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Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 2 by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

In chapter 9 we find "Ribbon" facing off against Lee and his goons as she fights to protect herself and Darious from further harm. As Darious watches helplessly as the snowpix fights against the three boys he has to wonder...did that knock against Ribbon's head make her become hotter? And is Ribbon really going to live up to her promise if she wins this...

Chapter 9: Snow Flower

Chapter 9

Snow Flower

Darious couldn’t believe that he let either one of Lee’s goons get the better of him like this. He was a Rockruff of the Wild Plains Pack and he wasn’t about to let this Riolu get the better of him. As soon as he managed to take care of this two he was going to knock the dog’s teeth out and add them to his teeth collection…which he was going to start as soon as he took Lee’s. But Darious was finding it hard to muster the strength to do much against Lee’s goons as the Wartortle had weakened him, while his Gabite partner was holding onto him in a way that made it nearly impossible for Darious to muster any footing to break free. And with Ribbon lying motionless on the ground right now, the pup feared the worst.

“You call yourself noble,” Darious barked as he was finding it hard to stay awake now too. He was nearing the end of his strength and would soon faint at this rate. Not a good thing since there was no one here to protect him or Ribbon should that happen. Everyone in the crowd looked too scared to jump in. “Your nothing more than a thug, you and your kind are just a bunch of bullies.”

Lee smirked as Darious was finally able to draw the Riolu’s attention away from Ribbon. Darious noted that Ribbon was stirring on the ground, a good sigh as she was recovering from being fainted. But she was still too weak to help him fight off their attackers. Darious couldn’t help but sigh as he just hoped that someone would come by to help them before things got out of hand. “You love to talk don’t you Rockruff?” Lee grabbed Darious’s cheeks and squeezed on them until they turned red. Darious tried to snap at Lee but felt the Gabite give him a tighter hug, a reminder to not do anything stupid.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you mate.” The Gabite snickered.

“What do you want us to do to him boss?” the Wartortle asked. Lee grabbed Darious’s hind legs.

“Lets go find a big stick,” Lee laughed. “We’ll make him play fetch, and when done…put it up somewhere the mutt won’t soon lose it.”

“Wow….” Darious struggled to say. The boys looked at one another as they did not expect Darious to still talk, but the pup wasn’t one for letting anyone keep him from having the last word. “You really, really have a dominance issue don’t you.”

“What the fuck did you say mutt?” Lee asked. “You know….at one point I tried to be friends with you. To put our blood feud behind me, but you went and fucked it all up. And now….” Lee grabbed Darious by the neck and began choking him. “I’m going to make you my bitch.” Darious felt himself starting to gag for air, his throat was being closed by the Riolu. But while being choked out Darious noticed a cool wind was picking up, it was chilly and felt…majestic.

“Let him go…” The boys heard the voice of Ribbon, the vixen was slowly getting up. Her forehead had stopped bleeding, but her beautiful white fur was still covered in her own blood. Darious saw that Ribbon’s fur was matted down, messed up but…he couldn’t take his eyes from Ribbon, it was as if she was the most beautiful thing alive. Lee lets go of Darious and turned around to face Ribbon who shook herself as if she was trying to wake up from what seemed like a long sleep.

“You don’t look so well, maybe you should lay back down.” Lee crossed his arms. “No need to hurt yourself anymore.”

“I was going to say something similar,” Ribbon seemed overly calm for what was happening. A few students that were around them began whispering things among one another. Darious hadn’t seen it before but the students seemed to form a wall around the area, which if they were acting as a wall would explain why none of the older students or teachers have come around to stop the fighting. Darious saw Ribbon walk over to the water and look at herself, she seemed to be looking at the water as if it was her first time seeing herself. She dipped a paw into the water, freezing the area around it. Ribbon then touched her forehead and began wiping it off.

“Ribbon, I can take care of these idiots, get out of here!” Darious yelled. Lee quickly turned around and delivered a swift Force Pam to Darious’s stomach nearly knocking him out. Darious gasped as he felt the blackness beginning to take him, and only through sheer determination to protect Ribbon did he remain awake. But he was only hanging on by a thread.

