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Affections by Zana An


Author's Chapter Notes:

Changes happen to us all, and changes also happen around us. Everyone feels them, and we all learn to either accept them or move on. With such a big one happening now for Havi his thoughts are only confused, not knowing what to truly make of things. Will his Amber guide him through his newer found turmoil or will she reject him based on his newer needs. Faced with a threat to their relationship, it's times like these that can destroy cherished and fragile ties.  

A Sublime Visage

Thanks, this is a slightly longer chapter but one I hope you enjoy. I hope I haven't made to many hiccups proof reading this. Thanks to Arcane Reno for his feedback and suggestions on a specific scene, but I won't mention what it is so nothing is spoilt within the read. Let me know if you'd like to see anything particular between the two happen. I might just take the suggestion in a follow up chapter. You never know ^^






Chained souls


Chapter 4


~A Sublime Visage~



After a few minutes they both had found themselves back in the comforts of Amber's humble caravan as Havi was set down cosily on the soft futon sofa. Fidgeting around in the meek surroundings it seemed his mood had elevated seeing her performance. He was back to being as perky as ever while his rear bobbed up and down, sinking into the padding.


“Give me ten and we'll cuddle up and have an early to bed session. We can also spent some quality time and chat a lot, how does that sound?"


Havi nodded his head pleasantly as that sounded delightful. He'd love nothing more to end a fantastic day after having witnessed the spectacle of seeing her up there on the wire. Swishing his tail he occasionally flicked the tip casually as he curled up and watched her walk away. Amber walked behind a grey overhanging makeshift curtain as she had no door to her bathroom, just that material in place.


Amber entered the small side room which was rather claustrophobic lined with sky-blue tiling which adorned every wall and the floor; some of which had become discoloured or even cracked. Slowly she slipped from her clingy attire pulling it over from her back and pushed it down her body, neatly placing her garment in to a small laundry basket. She sighed with a little relief as she reached behind unclipping her sports bra, leaving her restrained breasts to bounce free with a few jiggles. She had worked up quite a sweat and a shower was well earned. The young lady, having stripped, entered the glass cubicle, and reached out for the handle closing the shower door behind her and turned the water on. Closing her eyes, the rushes of water sprinkled over her naked body, hot and pleasingly. The waves felt alleviating enough to unwind some tension she had but not all. “Hmmm, that feels good."


Havi waited as patiently as a hyperactive Eevee could, listening to the mellow sounds of pidgeots beating their wings high to the sky, and the quacks of the swanna coming from the nearby pond. How long is she going to be? I want to play! Having not much to do, he grew curious about the things he'd witnessed. The sounds in the background dulled away as he began recalling that wondrous visage of the Mitotic and her wet special area, that flower thing, still so vivid in his memory. The more he pondered the more the excited the little tyke became. His behavior and body language more antsy now, bouncing impatiently as he speculated on the sensations he would feel seeing hers. He really wanted to know if Amber had one too? Was it as beautiful, or was it even more so? Why did it feel nice looking at the Milotic's one? The warmth spread across his furred small body. He trampled around in circles almost making himself dizzy.


Temptation won out, this was too much, he couldn't stay there any longer! Skipping off from his high perch he took slow precarious foot steps towards the veils that hid his princess. He'd never quite seen her nude fully in all this time considering humans never removed their clothes, they were so secretive. What did they look like under the fake skin they wore?


Within the shower, the unaware performer really felt soothed and also great, she couldn't have wished for a better performance. What was there not to love about it, she did have her biggest fan there this time. Smiling at that notion she closed her eyes to face up towards the water as it washed through her face and streamed through red locks, slowly diluting the whites and golds painted on her face. She may have put in that little extra umph that time while she was up there to try impress him a little more.


