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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 2 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Things heat up as Neoral is called up to Ruby's house for a meeting. The Jirachi doesn't feel good about heading up to Ruby's as the last time he went there, this became...wild and the group was left with an unspeakable moment. Any little thing could set things off among the former Generals of Arceus and stir back up old feeling....

Chapter 10: The Orgy

Chapter 10

The Orgy

“You’re not Ribbon, are you?” The very words alone seemed to make Ribbon shiver, or at least the beast inside of her shiver. That was what Neoral observed from his perch high above all of the action that had taken place in Neon Central. The Jirachi couldn’t help but smile as the Suicune spirit had lived up to everything he had pictured it would and then some. So much power, and it was being kept inside the body of Ruby mutt of a child Ribbon. Well she wasn’t just a mutt, she was offspring of Ruby, meaning that she was destined for a life of regrets, topped with plenty of sex. Neoral could care less what happened in the long term for Ribbon, that was Ruby’s problem, she started all of this and if things went the way he thought they would, it would be her downfall.

“So Suicune…how do you respond to this?” Neoral asked outload. He was sitting on top of the fountain statues, his statue in fact. It was a beautifully done statue showing him pointing towards both his house in the central and his cave far to the north. Neoral had designed it himself and made sure it pointed just the right way. He wanted to make sure his clients found him without too many issues. It made for the perfect perch since his statue was high enough to see all over the city, allowing him to pick out students in need of his business card. Today it provided the perfect spot for him to watch the fight between Ribbon and the bullies. He made sure that no one got in the way of the fight after the Suicune spirit took over Ribbon’s body, he had to see what power it held for himself. If she had attempted to finish off the bullies he would have stepped in to stop her, no need for needless violence.

“Whatever do you mean Darious?” Neoral heard Ribbon ask the Rockruff, the Suicune was going out of her way to sound as much like Ribbon as possible. Despite her best efforts Neoral could sense that Darious wasn’t buying it. The Rockruff was smarter than he appeared.

“Your eyes, they are both blue and red.” Darious responded. Neoral lays down on his stomach as he looks down at the two Pokemon on the ground. He was once again making sure that no one disturbed them as he casted a Psychic force field around them. It kept others from understanding what they were saying, just in case the beans were spilled. Neoral had to protect Ribbon’s identity, both since he promised Ruby that he would take care of her daughter and because it wasn’t time for Suicune to be exposed yet. He still had plans for hir yet.

“Oh these…um…well you see Darious….” Neoral could hear Suicune struggling to figure out what to say.

“Ribbon…” Darious nuzzled the Vulpix’s neck. Neoral could sense that the Rockruff was calm and collected, as if he has been through this before. Neoral couldn’t understand how anyone could be so calm around a raging beast, or a duel-soul Pokemon. Both were unpredictable and he had watched first-hand what power Suicune had. But here he was, calm as ever and trying to comfort her.

“What are you?” Neoral asked as he was taking a interest in the Rockruff.

“Remember I am friends with Chip and…sort of Amber.” Darious reminded Suicune. “I love Chip believe it or not, even though he loves Meadow more…” Neoral heard Darious’s voice go low as if he was having a tough time wanting to admit that. It made sense to the Jirachi why this puppy was so calm around Suicune, he was in love with that herm Zorua that Neoral saved years ago. It was such a small world; how easy it was for someone that you may not know to be connected to you in some sort of strange way. If only that Rockruff knew the full story, and how the lives of his dearly beloved Zorua, the Eevee sister of his, and Ruby’s mutt of a daughter were connected since birth. And it was all thanks to him…and of course he couldn’t have done it without Ruby the “Mother of the Year.”

“You are full of surprises Darious,” Suicune told Darious. “I thought you was stupid.” Neoral watched Suicune start slowly carrying Darious towards the nurse’s outpost. Neoral was interested in seeing further just would happen between them. He was curious just how much Suicune might tell Darious about her life, that was what she remembered about it. Neoral was going to continue following them, that was until he felt the presence of….

