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Affections by Zana An


Author's Chapter Notes:

Faced with an awkward situation it was always going to come down to beat, or be beaten. How will Havi handle this, will he even stand a chance, or will he dominate his aggressors? The repercussions may come no matter what happens.

Where art thou

Here it is, lets see what happens hmm. I had a problem with the uploader and it seems it's not cutting and pasting so I had to add the story into the summary hence formatting is a little off.


Chained souls

Chapter 8

~Where art thou~.


The blow came with blistering effects, almost glowing with raw intensity towards the Espeon, his newer found aptness made up for his lack of battle experience, quickly attuning. The fur along his body bristled, each individual strand standing on end and sending signals through his body, predicting the move and exactly how to avoid it. His heart kicked up a notch, running on adrenaline as a little fear cracked in and a sweat broke over his brow. Surprisingly, all it took was one small twist of his feline body to cause the blow to miss and slam directly into the ground. He hardly moved, just as if he was conserving energy.

Machamp didn't understand how his first swing had missed, the fact that it had infuriated showed in his expression as his lips curled into a nasty snarl. The atmosphere around felt intense as all eyes remained glued to him. Before, the hulking brute was just going to teach the whelp a lesson. But now, he wanted payback for Havi making his attack look less than elegant in front of the ladies, he wasn’t ready to look second rate to anyone. Having never fought, and without experience to see him through the espeon frowned almost running blind, he had to place trust in his instinct alone, and hope it didn’t steer him wrong.

As Machamp threw two fierce punches, the Hitmonlee decided it was his cue to jump in. At the same time his comrade's fists were descending, the Kicking Pokemon shot along the floor with the grace and speed of an Altaria about to strike. Stopping short a foot or so, the Hitmonlee spun, throwing a leg up in a wide arc with the intent of having it's fury crashing down on Havi. As both fists and the leg swung down, Havi's ears gave a subtle twitch, already able to feel where they would fall.

Jumping back to avoid the fists, he gave a sharp lunge to the right, then a quick dash to the left as the Machamp followed through with another punch. Swishing noises came accompanied by loud thuds that impacted the ground causing it to tremble in the wake of the attacks. Their incredible force left Havi to gulp a moment; anyone of those could have crushed his bones. Before Havi could even glance up, he knew the Hitmonlee was already swinging his legs forward with a Double Kick. How he knew, he couldn't discern, but the brush of air as he jumped back twice in quick succession was enough not to make him question it, it seemed he was a naturally evolved fighter. He could only guess all those chasing and dodging games with Amber had something to do with his performance and having evolved only enhanced them. A huge cry of frustration came from the Machamp and an irritated grunt from the Hitmonlee. Without any formal training even as an Eevee, his evasive skills may have shot up but he hadn’t the faintest clue about using even a single pokemon attack.

Just as he thought that. A pressure slowly built up behind his forehead as he kept moving, gradually losing some of the fear that had clung to him like a Muk as he avoided further assaults. It felt like a buzz growing in his head becoming stronger, was it panic? Anxiety? Or something else? As he twisted around another near miss he realised this didn’t seem hard at all and he did have good stamina even before his evolution. The Machamp seemed almost too slow, flinging his arms recklessly about like he was and the Hitmonlee's attacks were child's play to figure out.

What’s happened to me?

A quick sidestep and a twirl caused him to face both of them in a stand off. He couldn’t keep this up forever and he knew it was only a matter of time before one of the others also joined in, he wasn't a super pokemon by any means and three possibly could be one too many. As both assaulters came in hot again, the pressure behind his forehead suddenly erupted forth, bashing against his temples like a migraine before bliss settled in.

Unluckily for the Hitmonlee and Machamp, there was no relief from the incoming Psychic assault. A shock wave rippled from Havi, crashing into both of them with enough force to send them flying back accompanied by a terrible crashing sound. Machamp hit one of the thick, wooden support posts for the tent, the resounding crack clearly indicating the pole was damaged before the grey Pokemon slumped forward. Thankfully, the pole bent but didn't fall over him or anyone; however, Hitmonlee hit the cloth wall of the tent and the force pulled the pole the opposite way, splitting it further. He looked as if he was going to rise again, but he swayed heavily and fell face first in the dirt.

Why can’t I control any of this? Why? Concerned, Havi took a small step forward, wanting to make sure that neither of the Pokemon were severely injured; especially the Machamp, as that crack could have just as easily been his spine. He didn’t want to hurt them like this.