Having some time now everything was over, slowly she picked up the razor on the small ledge to her side within the cubicle. Relieved, she began to groom her nether modesty and in no time at all it became smooth and void of any hair, well, all but one area; the part directly above her delicate part. With care, maybe even a little love and artistic flare she trimmed it into a heart. Taking care not to nick herself, she completed her sensual masterpiece with a little H embeded in the centre of that heart. She wasn't even thinking about it, but did have worry for Havi etching away at her mind. Maybe that was the idle minded reasoning behind it. It wasn't sexual, Havi, just was ... special. Finally content, she continued onwards running the soap over her mounds and down her thighs in long strokes lathering herself.


Havi always remained put on the futon when asked in the past but today he felt drawn for some reason. Poking his head a little from the corner he caught the first glimpses of her. His eyes widened getting a stunning side profile. He watched the paint finally running its course down her slender figure, over the curves as his heart ticked up a notch followed by a little gulp. His eyes lowered to her ankles almost immediately, too embarrassed to look at first. He didn't understand why he felt so nervous as he didn't have a problem spying on the Milotic.


His head began to slowly lift as he traced her lines, taking in all her details like a masterful piece of art, searching upwards from the ankles, following the contours over her knees as he felt his heart rate climbing and a sweat beginning to form under the fur. He absorbed her womanly dripping shape. Her ass looked so good as the water cascaded of it. With the way she stood, he couldn't see the flower, but so much more took him. Water splashed off her elbows while she reached up over her head, running her fingers through the hair on the back of her head; which moved like a like a river, and flowed as such down to above her ass in beautiful red streams.


She looks so much prettier this way.


Her waist lines curve inwards before they expand out, to her, her... Whoa...


His body stiffened a little, gluing him in place, feeling a mild sensation building between his legs just like earlier and even felt goosebumps beginning to run amok all over his skin. He watched her bountiful assets jiggle never having seen that part of her exposed like this before either. The wobbling oval objects moved freely, his eyes couldn't leave them.


They're amazing. What are they, they're so, so strange but still, they're cute, shes so adorable.


He watched her eyes remain closed as the steam raised up around her making her bodily features ever more bewitching, he was hooked. She truly seemed a divinity just outside paws reach.


The stunning girl gave a short gasp, unable to help it. Something had been working her up and yet no images or thoughts to inspire such feelings, they were just... there. The urges fought, winning her over and overpowered her. Helplessly needing the relief Amber realised that she had been a naughty girl and neglected that particular area for possibly a month if not more. Softly she chewed her bottom lip, feeling herself getting hotter and it wasn't from the heated water splashing over her either.


She put it down to it all being pent up building over the weeks and now it needed an outlet. She needed it. Squirming with the dampness forming between her legs from an altogether different type of moistness, she intended to provide that outlet now which could only be delivered through that sole act.


She couldn't resist it any longer, wanting to feel her soaked body as her hands flattened against her slender toned abs. Like curious kittens they slid along her body looking for those sensual areas. Havi gasped becoming more heated by this sublime deity as he witnessed her hand journeying upwards along the smooth skin until it reached that erogenous zone. She gently grasped at a breast in one hand, squeezing slowly and repeatedly as she moved the handful in circles.


Enthralled, he really did want to know, did Amber have one of those strange flowers between her legs too? Almost playfully growling, he muted his maw by clamping it suddenly, before he let it flap open in awe once more. He'd never been so stiff there before, it was harder than it had been earlier today. He watched the oval objects indenting as they were groped, nipples perking, mirroring his own fully realized hardness.


Her other hand ventured tantalizingly lower to where his eyes were intently trying to get a good look. Her shoulders pressed into the glass behind her lifting her thigh a little and placing her foot back along the glass too. He tried tilting his head but a sight of what was between her legs grew ever more elusive in her new position. Her hips gently swayed back and forth in little squirms.


Havi felt as if he would melt, his tiny body slumped to the ground feeling his cheeks burning progressively fiercer than he'd felt before. His little maw hung open in the same awe if not more impressed than he'd been when he'd seen her in her earlier performance.


Amber... Hmmm... Ehhh...


Amber could feel the tension building as her vaginal lips swelled a tiny bit in anticipation, the wetness from her forbidden area building. She released a small gasp as her fingers glanced over them sending a small shiver through her lush, sensitive arousal. She pressed into her feverish flesh, pulling one of her lips to the side and gasping as water cascaded down the exposed pink. The touch slid with her escaping lubricant, a hot flush radiating through her body along with tingles of nirvana.


