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Fate by zackarykidder


Author's Chapter Notes:

The Fatal mistake causes their father to end up in jail for locking them up in the basement


We woke up like normal in the basement chained to the wall with 15ft chains and food in front of us we eat then our father comes unchains us and leads us up to the kitchen to clean his house and fix stuff. If we disobey we are beaten up and locked in the basement again.

that night...

The Fridge was open our dad opened it and forgot to close it i opened my eyes and saw that i could move i froze the chains and shattered them on the ground allowing me to use ice beam on my sisters chains. my sister is a eevee. She woke with a startle as she fell to the floor and woke up very tiredly. I explained the situation and opened the door to the basement and brought a chain from the safe and chained our father to the bed, our father was an umbreon but thats not important. we then called 911 and fled. During our escape we grabbed what we needed to survive and the 2 gems that our mother can talk to us with. we then escaped the house and ran into the woods.

The woods...

These woods were always strange we arrived at a pond 2 miles away from the house and decided to set camp here we never ever had to set up a camp so the idea of a home was very weird to us. SUDDENLY a Trainer came on the path seeing us threw a pokeball and out came a charmander the trainer then told the charmander to use flamethrower i dodged and used a iron tail on its head but the charmander caught the iron tail and then flamethrowered me too weak to rise i was caught by a pokeball. my sister then used a special move it was born with psychic normal eevee's can't use it luckily charmander fainted but then the trainer had one trick up his sleeve he threw a pokeball but it had a m on it and it was purple with a black shade to it. my sister was caught right before my eyes..'Pokeballs are see through able' ...during the capture the trainer named my sis amy and my name is emily we just escaped and now we were captured again. (fast foward to present) i was a prized glaceon i had won 5 badges when the trainers starter fainted. through disgust at his starter he gave his starter to the professor saying he gives up on it and decided to give it to another trainer. The charmeleon that was given away ended up as blue's starter. The next battle i have will not be a single battle no i will see my sis fighting with me for as we know we are strong in numbers. Battle begin... The announcer says words we can't understand but we know this is our 6th gym battle and i won every other one how could this be hard soon as i said that the pokemon we were fighting were psychic a solrock and lunatone the both were flying around in a wave motion me and my sis used ice beam on both of them then my sis used psychic to knock the lunatone into the solrock while this may not hurt when normal they were frozen causing them to break the ice and it hurt when they hit the ground the ice hit their bodies like glass they were fainted right there and then the gym leader shocked at such a strategy used and gave the 6th badge and a special plane ticket for anywhere in the pokemon world and then gave a special stone to my trainer and my trainer attached the stone to my body with a necklace. The next thing i knew was eating and then being attacked by a jolteon i used ice beam to freeze it solid and my trainer used a pokeball on it catching it. My trainer named the jolteon Ally. After his brother died in a car crash something i didn't know about. 

the next morning... ... i woke to the smell of oran and pecha berries laid infront of my eyes in a bowl and started to eat them revitalized i then started walking to the 7th gym where we would face the ice gym with candance the ice type gym leader. all we did was enter the gym when everyone ran to welcome us we knew we beat the 6th gym without even getting hit but this was too much our trainer freaked when the badge was given away personally by candance not even having to fight her we gained the badge and left for sunnyshore gym and the pokemon league past the town but before there we heard a loud blast of sound someone saw a explosion and told candance about the 3 lakes being bombed and she rushed off to lake acuity using rock slide we reached the lake and found team galactic at the shrine fighting candance off from entering the cavern i showed up and fought off the guards entering the back entrance of the caver something i didnt think was possible and then saturn approached me he explained his goal of catching the lake pkmn known as uxie for her knowledge of every future event. just then uxie appeared and staturn threw a master ball like the one i had and captuered uxie immediatly and ran off to who knows where i saw he dropped his walkie talkie though and heard mars and jupiter saying they acomplished their missions of catching the other lake pkmn and were heading to mount coronet to meet cyrus at the summit with the red chain. i rushed off first without thinking about the consequences of fighting a villain that who knows how strong he is. The Fight had only just begun. With the weight of the world on our heroes shoulders can they stop cyrus or will cyrus defeat our hero without trying find out in the next chapter The summit of hope.





Chapter End Notes:

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    Date:Jul 9 2017

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