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Zenith Cove by Tesla_Nightclaw


Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter one! Its been nearly a year since I wrote anything so forgive me if its bad xD

They Will Not Get Me...

I ran. I ran as fast as I could through the dense trees, my heart racing as the strange pokemon chased me. "Leave me alone!!!" I yelled back at him, panting from exhaustion. "You'll have to stop sooner or later... And when you do... You're mine..." Came the reply, a voice I had no recollection of ever hearing before. "Fuck you!" I span round and flipped him the bird, getting a good look at him as he ran. The Pokemon was bipedal, and wearing a pitch black cloak with a strange symbol on it. It's bright red eyes were staring back at me from beneath its hood, sending a chill through my very soul. "Fuck... Fuck..." I panted heavily, starting to get tired. Soon I would run out of energy, and that would be it. Game over. I needed a miracle.

And a miracle is what I got. As I ran, I pushed a branch back and let it snap back, catching the pokemon straight in the chest. "Aghh!" He groaned, falling to the floor. The impact had obviously winded him, so I kept running in the same direction, hoping to lose him in the dense forest before he had recovered. My legs were burning from fatigue, my chest screaming from exhaustion, my vision going a little blurry, but still I ran. I couldn't risk resting while I was still so close to that savage Pokemon. But if I kept pushing myself this hard, it would kill me. I would rest as soon as I reached the edge of the forest, which wasn't too much further. I pushed myself the final few hundred metres, before I eventually burst out of the forest, and into a peaceful glade in the middle of the forest. A river flowed through the centre of the glade, before tumbling over a massive cliff about 100 feet from where I now stood. Well, from where I was now doubled over catching my breath. Standing was almost impossible in my current physical state.

"Ahh... Ahhh... I hope that fucker gave up... Ahhh..." I panted, my body almost giving up there and then, spots before my eyes as I struggled to get enough oxygen into my body. "Surely this guy can't be anything to do with what happened with my parents..." I said to myself, my hands clenching into fists as I relived that horrible moment...

#####Ten Years Ago#####

"Momma?" I called out from my bedroom, hoping to get something to eat. I licked my lips and poked my head out the door, looking around for my parents, who were both Sableye like me. Unfortunately neither of them were in sight. I could hear talking coming from downstairs, so I ventured towards the staircase, hoping they could feed me. 

Halfway down the stairs, I heard a noise. A noise that still haunts me to this day. My mum's high-pitched scream. I poked my head round the corner of the staircase and almost cried at what I saw. A strange Pokemon, dressed in a black cloak, holding a large blade, I think it was a katana, the end of which was buried in my mothers chest. Blood poured from the wound the blade made, my momma just stood there, shaking, before she collapsed in a heap, blood pooling below her.

I gripped my mouth to stop myself from screaming, and my father, who was being held by another of the cloaked assailants, broke free and attacked the one with the sword, knocking the blade out of his hand and following up with a punch that sent him flying into a wall. I wanted to scream 'Get him Dad!', but as I opened my mouth to cheer my father on, another one of them grabbed him and rammed a sharp dagger upwards into his back. My dad just froze, obviously paralyzed by pain, blood starting to seep from his mouth and his back. The cloaked Pokemon twisted the dagger, and my father fell to the floor, bleeding heavily and silent. 

Tears streamed down my face, and I ran back up the stairs to my room, closing the door and locking it behind me. "No... No... No..." I cried, rocking back and forth. "What do I do? They'll kill me if I go down there..." I sobbed, trying to think of a way out. Then I looked at my window. "I'll climb down and run for it..." I sniffed, climbing through the window and looking down. The entire world started to spin. "That's so high..." I gulped as I turned around and started to climb down, using my small hands to find anything that I could grip. 

I jumped the last few feet and bolted, straight towards the forest that my house was on the edge of. As I reached the edge of the forest, I stopped and looked back at my house. I could hear my bedroom door being ripped off its hinges as they searched for me. "Goodbye Momma... Goodbye Dad... I... I promise I'll make you proud..." I sniffed, before continuing away from the house, into the wilderness...

##### Present Day #####

I stood up and looked back. There was no sign of that Pokemon. He must have given up. I walked over to the river and washed my face in it, getting rid of the sweat that had accumulated. The cool water felt incredible against my skin. "Ahhh..." I sighed with relief as I looked up at the sky. "I hope you are proud of me Mum and Dad... I know you've been watching over me..." I said, smiling. 

I looked around the beautiful glade and smiled. This was where I ran to all those years ago, my little legs managing to carry me this far. I drank from the river, laid  under a tree and cried myself to sleep. Who would have known that sad, lonely and confused little boy would have survived this long? Certainly not me. I chuckled to myself, having another drink from the river before wiping my face off and standing up.

As I turned round, something hit me hard. "Aghhh!" I groaned as I hit the floor, coughing up blood from the impact to my stomach. I looked up and he was stood there: The cloaked Pokemon, his demonic eyes staring down at me. "Guess who..." He laughed, removing his hood. I could now see he was an Anthro Houndoom, his evil face about three feet from mine. "Looks like its game over for you..." He growled, kicking me in the head. "Aghh..." I yelped, laying there as he picked me up. He was far too strong. "What goes up..." He said, carrying me over to the waterfall. "Must come down..." He laughed, before hurling me into the air. "No! Fuck!!!!!!!" I screamed as I fell hundreds of feet into the forest below. My entire life flashed before my eyes, and then came the ground. My entire body hit the forest floor after smashing through a few tree branches that made up part of the canopy. My vision started to fade as I felt nothing but pain, blood starting to pour from my broken leg. I weakly tried to grab it and stop the pain, but all my strength was gone. "Fuck... I'm done... Aghh..." I groaned, my eyelids growing heavy as my body started to shut down. As the last of my energy left my body, I heard the Houndooms evil laugh echo through the chasm above me, then... Nothing...


Chapter End Notes:

First thing ive written in a while! I hope you enjoyed it!

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