“Now that wasn’t very nice,” Darious heard Ribbon say. Struggling to raise his head, the Rockruff tried to look at the Vulpix again. He noticed that Ribbon’s fur was nearly clean now, which was very impressive since water usually did not do a good job cleaning blood off anything, and she had nearly pure white fur. But what truly was a surprise was how calm and energetic she seemed now, it was as if the water had somehow not only cleaned her but healed her. Ribbon lets out a little sigh.

Honestly, I know why you are being so hard on my friend, he does have a big mouth and tends to cause trouble.” Ribbon licks her paw and began grooming her fur. Darious noticed Lee and his goons looking at one another as they couldn’t believe that Ribbon had recovered so fast. Darious blinks a few times as he struggled to look closer at the Vulpix, he noticed something that he hadn’t before. Her tail ribbon had fallen off, it was laying on the ground next to her puddle of blood. She never took those off even when bathing, and she was always very defensive whenever someone tried to pull her ribbons off her. So, seeing her without it on was a first. But…that shouldn’t have anything to do with this change of her personality…should it?

“Geez…Ribbon…” Darious panted. “Can you at least say something nice about me?”

“I was getting to that part Darious,” Ribbon smiled at the pup. “No one can ever say that you do not have a strong heart…thank you for protecting me while I was down.” Ribbon then looks at Lee and his goons. “He may be annoying…and is the biggest perv I know…but he is my friend and after this I am going to rock his world.” Ribbon blew some frosty air that formed into a heart. “So…we can do this the easy way, you let him go, then turn around and go fuck one another like I bet you want to do anyway.” Darious felt himself dropped onto the ground as the Gabite was uninterested in him now. He rolled onto his side and pushed himself away. Behind him he heard the three bullies growling as they were debating who was going to do what. Darious felt a cool northern wind blow across his face.

Where is this wind coming from?” Darious looked at Ribbon who seemed to be enjoying herself. Her red and blue eyes seemed to be ultra-focused…. wait Darious didn’t remember Ribbon ever having red and blue eyes. Maybe he needed to lay down for a moment and get some sleep….

“Darious no sleeping on the job got it! I have a promise to keep to you right? If you bail me out again I would make it worth your wild…and I always-” Ribbon stopped speak for a moment and winks at Darious who would have the biggest hard on possible…if he wasn’t so pooped out. He always did have the hots for Ribbon, but she hated him so much. But this Ribbon…something about her was just so…. erotic. Like she could turn battling into something sexy…and she hadn’t even started fighting yet. Darious knew that Ribbon was a girl but…he wanted to bend over and let her fuck him. “And I always keep my promises.” Darious watched Ribbon get up onto all four and bent her fore-body downward. It was the battle stance that most dogs used…something that foxes like Ribbon usually did like not using since they fought with usually special attacks and wanted to keep their head upward instead of down. Darious would tell Ribbon to be careful but…for some odd reason he thought that should tell Lee and his goons that instead.

Meadow was nearing Ruby’s house; the trip up north had taken a bit more time than the Shaymin had expected. Meadow felt a cold northern wind chill and sneezed.

“What…where did that come from?” Meadow was happy that the wind had not been so cold that it could affect her transformation. Anything too cold and it was back to her land form. Letting out a determined sigh the Shaymin picked up the pace as she wanted to get over to Ruby’s before night fall.

All day Meadow had thought about Ribbon and how she almost let the adorable little Vulpix lay with her. It was something that Meadow did not want to let happen again, not only was it unethical since Ribbon was with Amber, but that she was also Ruby’s child and Angelblade’s sister. Meadow was like family to all of them and she did not like the idea of incest…that much. Meadow did have a past where she didn’t mind screwing anything that moved and back them she had rode her far share of fellow Shaymins, both males and females. It was something she was proud of, General of Fertility. You didn’t gain that title without putting out a little bit.

