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Author's Chapter Notes:

A Seviper gets tasked with guarding his mentor, a powerful Mightyena bitch, while she's going through her heat to keep the males of other trainers in the Daycare from mounting fresh pups into her. He knows she can easily beat him aside to get to whatever male he wants, so he's confused as to why he was chosen to protect the very Pokemon who was training him to be stronger! Only the bitch herself knows, and she's not going to let him in on that secret without a fight.

One she's going to urge him to start.

Once Bitten (F Mightyena x M Seviper)

She was as deadly as she was beautiful…

So why on earth did Master Alex have someone like HIM watch her?

Vash slithered along the path, the Seviper following close behind the Mightyena female he was ordered to protect.  Her name was Kiara, and he was one of the young trainer’s strongest warriors.  She’d been the one her trainer had used to capture him.  How he’d been surrounded by Zangoose, and how Alex had her toss them aside, one by one, until it was only him.  He wanted to be mightier, like them.  He wanted that kind of power.  Thanks to them, he was stronger now…

...But he was still nowhere near as strong as her.

So why he was slithering behind her, guarding her while she was in her heat, was beyond him.  Though maybe he was simply upset at how much of her fertile scent he and his exceedingly powerful sense of smell had to endure.  Had his trainer not realized they were compatible?  Was this some kind of disciplinary action?  What had he done wrong!?

“Hey,” cut the cold queen’s sharp voice, making every thought in the snake’s head fall silent.  “Look alive, Noodle.  I’m gonna take my nap over by that rock beside the lake.”

Noodle.  Right.  Ha ha.

They arrived at the lake, and the Mightyena immediately trotted over to a sun-baked patch of grass to lay down on, the tall boulder beside it having reflected the light into the grass just enough to have it nice and toasty…

...He kinda wanted to lay there himself, but he settled for slithering up the rock to bask in its heat.  He took a quick glance around, noticing a few birds and a female Deerling sipping water from the lake, but no significant threats to Kiara’s trainer-imposed celibacy.

After some quiet reflection, he finally went to ask.  “Kiara?”

“Mm, what is it, Noodle,” she lazily replied, arching her back and bumping her rump into the air just enough for the snake to get a good, distracting look at the soft, swollen flesh of her canid sex.  He gave a short cough out of his long throat and shook the image out of his lurid mind.

“Why am I here with you?”

Her yellow-red gaze looked up at him, a knowing smirk on her dangerous muzzle.  “If I had to guess?  You make a great buffer.”


“Mmhmm,” she affirmed, laying down on her side and thumping her tail happily as she taunted her bodyguard.  “You look pretty intimidating.  Any males that approach me here that can’t get through you aren’t even worth my time.”

“...I see,” resigned the serpent, his head lowering a bit with some dejection.  Looking up at him still, Kiara rolled her eyes before turning onto her back, spreading her four limbs out to fully soak the sun’s rays onto her underbelly.

Moment’s pass, and, while he was no longer behind her, the direct heat was causing her scent to rise into his nostrils.  There were sparks of pride firing across his mind at her insults, that same condescending tone often used during their training together, but Vash was soothed by the dark beauty of her fur.  Her deadly strength had such a beautiful appeal to it, the muscles barely hidden beneath the layer of fur that was only soft when it wasn’t colliding into you for a Take Down.  Her fangs glistened, and she took every step as if she owned the ground she walked on.

That’s the kind of strength he wanted.  Hers.

He wanted hers.  He wanted her.

Wanted her…

“Hey Noodle, scooch over a bit,” she waved a paw in his direction, snapping him out of his hungry thoughts.  “You’re blocking my sun.”

He hadn’t realized just how much he’d let his belly slide down the rock towards her.  He turned himself and began to slide back up the stone, biting back a wince when he felt his sensitive slit grind on the rock.  Her scent was getting to him, filling his thoughts with some encouragement to show her just how strong he was.  How strong she’d help make him...

“...Yes ma’am,” he quietly resigned, pulling back his courage and settling himself on top of the rock completely.  He set his head atop his coil with his warm slit pressing into his own side.  He knew his scent was in the air now, but with any luck the powerful female he was escorting wouldn’t pick up on it.

More time passed, and no mention was made of it.  He sighed in relief, eyes idly scanning for more Pokemon to take his mind off of the growing arousal near the base of his bladed tail.  The warmth of the sun was helping.  The sight of the quiet lake was helping.

Kiara’s voice, suddenly, was not.