“What are you doing?” Floating next to him was…

“Damn it Ruby what are you doing here?” Neoral asked, his fist was balled up as he didn’t want to be disturbed right now. He noticed that Ruby was transparent, the Mew was projecting her presence. At this point, all she could do was watch him, but she had no power to stop him like this. But just seeing her made him sweat a little bit.

“Meadow came to see me, she told me that Ribbon was in trouble.” The transparent blue Mew floated seemed distracted, as if she was speaking to someone else. A moment later Neoral saw a land-form Shaymin appear next to Ruby.

“Hello Meadow.” Neoral said to the little Shaymin as she floated next to Ruby. Meadow looked Neoral dead in his eyes, the little Pokemon seemed to be trying to read him. Whatever it was she was trying to figure out must have not been found as the little Shaymin soon smiled.

“Hi Neoral, fancy meeting you here.” Meadow happily said.

“Meadow flew all the way to my tree house.” Ruby kissed Meadow on top of her head, the act made the Shaymin’s flowers on her back bloom a little bit. Neoral rolled his eyes as he was missing out on whatever Darious and Suicune were talking about. If he wanted to listen in on them or even see what was happening he would have to use some of his Psychic powers and if he did that now Ruby would know he was up to something. If there was any Pokemon that could outsmart him, it was Ruby the Bitch Mew. Even Meadow might catch wind that he was up to no good, the little Shaymin wasn’t a push over herself.

“Whoa!” Neoral heard the familiar voice of Ace speak up. “Is that my old buddy!”

“Ace?” Neoral asked. Both Ruby and Meadow looked to their left side, slightly annoyed looks on their faces. A moment later a transparent Victini appeared next to the other legendary girls. Ace was grinning from ear to ear as he looked at Neoral. “Oh, my Arceus it is you. Damn you are looking good, fine even.”

“Look I am really busy-“Neoral was cut off as he was trying to figure out an excuse. Ace floated over to Neoral and gives him a big hug and kiss. Neoral felt the Victini go through him a little bit.

“Neoral we are all up at Ruby’s place, you should come up here.” Ace said holding home to Neoral, or at least trying to since he wasn’t truly physically here to do so. Neoral heard Ruby and Meadow sigh. Ace kissed Neoral again. “Remember the last time we all go together, back when Aqua was still fun. We had that big orgy and Ruby went down hard on Aqua.”

“Do you really have to bring that up?” Neoral heard Meadow speak up, the Shaymin was becoming frustrated. Neoral was feeling a bit of the same, since the group promised to never again bring up the moment. Ruby had floated over to Ace and pulled him off of Neoral.

“We agreed Ace that after our little orgy we wouldn’t bring it up outside of the tree house.” Ruby hissed. Ace wiggles his finger at Ruby.

“We are in the tree house.” Ace snickered. “So, I did not break the promise.”

Yes, but be we projecting our images over top of Neon Central.” Meadow said looking down at the crowd of students moving about the streets. The sun was gone now and the night time traffic was moving about. Neoral decided that it would be pointless trying to keep track of Darious and Suicune now. He would hopefully try to get an audience with his little niece at some point and see how she was doing.

“How about I just teleport over to your house Ruby and we can talk there?” Neoral asked as he looked down at the busy streets. More students were out now as many nocturnal Pokemon were coming out to join the crowds. Neoral noticed Ruby thinking long and hard about wanting to let Neoral into her house, which wasn’t uncommon for Ruby to do since she didn’t like having everyone over all at once. But once Meadow whispered something to her did the Mew sigh and nod yes.

“But no orgy.”

“Can’t promise that.” Neoral heard Ace say happily. “You can’t tell me that you do not get excited having all of us in your house at the same time.”

