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Affections by Zana An


Author's Chapter Notes:

Finding the cruelty he thought of as something finally left behind in his past, Havi is left to shoulder it anew with what the others may bring. With friendship so elusive, was he fit for now pokemon other? Is here even the place to discover a single one that would be his friend?

A Dazzling Star Shines

Thanks once more for joining me on this little story of mine. I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I have writing it. It grew a little too long so I had to move some content along to the next chapter, although it will make for a quicker chapter 4 to enjoy. 





Chained souls


Chapter 3


~A Dazzling Star, Shines~




Breaking through, a prominent and intimidating tone stood out amidst the others. "Look at you, Havi! Qwaaa, Qwaaaawk, You're not even a Pokemon! You're this pathetic little thing that no one would want, Qwa-Qwa," a Chatot replied in his screechy parrot-like voice. He looked around at his assailants before shaking his head at them to call off any further physical assaults. “We don't want to kill it, it's beyond help... Qwaaack."


Havi fortified his courage once more and made another heartfelt plead for the companionship he sought from those who shunned him. "You're wrong! Amber wants me, and I want all of you to be my friends too!" The Eevee buckled his tears not wanted to let them escape, or give these bullies the satisfaction of seeing him cry in case it provoked further hostility. He had no place for malice nor harboured any detest for them. They were only acting this way because he was different, and he knew he had to find some way to show them he was not so different, make them see past his appearance.


"Amber? Qwaaaawk, hahahaha, she feels nothing but pity for you, that's all, and so do we. But not enough for you to join us and mate. You probably don't even have a dick, Havi!" The feathered creature took a few hops closer fluttering his wings. He swept his clawed foot along the ground kicking the dirt at Havi head.


Havi shaked his head, dislodging the dust and muck from his fur. "No! She doesn't pity me, she loves me! ...Err, sir? What's a dick?" he asked, completely clueless having never having heard the slang from Amber's lips. Laughter burst out around him in cruel heaves. He felt as if he was shrinking and being drowned by their tormenting laughter.


The Lopunny snickered as she bounced over a barrel peering under Havi a moment. “Oh my, it's only a shrivelled stump, no way, it's tiny!" Havi squirmed uneasily trying to clamp his back legs together to veil what little male pride he may have left and protectively balled up. So that's what he means by dick. Is mine... so inadequate? So... pathetic? He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes but he didn't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing him crying.


"You're such a loser!" the Chatot scorned coldly.


The Lopunny seconded the bird pokemon. “Yeah only losers don't have anyone to mate with."


Havi lay there both physically and emotionally wounded, having to bear their words which stabbed deeper than any he could be physically afflicted with. He thought he left this sorrow behind a long time ago at the orphanage, a pain he knew all too well: the pain of being bullied and an outsider.






Within the master tent where all show preparations and final rehearsals took place, Amber clutched at her ribs as pain circulated around her side. The red head almost reeled over feeling almost as though she had been kicked a moment ago. She shook her head, almost slipping from the tripwire. Clearly, not the best of places to be; her feet were treading along with care up until now. She teetered on a rather unsteady footing as her perfect balance was failing her.


Questioningly, she wondered if her mental fortitude had swayed while flipping across a moment ago, resulting in a pulled muscle or something. The pang around her petite upper frame felt so strong. A foreboding sadness soon echoed like a scream jettisoned mightily from the reaches of her soul to trickle through her body without explanation. Why where her tears beginning to build like reservoirs? It was so strange. She gasped in short successions, feeling them run down her cheeks. She wasn't crying from the pain, as her trained body allowed for a greater threshold to be reached before she would submit to it; it was something else.


Unbalanced still, she drew a deep breath to concentrate, finally gaining a little stability and stopped wobbling. Her hand checked over the side of her body, and it appeared she hadn't actually injured anything. It may have just been a nerve momentarily getting caught somewhere, although it seemed an odd area. If that's the case then she'd just need to bite the bullet she thought and carry on. Amber lowered herself to a squat, suddenly extending her legs in explosive movements. With a full thrust upwards into an athletic flip, her body twirled in precise wheels. She landed with grace and finished on the soft matt that awaited her on the opposite mast. In an hour or so she would be doing this before hundreds, she need to keep her focus. Even so, the thought of spinning through the ring of fire she would soon confront made the exhilaration begin to mount and creep along her spine already. That was the last of her practice. The only preparation that remained was her costume and makeup.