“Are you....” but he didn't get a chance being cut short. The Cradilly, who'd been watching the fight, suddenly jumped in to continue what his friends had started. Lunging forward, with a swirl of its head, the Cradilly shot its pink tendrils out, intending to ensnare and constrict around Havi. Had it have planned it's assault out a little better, it might have succeeded. However, the defeat of its friends made it reckless, its tendrils missing and losing the element of surprise. After that, the continued attacks fell short of even touching the Espeon as he spun and twisted, flexing around the varying pink strikes. The tendrils lashed with expressing brutality, swirling past his body as he almost seemed to cavort within the velocity of the relentless assaults. Some of those strikes rather close calls but they began to slow and Havi knew his aggressor was tiring, already having wasted strength on wildly lashing out. He knew that the Cradilly wasn’t the only one tiring as the Espeon broke a sweat.

"Stop it!" Havi shouted out, not wanting to continue such a pointless fight. He knew his body was teeming with psychic power he had little control over, It was simply out of his control, and everything he did was instinctual as he went with the flow.

The Cradilly didn't seemed inclined to stop further enraged, in fact, he picked up speed, putting more force behind his blows, feuled by blind rage of his fallen friends. The floor cracked under the pressure as Havi continued to back up and evade. Something was happening inside, but what? It felt as if water streamed the his body, like a breeze passing through him with mounting pressure, and collecting once more at the center of his forehead. He opened his mouth to call out a warning but it was too late. Energy formed there, growing brighter and brighter, not allowing him to shut his mouth. He didn’t want to but was helpless to stop it. When enough had built up, it shot forward in it’s brutal fury. Surging, the purple glowing power collided and slammed into the green Pokemon with a sickening thud, sending it tumbling backwards and skidding along the floor. The blast continued like an inferno hell sent, ploughing the Cradilly into the tent side, before burning through it, and leaving the Pokemon in a crumpled heap outside.

“I don’t want to do this anymore, stop, please.” Havi’s new form was like a toddler being given a nuke button and just like that he was pressing it without knowing it.

The chatot flew up while Havi was disorientated by what he’d done his mind was a small mess and even his psychic ability wavered losing concentration. The Chatot was about to blindside him as he made a nose dive, but at that moment a blast quickly happened behind him. The Chatot bounced along the ground, then sat up a little stunned, shaking his head. The restless furor burned inside and squawked aggressively at the Dragonair “Why?” The blue pokemon had in fact covered Havi using dragon breath.

The dragon turned to Havi ignoring the Chatot. “Go... Now! Before you hurt them seriously or they hurt you. This is your only chance.” Finally the Dragonair having conjured a backbone stood up for the right thing. Being a pacifist the creature would rather see no one hurt, but it had placed him in an awkward situation too.

Silence filled the Pokemon tent, those who didn't participate in the fight were left with uncertainty regarding what to do. Havi was just as confused, not knowing how this had all happened. Panicked he looked around panting as anxiety took him seeing the carnage. Glancing at the Pokemon he'd knocked out, then to those along the edge of the tent, he watched some of those who saw him taking a few steps back. Shaking his head, taking another shuddering breath, he turned and ran.

And then ran some more until he could not hear the cries.


Amber exhaled slowly from her nose, ignoring the feel of sweat that teased along her forehead. It was only a flawless performance due to how hard she'd had to work to make it that way... and from the level of applause, whistles, and shouts, she'd succeeded. Giving a grin and a slow turn as she waved to everyone in the tent, an obscure feeling of fear and confusion struck her as hard as a fever. Her eyes rolled and she almost faltered but years of training and practice kept her smile unchanged and her balance still.

It wasn't hers, that much she knew. Had something happened to Havi? Where?

Giving a curt bow and a final wave, she walked out of the ring. Her strides were longer than usual, perhaps even faster, but she walked nonetheless. Where had Havi told her he was going? The Pokemon Care tent, right?

She worked her way around and through the crowd, giving smiles to those who recognized her from her act but murmuring polite apologizes when they tried to detain her. She didn't remember what she told them but most of them gave a smile and a nod and let her head on her way so it didn't matter. Once the crowd thinned she realized she was running, her performance slippers slapping on the hay and dirt beneath her feet.