“Mmm… did you see that Houndoom when we came in?”  She remarked, a sultry tone in her voice that Vash most certainly did not appreciate.  “I wonder why we haven’t spotted him around.  After my nap, we should go looking for that stud.  I’m sure Master wouldn’t mind if I came out of this full of his pups…”

Sevipers couldn’t learn the move Growl but, but the sentiment was in his throat.  Instead, he began slowly scraping the blade of his tail against the boulder, sharpening it as he recalled that Houndoom.  That dog looked tough, but he could take him.  Easy...

She chuckled into the air, her tail thumping on the grass as she continued.  “Ooo, then again, Master’s mother owns this facility, doesn’t she?  I’ll bet that her Ninetales is here somewhere, too.  Master has a couple of his children in his Contest team.  Beautiful creatures.  I’m not one for getting on stage unless there’s something for me to fight at the other end, but if I had a chance to get tied up with the likes of him… well, I wouldn’t mind giving everyone a show myself.”

Vash’s tail flicked, his sharpened blade burying into the solid stone.  Kiara peeked coyly up at him with one eyes, the other closed in relaxed fantasy.

“...Is there a problem, Vash?”

The snake silently cursed himself, but gave a little cough and slid his blade out of the stone.  “Ahem.  Well.  Master explicitly said you weren’t to mate with any other trainer’s Pokemon.  I just don’t think fantasizing about something you can’t have is a healthy train of thought…”

For either of us, thought the Seviper, not wanting to think about having to fight two other males to keep them from mounting her, as well as combating her to keep her off of jumping them herself.

“Well, if he was worried about that, then he should have either fucked me himself or put me in here with a male that could do the job,” she said plainly, waving her paw in the air.  “It’s his own fault, really.  He knows how strong my heat can be.  He might complain, but in the end, he’ll have another worthy Pokemon to raise, while I’ll hopefully still be feeling that big knot dug into me.  Win-win.”

Vash couldn’t believe what he was hearing!  Was her heat really so overpowering that she would disobey one of Master’s orders?

During his stunned silence, she let out a mighty yawn and stood, the canine wagging her tail happily.  “This place has a hot spring.  I’ll bet both of those fire types are hanging out there.  Maybe I’ll have them fight to see which one gets a chance to fill me up.  Or maybe I’ll just let both of them go and let nature decide whose seed is the most potent…”

The Seviper swallowed a lump in his long throat, his bladed tail gleaming as he imagined Kiara getting passed around by two powerful males.  He’d lose all of his credibility if he let this happen.  He might even get released!

...And the thought of another Pokemon taking her just…

As the Mightyena smiled and began to walk away, Vash whipped his tail off of the rock and lashed himself across the ground, ending up in front of Kiara.  Her expression didn’t change, save for a curious hike in her brow and a tilt of her ears.

“...And what’s this now?”

“I’m not going to let you disobey our Master.”

To her credit, she didn’t laugh at him.  No, but she did grin.  Her teeth flashed, those bright fangs and crushing jaws wet with a hint of drool.  The Bite Pokemon looked him up and down before cocking her head.

“Is that so?  And how is my little noodle going to go about that?”

Vash whipped his tail behind him, trying to keep his gaze stern.  His scales were hot, and pride was burning through his fear.  “If I have to hold you down until he gets back, I will.”

Her tongue made a hungry stroke across her lips at that.  “You know, maybe a little fight would be good for me.  Get me worked up for my suitors…”


She fanned her tail again.  “And once he finds you unconscious, he’ll know that at least you tried to get in my way.  You keep your pride… and I get my pups.”

The fanning made her scent more obvious, and a flash of emotion overcame the Seviper.  He let out a vicious hiss in Kiara’s direction, which made her take a step back.  His Intimidate was a formidable one, and her grin widened as she leapt forward and snarled right back at him, trading back her own Intimidate in response.  In the next second, she was whipping her skull under his dangerous fangs and bashing onto his underside.

That hurt.  A lot.  But it wasn’t any harder than she’s hit when they’ve been sparring.  She’s still toying with him.  He used the recoil from the attack to whip himself around, but the battle-wisened female easily ducked out of the way, charging into his back now and pinning him to the ground.

“Come on,” she egged him on, her weight keeping him from wriggling his upper half out from under her.  “Don’t puff yourself up if you can’t take a couple hits, little guy.  What did we even teach you?”