Her fingers sought their goal -a hidden treasure. Her index curled, pulling back her hood, and uncovering that sacred bead. Pleasure electrified her, pulling a moan from her throat as her back arched and her chin tilted to the heavens in exultation.


Havi awkwardly twitched wanting to see it so much, but being denied. His penis began to bubble at the tip, his tongue hanging out while he panted. His eyes followed with unrealized hunger as she groped her breast, pushing them up and down her chest.Trapping one of those pink protrusions between her thumb and finger as she tugged at it, making it elasticate a little and causing her seductive human mounds wobble in erotic joy.


Havi gasped for air harder, wondering if she would let him take those erect pink protrusions into his maw and tug on them too? Maybe shake the pointy little thing side to side to make it move like she did, even play with them every day.


Amber's so good at this game... Maybe that's why she doesn't need a partner.


Needing a second helping, Amber released her breast. Like eager predators those fingers became the hunters found between her legs. Those stimulating seekers, tickling lower advancing with subtle applied pressure over her belly until they found their quarry. Teasing along her sensitive entrance elicited deep long moans as she soaked them with her nectar. She drew her hand up to her quivering lips, licking the gift of her sacred area. Her own flavours intoxicated, swirling straight to her mind, making her yearn ever more to ravage it.


Her sexy scent mixed with the steam and perfumed to the air being carried to Havi. He breathed it in deeply through his nose. Havi remembered it around Amber rarely but it never smelled as good as it did now. Havi almost fell sideways as it hit the back of his mind. It wasn't the fact she was human, or pokemon, it was because it was Amber's scent and for him there was no one else as special. For him nothing smelled sweeter at this moment.


The little Eevee was getting more of a show than he would have imagined. Even if he couldn't see what he came to see, this, was something else. His mind paused mid admiration as he wandered on the Lopunny's words. Only losers don't have anyone to do it with... but Amber wasn't a loser... Was she? She's amazing!


He lowered his head concluding Amber must not have friends like him for that game. He spotted his penis for the first time, probably over an inch, so much bigger than he thought it would be. It leaked, and Amber licked her wet stuff, what did it taste like? He lowered his head lapping along his small throbbing organ sending so much pleasure through his body. The salty, sweet taste filled his mouth, and made him clamp his eyes. He couldn't decide if he liked it or not. He could explore it later as his attention went back up to Amber.


Her expressions made him worry, as a frown took her forehead was it hurting her? Seeing a smile break through as she chewed her lip, dispelled that thought. Both hands redoubled their external and internal work. Her finger plunged quicker into her body the sloshing sounds could be heard. The steam and her thigh still veiled her pussy obstructing his the view. Lustful movements overtook her in a carnal dance, her limbs trembling in time as she fingered herself faster, harder, working her clitoris with reckless abandon. Small slapping sounds could be hard as she simulated being taken hard. The water continued to embraced her as she tilted her hips as much as she could. Trying to keep her voice down but unable to quell it, she moaned.Then, it came, seizing her body in its grip, throwing her into a powerful orgasm. The fruits of her hard labour jettisoned clear fluid hard, spraying the shower wall, running down, clouding the streams of water.


A small puddle had formed beneath him from how much she'd affected him. Havi was left speechless, no words came to his mind to describe what he just witnessed.Then snapped out of it as he watched her becoming a little unsteady. She continued to squirt, and just as it ended, her knees became too weak from the intensity and buckled. Slipping, he watched her land on her ass with a slapping sound as she gave a loud cry.


He remembered the Milotic in pain, during that game which now didn't seem fun the more he thought about it. Now Amber too... Maybe Amber punished herself and slapped that special area so much she couldn't stand because she hurt it so hard? That was the only thing he could think of and began hating this game further, the more he thought about it and put the pieces together.


