trunk bed to get her gifts from the hospital. "'Don't look a gift Rapidash in the mouth,' and all that," he waved his hand. "Better not to ask questions and just accept, Amber." he said handing her over a new set of keys. The home wasn’t brand new but close enough.

She felt herself nodding, still startled by the gift. Havi, however, was already pawing to get inside. With a smile, she moved to open the door for him, watching as he slipped inside with a pleased chirp.

The inside was easily as beautiful as the outside, perhaps even more so. The floors were the same as the wood outside, woven rugs the colors of rainbows atop it. Her old chair had been replaced by a newer, cherry pink one with pillows so plush she thought she'd sink in them and be swallowed up like a television remote. The walls were a lighter shade of the chair's color, the windows of a far better quality than her old milky ones. She even had a few chairs to replace the run-down bean bag she'd been using ever since Havi had been adopted. Here and there, she found touches of her old home... old photos of her and Havi hanging on the walls in brand new silver frames rather than the off gold she'd had, her favorite quilt on the back of the chair, and her Teddy sitting contently on a new dresser for her clothes. She was surprised they managed to salvage her teddy from the wreckage but it still meant a lot. Even if she wasn’t in love with Electabuzz and finally gave him the peace his memory needed, it was still something to remember him by.

"This is... too much." She turned to Laurell, shaking her head. "I can't-"

"Tch!" he cut her off, setting the bags with her gifts on the floor. "Don't even be starting that!" He wrapped one arm around her shoulders and gave her a brief squeeze. "Gift, and all that, you know." He pulled his arm back. "Besides, everyone will think you don't like it if you try and give it back."

"Everyone?" she couldn't keep the surprise out of her voice.

Laurell gave a nod, his smile a hint sharper. "Let's just say Chatot wasn't the only one who was feeling ashamed. The other Pokemon admitted to their trainers what happened and they all want to make things right with you and Havi." He chuckled, giving her a pat on her back. "Besides, we're family. We look out for our own!" With a half nod, he waved. "I'll leave you to getting settled, take it easy." The last bit was said sternly, his voice brooking no argument.

When she nodded, still trying to fathom the gesture her new home represented, Laurell slipped out, leaving her and Havi. The Espeon was already trying the new plush pink chair out, pawing the cushions with extreme satisfaction. Sitting down on it, he glanced at her, silent. Feeling something heavy settling around her shoulders, she swallowed. She almost felt naked with the way he was looking at her.

"I'm going to take shower," she gestured to the rear and hastily walked away, still not ready to speak to him about her feelings, needing a moment longer to find some courage. Then she remembered how she had behaved when she accused him that day of hurting the other pokemon. Just the thought made her feel such dark shame... how could she have doubted him? How could he still want to be with her?

Maybe if she said nothing, they could just leave it alone. Everything had been forgiven now, and now was the time for amends.

As she slipped from her shirt and trousers, she knew she couldn't live this way without telling him, she wouldn’t let it slip by this time as she had done with Electabuzz. She knew she was lucky to find love again. Leaning her head back, she stared at the light in the ceiling, resisting the urge to moan. Finally, stepping into the booth, she turned the water on, letting the cold drops pelt her as a wake up call. She began wondering on how she could make herself look more appealing or enchanting, she had no idea what she could do that maybe different.

As it warmed, her mind gradually stopped its frantic worrying about appearances and settled into a state of bliss. Her head began to ease as the pain vanished, maybe the painkillers were finally kicking in, or maybe it just felt good to be "home," either way, she felt more assured. After all, Havi and her... they were so close that this wouldn't break them apart if she confessed now. He'd forgive her if she offended him...


Amber took her time to bathe properly using the new conditioner that had been provided. She wanted her hair to be as nice as possible and to have the most feathered touch. As she let the conditioner settle on her hair she focused down, to where needed the most attention and grooming. Embarrassed she reached for the razor, making sure she tended to her legs properly and even that special spot above her intimate area. This time if it was a heart she was going to groom she wanted to make sure it was perfect for him. She may need more rest before she could do anything with him, but when and if the time came to tell him, she wanted to make sure she was at her best.