When she finally made it to the Pokemon Care tent she threw back the tent flaps and ran inside. She saw the Machamp first, still slumped over, then a Hitmonlee who was slowly staggering to his feet, the hole in the tent, then the prone form of the Cradilly. The other Pokemon froze when she'd entered, but she didn't care about them.

Her eyes glanced over the Pokemon but she didn't see Havi anywhere. However, she did spot Chatot among the crowd. Out of all the Pokemon at the circus, he was the only one who could communicate to humans and potentially tell her what happened.

"Chatot!" Amber moved towards the bird, watching him tilt his head to look up at her from the ground. "Where is Havi? What happened here?"

Chatot lifted his left wing, preening along the top of it, using the moment to think. After what had been done to his friends, he felt he would be justified to spread a few key truths and plant some well placed lies.

"Havi went craaaazy, Squaaaawk! Out of control! Squaaaawk" the Chatot finally said, giving a flap of its wings that lifted it a few inches before settling back on the ground. "Tried to speak to him." The bird gave a shudder that caused his feathers to fluff out. "Said you were his mate. We told him no, but he said we couldn't stop him,. That he'd take you by force. He’s maddened with love, changed. He said he’ll make you see after he’s... taken you." Chatot's eyes became wider, as if with fear. "We tried to stop him, but he attacked!"

"That's a lie!" Amber fought the urge to kneel down and strangle the bundle of feathers before her. Havi had changed, and so had the way he engaged her earlier with that sexual comment. Could have changed this much?

"Where is Havi?"

Chatot gave an indignant snort. "No lie." He made a sweeping gesture with his wing. "Look! See what he did?"

Amber couldn't help but check the bruised forms of the Pokemon one more time but she quickly turned back to the Chatot, shouting, "Shut your beak! If you keep lying I'll tape it shut!" Havi might have changed as an Espeon, but he hadn't changed that much! Since he’d evolved it had felt a little different. She knew it had, and now she was at a loss. There was no way he could be this brutal! Not her sweet, gentle Havi...

But maybe what Havi has become may have? No I can’t think this, he can’t.

The Chatot lifted his beak in the air, turning his back to her to walk towards the still struggling Hitmonlee. "You're blind," he huffed. "Just because he's your Pokemon. Let him come to you, see what a monster he's become." He gave a few flaps, flying to land amongst one of the rafters. "We have no idea where the bastard went..." He turned to peer down at her, spreading his wings and shaking them, giving a hiss. "He will take you whether you're willing or not, whether you believe me or not. You’ll be sorry when you’re lying in a mess after he’s violated you." Pulling his wings in, he gave two quick flaps before closing them. "Leave us now! This is your fault as much as his!"

She was tempted to grab something and throw it at him but she decided it wouldn't be worth the trouble of dealing with the ringmaster later. Turning to leave, she tried to ignore the whispered voices within the back of her mind. The ones that reminded her of how she spoiled him, how she had never had been strict with him. If he had changed then it was her fault.

"No!" she whispered sharply to herself, narrowing her eyes as she looked for some sign of Havi. Her Havi wasn't like what the Chatot claimed!

He can’t be...

She would find out the truth of what happened as soon as Havi returned home, back to her. Where he belonged.


Washing the paint from her face, she watched the colors run down her body then swirl into a mix of blues and grays, vanishing down the drain. Shaking her strawberry red long hair, making sure the suds were out, she turned the tap off, wringing her hair and listening as the water hit against the bottom of the tub. Reaching out from behind the curtain, her fingers caught the familiar cloth of her towel. Yanking it towards her, it slipped off the hook on the wall and she wrapped it around herself before stepping out of the tub.

While drying off her hair, she could hear the faint rumble indicating a thunderstorm outside. The sound of rain, previously covered by the shower, pelted lightly against the window and roof, making a metallic plinking sounds.

Using another towel to dry her hair, she felt a disturbing sense of unease. Havi hadn't come back yet and it was getting harder to distract herself from the Chatot's words. As much as she didn't want to believe them, she'd heard rumors of Pokemon whose personality had changed after evolution. She hadn't noticed anything negative immediately... but maybe it was something he'd hidden from her? Or something so gradual she hadn't noticed?