“ACE!!” It was Meadow who yelled at the Victini. Neoral sighs as he saw where this was going. He quickly lowered his Psychic barriers over the fountain area and erased any trace of his presence.

Let’s see what this Victini wants.” Neoral spoke out loud and in a blink of an eye vanished from on top of the Jirachi head had been laying on and within a moment reappeared outside of Ruby’s home. The Mew had her own barrier over top of her tree to keep intruders out. Neoral saw the door open and Ace come running out of Ruby’s house, a few seeds flew behind him, exploding on the ground as they missed their target. Meadow came running out behind Ace, the Shaymin yelling curses at Ace who teased her back with funny faces.

“Come on Meadow, you’ll have to do better than that.” Ace sticks his tongue out at Meadow and bounced up into the air. “Aww am I too high for you?” Ace asked as he stayed floating in the air, just outside of Meadow’s reach. Neoral never saw Meadow look so upset as the Shaymin’s face turned as red as her head flowers. She hated it when someone teased her for not being able to fly.

“When I get my paws on you Ace…” Meadow’s back glowed green as she was about to use Seed Flare. “You are not going to be able to sit for the next week!”

Neoral saw Ruby walk outside from her home, she had transformed back into her Pachirisu form. Neoral gulped at the sight of the small, cute but sexual deviant Pachi form that Ruby loved to use. Next to her was the Growlithe pup Kuji, the pair had met once before back in the mountains. Ruby had said that their relationship had been a one-time fling, but Neoral knew better even back then. He had left his mark on Ruby. The way she looked at Kuji was the same way she looked at Snow and Bangam.

“Great, all we have to do is find Aqua and all of us would be together again.” Ruby spoke as she walked over to Neoral. The sound of small explosion could be heard in the background as Meadow was chasing down Ace, the Shaymin continued to shoot her seeds up at the Victini that simply dodged her attack. Neoral wanted to help Meadow since it would be funny to see she would do to him once she caught him but Ruby knew what he was thinking and stopped him.

Oh, she is going to catch him, trust me.” Ruby calmly said as she reached Neoral. “Meadow has been practicing a new way of using Seed Flare that involved using Psychic.” Kuji joined the pair, the Growlithe looked uncomfortable. Neoral noticed Ruby trying to smooth him over by rubbing her face up against his side.

“Don’t worry Kuji, nothing will happen to you I promise.”

“Th-thanks.” Kuji responded, the Growlithe pup still very nervous. Ruby touched noses with him.

“Nothing will ever hurt you, I promise.”

“Great…now I feel uncomfortable here.” Neoral pouted. Ruby quickly glared back at the Jirachi, her eyes glowed for a moment. Neoral gulped as seeing Ruby this way reminded him of when he was shocked over and over by the angry Pachi-Mew.

“Remember whose house you are at Neoral.” Ruby kissed Kuji and tells him to lay down for her. Neoral heard screaming in the background, Meadow finally hit her target as Ace was blown out of the sky by a nasty barrage of seeds. He saw Meadow jump on top of Ace.

“I finally got you!” Neoral heard Meadow scream happily. He saw the hold up a large seed as she celebrated her victory. The Jirachi wondered just where she pulled that from as the Shaymin had mounted herself on top of the Victini’s stomach, her crotch was in Ace’s face.

“Now Neoral.” Neoral returned his focus on Ruby who was rubbing Kuji’s belly to help calm him down. He rarely ever saw Ruby show so much care for others that were not her pups. But even then she didn’t always show even her own flesh and blood that much love at times, often she was trying to force them into small boxes that they didn’t like or fit very well into. “I have been trying to figure out, why were you spying on my daughter and her little friend.”

“Well I had felt Suicune’s power being released and-“Neoral was cut off by the almost girly scream of Ace in the distance as Meadow was making good of her promise of making the Victini not be able to sit for a week. He gulped as he saw her shoving the large seed put his tail hole.