She had caught the shower door when she fell leaving it partially open as the shower sprayed out along the floor. Frightened for her, Havi dashed in as his feet scrambled along the wet floor tiles with slippery footwork. His heart thudded, completely worried. Quickly the little Eevee nudged more of the door open with his head.


“Eee EEEee?" he cried in panic.


Amber's head turned in surprise as she quickly covered her crotch and placed an arm across her breasts. Now completely turned off, he didn't like the idea of this flower play anymore especially if it made her weak. She sat in a half dazed slump. He failed to fathom the reasoning behind why did she do it if it hurt and put her in this condition? This all seemed ludicrous to him but it made sense now too; some females must use this part to be punished. His reasoning came from that Dragonair impaling that poor Milotic and Amber doing the same when she impaled herself, clearly both were exhausted.


This is a horrible thing for me to enjoy, I can't believe I wanted her to do this more to herself. Am I a horrible Pokemon?


Witnessing her delicate form crumpled like this forced him to make a pact with himself not to think about Amber or any female in that way again as it hurts them... Seeking feverishly to make amends for his ill thoughts about her he made more sounds. The falling water soaked through his fur. This was hard to deal with, he'd never seen her hurt this way before it terrified him.


Still she remained like that in such a shattered state as he comfort nuzzled at her outer thigh making loving cries. “H.. Havi..." she muttered. She presented a weak smile. “It' just a little slip, you... you shouldn't be in here while I'm... It's okay I'm not hurt." Her speech was soft and drained too. He found it a little hard to believe her but conceding taking a few steps away just looking at her as if he could ball his eyes out in tears. “Go on, skidaddle silly. I'll be... I'll be just fine." She paused. “I pinky promise, now go, hehe." He knew she was trying not to worry him and could sense something but it was all too much to take in. His mind was hoarded with a hands pulling his mind in a hundred and one directions. Nodding he made his way out giving a small cry as he looked back over his shoulder. “EEe.".


Havi moved along not really sure as he gave a vigorous shake to dislodge the water from his fur then returned to the futon chair. He made a little jump and crawled on just about. Waiting there, he recalled the events looping them over and over. The minutes wasted and felt like hours but it had only been moments ago. She came out veiled within a pink satin robe that shimmered within the last of the evening light as it passed through the window. There was also a towel wrapped around her head with drops of water finding their way through. Leaving Havi still sat there, she reached under the chair with another reassuring smile grabbing the lever to make the chair recline into a single bed.


His hastened concern only amplified as he probed her body for any sign of further injuries. The why came harder found, never would he let her harm herself like this again, he told himself. Devotedly he didn't take his eyes away from her for one moment, save to blink. She walked over to the corner of the room, and collected a blanket. Despite being a little early for even her she brought it over and lay down with him. He nuzzled her cheek making adorable wide eyes at her.


“You're so silly. I'm not hurt." He shook his head, uncertain of her.


She wondered why he was being so overprotective. Smiling she snuggled in more until she was on her side and facing him. Carefully she pulled the blanket over them both, well deliberately over his head teasingly to make him stop worrying. She giggled seeing him become lost for direction. Amber watched the bump moving in the wrong direction as she smiled playing with him, but blocked his path to stop him falling out. He changed direction coming towards her body as he bumped into her belly and gave a little lost cry. Having found her body he knew which was to go as his head nudge against her ribs.


Usually she would expect him to be cheeky and blow a raspberry to get his own back at this point, but nothing...


Soon enough he found his way out, poking his head out from under the blanket but it wasn't the giggles she thought she'd see on his face. That serious expression was very unbecoming of him. He moved towards her and nuzzled her cheek making low whining sounds once more. It made Amber giddy and feel special. She found it cute and amusing with how hard he kept on trying to make her feel better. Havi bounced a little back along the top of the bed. It seemed the injury was far less problematic with the ointment she'd applied earlier which gave her some relief. He just sat looking at her with his head tilted.


“What's gotten into you, you silly Eevee, I'm fine, it was just a little slip like I said." She gave her rump a cheeky slap to emphasis this. “See? All better now, really I'm fine."