Hissing in response, Vash whipped his free tail in her direction, the flat almost connecting with her side.  She again dodged by leaping from him, but at least he was free from her.  She was too fast to hit, he knew that.  He had to slow her down.

...He’d have to use a Move on her.  Otherwise…

She rushed him again, lowering her head to knock him aside.  Steeling himself, he closed his eyes and lowered his own skull to meet hers.  The crash was a painful one, the ripple getting sent down his long spine to the tip of his bladed tail, but the length of his belly helped him keep a grip on the ground, steadying himself.

“Oof!  Not bad,” she teased back, her eyes leering playfully at the Seviper.  But, when Vash opened his eyes, they had a crimson glow to them.  Kiara realized much too late, and felt a wave of Paralysis jolt down her nerves, causing her muscles to twitch and become less responsive to her commands.

“A-ah!  Now you’re getting into it,” she said, unable to fight the trembling in her voice as her muscles defied her.  That tremble gave Vash more confidence as he raised his aching head.

“No, I’m stopping this.  I’m stopping you.”

“I’m getting what I want, boy,” she said, her fangs starting to shimmer with Dark energy.  “And I’m either going around you, or through you, to get it.”

If he got hit by that Crunch, he was doubtful he’d be able to stand up afterwards.  He had to stop her from connecting.  The practiced movements from his training had him whipping his muscled form towards her in a sudden blur of dark scales, the underbelly giving a soft, white shimmer.  He collided with her, just barely missing her snapping fangs and listening to the Dark energy of her Crunch attack crush the air in front of her muzzle into a small vacuum.  

But she wasn’t able to get away, and his Wrap attack sealed him to her, holding her limbs and head in a way that would keep her from being able to run or strike back.

So long as he could hold her.

“Nnnf!  Quite a grip, Noodle,” she continued to tease, and he could feel how she was struggling with him.  Had he not Paralyzed her, he would have long been thrown off by now.  “How long do you think you can keep it up?”

“As long as I have to.  You need to calm down, Kiara,” he told her, his own voice trying not to tremble.  What was he doing?  She was going to tear him apart!  But he had a job, and his job was to protect this female.  From herself, if necessary.

“Oooh, there’s only one thing that’s gonna calm me down.  Once your Wrap wears off, I’ll drag you over there so that you can learn what it is!”

Her wriggling, writhing and squirming wasn’t helping things.  Not only was it making it harder to keep his hold on her, but the base of his tail had curled between her thighs to keep her from kicking at him, causing his sensitive slit to get the wrong idea…

...Or was it?

The snake started grinding his slit onto hers, trepidation and a growing need fighting for control as he writhed with her.  “I know what it is,” Vash replied, his voice having a darker tone that made Kiara’s struggling pause.  She must have felt the heat from his slit, the scales pressing into that swollen spade of canine sex.  

“Is that s-so?” She asked, her voice still teasing and condescending, but the trembling in her throat grew worse.  “Good.  So I don’t need to tell you what I need, then?”

“No,” sad Vash plainly, trying to keep his composure.  Her wiggling was more deliberate now, her rump pulling at the sides of his slit to expose the long, large stalks of flesh hidden beneath.  If he… If he went further, then he could rob her of her need to break their Master’s command.  And it wasn’t like he was ANOTHER trainer’s Pokemon, right?  Nothing referring to his own.

Nothing but the female retaliating later.

“Mn, and what are you going to do about it,” she continued to egg him on, grinding on both the blade of his tail and the swollen bulge of his sex, the twin members of his serpentine breeder dripping wet as their pink flesh began emerging from his dark-scaled body.  “You really think I’ll let a weak specimen breed with me?  Is that your plan, little Noodle?”

Feeling one of his cocks brush her sex, his eyes squinted in a glare as he hissed at the sharp, hot feeling of warm, wet skin against his own.  Very wet…

She tried to struggle away again, but Vash had another surge of… something inside of him, tightening down and lining one of his breeding stalks with her spade.  His Wrap wouldn’t last much longer.  He had to either go for it, or run for his life now…

“If you don’t like it,” he finally said, his tail pushing further between her thighs and his member squeezing its rigid tip into her.  “...Then stop me.”

Those words just fell out of his lips, and they made him feel powerful.  Her deep growl and sudden twisting hips almost made him rethink his choice, but the pleasure of her steaming-hot pussy hugging onto the first hard cock it’s had since her heat started quickly steeled his resolve.  The snake forced his way forward, making them both cry out as he spread her out in that instant.  His other cock hung between her thighs, grinding into the soft fur of her belly as his writhing form sealed itself to hers.