Exhaustion so heavy it weighed down her body, she exited the bathroom into her living room/bedroom area. Tucking her towel so it wouldn't fall, she adjusted the chair, converting it into her bed for the night. Whatever the weather might feel like outside, her small home was warm and gave her no urging to change to heavier clothing. Mixed with the lack of energy she was feeling, Amber just moved to rest on her bed, curling her body close, trying to recapture the feel of heat that Havi's body would have otherwise provided.

Shutting her eyes tightly, her mind raced and raced, trying to reach a goal it had no actual desire to get to till it wore itself out and passed into the realm of uneasy dreams.

Amber finally had found a retreat, if not for the moment.


I’ve been here before...

The sun had set to the western horizon, leaving the softest touches of orange that illuminated across the skies to the furthest distances. It was nothing more than an afterglow that remained, but slowly even it was being drowned by the darkness as gradually, nightfall claimed its safe keep over the day. Deep in the depths of the bracken, twigs snapped with shifting hues of movement. Pacing, a slender shadowed outline swiftly moved with intricate footwork, which were adorned by the tender gazes of bare paws along the ground. Dark evergreen trees climbed high into the sky like godly giants of old, from fantasy stories laurel would read her sometimes at bedtime as a child. Her figure blurred, whilst the few wild flowers shun in their vibrant colours within the low lighting. Forthwith she sped along, until, with a great bound, she ascended up, over the log. It was as if the hands of time had slowed that instance as her glossy form shimmered briefly. Every strand of her silken fur glistened before she found her feet once more earthed to continue onwards.

Finally slowing, she came to the wide green opening, and eventually halted.

Beautiful came the first thought to embrace her mind as she inhaled the welcome fragrance of rose laced blooms. A sight speechless, surrounded her. Adrift, rose petals floated in the air to the hundreds, from the heat they were given rise, swarming around her to a beauty anew. Savouring for a moment, she cherished the familiar scent that engulfed her in a special awe of its own. These late evening digressions to the riverside were strong enough in the courtesy displayed, but still mild with the peace given to lose herself within.

I know this place.


I’m... dreaming? I haven’t visited this here since...

Amber use to frequent this area a lot, it was a safe place, or that much she knew. Here, she wasn’t Amber, or even a human. If Amber wasn’t born a human then she would’ve been born an Absol she guessed. She had come across a travelling indigenous man, of some tribe or something that was nearby once. He’d spoken to her about how he sees life and how we all have our pokemon spirit forms that reside within us. She couldn’t say she believed him, but somehow she felt this is what she’d be, as there was no other logic why she would always be this particular species.

The sounds of splashing water filled her ears, as the river before her waved and rushed gently by, leaving a faint lustre of the crescent moon to shine upon its waves. Breaking her gaze away from the river, she looked up high into the starry sky, awash with glitters and pale moonlight. Its serene twilight matched only by the sweet summer breeze that shed relief by combing through the whites of her fur.

Pride was something she held to a rapture over this terrain, knowing these few acres of land divided by the river belonged to her and her alone. She’d protected it to the best of her capacity for the many years that came and went before Havi. Looking around she thought it’d been far too long since she’d seen this place, and indulged in the euphoria that came. She could feel the nostalgia as she twisted joyfully, bouncing and pouncing out to swat at the petals carried aloft in the warm air.

Suddenly, she stopped as if she was an antiquity of time, and frozen in her tracks she took another whiff, picking up an unfamiliar odour. The fur at the back of her neck prickled up, causing the sensations cast by the tranquillity and peace found within to be disillusioned. Slowly creeping across her face was an expression unbecoming of a creature from such a gentle species. Gentle was something far from plausible in trialling times like these, as she was constantly tested under the hardships of fending off male threats.

This dream use to be a recurring one, even Amber couldn’t tell why it was males that were the threat, something which she couldn’t figure out. As she took a further whiff, her snarl came and birthed her aggression bringing a rage like a wildfire within her. There was no way of telling of whom this scent belonged to, however one thing she was clearly certain of, it was indeed a trespasser. Her eyes widened, and her scope of vision narrowed with focus. All her senses sharpened becoming further attuned with an instinctual territorial nature. The Absol’s hind legs shot into the dirt, propelling her body to accelerate towards the intruder that would be.

The tree’s became a blur, her body arched and intertwined with great bursts, as her lithe form parried of thick tree trunks, branches, and sprung of the rocks. Her powerful legs drove her with great strides along the soft textures of the grass, quickly lessening the gap. With a final vigorous leap she rocketed up a large grey boulder and took her place to sit with an ever watchful gaze. She squinted with a frown of annoyance as she shot a venomous stare into the density of the greens that veiled her sight from her what would be her potential adversary. There like a guardian she remained silent, waiting.

