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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 2 by lightsoul


Royal Waking

Chapter 2


Royal Awakening



The morning after that license exam was usually filled with sore heads, sore rears and a lot of slow to wake up students and teachers. The night after the exam was always filled with celebration and good times, students and teachers like took the time to party hard and go wild. A month filled with constant studying meant that for weeks no one could let loose and be themselves, the fear of failure or not performing up to one's standards caused many to go out of their way to try harder than normal. With each passing test, it became harder and harder, with the mixture of paws on and written test being mixed around to keep students on their toes. Bangam and his professors spent the summer coming up with new versions of their test each year as a means of keeping students from just cruising through it. The test banks of the years became larger and larger and what once took a lot of time to create now took less than a day's worth of work.


Fresh off his second license exam Prince the Nidoran spent his morning feeling sore. He woke up from his slumber with a headache, the Nidoran had gone a bit wild the night before and had himself one to many. Him and his friend didn't go out to Neon Central to party but instead spent the evening in their dorm room laughing, sipping strong drinks and overeating. Wooly the Flaaffy was Prince's roommate and mentor, the pair had been assigned to one another the previous year. Wooly was good for Prince, he helped Prince to break out of his shell some and be more open. He also was the one who introduced Prince to his girlfriend Candy the Shinx, a lovely lioness that gave Wooly a cute picture of herself that Wooly showed to the Nidoran male. Prince went on a date with Candy and the pair ended up hitting it off and they have been together since. Wooly on the other paw was going out with Candy's roomie Din the Deerling, a very cute Autumn color Deerling that was Wooly's emergency date from a year ago. Wooly met her while preparing for the Winter Festival tournament and was told that if he won he could do whatever he wanted with her. Wooly was close to winning but ended up failing after he had been badly affected by Leech Seed that neither of them still knew how it got on him and ended up taking second place. Din didn't let Wooly leave empty handed and offered herself as his emergency date that he could call on when he needed it. Prince still chuckled when he thought of Wooly calling Din up the first time for a booty call and finds out that she was a date, not a quickie piece. After that Wooly had to earn Din's respect and she told him that he would have to go the rest of the school year not getting any before she would let him get any. To Prince's surprise he managed and made it through the rest of last year keeping himself in check and even got through the license exam time frame. Now all Wooly talked about was him finally having a chance to get his prize. He had dreamed of this moment and there was little that would get in his way of achieving it.


This morning Prince woke up with a big yawn, the Nidoran felt like he had fought all night, his body was worn out despite him trying to sleep, his head was throbbing and he felt wet all over. Prince wipes his eyes with his paws and felt some of the liquid get in his eyes, the Nidoran groaned as it stung a bit.


" head...what is going on? Ouch...eye eyes." Prince blinks a few times, a few tears run down his face causing his eyes to burn again. He couldn't figure out why he couldn't stop having that burning affected, it reminded him of when he sweat a lot and the sweat got into his eyes. "Wooly...Wooly you here?"


"Ya..." Prince heard the sheep baa. The Nidoran feels something rub up against his back. "You feeling alright buddy...I know things got crazy last night." Prince felt a hove rub his back and side. Looking over his shoulder the Nidoran saw the Flaaffy was holding onto him, the sheep was in the big spoon position. Prince felt his blood become cold as he had just went from feeling burned out from their last night events to becoming creeped out.


"Wooly what the fuck are you doing?" Prince asked, he tried to pull away but was held close. The Nidoran felt Wooly reach over him and pat his stomach, a small chuckle came out of his friend's throat.


"Cuddling, why?" Wooly chuckles and Prince became more creeped out.


"Why are we cuddling?" Prince gulps and he feels the sheep nip his ear and suck on it. "This is getting really gay..."


"You didn't think so last night." Wooly baas. "You loved every minute of what we did..."


"I do not remember that..." Prince felt Wooly hold onto him tightly, the sheep was now groping his crotch, Prince felt that he already had a hard on. "Wooly...."


"Yes..." The sheep snickered


"Are we playing gay chicken?" Prince asked as he was ready to give up. Wooly and him sometimes enjoyed seeing just how dirty they could go. Although sometimes Prince thought that Wooly would go all the way to sticking it into him just to win. The sheep didn't stop groping him and was starting to stroke him off.


"I'm not playing, it’s a bit boring this morning anyway and after seeing you glazed over last night, I want to get a little some this morning." Prince heard Wooly say and the Nidoran gripped the ground and pulled himself free. Wooly seemed a bit disappointed, but Prince did not care.


"What do you mean I was glazed over?"