Havi lifted a paw up, making as though to catch the rainbows that the prism shard on the window threw off onto the ceiling. Certainly he was smart enough to know it was only an array of lights and therefore unattainable... but it didn't stop the part of his brain that screamed if he leapt he could catch it. The half-assed attempt was all he gave it, mainly to silence the voice. He knew, from past experience, that he would dance and dart as much as he liked and all his paw would strike when it came down was the floor or wall the light rested on.

Still... it was a pleasing thought.

Turning his head, he watched Amber from his spot on the floor. She’d done her hair in a different way, or more so, she wore it straight down and open unlike the way she always had it bundled. The way it flowed was like red wine, and as deep. Havi found they were at an odd sort of peace now, one he wasn't sure what to make of. There was a tenseness in the air that he felt but couldn't soothe, one that hadn't been there before, it wasn’t negative, it was like she was trying to do something. She didn’t manage to confess, maybe it was better to leave it but she would try again tomorrow, after another shower.

However, as the days had passed and Amber's body began to heal, the tenseness that hung between them seemed to dwindle like unraveling yarn. Havi had realised she was trying to ask him but couldn’t. He decided it was rather cute and just let her try instead of him doing all the chasing. He loved the way she blushed. Watching her now, he noticed a small frown on her face as she read one of the books that had been put onto her shelves to replace those lost from water damage due to the storm, thanks to his intervention and the Chatot’s input on her behalf most were of her favorite genre, erotic romances. He did find himself rather sneaky in that regard. A romance or a mystery of some kind, she'd been absorbed in it for most of the day.

While he could lay on the rug for a few more hours, he felt it was time to get her to move. Too long in one spot without moving and her body got stiff, regardless of the medicine her doctors had given her. Still, he couldn't bring himself to make her move just yet. Instead, he watched her. Her teeth bit into her lip, worrying it as she turned a page, caught up in the story. Her fingers moved to touch the belt of her robe, playing with the end of it as she shifted, the short purple robe barely concealing her intimacy. It wasn't something she would have picked for herself... but as a gift it served its purpose.

Noticing her shifting again, a small wince tugging at the corners of her eyes, he focused on a trick he'd been practicing since they'd gotten home. Amber hadn't seen yet, he'd been careful to do it while she was sleeping or bathing... just in case.

Well she’s been trying hard, so I better make my move.

Focusing, he felt the familiar sensation of pressure behind the jewel in his forehead. Before his eyes, a shape swam into existence, wobbling like white water without gravity. Crossing his eyes, he pushed it and pulled it, tugging it into the shape of the heart he wanted. Satisfied, he flicked his tail and a hint of red swam into the white, mingling like food coloring in milk, distorting it to a pale, translucent pink. With a pleased wag of his tail, he sent it drifting towards her, dipping and spinning, hoping to catch her attention.

It didn't work right away, the book fully holding her attention. However, a not so subtle sway made her put the book down and look up, the frown deepening before melting completely as she saw what it was. He watched the way her lips parted to draw a long breath, her fingers reaching to touch it, trembling as if she were reaching to touch something made of glass. He solidified the form so her fingers met a soft resistance, watching as she pulled the shape closer to her. It was almost as big as her own heart, though nowhere near realistic in regards to looks. A simple, cute shape, she hugged it so tight to her that Havi lost his concentration, the heart bursting into soft, glittering particles of light that did little more than warm her skin.

"It took me a little while to gain a grasp of it," he said, apologetic that he hadn't kept it solid enough for her. When she turned to him, he tried to hide the heat he felt along the tips of his ears and his cheeks. "Pokemon skills don't have to be used in attacks," he mumbled, curling her tails closer to him. "Would... you like another?"

He looked up just in time to see her shaking her head. He felt a dropping sensation in his chest, certain that working to show her that his powers could be harnessed might help with the residual tension... but perhaps she was still afraid?