His attention didn't stop as his eyes began watering more again, as he pointed to her crotch, shaking his head. He buried his head suddenly against her thigh, rubbing against it. “Eee EEe" He cried. She didn't catch on straight away. “Hmm? I don't understand." She drew the blanket back and sat up as seen as she'd gathered he wasn't probably in the lying down and chatting to her mood.


He moved closer and repeated his action, close enough to her crotch without contacting it as he shuddered a little. It was beginning to twig finally as she gasped. Ambers face turned a crimson red.


“Oh arceus, you saw me?" She pointed slower towards her private area. “You saw me touch th..." before she finished, he quickly swatted her hand lightly, and growled for her not to touch it, not that she was going to. Havi couldn't tell if she would hurt herself again. He was deeply worried as he made a little protective dash and pounced, placing his paws just above her intimate area, towering over it while looking her in the eye and shaking his head again adorably like he was trying to guard it.


Amber almost laughed at this misunderstanding but soon enough felt more blood shoot to her face as her robe parted there enough to feel his furred body accidently pressed into such a naked, sensitive place. “No Have, hehe it's okay, honest. I won't hurt myself, pinky promise." She uneasily pushed the little Eevee off reassuringly. It was really uncomfortable for her being caught as it was. Her legs clamped to veil and cut off any interaction there. She saw him as her little Havi still, additionally such contact was off limits. She didn't want to complicate things nor did she think of Havi with such interest.


Having been pushed a little away, he nodded pointing to her crotch once more shaking his head frantically. “So you thought I was hurting myself in the shower huh?" He nodded as a tear slid down his face. “Don't cry silly billy." She reached for him, sweeping his falling tears away. “Big pokemon don't cry, kay?" He nodded once more giving a few sniffs and rubbed his nose with the back of his paw.


Havi suddenly growled and pouted, before making those puppy eyes at her turning his head to the side in a huff. “I err, no no no it's just... I wasn't hurting myself, I was... Okay Havi, look at me. You want to protect me from hurting my pussy, but, but," she said losing track of her thoughts. “sorry give me a moment." She stopped taking a deep breath completely flustered. She kept on fumbling words, and tripping on them. The Eevee propped his head back gazing at her as she smiled but even he could see the splash of reds adorning her cheeks growing brighter as he nodded.


So it's not a flower, it's called a pussy, but it doesn't look like a meowth. It's a nice kitty name though.


This was completely silly although adorably kinda cute, she thought. “We need to discuss something. Firstly why did you want to see me, you know, err in the shower?" She was genuinely curious and could never be angry with Havi ever. She knew he wasn't some perverted little pokemon as he cared deeply for her.


Havi just cocked his head to the side, then looked down feeling as if he had committed a crime against her now, he blushed hard and idly rubbed his paw into the the soft seat acting very coy and suspicious. “Eee," he cried and shook his head shivering not wanting to admit it. His behaviour was answer enough.


Amber raised a brow, “Oh..." she said, it was all she could say now understanding a little more. “You have no idea what's going on do you but I think I have a rough clue." She replied returning small gulp back at him in a little shock. She knew he would grow up eventually, but it sneaked up so fast on her. After all, he couldn't stay her babe forever, everyone grows.


“Havi there's things I need to explain which it seems your friends or other pokemon haven't. You're becoming curious because you're... you're crossing the threshold into adulthood, I think, understand?" The Eevee gave a blank stare, confused. “Oh dear... I don't even know where to begin to explain the birds and the bees to you." Amber, still was in surprise by the turn of events, couldn't find the right words in her utter shame knowing he'd finally matured. Knowing he'd just been thrown into adulthood and she knew he already thought these intimates urges were a bad thing, overcoming them would be an obstacle. Furthermore, explaining why he couldn't engage her in such a way would be even harder.


Bewildered still, he looked just as anxious again. What did birds and bees have anything to do with this?


“You've become sexually active now. It's my fault and I know you can smell scents so when I was doing my... ahem, business, it probably confused you and you came to look I bet?" She didn't know he'd come along before that said incident. “Did it, err, you know, make something grow down there?" she asked just to confirm he had indeed become an adult.


