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Zenith Cove by Tesla_Nightclaw


Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 3! Neo meets the rest of the residents of Zenith Cove, and we have the first NSFW part in this story~ I hope you enjoy~ >uo

Welcome To Zenith Cove! (NSFW)

When I opened my eyes, I was in a strange room, laying on a rather comfy bed. "Ugh... My head..." I groaned. I was all bandaged up, my leg and ankle in casts, my arm stitched up, and a stitched up wound across my chest, presumably from where Max, I think that was the name that Kumi and Treble mentioned, opened me up to fix my ribs. I could tell I wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon as my injuries healed.

It was then I heard someone clearing their throat. I looked up to see Treble smiling at me. "Oh... Heya Treble..." I smiled back. "How'd ya feel?" He replied, blushing a little. "A lot better than before... Thank you..." I smirked, watching Treble as he went over to the door. "Where ya going?" I asked him. "To get the others! They wanna meet you." He giggled, opening the door. "Hey everyone! Neo's awake!" He called out, and I heard a cheer from beyond the door, and 5 others poured in, standing and sitting around the bed I was on.

I recognised Kumiho, but there were four that I had never seen before: A female Sabretooth, a female fox, a male Lizard and a male Dragon. "Easy guys! Give him some space!" Kumi said, laughing as everyone crowded around me. I looked at him and he winked at me.

"Allow me to introduce the residents of Zenith Cove, Neo." he smiled. "This is Max, our Medic and the guy who fixed you up." He said, gesturing to the lizard. He lent forward and I shook his hand. "I owe you one Max~" I smirked. "Nonsense. I'm just glad you're okay!" He replied, a very friendly and energetic sounding voice coming from him. Next to him stood a very proud but somewhat shy dragon. "This is Lucki, Max's mate and our forager." Kumi explained as he shook my hand too. "Great to meet ya, Lucki." I smiled. "Likewise Neo!" he replied, his voice a little lighter, but somewhat more masculine than Treble's. The Sabretooth stepped forwards and shook my hand. "I'm Lumi. I'm basically run the bar here and I'm the resident guard." She explained, a very strong but kind voice that fitted her well. "Good to know! Great to meet ya Lumi!" I replied. 

Last of all was the female fox. "I'm Dusk. I just do jobs alongside everyone else." She said, seeming a little timid, but very kind. "It's a pleasure to meet you Dusk." I smiled, gently kissing her paw, which made her blush a little. They all seemed like a close knit community, hidden away in this forest. "So... What now?" I asked. "Well you have to stay there and get better. We have jobs to do so just relax. Dusk can stay with you if you want." Kumi smiled, looking at Dusk. I nodded. "Okay!" I replied, smiling at her as she sat beside me on a chair. "Come on guys! Let's get to work!" Kumi cheered, and everyone went about their business, leaving just me and Dusk in the room.

"So how did you get all those injuries, Neo?" Dusk asked me, examining my body, a light blush spreading over her cheeks as her gaze fell upon my somewhat muscular chest. "Well..." I began, smirking as I noticed her staring at me. "I was being chased through the forest at the top of the cliff by a cloaked Houndoom. I thought I lost him but... He caught me, beat me and then tossed me off the edge of the cliff. Luckily Kumiho and Treble found me and bought me back here, otherwise I'd have been a goner." I told her. She seemed angry at the story. "If I ever find that Houndoom... I'll get him back for you, Neo." She growled. 

I smirked and stroked her cheek, calming her down. "There's no need for that, Dusk. I don't wanna put you guys in danger for me." I said, smiling as she nuzzled my hand. I had to admit, she was very cute, and she had a great body. At least what I could see was great. I blushed as she looked at me, her beautiful eyes locking with mine. "There's.... Something I want to do for you Neo..." She purred, moving to the door, and I watched as she shut and locked it. "What's that, Dusk?" I asked, a little confused. She simply walked back over and sat beside me, a smile on her face. "Just relax, Neo... Let me do the hard work..." She giggled, gently sliding her paw down my chest, making me blush more. "Ahhh..." I moaned out, my body quivering with excitement. "I knew you'd like my gift..." She purred, her voice like honey as she slid her soft paw lower, reaching the waistband of my leggings. 

My eyes opened wide as she gently slid them down, releasing my semi-hard member. Her eyes lit up as soon as she caught sight of my dick. "That's a pretty big dick for a little guy like you~" She giggled. I just blushed as my cock twitched, slowly getting harder. "Need help there cutie?" Dusk grinned, pulling her shirt and shorts off, revealing her gorgeous body. My jaw almost fell off, my face bright red as my member reached its full length of nine inches. "Hehe~ Like what ya see do ya Neo?" She giggled, jiggling so her breasts bounced. I nodded, overwhelmed by sheer infatuation. 

"Let's see what we can do about this then shall we~?" she purred, wrapping her paw around my member, making me moan in pleasure. "Ahhh~ Ahhh~" I moaned as she started sliding her paw up and down my shaft, pumping it and licking her lips. "Fuck that looks tasty~" She purred, grabbing my balls with her paw, before leaning over and wrapping her lips around my tip. "Dusk~ Fuck~ Ahhhh~" I moaned out, her eyes closed as she suckled on my cock like it was a lollypop, her paw massaging and jiggling my balls. 

I was in complete ecstasy as Dusk pleasured me. I so desperately wanted to reciprocate, but in my current state, all I could do was lay there and enjoy it. "Dusk~ You... Ahhhh~ Thank you~ Ahhhhh~" I moaned lightly, getting ever closer to my climax. Dusk simply winked at me, before opening her mouth and swirling her tongue around my tip, her saliva spilling down the sides of my member. "Want me to take it down my throat~?" She giggled, making a kissy face at me. I nodded and blushed. "Y-yes please Dusk..." I panted back, my cock throbbing in anticipation. 

Dusk gave my cock a kiss, before staring into my eyes. "Feel free to pump your warm seed down my throat, Neo..." She purred, before wrapping her lips around my tip and slowly taking inch after inch into her mouth and down her throat, sending waves of pleasure through my weakened body. She wasted no time in bobbing her head up and down, pushing my tip against the back of her throat.

"Fuck~ Fuck~ Ahhh~ Dusk I'm gonna... I'm gonna~ AHHHH~<3" I screamed in pleasure, pumping my warm, gooey cum down her throat. Dusk's eyes opened wide at first, but they soon closed again as a deep blush covered her face. I could feel her throat muscles massaging my dick as she swallowed my seed, before sliding back up and licking her lips. I just laid there panting, staring up at her, a mischievous grin on her face. "That... ahhh... That was incredible..." I smiled, and Dusk gently pulled my leggings back up. "Don't mention it cutie~" She giggled, pulling her clothes back on. She leaned down beside me and gave me a kiss, a long, passionate, loving kiss. My heart hadn't stopped racing since she was in the room alone with me. 

"Get some rest now Neo... I'll send Kumi in a bit with some food." She said, walking to the door and unlocking it. "Thank you Dusk..." I replied, yawning. "Oh yeah, welcome to Zenith Cove~" She giggled, winking at me as she disappeared back outside. I yawned again and went back to sleep. "I'm gonna like it here~" I thought as I drifted off.


Chapter End Notes:

I hope you liked that~ I'll be back with chapter 4 soon~ bye!

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