“Nnf!  Fuck,” Kiara blurted out, her claws digging into the dirt as best she could.  “Fffah!  I’m going to tear you apart when this is over, Vash,” she threatened, the Paralysis still making her movements and breath unsteady, now compounding on her rapidly growing arousal.  “I’m going to…”

“Mnn!  Maybe,” Vash hissed out, giving her another hard thrust and feeling his confidence swell when he fucked her next words out of her lungs.  “...But not before I’m-ah!  I’m… I’m done.  Not before I’ve…”

She threw her head helplessly into the side of his throat, growling as her back half clenched down on him.  “Before you’ve what?  What, Vash?”

“Before,” Vash rippled his long body into her again, digging his sex deeper into her tunnel.  “Hh!  Not before I’ve bred you.”

She chuckled, her throat fluttering with hot moans as the wet sounds of the serpent’s constant thrusting started to mix with their breathing.  “Th-that right?  You’re gonna fill me up?”

“Nnn… yeah…”  Vash’s fleshy member dragged itself back and whipped itself forward, scooping into her tunnel and stirring itself around against her inner walls.

The constant motion was making her bite back her moans, her breath coming out in constant shudders as her struggling ceased and her hips squared for his constant thrusts.  “Am I going to have your young, Vash?”

“Yeah… My young,” the snake was hypnotised, the pleasure and pride mixing up into a perfect storm in his mind and body.

“Mn!  Nnngh!  Those other males are waiting for me, Vash.”

“They can keep waiting... “  Vash replied with a dark hiss to his voice, his climax approaching as the ropes of thick muscle along his form clenched and swung his tail forward, the beat making Kiara’s breath catch in her throat before a whimper slipped out of her teeth.

“Ahaa~!  And why is that~?”  Her voice was becoming musical and desperate, her hips rocking back into the serpent’s constant motions.

Vash was close to seeding her, his tail shuddering as it rapidly bounces on her rump.  Her soft fur brushed his dripping, unused cock while the breeder inside of her was getting hugged, sucked and desperately swallowed by the Mightyena’s hungry cunt.

“Because you’re mine,” he hissed out, his pace quickening.  “You’re mine, Kiara.  I’m…”

“Yeah… do it, Vash,” growled the female in sadistic pleasure.  “Fill me…”

The heavy slap of his underbelly and the harsh grinding of his cock against the mouth of her womb sent Vash over the edge, the shaft buried in her pussy bursting with a surge of hot, thick seed.  

Kiara clenched down on that throbbing meat as soon as she felt the first splash of cum inside of her, releasing her pleasure in a dangerous Snarl attack that tore the grass from the dirt in front of them.  The writhing and grinding didn’t stop, his cock stirring and churning the cum in her womb as he continued to release steady, constant ropes of fertile semen into her starving, thankful womb…

Several minutes later, the constant clenching, flexing and squeezing had finally taken their toll.  Their bodies relaxed, his wrap loosening from her chest and limbs so that they could both collapse into one another.  Still buried within her, Vash blinked a few times as his senses cleared, and Vash, finally calmed from his near-death orgasm, decided to ask a burning question.

“You… don’t really seem that upset, Kiara.  Didn’t I just… you know…”

“Mm, I’ve no reason to be upset,” she teased back, placing her paw on her belly.  “I requested you myself.  You’re strong, Vash.  Very strong.  If my young can have the courage to stand up to four killers at once and hold their own, I’ll be satisfied with that.  I just hope that they aren’t as dim as their father…”

“D-dim!?”  His head rose, making the female in his loose, warm coils laugh.

“If I had to coax you any harder into showing me that strength again, I’d have been stuffing your nose into me!  Your ignorance, as adorable as it was, was just as torturous to me as it was to you.”

“Ah.  So, you knew I, um…”

“My sense of smell is just as good as yours, I’ll thank you to know.  But I’ll admit that your tongue does give you a distinct advantage.  Speaking of…”

She turned around, lifting her paw to his chin and cocking her head.  “I want a closer look at that tongue.  Ready for round two, Vash?”

Vash instinctively let his tongue fall from his lips, nodding profusely.  They were going to be there for at least another two days, and it was clear that there was going to be enduring far more training from his teacher.

His teacher.  His female.


Chapter End Notes:

Thank you for playing!

Matt, the Z-Byte

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