"No, I don't want another one, Havi." Concentrating, he couldn't get any sense of fear from her. In fact, if her feelings indicated anything... it was that she would like another. Confused by the conflict of her words and emotions, he almost missed her soft words. "I would like many."

He smiled, unable to stop himself.

They formed easily, without a thought. He didn't have to pull or tug their shape or tint the color they were just there. Some smaller, some larger, some the same size as the one he'd just made for her. With a light push, they danced towards her, her arms outstretched to claim them. Each one that brushed her seemed to release some of the heaviness he'd felt weighing her down. Out of the crippling weight he felt new emotions suddenly spring, like fresh buds pushing their way through the dark ash. He felt her fears and worries wane like candle light before snuffing out, several more of his hearts popping above her, causing her to laugh and lift her hands to accept the glittering lights like a welcome rain. One by one, they popped till none were left, leaving her breathless and shaking.

As the light sparkled once more against her skin, he was reminded of the elusive colored light he so longed to grasp and his attempts to catch it. Rather than staying where he was and making a weak grab, he moved forward. Her eyes came to focus on him and he almost stopped till he saw her understanding and, better yet, her acceptance of those feelings that had been buried.

Keeping his eyes on hers, willing to stop if he found even a flicker of doubt along her feelings, he hopped on the chair and moved so that his body all but covered hers. Waiting for some sign, he moved his gaze from her eyes when he saw her tongue move to wet her lips. Unable to help himself, he moved to catch her tongue with his, caressing her lips in the same motion. He felt her tremble and was about to pull away when her lips parted, allowing him entrance. Hastily, he moved to slip his tongue in her mouth, not wanting her to think he was rejecting the gift she'd given him.

Shivers as wild as mountain rapids raced along her skin. Unlike the cold water, they held a heat to them that made fire seem like a dim heat. She opened her mouth wider, her own tongue moving over his, feeling the tiny bumps against his. Rather than disgust, it gave a whole new pleasure to the experience that she would have never had kissing another human. The texture more grainy.


"I'm sorry," she finally whispered to him, feeling the tight coil within her finally spring free. "I'm so sorry, Havi. I shouldn’t have kissed you like that, I mean without asking, I mean I er what just happened sorry. Huh wait you kissed me right." She had become so lost in the kiss it had totally blown her away. I can’t believe I ever dounted you like that time and all those other things,” she would have carried on and on, but before she could move into more details, he kissed her again, a full on kiss with his muzzle to her lips. She melted into it as the insecurities once more were lost. She couldn’t fight against it, needing to get the words out but they withered away to something brighter that bloomed.

Amber felt a blanket of love, acceptance, and understanding wrap around her so snugly that she felt herself start crying. It looked like he beat her to it, and managed to tell her, or even showed her that he loved her which made it easier for her. It saved her the nerve shuddering moments. As his lips slid over hers, he felt how soft and plush they were, their saliva mixed as their tongued surged like twisting serpents upon one another.

When Havi pulled away, clearly upset by her tears, she reached to touch his neck, stroking his fur and leaning in to kiss along his jaw, the magnitude of his feelings for her reassuring but also making her feel small. She didn’t need to say any words to express how she felt, just a simple action.

Reassured by her touch, he leaned to lick the few tears that had fallen. She let him get a few before moving to kiss him again. Soft, short kisses soon grew harder, faster. Sometimes their tongues played, sometimes they just kissed and kissed till they were sharing the same breath. Her hand didn't leave his fur, running along his back instead. Feeling his back arch into her palm, she gave a soft cry of loss as he pulled away from her. Blinking, she watched Havi turn, giving a playful twist of his tails as he made another small heart. This one was a dark red, like a fresh plucked cherry. It spun around him once in a full circle, then her, then not so subtly moved to slip under her robe.

"Havi!" she cried out, jumping with a laugh, more startled than angry.