From out of the depths, and rustling in the thickets came sounds causing her ears to twitch. “Show yourself!” She shouted out, but nothing.... “ I know you’re there, you can hide from my sight, but not from my nose.”

Soft glowing eyes were visible against the dark surroundings. The bushes swaggered as if to their own flamenco to an unheard music before they parted to a male creature. The pokemon made it’s way through gingerly while a thought traced her mind.

Its interesting features were striking and not of the norm, slightly more muscular than that of his species. She was lost a moment, as she scanned his toned lavender body opposed to the skinny usual type she knew of his species. His eyes were almost white, but hinted with a pink which sparkled amidst the descending twilight. He was definitely a creature of very unique and rather handsome features. Despite this, even though she may have noted his alluring appearance, it did not wane the detest she held for any males breaching the sanctity of her space.

Havi? No, then who? I can’t remember. You look like Havi but you’re not, I don’t know how I know but I do. Still, I know you but from where?

“Who are you and why are you here?” she cried out.

He spoke out gently to her mind, just as Havi would. “You seem a little upset, but I didn’t mean to offend you. Although I wouldn’t have assumed I’d meet an Absol around here. Hmm might I say that you’re definitely a pretty one at that.”

What kind of answer was that she thought, a little stunned at his audacity. “What?” She paused to further display her discontent for him by hissing loudly. “Males, you’re all the same. Don’t you know this is my territory, can’t you smell the markers, or has your stupidity left you half witted?” Amber was definitely far more aggressive here with animalistic instinct as would be most territorial creatures.

The Espeon seemed to be at some loss, he didn’t know what he could have done to have her so riled up in this manner. “I mean no offence and wish to merely pass through, you’ll get no trouble out of me, nope not even a peep.” He gave a gentlemanly inclination of the head and turned from her.

“Stop! No males enter here and leave unscathed, no one can pass through here, that’s what they all want to do.” The Absol’s disdain for him quickly took rise like molten lava ready to erupt.

The Espeon halted his retreat, giving a sigh, the cool headed creature glanced back. “How about you let this one go right on by, alright cutie or maybe even stay?” He asked with his most charming voice, but in vain efforts to sway her. “There’s a lot room for me, look around? There’s such an emptiness here. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Its easier said than done, you trespassed and now you’re going to pay for your mistake, I despise you all. You think you can just prance into here, and hope that I’m fickle enough to buy some lame story.”

“Wow calm down, I mean I’m no threat, I promise I’ll just head on my way. I have no interest in your land, I swear! Well only if you wanted me to stay that is. Anyway, what have you got against males?” He turned to face her swishing his tail behind him. “Besides you really don’t look cute all puffy cheeked huffing and all. I mean you’ll look stunning if you smiled though?” The Espeon gave a nervous smile to break the tension, but it wasn’t working.

Without further hesitation from the Absol, she launched into a full on assault. Snarling, she opened her maw as enormous swirls of darkening purple flames began to manifest within it. Her head suddenly recoiled forcefully like a revolver being fired. The attack horrifically raged from her mouth towards him. The agile form of the Espeon shifted fast on his keen reflexes, but still, it was only just about to avoid her. Somehow he managed to launch himself to safety, however her onslaught was not to bow down or waiver to him. Once more she fired, from her perch on the boulder and her aim was deadly accurate this time.

A loud explosion around him kicked up the dirt creating a blanket of dust around him.

“You shouldn’t have come.” she said. Surprisingly, as the dust settled, a purple sphere glowed around him having taken the brunt of her assault. “How is this possible?” Amber quipped knowing she’d never been challenged here, then why now? This was her world.

“But I have come and you’re the one who brought me here. You invited me in.”

“I never did... Lies.” A trails of purple mist appeared as if by magic he vanished. She looked around seeing no traces of him assuming she’d drove him away. “And stay out!” she yelled. But it was then she felt her body roll back forcefully and onto the flat of her back on top of the boulder she mounted. All four of her legs were splayed leaving her vulnerable. Strange pink pink ribbons tied her down in placed, seemingly made of energy, transparent and glowing. She couldn’t break free, jerking her head back and forth.

