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Kiss By A Rose by r3tr0_1987


Author's Chapter Notes:

What happens when pent up feelings are released between Trainer and Pokémon? Lets find out together!

Lucario's Gamble

"Lucario, use focus blast!"

The moment I spat out the command I knew it was over. I watched as a brilliant glow erupted and shot out from his muzzle. It was beautiful, and it shot out like a railgun blast. I saw a spectacular blue flame erupt from below the Bouffalant and watched as the arena burst out in magnificent colors.

"Boufflant is unable to battle, Lucario is the winner!"

"That means the victory goes to John, the challenger!"

I went up and gave Lucario a big hug.

"All this was thanks to you, Johnny."

"Thank you Lucario, you did great."

"Hey!" The sound reverberated around the arena. "Follow me" Alder said. I did, and he showed me to the hall of fame...

Two hours later...

"Lucario... something's wrong with you. What's bothering you?"

"Oh... well..."

"Lucario relax, you can tell me anything!"

"Well... you see, I really, really like someone..."

"Oh, well how cute is she?"

"Its not a girl..."

"OK, how cute is he?"


"Who is he?"

Lucario was starting to get nervous, I could tell by the way his legs where shaking, his eyes wide open, and his sweat.

"I've made my decision" Lucario thought. And in the blink of an eye, Lucario was on top of me, holding me in a passionate kiss, my tounge interlocked with his, as Lucario unzipped my pants. I pulled away. "What was that about?" I said.

Instantly Lucario regreted his decision, he looked at me in either shame or lust or both. Suddenly I understood, he likes ME, not some other Pokémon. and now I have two options, either break his heart, or accept him, I choose the latter, and immediately I said: "I love you too." I meant it. I did love him, I just never knew until now.

I took off my pants and laid down on the bed in our room letting him kiss me and jerk me off, his paw felt so good around my member, then we swapped positions, and I got a look at his, it was swollen at the base,"That must be the knot" I thought, He was about 3/4 of an inch thick, 7 inches long and soaked in pre. I licked the tip, he responded with a soft, quiet moan. I then laid down and he put his paw on the back of my head and thrust his member into my mouth, I enjoyed the smooth, silky red rod sliding in and out of my mouth. He continued to pick up the pace, his legs shaking, I put a hand on his chest to soothe him, and it worked somewhat. I tasted the salty pre in my mouth as he approached orgasm.

"Johnathan! I'm going to--"

Too late. He already did, and a warm, silky liquid filled my mouth. He pulled out and a trail of cum went from my mouth to his cock. I moved my head forward and opened my mouth, welcoming the semen coated member into my mouth. His cum was very sweet, I swallowed it all. Then I flipped over and pointed my ass toward him. "Lucario, I want you inside me, give me all you've got!" Lucario then put his arms around me as I felt him push inside me, I winced slightly at the pain, but soon the pain faded into pleasure as he pulled out, leaving an empty feeling for a moment and thrust back in, slamming into my prostate and sending chills down my spine. He then moved his paws to my hips and started sliding the rod in and out of my ass, slow at first but then he picked up speed. "More! Harder! Faster!" Lucario complied and picked up the pace. His huge cock was massaging my prostate and before I knew it, we both came, AT THE SAME TIME. He exploded inside me as I got stains on the velvet red bed. 

"We're not done yet" said Lucario

I asked:"What do you mean? You just came, what next?" He continues to thrust until he pushed the knot in. I winced at the sudden increase in pressure. Then cum went gushing through my insides, expanding my belly and filling my colon. He then moaned as he pulled the knot out and continued to thrust with cum leaking on the floor. His semen provided more lubrication so my hole wasn't rubbed raw. He then started thrusting harder, slamming into my prostate, I roared in ecstacy. He then pulled out leaving me empty, flipped me over and continued fucking me. We were in a missionary style position, he kissed me and jerked my member violently as his penis rubbed against my insides. "Harder! Stir my guts and body! Make me your toy!" I said. He did. I enjoyed it. His tounge wrapped around mine as we locked in a steamy kiss, his mouth tasted of meat, like the rest of his body. He pulled out and pushed in harder one last time, exploding in my ass and leaving a warm, gooey feeling that filled me with pleasure. He spread my ass cheeks and started licking the inside of my hole. He swallowed his own semen and his canine tounge massaged my prostate, he pulled out and kissed me, and I tasted his sweet cum again.

We then swapped positions, Lucario in a somewhat doggystyle-esque position while I was standing upright."Now me" he said. I complied. I slid in and slowly fucked him, I was about his size in terms of length- 7 maybe 8 inches or so. Anyway, I slid in and out slowly and, as he started moaning his appreciation I picked up the pace. I was putting my hand on my waist as I shoved my way in. My dick felt so good inside him. "Oh J-j-johnaathhan, I-I l-love you." He said .I reached climax and exploded inside him, releasing my pent up load. I pulled out and he flipped me onto the bed and started sucking me off. I enjoyed the feel of his tounge around my cock, I screamed. He swallowed. We had a night to remember forever. He stopped sucking. I put my clothes on, and we laid next to each other on the bed, caressing and embracing one another. Then we both fell into a deep sleep, hands held together...


Chapter End Notes:

I know it was pretty bad, but it was my first post after all so, yeah, hope it was fap worthy material tho...

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    Reviewer: arcaninem
    Date:Apr 26 2018 Chapter:Lucario's Gamble

    Hi r3tro.

    I think your story has potential when you extend it with discribing feelings, thoughts, properties and so on.

    When I was reading it it felt a bit like "I do that, that, that ... you do that , that, ..." a sequence of actions.

    Try to describe more detailed. That awakes emotions.

    I wish u success!

    Author's Response:

    thanks 4 the feedback ill incorperate it into part 2