Havi nodded then growled at his crotch not liking it anymore. “No no it's okay, it's not its fault... Was it... your first time?" He merely nodded, even lying as his first erection had been in the tent earlier that day, then gave a anxious sigh. Her own embarrassment subsided as she cared for him more than the fact he'd spied, seeing it as nothing but innocent curiosity.


A hand rolled under his chin raising his distressed face to meet hers. Her loving touch then flowed behind him, and guided him to her as she wrapped both arms around him with a cherishing hold. Finally calmer she found strength in her words.


“Occasionally changes happen, we're afraid of those changes, and sometimes we see others make those changes and don't know what to do or even make of it. What makes us special is we care for one another enough to stand by each other. I'm the same Amber, and you're the same Havi, only... You're going through a change. Maybe I should tell you a story? Like old times, but this one about little Amber huh? It's about when I also went through the change. Just don't laugh too much."


She nuzzled his nose playfully able to tell he was somewhat more at ease. He soon felt her magical kiss to his cheek as he took a deep breath and nodded.


“Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Amber," he couldn't help giggle at how she always started all stories with once upon a time, old habits die hard but one he would never change. “She smiled and ran around pretending she was a fairy, most days. She had only one ragged teddy she use to play with. Her adoptive daddy didn't have too much to offer but he did provide food, clothing and shelter. The man's name was Laurel and he always wore enormous, colossal even humongous hats." Amber released Havi spreading her arms as wide apart as she could, adding a little extra emphasis and being silly giving him a broad beautiful smile.


He managed to break a smile at her exaggeration. She was already cheering him up. “Little Amber was very curious just like Havi as she began feeling something between her legs too, oh my!" She exclaimed opening her mouth and placed her hand over it, looking playfully surprised. Her acting made him mimic her to give her an 'Oh My' back. She gave a little laugh and continued.


“Poor little Amber didn't know what it was. So for a few days, Amber went to her bed early claiming she was sick." Amber made coughing gestures, putting her forearm to her check. "She hid away a lot, she was afraid of this change. She even thought she would die!" Amber tilted her head, and hung her tongue from the side. “Like this!"


Havi smiled at this story, he liked it alot. Amber always made all the stories fun.


“This was so no one could see her crying." Amber balled her knuckles up rolling them over her eyes over embellishing on her pretend actions to make the serious story light hearted. “Wahh wahh. Eeep silly Amber! She didn't want Laurel to see who was out doing preparations for a show. Amber did train still when she wasn't hiding but she was a little young to be doing dangerous things and join the troop. Like jumping through those very hot rings. She was confused just like you are now. No one had told her about these things either."


Havi was now engrossed, more relaxed and less on edge. “After a few more days, she realised she hadn't died, but continued to lock herself away as she thought she was broken down there and was very sick, as it felt funny and good, and it even got a little messy. Such an empty-headed girl, if it felt nice why would it be broken?" Amber did feel embarrassed but seeing him taking comfort she knew it was helping. “Amber one day isolated herself just like the other days being alone, but on that day she needed to see what was really wrong. Amber..."


She paused looking for the right word without being too explicit. “Err experimented with it. It felt so nice, so she carried on, and on as she didn't really know what to do with it at first, trying this and that. Then something happened when it felt too good and a very powerful feeling rushed through her. It completely scared her and made her cry. She thought she really had broke it that time. She was a goofy girl huh? She then didn't tell anyone about it. She didn't even touch down there for a whole year incase she thought it would kill her. So silly, it's there to feel nice, but like you it was a big change. Don't be afraid that you've become a grown up as you'll always be my Havi. It's to be played with, and very nice. Amber after a year rediscovered it and loved it a lot, and played with it very often, experimenting with it as it made her happy. Amber didn't have anyone really to tell her, so she had to learn herself, but you have Amber. What we have down there is to share with someone special."