"Well you passed out first, and after that me, Flower and Coco decided to bust a good one all over you." Wooly admitted in the calmest of voices that Prince ever heard. The Nidoran didn't know what to say, he knew that if you went out first that it was free game to do whatever. Prince couldn't begin to count the times that Coco their Eevee roommate passed out first and they ended up doing some fun things to. Dipping his paws in warm water so he wet himself, clipping his fur short, sticking things up his little tail hole, and even one time milking him and then feeding him back his "milk" the next day with his breakfast. Thinking about the things that they did to Coco made Prince question his former actions. Damn he needed to pick it up, the stuff that he did to Coco was milk compared what happened to him today.


"You guy suck. Did you really nut all over me?" Prince asked his roomie.


"I suggested we just pour salt water all over you, but Coco got a little too happy and let loose. Little guy must have had a bit of pelt up emotions, he was cursing, calling you names and telling you that you were hit bitch now. Guess he found out that it was you who made him that special breakfast that one time." Wooly got off their bed and pushed his hay pile back to where it belonged. He stretched his body and Prince saw the Flaaffy's long rod bounce slightly. He had forgotten what they were doing just a few moments ago.


"Least I know why I taste all salty this morning, was it all just from Coco?" Prince had to admit, Coco could let loose when he wanted. The little vee had a big pair swinging back there.


"Mainly him, Flower added to it. I didn't want him to, since that Stunky can get too excited." Wooly said as Prince walked to the door leading into the main part of the dorm room. There was a small bath in the corner for washing up. Pokemon were not self-conscience and didn't mind washing or doing certain things in front of others. Prince slides into the water and feels the coolness of the small bath overtake him. He waddled around in the water for a bit before stopping.


"For someone named Flower, he doesn't smell like it." Prince said adding to the conversation. Their roommates were Coco the Eevee and Flower the Stunky, both of which lived in the adjacent room to them. The four Pokemon used the main room of the dorm as their meeting ground which had a small poke kitchen, a pool for washing and a spot for them to go to relieve themselves in. In the middle of the room was a bunch of soft cushions for sitting, small table for putting things like food and books on and a small fire pit for warmth and cooking. The kitchen had a storage facility for keeping food fresh as possible and was useful when the Great Hall was full or the Pokemon wanted to make something of their own. Bangam had the school designed so Pokemon learned to live on their own both inside the classroom and outside of it.


"He is a skunk what do you expect. Now wash up, I need your help cooking up a stew for the girls." Wooly said heading over to the kitchen. Prince watched the sheep pull out a bit pot and filled it with water that was inside of the storage. Prince felt his hard on go away and with a big sigh got out of the water and used a cloth to help dry himself. Quad pad Pokemon found various ways of being able to do things that Bipads could.


"Wow and here I thought you wanted to do me." Prince cheekly said. Wooly had a standing arrangement with his girlfriend Din the Deerling. She made him have to go half of the year not having sex with any girls, including herself. Wooly accepted the challenge, in exchange if he could pull it off then he not only proved to her that he was dedicated to making their relationship work, but that when he finished it she would let him have his way with her whenever he wanted. Wooly did not make it out of the first month before he was literally going though withdraws from not having sex. When the sheep was at his worst he talked Prince into having sex with him, in exchange the sheep would owe him a big favor down the line. It was painful at first and Prince didn't want to do it anymore, but when he found that Wooly would nearly do anything for him the Nidoran figured that he could have a sore rump that night and get free whatever he wanted the next day.


"Oh that is for later. I was a little pooped anyway from railing you last night." Wooly said as he starts chopping a onion up. Prince groaned.


"Seriously? At least do it when I can remember it."


"Not my fault, remember our deal. At night that rear is mine to use as I see fit, and during the day I'm all yours." Wooly puts the onion pieces into the pot and began cutting green peppers into small bits and drops them in. "Besides, if we are both lucky...then after this picnic today we might get lucky. That or I find your sis and talk her into spending some time with me."


"Leave Princess out of it." Prince hated it when Wooly talked about his sister that way. He heads over to the front door. "I need to go see Candy."


"No can do my sweet salty friend." Wooly snickered. "The girls are bound to still be sleep, they came over last night looking a little tippy. Oh, and you should have seen the blush on Candy's face when she got a good look at your little Eevee cum drenched pecker."


"Say what?" Prince tripped over himself and falls onto his nose.


