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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 2 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Book 2 of Bangam Academy starts off some time after the end of the first. Ruby is invited out to Ace the Victini's house warming party. Ace went from rags to riches and he wants Ruby to know all about it as he shows off to her how good has got it. But Ace did not bring Ruby solely there just to gloat about his new life. Why is Ruby truly here and how will this affect her going forward...?

Ace the Victini

Chapter 1

Ace the Victini


Ruby didn’t know if she was doing the right thing, she was sure that she was in good paws by going to see her former brother in arms, Ace the Victini. Ace had invited her out to his apartment building for his house warming party and he had invited her out for an audience as he had a proposal for her. Ruby and Ace went way back to the day of Arceus, fighting together during the last great war together against the forces of Giratina and the other dark dragons. Both Pokémon were there when they returned the ghost dragon to his realm and together used their combined powers to once and for all destroy the gateway between worlds and prevent the spread of Giritina’s dark influence from corrupting the minds and hearts of Pokémon everywhere. Ace had been the one who discovered that Arceus was dying and it was him who suggested that they removed their lord’s elemental plates as a means of keeping him safe. Ace was the last to see Arceus as he sealed the world from their lord’s grand throne high in the sky and it was him to told everyone that Arceus was no more. Ruby remembered feeling lost and confused, like a puppy who lost her mother and was forced to survive on her own. Arceus had been everything to Ruby and the others, his death was one that had hit the Pokémon world greatly and his lack of leadership and insight was being greatly missed.


After Arceus’s death Ruby and the other Generals of left to go their separate ways. Destiny the Celebi returned to Mystic Forest where she went to study on her own. No one has seen her since she returned home, and Ruby didn’t care very much to go track her down. Neoral the Jirachi had become a fortune teller and cum collector. Ruby never approved of his job choice and it broke her heart to see the Jirachi pulling tricks and cocks as a means of survival. Neoral held nearly the power of the cosmos in his hands and it pained her to see that he felt the best way to use it was staying on an island with lots of young Pokémon, playing tricks on them and steal their money. She hoped that with a bit of work she could help him see that he can do more with himself. At least he would be able to do that, if he at least tried to apply his mind and skills to something more than getting cummed all over.

Meadow the Shaymin was at least someone that Ruby respected a lot, she was smart, talented and didn’t end up becoming something that Ruby had little respect for. She was a sex addicted, but then again, she was also the Pokémon of fertility. Meadow was taking care of Ruby’s oldest daughter Angelblade and was doing a better job at it than Ruby thought that she could do. If Meadow ever settled down to have a family Ruby believed that she would do a good job at it. Granted that was only if the Shaymin could stop entering Rattata Blowing contest. Ruby cannot stop Meadow from bragging about the 87 and a half rodent dicks she had sucked on to win a major contest against several over females who thought they were hot stuff. Aqua the Manaphy was a lot like Destiny, after Arceus had left them she ended up leaving everyone and heading back to her home deep under the lake. And finally, there was Ace the Victini, the very Pokémon that Ruby had come here to see today.


Ace one of the major players in their region, he owned several of the large buildings in Neon Central, he owned the fighting arena, the casino and even owned several of the bars and booking shops that were connected to the arena. Ace had started off as one of the generals but after Arceus’s fall the Victini fell on hard times, he had a gambling problem and racked up a major debt that almost seemed impossible to pay off. Ruby heard from him that he had to do a lot of sexual favors and unpleasant activities as a means of paying off his debt. Ruby and Meadow had gone to see him after he had hit rock bottom and from what they saw Ace looked like had had run out of good luck. He was in an Monster House getting passed around by some of its residents, the Victini looked like he had been beaten up, and used for sexual pleasure multicable times before finally being given a break. Ruby wanted to take him home but the Victini refused saying that he will find a way out of this mess even if it killed him. That was the last time Ruby had seen Ace for a good while. Now several years later she was being invited out to the Victini's penthouse suite where he was hosting a house warming party.


Ruby was sitting in Ace's living room; the Mew was in her Ninetales form as usual. Sitting beside her was a Buneary girl wearing a cute red skirt with the back cut out. The bunny girl had been assigned to cater to Ruby and do whatever it took to make her as comfortable as possible. Ace hadn’t come out yet to greet his guest and Ruby was beginning to feel uncomfortable sitting around waiting for him to appear. She did not like large crowds which was the opposite of what Ace was about as the entire living room was packed with lots of different Pokémon of various sizes and shapes inside of it. Ruby tried to look around the room to see what she could notice, but it was very hard to do as Ruby wasn't about to make out much of anything and the things she could see were dark and hard to see.


"Ruby." The Buneary girl said and Ruby looked at her. Ruby had to admit, she was adorable. The bunny girl's big eyes seemed to captivate the Ninetales, while her big smile made the Ninetales murr happily. She didn't wear a top (which she didn't need until she evolved), and only wore a cute skirt for looks alone. Ruby didn't ask what her name was and the bunny girl didn't offer it.


