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Luna is a stripper Lucario at a local sleezy bar. When a man stops in to get a drink, he sees her on stage and notices not only how beautiful she really is, but how much she must have to endure for her job as a sex slave. He buys her from the owner and takes her home to get to know her better, and eventually they realize something they never would've expected...

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  1. Luna is Saved (4081 words) [Reviews: 1]

    This is an adaptation of "The Lonely Soul" by apk493. The original is a beautiful story, and I wanted to make my own story behind it. I did not create most of the lemon part, but most of the story written is mine. This is my first story, so please rate!

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    Reviewer: igsa101
    Date:Jun 29 2018 Chapter:Luna is Saved

    It's a bit rushed but sweet, and well written. There is a bit of an inconsistency in that she still has her hymen despite being a sex slave, I highly doubt anyone using her for sex would have taken the time to get her aroused enough that it would open up. Or that she wouldn't have been forced into sex at all as a sex slave. There are also some paragraph stucture issues but those are negligible so long as the story is good. Overall there are improvements that could be made but it's stlll successful at being what it is.