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Fun with Lycanroc (a "That Night" story) by rockruff_da_best_207


Author's Chapter Notes:

This (like it says in the title) is part of the That Night series. I don't want to say anymore, so I hope you enjoy! 

Fun with Lycanroc

It was supposed to be a lovely afternoon, until it started raining. I wanted to have fun with my Lycanroc so bad, but he doesn't like going out in the rain for too long.

My name is Aaron. I'm only twenty-three years old. I have long black hair and brown eyes. I wear a green shirt and black shorts, along with black shoes.

I have had midnight lycanroc for quite awhile now. But when he was a Rockruff, I thought he couldn't evolve, until one day, something happened that made him evolve into a midnight lycanroc.

But that's a story for another time. Anyway, we were sitting on the couch, hoping something would happen that would end up being interesting. But what could be so interesting about sitting on the couch and staring at the ceiling?


“Ugh, can't we at least do something inside? Like maybe a board game?” Lycanroc asked me.


Lycanroc’s voice is a bit deeper than how it sounded when he was a Rockruff. He sounded like an 8 year old (though he's twenty something) when he was was a Rockruff, but now he sounds like he's twelve.


“I don't have any board games anymore, remember? I sold them all last summer. Damn those could come in handy right about now.” I replied.


We were silent for a moment. There wasn't really anything we could talk about at the moment.

Several minutes had passed and there was still nothing but silence. I kept glancing at lycanroc every so often and he seemed just as bored as me. Then a thought came to me.

I moved my hand up towards lycanroc and started petting him. His fur was surprisingly very soft, how could I have forgotten how his fur felt?

Lycanroc snapped out of it and looked at me.


“Uh...what are you doing?” he asked me.


“I'm bored so...thought I could just pet you.” I answered.


He was silent for a moment. Then he said, ”Alright, I guess that's fine.”


I could tell he was enjoying it from the sound in his voice.

I guess I was petting him for a while, because then he got on his back, like he was expecting me to rub his belly. He may be roughly the same size as me, and mean sometimes, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a bit of his Rockruff in him.

I happily started rubbing his belly, which was making him giggle a bit.


“Aww, who's a good boy?” I said.


“I-I am!” he giggled.


Then, right after that, he said, ”Um, master? Can you go a bit lower? I have a special spot I like getting rubbed.”


“Uh, sure.” I said, and moved a bit lower.


He seemed a bit more satisfied, but he told me to go lower. So I did. Eventually I was close to his balls, which I didn't really feel comfortable about.


“J-just a little bit lower and that should be it.” he said happily.


Then I moved my hand lower. The next thing I knew, I was rubbing his balls. I couldn't help but blush.


“Ah! Right there master!” he panted.


I honestly couldn't tell what to do. Stop and make him upset, or make it end up like the time when he was a Rockruff? I guess I didn't have a choice, considering he was already getting a boner, and he started panting a bit more.

I have no idea why, but I ended up moving my hand up just a bit and started rubbing his dick. Now he was really enjoying it for sure.


“Oh, master...this feels so good!” he sighed.


Then, the next thing I knew, he lunged up at me and he ended up on top of me.


“How about we get started, shall we?” Lycanroc said.


“Isn't this kind of illegal?”


“It's not illegal if you don't get caught.” he said with a grin that you would normally see from a midnight lycanroc. 


I sighed and smiled at him.


“Alright then, let's do it.” I said.


His grin kind of turned into more of a smile. I took off my shorts and underwear. Then the next thing I knew, his dick was inside me. It kind of hurt at first, but then I started getting used to it pretty quickly.


“Ah, Lycanroc…” I moaned.


I was surprised at the fact that he was doing so well at this. But wait, how is he so good at this…


“M-master? What's wrong? You look concerned.” he said, snapping me out of it.


“Oh, it''s nothing.” I replied.


“'s not going to be nothing for long.” he grinned.

I, for some reason, felt very nervous hearing that sentence. I braced myself for what was coming next, just in case. Then Lycanroc grabbed on to me tightly and made a slight whimper. He stopped fucking me and I felt something in me. It was his cum.

When he stopped cumming, he kept panting as we looked at each other, wondering what to do next. I know we can't just stop there, that would be boring and make this whole thing short. So I had an idea.


“Hey, Lycanroc. I have an idea, I bet you'll like it.” I said.


“Sure, lay it on me.”


Oh, I'll lay it on you, alright.” I thought.


Then I moved up on top of Lycanroc, which surprised him, but not a whole lot. I rubbed my hands through his fur on his stomach, and if Lycanroc fucking me didn't give me a boner, than this certainly was. He seemed very relaxed, in fact we both seemed very relaxed. But I guess I was too relaxed.

Because I then moved my hand from his stomach to his cheek pretty slowly.

At that moment, I did the weirdest thing I could ever think of in my head. I licked my lips, and I kissed Lycanroc. And I don't mean just a regular kiss on the cheek, but a full on make-out session. He was very surprised at this and stopped me a bit.


“Master...what are-”


Then I, for some reason, put my finger on his mouth and whispered, ”'s alright.”


Then I lowered my finger from his mouth and kept going, but this time, he didn't stop me. Instead, he joined me and the next thing I knew, we were both making out on the couch.

You know, I never actually imagined myself doing this kind of thing with Lycanroc (actually...yeah, I have), but now that I am, I'm starting to wonder why I've never done this before.

It had been a good solid minute and a half, when Lycanroc stopped me.


“Do you think you it now?” he said, sounding a bit nervous.


“Yeah, I don't see why not!” I replied happily.


I could tell that, from behind him, his tail was wagging in happiness. I guess he was waiting this whole time for his master to fuck him in the ass real good.

So then I penetrated my dick deep inside his asshole, which made him sigh in relief.

If I was completely honest with myself, that had to be one of the best feelings ever for me to experience. I knew that Lycanroc was enjoying this too, but yet again, he always enjoyed sex, so I'm not surprised.


“Oh fuck…j-just... fuck me harder, master!” he moaned.


Then I started doing just that, which only caused him to pant even more. I held onto him tighter as I kept fucking him for pleasure.

A minute or so passed by of just the sound of us panting, when Lycanroc said something.


“M-master! I...I think I'm going to cum!” he sighed.


I honestly felt the same way too. We've been fucking for so long, I couldn't handle it anymore, and neither could Lycanroc. I grabbed onto him even tighter as I braced myself for what was going to happen.


“Oh, master…” he whimpered.


At that moment, he started cumming. He looked so relieved while he was doing this. Then, before he got done, I couldn't hold it in anymore, and the next thing I knew, I started cumming too.

We both ended up laying there on the couch, panting as we were trying to recover from what just happened.


“S-so, master?” he asked.


“Yeah, what's up?” I panted.


There was a long silence as he was thinking about what to say to me.


“Do you think we this again sometime?”


“Of course! I would love to!” I replied happily.


We both smiled at each other. At that moment I had a feeling.

A feeling that a new friendship grew.

Chapter End Notes:

I know this one is shorter than the others, that's because I kind of rushed making this one. But I tried to detail as much as I can...well, not really. But I still hope you enjoyed it anyway!

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