“I really wonder if I should have left those kids by themselves, I know that Ribbon and Darious do not get along all that well.” Meadow lets her senses wonder a bit. In Sky form Meadow could read the winds and tell what was happening as long as the wind allowed her to. It was a trick she learned long ago while training under Master Suicune the master of the Northern Winds. Arceus had instructed her to seek out the legendary dog and learn all that she could from him. He recognized her ability to read nature and told her that if she could apply that ability while in sky form she might be able to read the winds and see much further than she ever could before. It took Meadow well over two years to fully learn the trick but she mastered it after much trial and error.

Meadow stretched her senses out to the wind, catching the wind coming from the north. The wind itself felt slightly familiar, taking her back to the old days when she trained under Master Suicune. But he was the master of the Norther Winds and was able to summon the north winds whenever he wanted. Meadow often trained with the wind as Master Suicune could make the wind extend to any part of the horizon and beyond. Meadow felt the wind take her senses back to Bangam Island, the familiar shores greeted her mind. Meadow felt the wind take her mind above the school and then back down into the garden that separated Bangam Castle from Neon Central. Meadow felt herself taken through the mirror portal to the world of Neon Central where she was looking over what appeared to be a city on the island. Meadow looked down at all of the lights from the various lanterns, the cries of happy students rang all around and Meadow felt at home at her home away from home. She let the wind take her to where her little niece and Darious were and she was brought to the fountain at the center of town. Meadow looked down at what appeared to be a large crowd of students all formed around 5 students. Two of which were…

“Darious! Ribbon!” Meadow tried to stay focused, for if she lost to much focus she would lose her connection to the wind. She looked down at Ribbon, at the blood stain on the ground and the badly beaten up Darious. This was horrible Meadow thought. What could she do to help them….nothing at this point. She was to far away to lend either any of her strength and the longer she waited to do anything the closer the sun was setting. Meadow cursed her luck as she had to get moving.

“Please…be careful you two.” Meadow whispered a little prayer to Arceus, asking the divine Pokemon to protect her friends and family. Meadow broke her connection to the wind and found herself back where she was before, high up in the air over Thunder Plains. If she hurried she will be able to get to Ruby’s just before the sun sets, and once there she could tell Ribbon’s mother about what was happening and hopefully be teleported back to the island. With a look of determination, the Sky Shaymin took off with all of the speed that she could muster. The images of the beaten up Darious and blood-stained Ribbon fueling her journey.

It felt good to be in control of a body again, it had been a good bit since the Suicune’s soul had enjoyed the freedom to walk around in the light of day once more. It had taken its former life for granted, not understanding how good it had it. It was sure to not make that same mistake again. The Vulpix body that Suicune shared with its host was a nice fit, four legs, more than one tail, ice abilities, and most important of all, mystical blood. If it wasn’t for being inside of a small, inexperienced body…with a lack of a cock, then Suicune would assume it was inside of its old body. But this will do for now, at least until the vixen awoke fully and it had to give the body back to her. But that would-be a while as thanks to the Rockruff to the side, the vixen would not recover enough energy to pose much of a threat till at least tomorrow morning. More than enough time for Suicune to get in all of the fun it wanted and then some.

Suicune looked at the Rockruff to the side and smiled. “You going to be ok love?” Suicune asked the Rockruff. Unlike Ribbon, Suicune did not mind the pup, in fact it found the puppy to be rather cute. Suicune did not like to admit it, but it was a girl now, since the Vulpix that it…she shared a body with was a girl after all. Regrettably the dog would have to mainly be a taker than giver…such shame since she did enjoy dominating losers in her previous life. Back then Suicune was a herm, something that many legendary Pokemon were long ago. It was Arceus’s will that legendary Pokemon help populate the world and as such he created many of the early legendary Pokemon as herms so they could breed with one another, and various other Pokemon. Suicune had been one of the oldest legendary Pokemon, along with her brothers Raikou and Entei. They had served under General Celebi aka Destiny as her loyal servants and guards.