“Neoral.” Ruby seemed strangely calm, something that Neoral wasn’t used to. The Pachi-Mew continued to rub Kuji’s stomach, the Growlithe pup was panting happily. Neoral saw the dog’s tip poking out of its sheath.

“Do not worry Neoral, I am not going to make you do anything you do not already want to do.” Neoral heard Ruby say. “So back to our little topic of my daughter and how you decided to not only let her get hurt, but also let her Suicune guardian spirit loose-“

“Ruby you have got this the wrong- “ Neoral felt his lips sealed shut by Ruby. The Pachi-Mew’s purple eyes were staring him down.

“Do not, interrupt me again.” Ruby ordered. “I am very upset with you right now Neoral. I do not know how much brain damage my daughter could have, Suicune has awakened within her and from what Meadow has told me, part of the school saw her release some of her deadly powers, and let’s not mention -” Ruby was cut off by the sound of Kuji’s panting, the puppy was becoming a bit loud. Ruby looked at Kuji was love in her eyes.

“You are so cute when you are like this.” Neoral felt a bit disrespected. How could Ruby treat the dog better than she was treating him. He just interrupted her and she shows him love, he did the same while trying to explain himself and he got his lips sealed shut for the time being. The mixed treatment was why Neoral had so little respect for Ruby.

“Can we play again later?” Kuji asked Ruby, the puppy gave a hump up at her. Neoral saw Ruby blush.

Of course, sweetie.” Ruby kissed Kuji. “Now calm down, I have to finish talking to Neoral. He has been naughty and I have to teach him a lesson.”

Oh, like when I accidently messed up one of your dolls?” Neoral could not believe he had to listen to this. He heard again the sounds of Meadow and Ace in the distance. Looking over he saw that Meadow had Ace in the doggie position, the Shaymin was nailing him like he was a Mighyena fem in heat. Neoral couldn’t see their faces in the dark, but he knew that Meadow wasn’t fucking him for pleasure, this was business. He gulped as he wondered what Ruby had in mind for him.

Oh, now nothing like that dear,” Neoral heard Ruby say. He turned his attention back to Ruby as she was getting up from where she sat next to Kuji. “Now go to sleep for a little bit, me and Neoral have a few things to talk about. Right Neoral.” Ruby glared at Neoral again. Neoral’s lips were unsealed.

“Y-ya…” Neoral felt that familiar cold shiver goes down his spine at the sight of Ruby’s anger.

“We will only be a few yards away honey.” Ruby said as she took Neoral’s hand and began walking him slowly away. “It is going to be a bit messy, so rather the grass got all wet rather than my wooden floors.”

Neoral did not like the sound of this as he was slowly walked away from everyone. The image of a very unpleasant sexual moment flashed in his mind.

“Wh-what are we about to um…do?” Neoral was shivering even though it was warm outside. Ruby slapped Neoral’s behind with her tail.

“Who do you think taught Meadow that sex doesn’t have to be just for pleasure?” Ruby asked. She stopped after walking them about 30 yards away. The Pachi-Mew made Neoral feel his way down her body. “You are going to tell me everything that happened Neoral, and then some. I am going to work my aggression out all over you. And after we are done, if you made feel good and I like what I heard…I will be nice and cuddle with you.” Ruby made Neoral put a hand up against her crotch, what he felt made him want to turn white. Ruby was wet…very wet.

“Shouldn’t…shouldn’t you save this for Kuji?” Neoral asked.

Oh, stop being a bitch Neoral.” Ruby snapped. “I am debating if I want to use my herm form and fuck you for dominance. Meadow sounds like she is having a good time. And trust me Neoral…Ace had it coming, big time.”

“Dear Arceus…”

“Oh Neoral…Arceus is not going to help you out of this one.” Ruby then pushed Neoral down on his back, the Pachi-Mew puts a foot on top of his stomach. “Now you are going to spill all of your dirty little secret. And trust me…I do mean you are going to spill every…last…. drop.”

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