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A place where I'm going to put the assorted Pokemon stories that I write for fun!

  1. Once Bitten (F Mightyena x M Seviper) (3375 words)

    A Seviper gets tasked with guarding his mentor, a powerful Mightyena bitch, while she's going through her heat to keep the males of other trainers in the Daycare from mounting fresh pups into her. He knows she can easily beat him aside to get to whatever male he wants, so he's confused as to why he was chosen to protect the very Pokemon who was training him to be stronger! Only the bitch herself knows, and she's not going to let him in on that secret without a fight.

    One she's going to urge him to start.

  2. Stoking Embers (M Arcanine x F Trainer) (6710 words)

    A trainer visits a specialized clinic after enjoying some quality time with her male Arcanine. The understanding doctor asks for as much detail as possible of the event.

    Why not take a look at how she remembers things?

    Date:Mar 25 2018

    Do you take requests?

    Thank you for playing!
    Date:Aug 15 2018

    I do!  Can't guarantee I'll get to all of them, though.

    Haunter Master
    Date:Dec 30 2020 Title:Stoking Embers (M Arcanine x F Trainer)

    Wow, this story was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and I would love to read more. 

    You answered in another comment that you do take requests. Idk if you are still around here or not but I would love to read another chapter where Sierra visits and explores this 'ranch' and all the opportunity that it has to offer. 

    If need be you can email me at [email protected]. I would love to hear from you.

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