The jump caused the heart to pop when her legs closed. Whether it was his intent or not, it popped right over her forbidden spot. The intense sparkles touching the skin between her thighs made her moan, nothing under the robe to prevent them from doing so. The prickling sensation the sparks left along her sensitive skin travelled as a warm heat from her thighs to her pussy and somewhere so deep within her that she moaned, desperate to feel it again.

Suddenly realizing her fingers had dug into the chair, she worked on relaxing them, prying them free. She felt a soft tug and looked down, seeing her robe belt unfurling as though invisible hands were working on undoing it.

An irrational fear flooded her, prompted by a shyness she'd never felt before. She hugged her robe tight against her breasts, concerned that she might not make a good lover. Havi was powerful, far more than herself. Shouldn't he have a mate of equal status? After all she had been through was this really the time for newer insecurities?

Havi cocked his head but didn't say anything if he'd felt the direction her thoughts were taking. Instead, he focused on her belt and pulled one end with slow ease. Like a piece of seaweed, it drifted and wove in the air. Watching him, seeing the small smile on his lips as he focused on the belt and had it twisting suddenly into an eight, one end chasing the other like a hungry snake, she suddenly felt herself smile.

"You're my best friend," she heard him whisper along her mind, accompanied with a sensation he psychically projected to her akin to a hug. "That will never change." He blinked and looked away from the belt, the piece of cloth falling limply to the floor. "You are the women I love, more beautiful than a million pink hearts." The twitch of his lips made her blush and turn her head, her eyes closing as she placed her trust in him, giving in to the soft tugs she felt along her robe.

As soon as he felt her acceptance he used his powers once more allowing her robe to be parted open and the sleeves slipped themselves off her arms. She could feel her face brightening as she kept her legs shut, instinctively moving one hand to cover her breasts as the other covered the small thatch of strawberry red hair between her legs. The amusement she felt from Havi wasn't helping.

"Did you know..." his voice continued to whisper, warming her ear as if he was there, breathing along the curve of it. "I evolved the second I recognized my love for you?"

Those words made her open her eyes to look at him, believing he was telling her the truth but finding it hard to believe his evolution could have come from her, from... love, but she knew his words to hold true.

"Ruh-really?" She had to swallow once to get the word out, the look he was giving her so hot it made her throat dry out.

At his nod, she felt herself blush a brighter shade of red. Even if she couldn't see it, she could tell from the burning sensation along her cheeks she was about as red as a holly berry. Moving her head to the side, she let her hair fall across her face, hoping to hide her cheeks so he couldn't see even though she knew, he already could tell that she was embarrassed.

"Yes," he answered, though her question didn't really need one.

She felt him move, his muzzle moving to brush against the hand covering her crotch though he didn't try to push her hand away. He just gave a soft lick before moving to nudge the hands covering her breasts instead.

"I need to see you," he whispered urgently. "Please."

She didn't ask why, assuming, in some way, that her exposing herself to him was a reaffirmation of her trust in him. Still... she was reluctant. This wasn't something she'd shared with anyone since she'd been old enough to wash herself... but... if she couldn't share herself with Havi, who else could she share herself with?

Slowly, she moved her arm away so that her breasts bounced down, exposing her erected pink protrusions, standing against her skin, sweetly hard. She felt a rush of awe along her mind that she knew wasn't hers. Glancing at him, she noticed how intently his eyes roamed over her now exposed skin, as if he was detailing every freckle, the exact curve, and finding a matching pink for her nipples within his head.

Feeling empowered for a brief second, she moved her other hand off her intimate nether region, spreading her legs with a deep breath of air.

His eyes stayed on her breasts for a few more moments before his gaze roamed her everywhere. As the light came in from the window behind him, it made her body that much more beautiful to him. His eyes washed over every highlighted curve and contour, embellishing himself in her breath taking nudity before they drifted downward, to a place below her waist. Again, the way he looked at her, it made her feel as if he were mentally drafting the image of her petals and slender opening like an artist using charcoals. She could feel her heart pacing faster with his close inspection of her special area, was something wrong? What was he actually thinking about it? Is it... undesirable?

Feeling exposed, bared in a way that made her want to grab her robe and cover herself, he spoke before she could follow through with the feeling.