Amber's soul felt a little at unease about what just happened, hoping it was just a one off, it would be serious if it happens later as there wouldn't be any safety nets. Despite the pain subsiding physically, why was she feeling such emotional discomfort when there was nothing around her that could inspire such feelings to surface? Her wandering feet carried her with mental-loss to the makeup tent.


Entering, her thoughts were quickly diverted seeing her friend. "Hi Cheryl!"


"Ah, Amber! Just in time. I finished getting your usual cosmetics together. Want the regular, right?" replied the petite brunette with wide hips in her early forties. She seemed to be in a happy mood, wanting to work her skills to transform Amber into the death defying high flyer that all her fans knew her as.


"Yeah, that'll do." Amber said, as Cheryl, turned making her curly hair lightly swish before it elegantly fell back down draping over her shoulders


Amber took her seat, and reclined into the comforts of an old office chair; being at the circus meant not all the luxuries of a fully equipped beauty parlour were available, they did the best with what they had. Cheryl picked up a steamy towel and placed it over Amber's face. The sensation was relaxing to a therapeutic level. Cheryl being quite the face paint artist had Amber's mental cogs turning away, speculating on how she would look. Carefully, Cheryle mixed some red into the porcelain-white foundation in a small pot, keeping it separate, for the cheeks of course.


"How's little Havi? Has he made new friends with the other Pokemon yet?"


"I'm not sure, but I should check up on him sometimes. I do force him to stay at the Pokemon care tent so he could at least try to make a friend or two, but he's so shy sometimes. I still tend to worry a lot about him when I'm training, and naturally I don't want him to be alone."


"I understand. I'm sure he'll make Pokemon friends eventually, if he hasn't already. Don't worry about him."


"That's the problem... I do worry about him, and a lot."


Cheryl removed the towel, then slowly applied moisturiser to Amber's forehead and cheeks. After doing so, she walked behind her so they both could face the mirror and continue to chat while she was being prepared. Cheryl's finger worked to spread the moisturiser down her forehead and to her nose, not forgetting the ridges around her eyes. Then, she picked up the primer from a small side table.


"Instead of the usual how about this, I'll make you look really special today? I have a bit of glitter and some little gold stars, too. Would you like them along the tops of your eyebrows and cheeks?"


"Yeah, that would be fantastic! Thanks."






Havi resented the feelings that dwelt inside. It felt like loneliness all over again which stood overshadowing him and under its domination he would never break free. He couldn't befriend them as he so desperately desired, leaving him to feel want, but the act of friendship itself seemed untouchable for someone like him. He didn't care for the nonsensical, vicious things they wished to do or even the way they'd physically punished him for trying. He could forgive them in time but why did they have to say those things?


He felt the burden of being by himself in this haven full of Pokemon bitter, yet no matter how he may have tried, not one had extended the hand of friendship as he had many times. He wanted Amber so much; he missed her sorely. Amber did tell him that the Pokemon care tent was supposed to be place where he would make friends and have fun, but to say that was the same as claiming hell was a place to joy, as that's what it had become. The little Pokemon scrambled to his feet with unsteady footing, unable to place much pressure down on his front right paw.


There were rules in place that were stipulated by their masters, ones that stated, all non-performing Pokemon were to stay within the care tent or their respective Pokeballs while the circus was in session.


Havi had no desire to disobey, or break these the circus's rules as these were in place to prevent outsiders, namely trainers from coming in taking or even abducted pokemon which had proven to be the case in the past. With little choice left, what was the the young Eevee to do? Struggling for grounding, still hounded by the taunts and mockery filling his ears like a pitiless bollard, he wanted to run fast, but the best he could do was hobble with his tail hanging between his legs. He sought the peace which only Amber could instil, he yearned for her warmth.