"Oh, ya she came over yesterday after Coco had his fun glazing you over. She saw me railing into that tight cute tail hole of yours and she couldn't stop laughing. Granted she looked like-" Prince stopped listening to Wooly as he couldn't think of anything but finding Candy and telling her what had happened. Granted he barely could remember it himself but he could think of something, anything to save himself from letting his girlfriend know that it wasn't what it seemed. How could Wooly fuck him over like this? Why was Candy over here last night, how much did she see? Prince had to know, he couldn't bare the thought that Candy thought that he didn't like her. He had to let her know that he tapped pussy and didn't take dicks...well it’s hard to argue that if Candy had seen him getting railed by Wooly.


"Wooly I'll be right back!" Prince took off down the hallway towards the girl's dorm rooms. The sound of Wooly calling from behind just reached him as he was turning the corner.


"Prince why are you going over there, didn't you hear what I said?"


"You’re a asshole Wooly!" Prince stopped to yell and then took off again, he had to set things straight with Candy.



Ribbon was on mail delivery duty today, it was not a fun job but she was fast and very good at sorting everything where it needed to go for delivery. All first years were given various task around the dorms that had to be handled daily. Ribbon was the most effective Pokemon at handling the mail room and as such she was usually tasked with maintaining it. Ribbon was given two others to work under her and she picked of course Amber and a Piplup by the name of La ‘Maria to assist her. Darious had wanted the job but his rivalry with Amber made it hard for the two to work together and instead the Rockruff had been given the job of security. He was very good at it and since Darious had been put on the patrol team there have been fewer vandalism incidents happening around Woods's Den.


Bangam Academy's four dens were named after the environment, Woods, Lava, Open Ocean, and Desert. And each Den was founded by a family that represented that power of that Den. Woods's Den was founded by a Venasaur named Vincent Julius Cheater the 2nd and now his grandson Shawn Cheater was attending the school as the 3rd generation of Cheaters to do so. Ribbon only knew this because it was part of the lore of her Den that she was required to learn. And there was a series of portraits on the wall near the entrance to the dorms to remind them. All the way from the first generation of Cheaters with Vincent Julius Cheater the 2nd, then his son and current owner and C.E.O of Love Vine Vincent Julius Cheater the 3rd, then came the last Cheater to graduate from Bangam Academy, Vincent Julius Cheater the 4th who when he left the school was still a Ivysaur and finally the picture frame that hung next to "Vince" Cheater's picture was a spot reserved for Shawn Cheater, should he graduate. Ribbon saw him around the Den from time to time. He was a big talker who sometimes needed to learn that shutting up was a good thing.


Ribbon and Amber finished sorting the last of the mail and started putting it away into the mail bin that they were going to use to deliver it. Amber threw a package into the bin and then nuzzled Ribbon.


"What is that for?" Ribbon asked as she nuzzled her back. Amber was a very loving Eevee, she always tried to do her best to show Ribbon how much she loved her and despite how much Ribbon did not want to mix friendship with love, she was slowly winning her over into believing that they could be something more.


"I wanted to say sorry for the other night, I kind of lost myself for a moment." Amber said. Ribbon knew what she meant as the Eevee had experienced her heat and become aggressive with her. Ribbon managed to calm her down, but it wasn't until the next morning did Amber finally get over what was troubling her. She told Ribbon that some of her extra aggression had come from her brother, and that her save and grace was that Chip had mated with someone. Ribbon was surprised about hearing that Chip was getting laid since he normally was so against it. They haven't seen Chip since the other day, but Amber did not seem to be that worried about him. Her ability to feel her brother's presence was something that Ribbon could not explain every well. But they did need to reunited the twins soon though, the doll body that Amber was using would soon run out of energy and when that happens the Eevee would be returned to their shared body.


"It is ok." Ribbon gives Amber a loving lick behind her ear. She noticed the Eevee began blushing. "How about we deliver this mail and then go out for a little breakfast. We can pick up some food and then go have our own little picnic."


"Oh, can we go back to the hillside? I really liked it out there." Amber gleefully said as she began pushing the cart. Ribbon murred at how easy it was to get her friend motivated.



What normally took a good 30 minutes of work was wrapped up in under 15 minutes. It was easy thanks to the lack of mail and Amber’s motivation to finish the job as quickly as possible the pair delivered several large packages that had food from some of the student’s home lands and some regular letters. Once done Amber jumps inside of the cart and invited Ribbon inside of it. The Vulpix looked unsure about doing it but she parked the cart in a nice spot near the entrance to the main room and jumps inside. The girls had some privacy for the most part and Ribbon saw that they had a few letters and a package left to be delivered.


“I thought we finished delivering everything?”


“I hid these, they are for Wooly that cute Flaaffy down the hall. He has a nice size package.” Amber giggled and Ribbon rolled her eyes. “What he has a nice package, what is so wrong about that?” Amber lifts a medium sized box and shows it to Ribbon.