“Let me go!” There were no replies, and like some phantom he reappeared in front of her, accidentally nicking her rear quarter with his claw. “Owie...” A mild pain shot through, eliciting a shameful hint of excitement from the abstract sensation, leaving her to flush heavily. For a moment she did think to desire more closure between them and maybe sensually with the locking of lips before some sense of dignity caught her. Amber stitched her thoughts back together before they unwound and something else came of them.

“Sorry about that didn’t mean to err. And no, I won’t because you’ll attack me for one, and two you want this, so let me stay,” he said, as she growled back at him. “This place shouldn’t be just yours anymore. It’s really beautiful, ” He stepped over her body towering over her.

“I don’t want you to. I just can’t have anyone else here anymore, because...”

“You’re afraid they’ll hurt you? Is that what it is?”

“Yes.” She said defeated.

“Let me show you I won’t.” Her heart was being tugged in his direction, and she couldn’t understand why. Her body was becoming aroused even if she wanted it to stop. “Every part of you is screaming for me to stay, the only thing that’s stopping you from accepting is your fear. I won’t be a burden like I said. Do you know that you protect this land very bravely? It’s admirable, but do you know why you protect this land? Do you even know the name of this land you’ve spent years protecting?”

“Don’t,” she cried feeling his body brushing against hers as he lowered, licking his tongue along her cheek. She couldn’t help the tears from flooding her face now as her emotions broke away. She had a feeling she knew the name but refused it for what it was.

“This land should be shared, it’s beautiful and as beautiful as you are, it’s called heart. Your body and heart are willing but it’s your mind that’s the problem. Would you like me to tell you my name?”

“Stop it, I told you no, and I don’t care what signals my body is sending you, I said no, no, no.” She looked down seeing the pinks of his instrument unsheathing and the pinks of her own wetted. As she eyed the monstrous thing, it only terrified her, blades jutted like knives. It wasn’t a sexual organ like anything she knew, more like something designed to mince meat and nearing her delicate area, it seemed barbaric. “It’ll kill me,” she screamed squirming trying to break away again.

“I won’t hurt you, and it won’t kill you. It’s only your mind telling you I’ll hurt you. I’m always a risk, and you’re right there. My name is Love, it’s your mind that makes me what it is, and I have entered this land, I think I’ll stay. Don’t fight me, accept me as it will only hurt more should I leave.” He gave the most loving smile as if he spoke the truth but she couldn’t accept it, she wouldn’t, she refused. She began feeling helpless thrashing against her bonds, but still there was no escape. It’s blades began rotating around his long shaft, protruding menacingly from between his legs as a hum filled her ears. Panic began to edge into her, it was no instrument of love but a tool to mutilate her.

“This is rape, and you’ll kill me!” Amber screamed as her heart sped faster. “Leave me alone, get out...”

“Like I said before, It’s your mind that makes it a threat, it won’t hurt if you accept me, after all, I’m only love.”

“Stop!” she screamed with all her might, squirming and trying to clamp her thighs together to protect her intimate area from being violently torn apart.


Havi gave a shake, droplets of rain scattering from his fur as he stood under the canopy of their home, waiting to dry off enough to go inside. For the most part, he'd spent the day hiding in the hay car, buried so deeply under it that not even a strand of violet hair showed. Between sleeping and fretting, he'd decided to come home, to explain to Amber what happened before one of the other humans did. Once he did, he was sure she would understand.

Giving another shake then turning to lick a particularly wet spot behind his right shoulder, he considered the emotions he'd been feeling from her most of the day. He'd felt badly that he'd distressed her or so he concluded from the fear and confusion he felt drifting in and out of his mind like sunlight on a cloudy day. Invariably, he needed the time to gather his thoughts and try to figure out the best way to present things to her. Now that he had time to relax and examine his actions, he really didn't think he was in the wrong, especially since none of it had been intentional and he'd only been really trying to evade getting hurt.

Deeming his fur sufficiently dry, albeit a tad damp, he used a paw to pry at a dent between the door and wall. His claws caught and by concentrating, he was able to pull the door open enough to stick his face around it and nudge it enough to get his full body inside. Slipping in before it could shut on his forked tail, the door made a soft thud as it closed but Amber didn't come to greet him as she normally did.

Lifting his ears, he heard the faint sound of her heart. Reaching out with his mind, he felt her inside their home, either meditating or sleeping.