"Sublime beauty..." The breathless wonder mingled with those two words gave her such a freeing joy. She didn't know if she should cry or shout but in the end she did neither, though the smile on her face spoke louder than either. He smiled noticing how she’d prepared it just for him.

Amber felt him move, his body moving backwards as his head suddenly moved to stare directly over her crotch. She felt the gentle pressure of his psychic energy spreading her vaginal lips and pulling the hood back with the invisible force to expose her swollen pink clitoris, fully to him. Her breath got heavier, it was the most erotic moment in her entire life.

"Havi!" she suddenly hissed.

"Yes?" He looked at her before moving his head down a little more.

"Are we... you know...?" She made an indistinguishable notion with her hand that he probably wouldn't have guessed what it meant had he not been Psychic.

"It's what you want," he answered plainly.

"But... what if the chair is stained?" It sounded stupid the moment she said it but it was the first coherent thought that had come to her mind.

A light chuckle rolled along his mind like a distant thunder. "I swear to you, Amber..." his voice seemed to heavier in her mind. "Not a drop of my seed will spill."

With that, a light puff of his breath grazed against her pussy. The feeling made her hips jump, almost pressing her crotch right into his face. About to make an apology or some other flustered bit of nonsense, her words caught as she felt his tongue eagerly dip down and graze her opening.

Resting his forelegs on the plush chair, he pushed his muzzle deeper, flicking his tongue out and driving it inward. The quick, eager laps had Amber's head lying back on the pillows, her hips jerking uselessly the deeper he went.

"Oh, GOD!"

Several deeper thrusts and suddenly he gave a twisting motion that made her almost scream his name. Her body, which had arched at the twist, fell back limp on the chair when he pulled his tongue out, lapping at his muzzle to get the juices there. He seemed smug but she couldn't concentrate long enough to scold him. She thought he'd go right back to licking her, her pussy already twitching for the feel of his tongue, but he just stared at her entrance like it was some kind of treasure. Seconds passed before she was withering.

This was like him to be playful, and she knew this. He was being such a pussy tease.

"Haviiiii," she whined. "Don't stop!"

The Espeon's lips turned upward in a full grin, as if he'd been waiting for that. His tongue snapped out quickly, catching the engorged bud right at the tip of her entrance. The rough texture of his feline tongue added a whole new dimension to the pleasure dragging her skin and moving it about to give intimate momentary jiggles of her sensitive flesh. Little bolts of lightning raced along her spine, making her cry out and buck again. His tongue roamed from her clit to her entrance, back and forth, sometimes licking, sometimes nuzzling. The worst was when he would just blow hot air over her, making her desperate for a harder pressure. He would just lay there, panting, knowing from her whimpers and her soft pleas what she wanted but not giving in till she was ready to cry from need. Then, and only then, would his wonderful tongue graze across her skin.

Those sweet kisses he placed along the folds of her intimacy caused her breasts to rise and fall with subtle bounces each time she drew in a labored breath, her moans growing louder as she enjoyed the pleasure of his tongue. All those tiny, fine bumps tickled along her engorged clit in a way that made her twitch, unable to help her body's reactions. As he paused, she gave a low whine that cut off when she felt the tip of his tongue slowly circle her vulnerable clitoris before his teeth settled softly around it. Knowing she loved the small amount of roughness with mild pain he gifted her with this special love she held in secret.


She wanted to tell him not to bite, her body already tensing... but she didn't say the words. With his teeth hovering so close to her, she knew she had to trust him in the way she hadn't that stormy night he'd come to her. The fear was there, real and coiling like a snake stirred from sleep... but she didn't give in and flinched away.

Havi held his position before his tongue flicked once more, the cascade of pleasure subdued some of the fear. When his teeth did tighten, it was slowly and only to the point where the pain and pleasure mixed so closely together they became as one. His mouth closed around it, suckling softly as if a cub seeking milk. His tongue didn't remain idle, flicking against it as he sucked, overloading her senses to the point where she came so hard and suddenly she didn't recognize it for what it was till she felt the familiar, languid warmth settling against her body.