“Ribbon be careful,” Darious said. Suicune then remembered that her name was now Ribbon Moonstar Villier, child of Ruby Moonstar and Snow Villier. The very reason that the legendary dog spirit was living inside of this small snow fox in the first place. It was a long story that Suicune would one day tell Ribbon about, but it involved making a deal with Ruby to help protect the little vixen. Suicune looked at the blood-stained ground and thought about how she was failing at that task at the moment…she will need to make these fools pay for it.

“I am going to take care of everything now Darious,” Suicune looked at the three bullies, her red and blue eyes seemed to glaring into their very souls. She smirked as she saw the trio shiver a bit.

“Whoa boss…are you sure we should do this?” The Gabite asked Lee. “I mean…this is a girl after all.”

“What does being a girl have to do with anything?” Suicune asked, she shakes her tails in protest. “Why not you bring that ass over here, then I can show you just what this ‘girl’ can do to you!” Suicune was tired of waiting and with a snarl used Quick Attack to close the distance between them. She already had an idea of how to attack the three boys and not put herself into much danger.

“Her she comes boys,” Suicune saw Lee smile before he rolled to the side leaving his goons to fight the vixen. Suicune tried to note where the Riolu had gone so she could keep an eye on him and be as prepared as possible for a possible counter attack. What she got instead was a full-frontal view of the Gabite’s crotch as it got in the way of Lee’s escape route.

“Your fast, but I am faster!” Suicune couldn’t react fast enough and got slashed in the face by Gabite’s claws. She screamed as she was knocked onto the ground, a few more drops of blood hits the ground as the Gabite wasn’t holding back, he wanted to hurt her.

“Whoa, be careful Jasper.” The Wartortle said as he grabbed Suicune by her neck scruff. “Boss doesn’t want to make her faint.” The Wartortle began laughing as he looked into the Vulpix’s eyes. “He says we are going to make you faint in other ways…fun for us…not as much for you.”

“Screw that, I want to paint the ground red.” The Gabite named Jasper licks the blood off his claws. “Saxo, you and Lee can use the dog as you see fit, but this Vulpix is all mine. Her blood…it tastes so good…I want more of it, MORE!” The Gabite back slapped the Wartortle, knocking Suicune free who falls onto her stomach. But there was little time to recover as she had to dodge a incoming Slash attack. Suicune could feel the pebbles flying where the dragon’s attack had struck the ground.

“What is with bad guys and wanting to rape others?” Suicune asked the goons as she bounced backwards and puts some space between her and them. She was going to need to drop the Gabite as soon as she could. Her new body wasn’t built for taking punishment, already she felt weakened only after one attack. But the idea of being passed around by at least two of the pervs made the dog spirit more pissed off than before. “At least you are giving me a reason to want to crush you more.” Suicune retook her favorite fighting position as she leaned over, spreading her hindlegs a bit and keeping her forepaws positioned enough to make movement in any direction easy.

“All I need is one attack…” Jasper dashed at Suicune, this time he was trying to out speed her. She predicted the incoming Dragon Claw as she noticed in advance the dragon raising its slashing claw, but not in the usual way of a Slash attack as it raised its claw higher, meaning the attack wasn’t for speed but power. Suicune gracefully stepped to the side, dodge the incoming attack and with a grin puts her paw on the Gabite’s attacking arm.

“To slow,” Suicune’s eyes glowed.

“What-“ Jasper didn’t get the last of his words out as Suicune used Freeze-Dry to freeze not only his attacking arm but entire body. She left only a bit of his back end unfrozen as she wanted to give him a spanking after she was done. The Vulpix looked over her work as she walked around the frozen dragon, admiring how the Gabite looked just…. right being encased in a block of ice. Suicune knew that Ribbon knew the attack, but she hadn’t perfected it yet, something that she had done in her previous life.

Suicune heard the Wartortle moving about, the turtle couldn’t believe what he saw. “Yo-you monster. What did you do to him?” Saxo asked as he faced Suicune.