"Yes?" Ruby asked and the bunny holds onto Ruby's right paw with both of hers'. The Buneary got out of the chair that she was sitting on and begins walking Ruby over to the stairs and takes her upstairs. Once there they pass by a few wayward Pokémon that were making out upstairs and finally takes Ruby over to a door that was off the beaten path. "Hey where are we going?"


"Ace will see you now." Buneary said. Ruby wondered how she knew that Ace was ready for her when he didn't send a message to either of them. She wanted to know what Ace was up to and if there was a need to be worried.


"How did you know he was ready to see me?" Ruby asked.


"Ace communicates with all of his girls by using his psychic powers." The Buneary girl opens the door and allowed Ruby to walk inside. Walking in the Ninetales looked around and saw that Ace loved to use warm colors to decorate his place. The wall was painted in sunset red with gold trimmings were used every so often to help brighten up the room. Ruby smelled spices and she could pick up the scent of freshly cooked food. The smell of freshly cooked meats, berries and pies greeted Ruby and she was taken back as she found several Buneary girls greeting the Ninetales at a large table. Sitting at the other end of it was Ace who was already digging into some of the food that had been laid out dinner.


"Master Ace, our honored guest has arrived." The Buneary girl who had escorted Ruby around said and Ace stopped eating and looks at the girls with his cheeks full of food. One of the Bunearys that were tending to Ace wiped his face clean with a napkin.


"Ruby, so nice of you to accept my invitation. You honor me greatly and for that...I tip my head to you." Ace said as he bowed his head and waves his hands. "Girls please get my guests a warm towel, a plate and a soft spot to sit."


"Oh wow Ace, you do not have to do that for me. I ate before coming and I do not want to create extra work for your girls." Ruby looked at the Bunearies who all eeped and began getting to work to make Ace's wishes happen. Before long Ruby was being guided over to the table and placed on Ace's left paw side, a hot plate put in front of her and a pair of servants on each side, ready to do whatever she wanted.


"It is no issue Ruby, as you see the girls are ready to tend to your every need. After dinner, they will give you a massage and after that, they can do whatever else you may fancy." Ace grinned as one of the Buneary girls takes a seat on his lap.


"Only the best for our Ace, for he is the best." The bunny girl in his seat said with a kiss. Ruby felt uncomfortable watching them and pushed her food away. She had lost any sort of appetite she might have had. Ace noticed this and pats the bunny's rear.


"Later baby, important Pokémon are talking business." Ace said and the bunny got up and picks up his plate.


"Aww and I wanted to sit here a bit longer, maybe I would get to feel a little bit more than just your soft lap." The Buneary said. "You use to do it all the time for Cherry. Before she took that job at the café."


"Be a good girl for me Holly and I might just let you go for a ride tonight.” Ruby watched Ace kiss the bunny and she couldn’t help but give a rude cough as she was getting tired of watching the Victini goof off in front of her. The rodent laughed and helps Holly off his lap. “Don’t let that ass get to far away from me. Get me a cold one.”


“Aye, aye bunny king.” Holly giggled and bound away. Ace licks his chops and then looks at Ruby.


“Now that she is gone why not you come over here and keep daddy’s lap warm.” Ace murred and Ruby looked at the Victini as if he was losing his mind. Did all of that pelt up energy finally make him become stupid or did the power finally go to his head…which one remained to be found out. Ruby growled at her fellow General.


“Calm yourself down Ace, before I do it for you. And trust me when I tell you…it will not be pleasurable…at least for you.” Ruby said and Ace snickered. She noticed that Ace didn’t look scared, but instead seemed curious. Neoral had fear in his eyes when she said something like that to him, Ace on the other hand didn’t seem phased. “Don’t you want to…I don’t know…act like I just put the fear of Arceus into you?”


“Baby I am the Pokémon of Victory. I know how to win, get what I want, and look good doing it. What you think because you are Mother Blue means that I am supposed to be afraid of you. Shit I’ve been looking to dig my big cheeks into that pussy forever. Make you scream in all kinds of different ways, and then after that pop one, two, three good ones in all of those holes.” Ace holds up two fingers giving Ruby the “V” for victory sigh. He looks at his fingers and licks them. “I do not hold these up just to look good…if you know what I mean.”


“Have you always been this gross?” Ruby asked, the Ninetales looked at the door. She wondered if she could make a getaway if needed. Ace licks his fingers again.


“Ruby look this is a house warming party. I just had this apartment building finished, it took a while to have it built and even longer to get my penthouse fixed up. I want to party tonight, bust a couple of nuts, have a couple of drinks, fall in the pool, go down on a couple of bunnies, and pass out. Hopefully in a modified order that I explained but ya…that is what I want to do.” Ace gets up from his seat and walks over to Ruby and strokes her fur. Ruby tried to move away from Ace but he seemed to have a way of pulling her back in. She could hear him breathing in her scent and in the most seductive way possible licks her cheek. Ruby pushed Ace off her and got up ready to defend herself.