Gritting his teeth, the distressed Eevee contested his pain and forged his will to make his way out into the open. The park was filled with spectators that had come to see the amazing spectacle and feats of the circus. Voices of cheers came from humans all around him, and some of those swinging merrily from one another holding a bottle or two. He scurried out, making tracks towards anywhere but there, he had a destination but how and where was too overwhelming with so many lights and no clear sights through the sea of people. Havi faltered with each step, swerving now and then to avoid being trampled on narrowly missed being trodden on already a couple of times. The panic grew and the sounds swarmed him dizzying his mind. Drums... sirens... some blowing their noisy whistles, trumpets, thats not all, there were screams, and laughter. All these meshing into a distorting cacophony around him. Trying to focus again, he loosely distinguished the direction but with so much happening around him, it kept throwing him off. He desperately kept trying to make his way to where Amber would be. The only place he knew she would show up for sure, and that was the place she would perform.


Havi scampered along, narrowly missing another foot from just kicking him, and stopped a moment not knowing which way anymore. Giving a distressed cry he looked up defeated towards the sky. The clouds hoarded, and twilight brimmed, then it occurred he could see the master tent as it was that big. Finding some bearing once more, with painful weaves and jutting out of the way from other passers, he made his way, still nimble regardless of using only three legs. Being a good learner he had managed to adapt to this handicap rather quickly without needing the fourth. It was by far a lot more comfortable, as the pain in his side screamed when he used his front right paw. All the muscles around that rib clenched it tight pangs if he tried. He made it to the entrance evading a few more falling legs, feeling a small sense of achievement and relief as he circled around to the rear of the tent.


With a few more dashes a hobbles, he found himself presented with a minor obstacle. The backstage bouncers stood guard with their drifting gaze. Two large barrel-chested menaces stood there with their brutish figures, rather bulky and very imposing. Both seemed a tiny bit intoxicated but not totally drunk, like Amber would be on some summer nights with him. He watched them taking the odd swig from their pitchers filled with some brown liquid which frothed at the top. Havi could smell the putrid smell of whatever it was, and it shot to his head. It was strong like the red stuff Amber would drink but not as mellow or fruity, and smelled more like urine. He found it revolting. They chuckled throwing jokes of some sort at each other, until they spotted someone as they shouted out and made for whomever it was.


“Hey you're not meant to be back here, it's off limit to the public, please make your way around to the front. Hey?... Oi!? Didn't you hear me?" The Bouncer gritted his teeth and made thunderous advances towards whomever was there followed by the other. The little stroke of luck left everything clear for Havi to chance what little opportunity he had. Grunting, he advanced as quickly as he could holding one paw off the ground until he passed through the curtains. Continuing his search he hid in shadows, shifting behind boxes as he stealthily moved from them to even under chairs, to tables. The little Eevee poked his head around peeking from behind one of the tables legs.


It was amazing he could get this far unnoticed. This clean record was not meant to last because a tall old man knelt before him, startling him as he cowardly cringed. He didn't want to be thrown out, he was so close, all he wanted was his Amber. He wasn't sure who was friend and who would hurt him like the ones in the tent.


"Don't be afraid I won't harm you. So little guy, hmm how did you get in here." He looked up to see the face of a man, some fear quickly vaporized. Havi recognised him as the one who had nurtured and raised his Amber much like she was raising him now. “Oh, hmm now I recognise you, you're Ambers little friend, huh? I thought you looked familiar."


He knew the significance of such a figure as a gentle hand came to receive him. His touch was not as soft and his skin texture felt rougher than Ambers, but it felt warm. Havi nuzzled his hand and the man smiled. Luckily, contact around where he was injured was avoided and it went on unnoticed. The Eevee gave another little lick seeing the man smile very lovingly. He finally felt safe.


"I can see why you've grown on Amber so much. You're a affectionate little tyke. She's always talking about you. Well, it can't hurt to let you stay since you seem like you won't be any trouble. I'm Laurel, by the way. I run things around here." he said as Havi felt comfortable and hadn't ever felt this kind of protectiveness aside from when Amber had him.


The man adorned a silly hat with stars and some stripes. His outfit looked like a blue and white penguin suit, although it did look rather funny. Havi felt a rush of wind as his body shot into the air, lifted high by the old gentleman. Havi nestled within his arms, becoming like a bird in flight as he was loftily taken away.


The little Pokemon was soon enough whisked back onto his feet on top of a table with a grand view of the opening act, with the royalties having the best seats in the house courtesy of ringmaster. He enjoyed being by his side, it felt nice. Slowly the events from the tent temporarily vanished and there was nothing but a nice feeling washing through his body.