She didn't know how to explain the next part although it wasn't entirely true. She needed to keep his mind focused, and also rule out intimacy between Havi and herself. “It's there for you to share with other pokemon as it's made for pokemon, and mine is made for humans only. Save it for when you find someone you love and don't share it otherwise, but with yourself like I do." She knew full well she could probably hold intimate relations with most pokemon depending on their physiology and ability, but it would over complicate her explanation to add to his disarray. The last thing she wanted to do was lead the one she cared for the most, astray.


Finally she took a deep breath the hard part at the end wasn't as hard as she thought would be. With that all out of the way, she looked down he yawned. Her words had soothed him. Hopefully she wouldn't have to revisit these awkward moments. “Now, lets see. How about a real story! About Sir Havilot the brave?" He nodded eagerly.


These special adventures were something she created just for him as the hero within them. She loved seeing his excitement when she provided the sweet bedtime stories. After an hour of her making it up as she went along he did fall asleep.


“Sweet dreams."  She couldn't wait for tomorrow, considering she'd gotten him a surprise, something hopefully he would love. Amber cuddled, wrapping him up in her arms as she closed her eyes and soon enough also followed him into dreams.







The morning came, and strangely she was the first to awaken. This suited her fine as she slowly rolled out of bed, careful not to interrupt his sleep, but this was unlike him. He always did wake up first, had yesterday affected him that much? She edged her way, with light footing until she reached her draws and carefully drew out a small wrapped package. Being quite the twinkle toes she skipped back without a single falling foot heard. Even with the odd little excited, dashes, she was silent. She placed the small object behind her back and knelt down beside the futon bed.


Amber observed his little chest rising and falling as she teased him now in his sleep. Puckering her lips she blew his hind paw watching him wiggle and curl that leg in. She continued to his other hind paw repeating the action and watching him react in the same way. She muted her playful giggles as she leaned forward, then blew behind his ear seeing it twitch as he reached up scratching behind it. She paused a moment, then blew his nose as he moved his paw to his nose rubbing it as his eyes opened.


“Good morning sleepy head." Cupping two hands to cradle her chin she left the package to the side, benevolently gazing down on him.


Now was probably a good time to get some things off her chest following last night. She wanted to see his spark again. He wasn't up to his antics as usual. "You know, sometimes you're so silly, like yesterday hehe. No matter what you do, it makes me smile and even sometimes things which may have happened in the past when I look back. You changed me. I am indebted to you for the life you restored within me. It's... It's a shame you aren't human. You posses everything I would have adored in an admirer. Nonetheless, not even a human could give me what you have."


She felt some guilt, knowing there was a small lie mixed within the truth as she parted with words. Amber didn't want to believe or want to revisit the kind of love that had manifested for the Electabuzz, or even confess to her attraction towards pokemon over her own species. If she didn't fear destroying his innocence and also if he was a larger pokemon, she may have even allowed for more. Then again she may not have knowing what she shared was sacred, and why risk anything which may destroy what they had? She couldn't live with herself if she hurt him. Maybe in some ways her bond was a lot more powerful with Havi than even Electabuzz but it wasn't the same kind of love. Maybe because she had forced bars around herself to never feel them for another again, she couldn't really say.


“I love you so much. I would never hurt you and always protect you." Her love was contrasted from her former pokemon but it wasn't any less powerful. So what if she wasn't physically attracted to him in that way, she still was drawn heavily to him in so many other ways she had never been with her Electabuzz. It just was a different kind of love. More...




Or something she had come to know, refraining her thoughts and constraining herself physically. “You know what day it is today right?" Havi became a little lost, it was sunday right? “Today is special, it's today exactly I... No, we celebrate something special.. I don't know how old you are to the month or even day, but for me today will be your birthday and I've been saving up for a few weeks now." In fact it was Amber's birthday but she didn't like making a fuss of it. Turning twenty-one wasn't such a big deal for her but guessing Havi would feel left out, and not knowing if he ever had celebrated a birthday only made her want to make it more meaningful. She decided it would be far more fun if they shared the day.


She had been skimping out on lunch every other day to buy this, but it wasn't something she would confess as it would have upset him. For her, it was a small sacrifice to know what she would gift him with was far more more important, as it would bring something she treasured. That was the joy she could, and see happiness in his eyes.