“That is enough Ace, you are out of line.” Ruby didn’t think she would need to change back into her Mew self, she was more than able to take him just the way she was. Plus being a Ninetales gave her access to a set of moves that could wreck the out of line psychic rodent. Ace laughed and cracks his back, the sound made Ruby shiver.


“Good grief…your acting like I am trying to rape you or something. What fun is doing that on someone who is strong as me. Why do you think I keep the bunnies around, they are sexually active all the time and dumb as a box of crackers?” Ace rubbed his hands together and Ruby saw him create a ball of energy. “Look I have a proposal, I wanted to make it after we are face deep on the other- “


“Gross!!!” Ruby was just about ready to leave, she had heard enough. “Only reason I would suck your dick is because there is no other way out of it. You sick little freak.”


Ace’s mouth hung open, he looked a little hurt but composes himself. “That was really uncalled for. What if I was going to say something else?”


“You weren’t you over hyper little rat. Hurry up and pitch your little proposal so I can decline it and get back to my daughters. I only have a day left with them.” Ruby was growing impatient.


“Daughters…?” Ace repeated but he then shakes his head and goes on. “Look I am getting into the movie business. Pokémon pay a lot of money to watch others. Psychic types like use have for years created films using our powers and recording crystals. The porn business is growing fast and I am looking to get into it.”


“What does this have to do with me Ace. You brought me here, made me watch you get a hard on for you little bunny harem, tried to seduce me and now you are asking me to partner with you in your little sex venture. Are you actually dumber than Neoral?” Ruby asked the Victini. Ace shakes his head.


“Partner with you? Are you fucking nuts? You do not know the first thing about business and how to run one. No I wanted to see if you would like to star in one of my major films. I am currently finishing the script for my first full length smut film called Poketopia. Your ability to transform would be an amazing addition to what I have in mind, all I need is for you to be yourself. Sex, strong, curious, and able to take things larger than yourself.” Ace holds up the unfinished script. Ruby wanted to rip the Victini apart, she wanted to drag him outside and drop him from the top floor and watch him fall to his death. How dare he insult her by thinking she would want to be part of anything he had in mind. And a sex movie of all things, why would she ever want to do that? She wasn’t a slut, if he wanted someone like that then he should ask Meadow. She was proud of her dick taking abilities.


“But…maybe I can have a little fun…can I see the script?” Ruby asked, the Ninetales bats her eye lashes at the Victini who blushed. He gives the Ninetales the script and Ruby used her psychic powers to hold the script up enough for her to read. She skims though a few lines and found herself becoming interested in what it had to say. The script told of a young Vulpix girl that went to the city to follow her dream of protecting others. She enlisted into the royal guard and passed the basic training with flying colors and ended up finishing second in her class. She had lost out only to a Pikachu that proved to be just a cut above her. The Vulpix was assigned to gate guard duty on the eastern side of the side of the city which just happened to be the most boring part of the city as it was peaceful and very civil. The young Vulpix asked to be reassigned to a tougher location but was declined, the captain of the guard said that she was too cute and that the Pokémon out in the east liked her to much to want to see her go. The Vulpix was ready to give up on her dream, at least until a civil disturbance started happening all over the city and the Vulpix was thrust into helping to solve the case.


“So…what do you think Ruby? The plot is there, and I intend to create a wonderful mixture of action, romance, sex, action, sex and more sex. Oh, and mystery too…that leads to sex.” Ace snickered as he took the script away from Ruby. The Ninetales looked the side, she had to admit she did like the beginning plot and she could see that there was much more to the story than what she read. But she didn’t like the idea of being controlled by Ace, nor letting him get his way. Ruby’s eyes shined orange for a moment and the script caught on fight. Ace scrambled to try to put it out.


“It was a wonderful script Ace, full of potential, and I think with some work and a bit less sex maybe…you could have a winner. But you forgot one thing dear…” Ruby walked over to the door out and turned around to face the Victini as he was staring at a pile of charred paper. “No one controls Rubyheart Bluefur Villier. I am sure that you will have no issues finding some cute little Vulpix that would like to become famous. But it will not be this…wonderful…sexy…fox in front of you.” Ruby said as she had her rear turned to Ace, tails up, legs spread and her fore body down. She grinned as she was presenting herself to Ace who yet again had dropped his jaw as he was starting straight at the Ninetale’s beautiful back side. Ruby giggled as she saw the Victini with a small boner and she winked at him. “You boys are all so easy…but at least Mama still knows she’s got it.” Ruby noticed that the Buneary girl Holly had walked back in, wet mess was around her cotton feet as she had dropped her tray of drinks. “Get a good look baby…this is what a real female looks like.”


“I want to be just like that, sexy and strong...” Ruby heard Holly mumble.


Ruby stood up and shakes herself, she believed that the Victini and his little play toy has had enough for one day. If they stared to long they might get attached to her. “Don’t worry I will let myself out, would hate for you two to lose whatever little stiffies you have.”


“Y-ya…” Ruby heard Ace say as she walks out of the room and closed the door behind her. Once out the Ninetales smirks.


“I really should come out to Ace’s parties more often. I think the crowd loves me.”

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