“I thought you was talking about his junk.” Ribbon sighed.


“Oh I was talking about that as well.” Amber giggled again and Ribbon groans. “It is ok Ribbon, there is nothing wrong about looking at boys sometimes too. I mean I am half one.”


“I know. Just why do you have to make it seem so…” Ribbon did not know how to finish her thought.


“What…like he is big and sexy?” Amber murred. “Prince is cute too, and then there is that nice looking Growlithe as well. What is his name…?”


“Flare. That puppy dog who Ember is messing around with.” Ribbon said and Amber murred happily as she looks at some more of the left-over mail. “Didn’t they have a baby together last year?”


“Yes, Ember had it right after the Winter Festival from what I heard.” Amber looked at a letter. “Oh, there is a piece of mail here for Prince that cutie roomie of his. Oh, and its addressed from that sweet Shinx girl Candy. Oh should I open it?”


“Amber!” Ribbon took the letter from her and pushed up on the Eevee. “Get out, we need to finish this. I thought we were done, but you decided to hide mail from me.” Amber pushed back and presents some of the left-over letters. “What are you doing?”


“We should have sex in here, wouldn’t that be fun. Doing it on top of the mail and then deliver them?” Amber asked and Ribbon got out of the cart.


“We are going to finish our job so we can go on our picnic, where we will have a afternoon of sex.” Ribbon said as she was thinking of the most mature thing that girls could do for themselves. Amber sits up in the car and watched the Vulpix.


“Aww come on Ribbon. I want to do something dangers.” Amber growled and Ribbon reached up and pulled her out of cart, but instead tips it over and caused the pair fall back and have the cart fall on top of them. Some off the letters and remaining packages rolled out onto the floor. Ribbon pushed herself free of the cart and Amber followed suit. “Oh, that was fun, let’s do it again.”


“Sometimes you annoy me Amber.” Ribbon said and Amber giggled and nuzzled her friend. Ribbon sighed and puts the mail back into the cart and starts walking it towards the remaining Pokémon’s rooms. Amber followed behind her, the Eevee gleefully skipping along. “What got you in such a good mood anyway?” It couldn’t be from her rejecting the idea of them doing it inside of the cart.


“You know…I do not know. Suddenly I felt really good, as if someone was touching my favorite spots.” Amber said and she then blushed deeply as she stopped and felt up on herself. “Whoa…that feels really good.”


“Amber we are out in public…” Ribbon did not like what was happening, her friend was acting like she was eating her out right now. Ribbon could smell the Eevee’s sex scent and it was only becoming stronger as time was going on. She needed to find a spot to take care of her at, at least see if she could calm her down. The girls were in front of Wooly’s room and despite how much she didn’t want to do it the Vulpix knocks on the door. “Mail call.”


The door opened and the Stunky named Flower was standing at the door. The first thing that caught Ribbon’s attention was the stench that was coming from inside the room, it smelled like concentrated berry juice, spicy food and cum. The second thing that caught her attention was how messy the skunk Pokémon’s fur was, there was white streaks all over it and he seemed to be just waking up from a unsettling nap.


“We are getting mail today?” Flower asked, he burped and began wobbling where he stood. “That is such a dumb idea…most are still recovering from last night. Anything for me or the boys?”


“Ah…ya…Amber can you get their packages…” Ribbon saw that Amber was rubbing on herself again, the Eevee was sitting down and slowly stroking her rod and slit. A small wet spot had formed where she was sitting and Ribbon began freaking out. “STOP THAT!”


“Ah…does she need some privacy? My room mates are out, you could use their room. Its cleaner than mine is that is for sure. Had my girl over last and Coco invited over his Poochyena boo. Bottles were popping, we made stuff peppers and things got crazy.” Flower snickered as he opened the door wide enough for Ribbon to drag Amber inside, the Eevee was trying to stay put but Ribbon had just enough strength to move her inside. Once inside the Vulpix had to get use to the strong scents around her as the boys had yet to clean up the mess from the night before. Ribbon was escorted to Wooly and Prince’s room by Flower and were let inside where indeed it was much cleaner than the main room. Amber murred and gives Ribbon a kiss as she was taking her to the ground and began grinding herself up against the snow Vulpix. Ribbon noticed Flower walking out, the Stunky had a bit of a hard on for what he had seen.


“Guess I’ll check on that stew that Wooly is making. They should be back some time soon, I’ll be sure to leave something on the door so everyone knows not to just walk in on you girls.”