Havi felt the Laurel's hand over his head before it softly patted him. Gazing up at the elderly man he him cheerily humming the circus theme cocking his head side to side enjoying the pre-show music. Laurel paused a moment realising something.


"Have you ever seen Amber perform, little one?" he enquired scratching behind Havi's ears causing him to make a slow long “Eeeeev" sound before he realised the question and ecstatically shook his head.


"Well then! You're in for a treat! I'm going to let you stay and watch her. How does that sound?"


Havi's eyes grew big and wide. They almost sparkled, in fact they bloomed with joy and his expressional reaction forced Laurel to give into mighty guffaw. “Gosh, I can't believe how adorable you are. If Ambers not careful, I might even poke-nap you Hahaha," he jested. Havi didn't mind as this loud bellowing laughter, strangely he knew it wasn't cruel like the others before him, it was like Amber's, only louder and more masculine. Such a lovely old man Havi thought. Laurel lavished him, petting in lengthy strokes down Havi's neck and along his back. The little Eevee wagged his tail in delight, but his gaze was fixed to the tripwire high above. Laurel could see it in the little Eevee's eyes and how they burned to see his mistress in action now. He found it rather amicable seeing such devotion.






Amber had finished dressing into her outfit. The Lycra hugged her body perfectly through every contour of her curvaceous figure. She seemed completely transformed, her skin from her face all the way through to her arms, akin to that of a porcelain doll but one that sparkled. Two large red spots decorated her cheeks, and stars ran in a symmetrical line over one side of her face above her eyebrow. Her hair had been groomed to a bun at the back, leaving a small tufts to decoratively stand out like the tails of a peacock. This ensure her hair wouldn't hinder her swift performance; it dropped all the way down her back, after all. Finally standing up she glanced at herself in the mirror and twisted her hips to get a side profile before twisting again to check herself over.


“You look great," Cheryl said. “I can see why men ogle a little jester like you with that figure and all."


“Err thanks? Hehe." She was glad the makeup hid her mild blush. “I better hop to it or I'll be late." With a final twirl to make sure she was as good as she could be she looked up at the little clock apprehensively before rushing her feet along, giving a little wave back.



The young lady strolled purposefully backstage, as if driven by some kind of maternal instinct. She could swear Havi was nearby as her pupils scanned left to right, dashing across the whites. The dim lighting cast on them, the beauty rich with the colour of amber jewels that she had been so justifiably named after.


Her short journey of soul-searching led her with precarious steps to the secluded area just beyond the back of the stage area. It was the ringmaster's personal box, to where he watched the exhibition of all his devoted workers. Her view settled upon the Eevee playfully as she snuck like a mouse from within the shadows to stalk below him. Her unsuspecting Havi innocently waited for her to show up, unaware of her mischievous intent. She knew it would be a little funny and Havi loved playing around. She decided it was time to pounce up at him.


"MWAAAAAARRRrrrrrrr..." she suddenly cried poking her head up and to hands with curled finger to simulate claws. The little Eevee let out a yelp half scared out of his skin and Amber's own heart erupted in fear as he fell backwards, cushioned by his rump. It felt as if her own heart had leaped right out of her chest. A single droplet of sweat rolled down her forehead as she gasped.


The two stared at each other and panted; it seemed far more than coincidental when she had put the earlier incidents down to. What just happened she thought, trying to catch a second wind. For a brief few seconds she stared at him and yes, she was feeling what he was. This was definitely not the laugh she was looking for.


Laurel interjected with his little protest seeing the small Eevee trembling with his paws over his eyes afraid to look. Havi still inadvertently was affecting her, how? "Amber, you know how small and fragile he is! That was completely uncalled for; look how terrified he is! Now say you're sorry!"


Laurel was quite rightly serious, and she had gone a little overboard with her playfulness. The Eevee lowered a paw, having never seen Amber in her makeup before it came as more than a shock.


"I'm sorry, cutie. I didn't think it would be that scary." She made a weak smile to ease him, holding out her arms, wanting to nurture him.


He lowered his paws to then immediately recognise her smile, it was something he could never mistake. Not hesitating he leaned forward to be taken. She drew him back to her bosom, holding him protectively. Finally he had made it to his Amber. Havi could be very sensitive and emotionally frail at times, and that had slipped her mind. She felt remorseful as if she had committed a great crime against him. Was she losing her mind in thinking they were connected with each other somehow? It seemed an insane notion for such a thing to even exist, unless... she wasn't but it was him.