“Oh I just gave him a taste of what all good dragons become sooner or later.” Suicune chuckled. She noticed her tail ribbon was on the ground and picks it up. “He is not completely frozen, I left a nice spot for his well-deserved spanking. I can do the same to you too after we are done dancing.”

“Fuck this…Lee ran off, Jasper is on ice…I am out of here.” Saxo was slowly backing away, the turtle looked more scared than the dog spirit expected to see. But Suicune did not intend to let him go so easily as her eyes glowed and a harsh gust of wind began blowing into Saxo’s face, stopping him where he stood. Suicune wasn’t done as her eyes glowed again, and the turtle began being frozen where he stood. Suicune had used Blizzard to freeze the Wartortle where he stood, leaving like before only his back end exposed.

Suicune smiled as she had two out of the three boys frozen on ice, ripe for the punishing. Oh she couldn’t wait to find something big, thick and hard to punish them with. “A time I wish I still had my old body, at least my punishment stick was always on me.” But as she looked around for where the Riolu had run off to, she noticed that Darious was slowly getting up. The rock pup looked a bit better than before, but he was still in no condition to move around.

“Darious be care-“ Suicune was cut off as she felt a harsh smack to her backside and falls flat onto her face.

“Ribbon!” Darious cried from where he laid. Suicune couldn’t respond back as Lee had put his foot down on top of her head.

“Your next mutt.” Suicune heard Lee say as he puts pressure down on her head. “You did better than I thought you would Ribbon, you actually could have won. Could is the word you should focus on, bitch.” Suicune felt a Lee move his foot off of her head, but delievered a nasty shot to her stomach knocking her a few feet away. All Suicune could do was let out a nasty cry of pain as she hadn’t felt something that bad for a good while.

“Where is your honor…” Suicune heard Darious asked. She could say the same, since it wasn’t like Riolu’s or Lucario’s to fight dirty. But Suicune didn’t care about that now, all she cared about was finishing this jerk off and taking care of Darious. As much she wanted to savor making Lee and his goons pay, she was close to losing this fight. Summoning all her remaining strength the Vulpix lifts herself off of the ground, a few drops of blood dripped out of her mouth.

“Ribbon…please stay down.” Darious cried, he was very worried about her. Suicune looked at the puppy and smiled at him. She was going to fuck him so hard tonight….

“I’ll be ok Darious…all I need is one attack.” Suicune looked at Lee who smirked at the ice fox and waves his paw at her in a, “Come On” gesture. Suicune spit at the ground, a small wad of saliva hits the ground.

“The only one I am going to “come on” tonight is that cute Rockruff over there.” Suicune snickered. She noticed Lee was thrown off as he seemed to drip over himself a little bit. She snuck a peek over at Darious who had fallen over himself, the pup couldn’t believe what he heard. The crowd was no better as there was laughter, teasing and some whistling noise being made.

“You are so awesome Ribbon!”

“We love you Ribbon!”

“I want you to have my babies Ribbon!”

Suicune shakes her head as she was having too much fun being Ribbon. She wished that she could have had this kind of popularity and fun while in her old life. Rubbing her head, the Vulpix lets out a long murr of embarrassment. “That is so cute…but the only one I think I will be having “babies” with is Amber…and maybe Darious.”

“Shut up!” Suicune heard Lee say, the Riolu was stomping the ground. “What kind of fighter are you? You go from being an amazing ice warrior to becoming this…erotic…sexual…. just…gross beast. You make me sick!” Lee cracks his knuckles. “Anything that puts their dick in you is cursed.”

“I am sure that is what your Wartortle buddy felt after he did you.” Suicune snickered at Lee who picks up a rock and breaks his with his bare paw. Suicune rolled her eyes as she wasn’t impressed. “Oh, that is so cute…I remember when I turned my first ice rock to dust…yawn.” Suicune was getting into the Riolu’s head as she was reverse taunting him. It worked as he used Quick Attack to get in close to the Vulpix and delivered a punch right to her jaw. Or…at least that was what he wanted to do, instead as soon as he got in close, Suicune stomped the ground with her forepaws.