She moaned, disappointed that she couldn't have held herself in check. She felt Havi moving away and wanted to hide her face. He didn't even get to cum! She hadn't even touched him other than those kisses! He must feel so frustrated and upset with her!

A soft brush of his Psychic energy against her side soon reassured her otherwise.

Invisible, she could still feel the touches of it. Thin and light, like ribbons, they curled around her, touching her along her arms, neck, chest, legs, and so many other spots at the same time that they almost blurred together. She felt herself floating, literally, as the energy ribbons positioned her waist off the ground and pushed her legs upward and to the side, the standard missionary position.

Barely able to lift her head, she could turn it enough to see Havi. ALL of Havi. His erect cock wasn't like anything she'd seen in the books or among the accidental run ins she'd had with her large, circus family. It appeared to have ridges and a row of darker, pink studs that ran down across the top of what seemed to be a spine. The thick veins pulsed around his needy cock, reminding her shamefully how he'd seen to her own pleasure before his. He was practically bulging, translucent drops crying from the tip of his cock so steadily it almost seemed to be flowing. A faint wave of energy rippled around him, swirling pink before vanishing, then coming back into view. Like rippling pink mist, it rolled along his cock and near his inner thighs, making her wonder briefly as to the cause of it.

His forepaws moved to rest upon her abs, his hips moving closer. The tip of his cock brushed against her entrance, so slick from both of their desires that he wasn't able to pierce her the first time. Several frantic humps which only had him sliding against her petals made her hips lift and he was suddenly inside her. It was so quick that there was no pain, just a sense of fulfillment as her tight sleeve wrapped around him and enveloped him deeper into her.

Rushed, his hips pounded her. The tendrils of energy kept her from moving, leaving the Espeon to fuck her to his heart's content, ramming so deeply inside her she could feel him hitting bottom. The bumps on his cock rubbed right along her walls, expanding her entrance when he pulled out and pushed in, making the feel of him all the more pleasurable. Her body was responding again, her hips reaching up to meet him as his speeds picked up, fucking her so quickly that even if she hadn't have been bound she couldn't have moved.

Hearts formed from nowhere. One then hundreds, so tiny they were like bracelet charms, the same pink as the first one he'd made her. They filled the air like bubbles, shattering the moment they hit her or Havi. It tickled and stung where they popped, one hitting her nipple in a way that made her shriek and arch up, trying to take even more of Havi into her. Her arms pulled at the bonds, wanting to move to fondle her own breasts as he kept pushing into her... but he didn't let her. Instead, more of those tiny hearts struck against her breasts, their sting sharper, like a whip. Half expecting red welts to appear, she still thrashed and moaned, wanting more.

His own increased bucks emulated her desires, their mutual desire to be one. His studs tickled her intimacy, his grinding hitting that magic spot as the energy ribbons suddenly tilted her forward more. Cute pink energy steamed away from her pussy while he drove. Her juices trailed along his cock he pulled out, dripping to cover his furry, pink ball sack. More of her own juices trickled along her ass, cooling even as they moved against her hot flesh. She was shouting, she thought, begging him to fuck her harder. Maybe she only thought she did, but he responded to her desires, starting to ram his body so hard against hers her juices were practically being slapped out of her. The hearts fell on her at once, like broken shards of glass, her body arching as she screamed, her pussy clamping down so tightly she felt Havi move to pull out but get stuck, her clear ejaculate squirted powerfully, like something exploding. It convulsed suddenly within her and she would have screamed again if she had the breath, multiple contractions roared deep within the folds of her intimacy, like miniature explosions of pleasure. As soon as her pussy loosened, he gave a few more good thrusts like a jackhammer into her, thumping at her intimacy harder. He erupted violently inside her as the barbs protruded. Wisps of psychic energy she'd seen around his cock earlier driving his seed so deep within her she could almost feel her womb filling with the thick, copious amounts of it. Her body so tensed more as she felt pricks along her g-spot but not too uncomfortable but enough to give her that small discret pleasure she found in mild pain.