Laurel wasn't paying attention, while he gave hand signals out the side, lip syncing orders, keeping things smoothly ticking along. He spoke up, “If you excuse me, I need to go tend to some lighting issue and then announce you. I guess two spotlights will have to do if the third isn't working." The elderly gent being a rather entertaining old coot got up, and waltzed back on, backstage drifting side to side. She could swear he was crazy sometimes.


Amber's focus drifted back to the dull pain that riddled the right side of her ribs, directly below her shoulder. Her watery eyes filled with the need of forgiveness scanned the side of his ribs; she didn't want to do this, but it was the only way to be certain. Her finger pointed and protruded outwards toward the area. Was he really injured and had she really felt it when it happened? She hoped she was wrong and she'd been jumping the gun with fanciful ideas; she had been stressed a little lately.


Her finger gently prodded against his soft, furred ribs. She felt the pain spiral up and increase to such a level that they both flinched, evoking a small cry from them both. He was hurt, and she felt the exact same pain, as unlikely as it was. Trailing her finger she continued tracing along his petite rib lining. As much as she hated to cause him discomfort, even though it was hurting them both, she needed to ensure he hadn't broken his ribs. After a short moment she stopped looking into Havi's eyes which seemed ready to cry.


She wondered, had Havi's feelings towards her become so strong, that he'd failed to realise what exactly had been happening, or even her for that matter. She could only question, had he grown so spiritually bound that he had created a psychic link between them? Not only did it push his emotions towards her, but could he... also bounce her own back to him? Insanely, it seemed impossibly plausible but there it was.


Despite what was happening she didn't mention a word. Havi didn't know when or how he was doing this. This all came as a complete shock to her as confusion filtered throug. Things like this don't happen, or shouldn't. Still worried for him she spoke softly with a voice he even dreamed about.


"You'll be fine; you're just bruised."


The loud sound of drums and trumpets called out for Laurel to rise and play courteous host. From somewhere along the side of where they were, he scooted back to Amber in a comical little run, smiling..


"It's nice to see you two have made up, but now it's show time. So do your thing, Amber; you have a new fan to please!" He smiled, looking at Havi quickly giving the Eevee a tickle under his chin.


Amber set him down on the table by the ringmaster's chair as he walked out to cheers and the roar of the crowd to greet his presence. The usual stream of punters seemed overly loud today. Amber waved at Havi using both hands to liven the mood, before giving a twirl and ran off to the side of the ring.


Now out of Havi's sight, the slender daredevil began scaling the runs of the ladder which led up the tall pole seeing the swings of arms and cheers from below. Havi felt such excitement grip his heart, finally being given the chance to see his angel perform before him. He was about to burst from the anticipation.


Laurel greeted the crowd as he gave a bow of respect to show his pleasure, and gratitude for those who chose to come to attend this sunny mid afternoon day.


"Welcome to the Circus of Dreamers, for we are the ones made of such things that inspire others. We perform superhuman feats of the likes only we can. From the alluring, sensual acrobatics to the death-defying finishes, from amazing feats to those that have no equal. I hope you enjoy the show, and without further ado, my humble ladies and gentlemen, I present the deity of the high wire, the passion that burns in the air sublimely... AMBER!" Laurel's arm pointed high up to the top of the post as the lights came to bring Amber into the limelight.


Laurel's tasks were done for now. He returned to his seat of resignation for the rest of the act. He could see that Havi looked very concerned as a small tremor passed through him in fear. A comforting hand came to give a few gentle pats to his head.


"Why so worried? She's done this a thousand times, if not more. She is very good at this; just watch and you'll see what I mean."


Havi couldn't deny he felt worried seeing her up so high. He was scared and she could sense it. Her head turned to his direction and from under the mask she wore, a delectable smile of soothing comfort was sent to him, and his fear dissipated. She had a calming effect that only she could grant him. It made his heart felt stronger. She turned slowly, running her toes along the high wire, testing it before she took the step.