“Or you could join in.” Amber said in between a kiss as the Eevee was sitting on top of Ribbon now. Ribbon wasn’t used to being on the bottom and she noticed the Stunky had stopped walking. She thought that he might just take her up on the offer.


“I have my own girl. But thanks though, I will make sure that you are not disturbed. Just do not make a big mess ok.” Flower stepped out and Ribbon feels Amber starting to push herself into her. Ribbon didn’t know what to make of this, this side of Amber where she is taking such charge. It seemed unlike the cute coy girl that she fell for.


“Amber…” Amber puts her paw on the Vulpix’s mouth and shakes her head. “I really need this right now…Sorry if it seems a bit forceful. I do not know why I feel like just…screwing everything right now.”


“Heat maybe…” Ribbon knew that there was a strong chance that the Eevee was still under the influence of her heat. In fact, she was positive about it. And if Chip was having sex again, that could affect her as well since the twins shared their emotions from time to time if they were strong enough. Ribbon knew that the only real way to help Amber, was to fuck her until she dropped.


“Ya…and its Chip…I can feel…him and Meadow…” Amber stopped talking and holds onto Ribbon’s neck fur as she slammed herself down into the Vulpix. Ribbon howled slightly as it had been a rough entry from Amber who wasn’t use to the angle that she was at. Ribbon felt her push though her entrance and got about half way into her before Amber stopped. The Eevee growled and pushed her weight down on Ribbon as if she was expecting her to try to change positions on her or try to get away. Ribbon had seen a few males do that from time to time out in the wild and she guessed Amber was trying to imitate them.


“Careful…you are getting a little rough.” Ribbon snarled. Amber didn’t say anything but instead keeps pushing herself down into her until she hilted inside of the Vulpix. Ribbon felt some of her pre-dripping into her as the Eevee was pretty turned on from earlier. Ribbon focused enough to use Safeguard on herself, with Amber being in heat like this she was bound to be extremely fertile right now and the last thing Ribbon needed was the possibly of a slip up. And it came just in time and Amber pulled out and then slammed back into her, the Eevee was being extremely rough as she wasn’t use to being on top, plus her heat wasn’t doing the Eevee any favors as she was extremely sloppy right now. Ribbon had to admit, it was very cute and she couldn’t wait to give Amber a proper crash course on how to fuck her.


“Oh sorry…” Amber said as she had a moment of being her normal self. But with a good tug and another rough hump into the Vulpix the Eevee was back to “Heat Amber.” “I didn’t know that you were such a pussy. Just shut up and take it.” Amber snickered and Ribbon made a mental note of what she just heard.


Oh, yes Amber…” Ribbon blushed. She feels Amber holding onto her tightly as she continued screwing her in between the legs, the Vulpix made noise every so often as the Eevee was seeming to have the time of her life, at Ribbon’s pleasure. Amber’s cock had warmed Ribbon up as the Vulpix was very cold on the inside, but the fox knew how to control her body temperature enough to hurt her partner and she could nearly control the pace of the moment. By being able to either make her partner’s rod warmer or colder she could literally make them blow their load sooner or later than normal by controlling their blood flow. Right now, Ribbon had been making it so Amber cummed later but as time went on she was increasing Amber’s temperature while she was inside her and making it so the Eevee would pop soon enough. The amount of pre-cum that Ribbon was feeling being pushed into her womb let her know that Amber was close…


“Ribbon I am about to….” Amber said, the Eevee was shoving every inch that she could muster into her. Ribbon felt her body clench itself around her friend’s cock, milking her for what she had. With a hug the Vulpix feels her friend’s climax erupt as Amber shot a long wad of her cum into the Vulpix’s womb, the force from it made Ribbon gasp out in pleasure.


“That’s my girl…let it all out.” Ribbon murred happily as she feels Amber let loose another wad and then another, each smaller and weaker than the last. Finally, after what felt like a long orgasm the Eevee falls on top of Ribbon, her body spent. Ribbon lovely puts a paw on her head and kissed the vee.


“Did I do a good job?” Amber asked, she was panting but she managed to speak without seeming tired.


Oh, you are not done yet love.” Ribbon kisses Amber and rubs her head. “I need to teach you how to properly fuck someone. Even if that someone is just me.” Ribbon rubs Amber’s head again and nips her ear pulling off one of her ear ribbons. “May that you are no longer all amped up from your heat, I can get a little bit more passion out of you.”


“Oh ya…” Amber blushes. “I was a little wild.”


“Just a little. Now when we get up I want you to lift that tail of yours, I want to play with for a little bit. Then after that…a bit of paws on training.” Ribbon sure hoped that Wooly and Prince did not need the room for a little bit. She did not intend to leave it any time soon.



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