He watched her pick something up and as it came into sight it was wrapped in a red paper. “When humans celebrate a birthday of someone important to them, they give them a present. It's not much but it's the best I could afford as I have to feed you too, and pay for water not to mention the electricity to charge the generator for our caravan at each city hehe. Still, I hope it's okay."


She set it in front of him as he sat up and curiously and pawed at the suspicious object. “Go on, it's only paper rip it open and see what's inside!" she exclaimed, rather excited for him to see it.


Havi clawed into it as his bit into the paper tearing it off.


So pretty...


His eyes feasted on the blue ribbon and a round ball. She reached out removing a little plastic which stopped it making any sounds and gave it a little shake as it made ringing sounds. “Its a bell," she said. The item was gold plated and the shine it gave took him.


For me? I.. I'm...


She pointed to a heart engraved on it. “See inside the heart it says Havi! and..." She turned it around and on the opposite side she pointed to a different writing running through along an engraved rose. “This says, Forever Ambers."


She picked it up and reached behind him tying it into a bow knot around his tail very tidily. He wagged his tail to the air loving the chimes and dings it made. He couldn't take his eyes off it.


It's so pretty.


He felt her fingers siphoning through his fur, lulling him to clamp his eyes shut so he may enjoy the feeling of the warm flushes that washed over him; he was happy and he knew it. He couldn't figure out why, but he felt deeply attracted to her, and not like before but altogether in a newer light which he lesser understood. He believed his feelings to be true when he said he was the luckiest Pokemon in the world. He didn't know why he wanted more when he had everything he could have wished for, but he did.


“You'll always have your place by me, no matter what changes may happen to you."


The Pokemon purred, listening, wishing he could return the sweet, melodious words that rang like a sweet symphony.


He wanted to know why he was so loved and why he loved her as much as he did. At times he didn't feel deserving of it but she just melted it away. Their friendship was unbreakable. He felt a happiness he never felt before. He understood now that even though he was a Pokemon, he didn't just love her, he was a part of her very existence. He let his eyes close, as soothing images of her delectable smile filled his emotions.


He had fallen in love with the one closest to him. The realisation caused him to stream tears of joy down his face.


Just then, Havi's eyes shot wide open as his pupils dilated. The window smashed open by a powerful gust causing Amber to fall back a little. Something strange was happening. His body began to glow bright, like there was a powerful energy radiating from deep inside him. His little form ascended as Amber reached for him, panicked. Havi weightlessly hovered up before she could take him, and a blinding light erupted outwards. Amber shielded her eyes from the brilliant white. She began to slowly open them to find that Havi was nowhere to be seen, and before her was something different altogether.


Amber's eyes were motionless. Her bottom lip carried a tremble of uneasiness. Had this thing just taken Havi from her? This creature that now was there before her looked fierce, frightening and very strong. It stood up onto all fours looking straight for her making her head turn away from it. The Immense strength foreboding from it was potent enough she could almost feel it's power, making the hair on the back of her neck feel static.


With how dangerous it appeared, it was safe to say it could rip her in two. It scared her but she felt more terrified for Havi's safety over her own. She felt powerless against it, weak and in a difficult situation. She couldn't lose Havi, not like this.


Most of all, she was defenseless.



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    Reviewer: ashoka
    Date:Apr 18 2017 Chapter:A Sublime Visage

    I couldn't stop with the last chapter and continued on to savour the next. 

    This chapter surprisingly was really sexy. I enjoy Havi's innocence here during the encounter with Amber as his inexperience in intimate affairs was worked in really well.


    I loved the gift scene and almost shed a tear. She really does love him. I've read any fics but this is one of the few that creates such a warm fuzzy feeling. 


    Im going to continue tomorrow as it's late and you left me dangling as I want to find out what's happened. Cruel cliff hanger, well done!

    Author's Response:

    No problem, hope you continue to enjoy it all. I'm glad you found the scene with Havi's new interest and curiosity pleasing to read.