“Bad move.” Suicune calmly said, as she watched the Riolu become stopped by a sudden burst of ice energy. “Sheer Cold.” Suicune released the energy blowing Lee back in a powerful gust of ice and wind. Lee was hits the ground, encased in a block of ice that was just perfect for someone who needed to cool off for a good long while. Suicune panted as she had used more energy than she expected to use the attack, but was glad that she did it. She had to find out her limits and there was no way to do that while not getting into battles like this. She was pretty proud of her ability to wield Ribbon’s ice powers, the Vulpix was more powerful than she knew. Her mixed blood hadn’t even begun to be tapped into yet, something the legendary dog spirit hoped to change in due time. Suicune did not know some of Ribbon’s natural abilities in her previous life, but spent enough time training others to understand how to use something like Freeze Dry. Suicune did not expect Ribbon to remember how to use some of the moves she used today, her lack of experience in combat made her only have access to basic abilities. Suicune’s knowledge allowed her to use a large variety of moves that Ribbon will one day learn and hopefully master, like Sheer Cold and Freeze Dry. If mastered, then Ribbon could possibly gain the ability to start learning how to mix her attacks together to create more powerful versions of the moves or even new moves all together. Before she passed away Suicune had perfected the battle ending move Sheer Cold and created True Sheer Cold a powerful move that did not focus solely on one-hit KOing someone but instead on inflicting massive damage, while changing the very battlefield itself. It was Suicune’s favorite ability and one that she spent most of her life perfecting. But…all of that was gone now…

“Consider yourself lucky, that I do not have time to give you proper punishments.” Suicune looked at the frozen bullies, her red eye was studying the males to make sure that she did not overdo it and kill them. Ribbon did not need that kind of blood on her paws. Once she was satisfied that the fight was over she walked over to Darious who was back up on his paws. The moment she reached him, Suicune gives the pup a hug and kiss on his nose.

“I am so happy that you are ok,” Suicune said as she hugged him tightly, she only let’s go after hearing Darious whine a little bit. She didn’t notice it at first, but her physical abilities were a bit more powerful than she first thought. The spirit dog could take advantage of Ribbon’s natural gifts, despite her other half not knowing how use them that well.

“Thanks Ribbon…I…really wish…” Suicune hushes the puppy. The crowd was starting to depart, everyone had their fill and were ready to take care of their evening activities before heading in for the night. Tonight there was supposed to be a few matches at the arena, maybe after Suicune took care of Darious she might take a look at what was happening. But for now she had to take care of her friend. He sacrified his bodied to save her, even though it was both his and Ribbon’s fault for everything starting in the first place. Ribbon herself might not see it that way, but Suicune knew better. Ribbon was a lot like her mother, quick to action, slow to good reason. But that was part of the reason why she was here, to make sure that Ribbon was properly guided, as if anyone was ever to take advantage of the hidden power that she was guarding inside of her…ruin could befall the Pokemon world.

“Anytime Darious,” Suicune lifted Darious onto her back and began walking away. She took one last look at the frozen bullies, the ice was slowly starting to melt, but it would be hours before they would naturally be freed. “We should get you to the nurse’s office.”

“What about you? You are bleeding again.” Darious pointed out. Suicune puts her paw on the top of her head and feels that she was bleeding again. The fight must have reopened her wound, but then again, she didn’t have the same healing powers as when she was an actual Suicune.

“Its…only a flesh wound.” Suicune tried to act tough but she was feeling the same weakness that Ribbon had experienced. But she could tough it out as the vixen began walking slowly towards the nurse outpost in Neon Central. Hopefully they will not ask to many questions, heal them up and…provide a little bit of privacy. Suicune planned on doing a little bit of role playing today.

“How do you feel about playing nurse and patient?” Suicune asked with a cute giggle, the dog spirit felt that she could get used to being a girl. It was fun to tease and joke like this and get away with it. But Darious’s response made her shiver as if she really had turned cold all of sudden.

“You are not Ribbon, are you?”

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