Her body gradually fell as the ribbons loosened, leaving Havi still buried inside her, panting with a thin coat of sweat along his fur. His head fell to rest on her stomach, his tired breaths tickling her skin. Reaching her hand, she barely had the energy to get her fingers to move along the top of her lovers head.

"I thought..." she mumbled, almost falling asleep, so warm and lax that the idea was beyond tempting. "I thought," she repeated, "you said we wouldn't stain the chair." From the wetness under her ass, she knew it didn't escape some kind of damage.

"I said," Havi replied, his voice tired but teasing. "None of mine would spill."

He flicked his tongue out against her belly, a smug smile on his face even as he felt Amber's burn of embarrassment graze along his mind, content to remain where he was.

Close to his beloved.

Forever Amber’s

The End


Affections cover art

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End of the series notes and farewells from Havi and Amber - Although I have expressed in my preferences on my profile that I enjoy BDSM it isn’t exactly true. While I appreciate it, it’s the closest to my own like for intense pleasure, however it couldn’t be further from it at the same time. Pain-play doesn’t have to be about master or slave, or even domination in anyway but can be deeper. There’s so many layers of pain-play and sadly it’s all lumped under the limited categories available. This is a sub-branch of BDSM, it involves no actual domination or the mentalities that come from the mainstream. As Havi displayed pain-play can be given with love. I tried doing it in a way it wasn’t seen for what it was but that’s what just happened. She finds it loving as the intent was love when given, as it is for me. Well people may have picked up the signs earlier on in the fic as it’s been hinted Amber does enjoy a rougher quality to her love so it shouldn’t have come as too much as a surprise.

I know painplay isn’t everyones cup of tea but I hope I’ve managed to show a different side to it. I enjoy the feel of romantic setting and find given successive light slaps to my delicate area to be as enjoyable as making out, and it’s better when it’s both combined while bring cuddled and cherished. Who says pain-play isn’t love or romance? I apologize if this wasn’t the climactic finish people wanted, but it’s the way I felt special, and so I let it flow into the work.

Now for some trivia- The base theme and the name of the fiction had two inspirations, chained souls, Fleetwood Mac Chains, and also an old persian legend where two lovers became so intertwined that one would feel the others pain, not just emotional but physical. Of course the story isn’t anything related but the inspiration for Havi’s uncontrolled psychic link was there. The Legend has uncanny similarities to Romeo and Juliet, however was around a thousand or so years before Shakespeare.

Thanks for reading this I hope it’s been a pleasure for you as much as it has been for me to write this. Next up will be another romance, but I’m going Sci-Fi comedy with this one, a dim-witted space girl without a clue. For those who wish to join me again, I’ll see you then, and for those that don’t, thanks for coming this far with this story.

Also a big thanks to these individuals who've either beta read the odd chapter or contributed with inspiration and such through their own works or advice.

Havoc -
Mysterydude42/Arcane Reno-

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    Reviewer: darktypelust
    Date:May 3 2017 Chapter:Where Weeping Hearts Meet

    Truly a Spectacular masterpiece. Such a beautiful romance between marvelous characters and a plot that can only be described as heartwarming. Not to mention the passionate love scenes that were expressed to our main characters. An  Amazing end to an Amazing story. This will always one of my favorites on the site.

    Thank you for the astounding story Zana An. I can't wait to see what you can come up with next ;)

    Author's Response:

    I'll try my hand on comedy ;) By the way MechaChick is my former name. I did this little art awhile ago ^^ 

    Reviewer: ashoka
    Date:May 4 2017 Chapter:Where Weeping Hearts Meet

    This is one of the most indulgent eroticas ive read with the scene that brings them together right at the top with the best of them. The scene was long and every second blissfully incredible. This tale is definitely one of the nicest and well written stories for plots events and intimacy I've read, and I've read many. My hats off to you sexy neko lady! Now spin me a new tale of love and romance!