Smiling, happy that he might be able to put off his explanations for a day, he moved towards their shared bed. With a delicate jump, he made sure not to disturb her, walking around her limbs as opposed to on top of her. The bed was small, however, and he had to put his legs on opposite sides of her accomplish such a thing, leaving him straddling, without touching her.

Watching her, he felt a sudden peace that had eluded him for most of the day. The way her chest rose and fell as she slept, the way her lips were parted to let out soft breaths... it made heat run through him that removed the chill off his damp fur.

Without thinking about it, he lowered his muzzle to grace her cheek with a small lick as he’d always done if he’d awaken during the night. At that moment, however, Amber's head rolled to the side, his tongue grazing her lips instead and dipping into her mouth slightly.

The foreign sensation caused Amber's eyes to widen, her body jolting and forcing her to half rise as her befuddled mind tried to grasp at conscious thought. Disjointed words from the Chatot mingled with her half dreams/half nightmares from just moments ago merged into a more forceful reality when she saw how he was standing over her, dominating, just like Chatot said and almost in the same position the Espeon from her dream had been. The fact that the nightmare had been with the vision of Havi’s stronger form raping her only blurred the lines between rational thoughts and reality.

"What are you doing?" her voice rose without her intention, her hand moving to push him off even as she pushed backwards. "I didn't want to believe it, but it's true, isn't it?"

Havi backed off, evading her push and crouching, ears lowered and his twin tails tucking as he perched at the end of ts become.he bed. Had someone already spoken to her? "Listen to me, Amber," he lifted his head, one ear hesitantly raising. "Calm down, I'll explain."

Clinging to her towel, making sure it hadn't shifted off or been pulled off, she kept her body protected from his sight. His ear lowered again, noticing the gesture for what it was, but not understanding why she'd be fearful of him. “I’ll scream if you try anything I’ll... I...” she became quite breathing heavily.

"I wanted to show you that I loved you," he whispered, his voice brushing against her mind like Daisy petals.

"Chatot was right!" She shook her head, touching a hand to her throat as she felt a nasty taste forming in her mouth. "I told him he was a liar... but he was telling the truth!"


"No!" She turned her gaze on him, watching him flinch. "You tried to take advantage of me! You hurt those poor Pokemon! My Havi would never do such a thing!" Her words caught on the end, a choking sob she couldn't stop. "My Havi was a gentle creature... Never hurt a single soul." Her voice sharpened suddenly, almost a shriek. "I don't know who you are any more, but you're not my Havi!"

"Listen, Amber..." He took a step forward. "I can exp-"

She cut him short, not wanting to listen to any lies he might make. "Get out." Her voice shook but then became firmer as she repeated. "Get out. I don't want to see you ever again. I don't want you near me. Just..." she turned her head to look away. "Just go, or I’ll scream if you try take me by force."

He wanted to stay, to explain, but her fear spiked as he took another step forward. Feeling as though claws had ripped through his body and were squeezing, he moved back.

"I should have let them beat me," he whispered, shaking his head before casting one last glance at her. "Rather than have you look at me like this..."

Before Amber could say anything to hurt him further, he jumped off the bed and pushed the door open, racing out into the night as a hard wind slammed the door behind him.

Amber lowered her head sobbing.

The heat of the moment began to cool and her mind cleared a little from being awoken in shock. "Oh God. . . . . What have I done? Havi?" Tears trickled from her cheeks wetting her bed sheets. “C.. come back...”


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Chapter End Notes:

End Notes- Things are getting more complicated by the moment it seems. Poor Havi :(

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    Reviewer: ashoka
    Date:Apr 19 2017 Chapter:Where art thou

    Whoa hmm this is quite a rollercoaster of emotions here with all the things taking hold in this chapter. Now I kinda wish Havi hadn't destroyed them but they had it coming. Still with all that's happened and Amber being in the state of confused love and denial she acted on instinct leading to the next question. What will become of them?

    The battle scene was well done and quite adrenaline pumped and never having battled, it seemed he lashed out and didn't know the extent of his abilities. 


    I just hope hope things work out. What a doozy of a situation. Minor editing needed in the fight scene though as some grammaticals occurred. Apart from that this was a great read.

    Author's Response:

    I do wish to create some sustinance, and an almost tangable quality to what I write. Emotions, feelings and sentiments are very important for me to focus on, as it's those which bring my character to life. I'm not perfect but I try ^_^