Her shapely long legs spread and tumbled along the high wire, in supple and divine movements; they held a rapture that felt so sensual in every aspect. Her display of acrobatics across the thin rope, were awe-inspiring with amazing balance. She achieved feats with such ease that not even most Pokemon could accomplish it within their lifetime. Havi lay speechless as his mouth flapped open in amazement, and nothing but pure applause submitted to her. His Amber was truly a divinity. The audience was speechless and holding their breath through each of her movements, each elegantly rendered with perfect execution. This was truly art in motion.


The rings were lit; fire surged its licking lips, sparkling over the rims. Her body flipped through them magnificently as if she was made of something lighter than air itself. The audience gasped and clapped through each fiery ring she left in the wake of her intricate movements, till finally she reached the other side. The circus erupted in cheerful revere of her unbelievable display of balance and coordination.


Amber climbed down, still receiving the praise she rightfully earned. Havi watched her returning to his side, and she gently scooped him up in her arms. Havi looked up and felt taken away, his facial expression amazed, so quiet, still digesting what he had seen today. His admiration for her grew; she was even more amazing than he had ever thought. Words could not describe what he felt. He worshipped her.


He finally came to rest on the dry green grass beside her caravan, the overhead sun still smiling down with its welcomed shine. His matted fur glowed with the sun's vibrancy, and so did he from what he felt. He let out a tiny squeal of excitement, watching her roll onto her back as she patted her belly for him to jump on and join her; no way would he object. Havi limped on with his injury and she helped guide him up with her soft hands. Even with all her hard training they still felt so gentle.


The little Pokemon curled up on her belly. The Lycra material over her flesh felt like a warm, snuggly bed sheet for him to rest upon. He watched her draw a little box as she opened it and inside he could see a jelly like stuff, mostly gooey looking. The smell was strong like some horrid medication or something. He didn't like the idea of it being near him.


“Now hold still okay? I promise it will feel better in a moment." She giggled watching him place two paws over his nose. “Yeah it does smell funny but it's good for you." Although Amber had a pokeball for him, she never put Havi in it after initially making him hers through willing capture. IT could have been easier if she took him down to the pokecenter, the only issue being there was a small charge for non trainers which had been brought into force recently. Not having much money this was the next best thing.


Havi braced himself as she extended towards him, her touch felt slightly uncomfortable across his tender area causing him to clamp his eyes. Soon enough he felt a cooling sensation around his sore ribs which began to almost make the pain vanish, still there, but almost gone completely.


Whoa, Amber really is magic.


Opening his eyes, he gave her a goofy look making big bug eyes at her. “Hehe I know you're appreciative but I know that look, you better not slobber me! Eeek!" The Eevee moved forward lapping as Ambers nose which sprouted more of her lovely laughter. “Hehe it's okay... cut it out hehe." Havi paused a moment, rather pleased. “You'll be good as new in the morning, it's only minor bruising haha."


The girl took a hold of him to stop him from further love assaulting her with licks as she looked him over a little more. Her expression became more worried, searching his face before she spoke.


"The other Pokemon must have been mean, right? Did they say horrible things to you?" she asked sympathetically. He simply nodded looking down as a dull ache beat through his chest and felt like it was weighing him down. He felt her fingers under his chin, lifting his head back to meet her gaze and broke him from his galling thoughts..


“You shouldn't worry about what those other Pokemon think. It doesn't matter. What does, is that you are special, and no matter what you look like, or how small you are, I find everything about you charming. You complete me... God, I sound so corny, but it's true. It's who you are inside that I like."


Havi felt the horrible experience fading, being washed away by tidal waves which were her words. He gave a small cry. “Eee"


“Anyway, now you've perked up a little, time to get out of this clingy thing into something more comfy. Come on lets go home and we can go play once I showered up, probably something light as you're all sore hehe."


Havi nodded eagerly he didn't mind a little gentle fun. Still, it played on his mind, would he ever befriend anyone else?



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    Reviewer: ashoka
    Date:Apr 18 2017 Chapter:A Dazzling Star Shines

    What a fantastic chapter and now ima say I'm in for the long haul as the story has enticed me with such intense relationship building love even if plutonic and wonderful story writing. There were the odd grammatical errors but I can easily overlook them. It still would be worth going back to correct them. 


    I found myself feeling sorrowful at Havi's situations at the start but the mood grew warmer as the chapter progressed. I have to say you have a way of definitely portraying strong emotions and manipulating them out of the reader. 

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    Thank you kindly, your words mean a lot, thanks again.