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    Neo was a regular anthro Sableye, until he witnessed his parents murder at the age of 8. Fearing he would meet the same fate, he ran into a forest and lived on the run. Now 18, the past has come back to haunt Neo as strange pokemon are being sighted nearby, wearing the same kind of clothing as those who took his parents lives. Is it just a coincidence? Or was the supposed random attack on his family actually the first step in destroying Neo? The only people that may be able to provide an answer are the mysterious residents of a place hidden deep in the forest, known simply as Zenith Cove. But are they friends or enemies? Follow Neo as he learns about life in the Cove, finds out startling secrets about its residents and a secret about himself so terrifying, Neo will never be the same again...

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    Xeron Sylphia is one of the most decorated soldiers in the Pokemon world. An Elite Infiltration and Stealth Operative, he has taken on and beaten numerous enemies in order to protect the innocent, and is always supported by his girlfriend, Emily Wildfire.  

    But when an old friend turns rogue and threatens his very existence, he must battle against nightmarish creatures and former allies in order to not only protect himself and Emily, but to also uncover a corrupt plot to destroy the Pokemon world.

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    Join Tesla Nightclaw, A Pokemon on the journey of a lifetime.

    After losing his parents to some unknown assailants, Tesla fled his hometown in hopes of escaping the threat that looms over him. However, he soon meets a peculiar Pokemon. A young Ralts, named Maya, who is the same age as him (17). The two share a tragic backstory, a peculiar ability, and a love for nature and the world around them. The two soon become close and realise that they were destined to meet. The mystical force that links them together will not only prove useful, but crucial in the fight against evil.

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