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Room in the Den by slimfox


Author's Chapter Notes:

Again, all Pokemon have humanoid cocks. 

Also Stan's bag is really spacious so everything he pulls out of there can be put in there with little hassle. 

Room in the Den

One sunny afternoon, Stan and his Pokémon were out berry picking in a place called the Berry Cove. The Berry Cove was a heavily wooded area that contained every type of berry known to man. The berries could be freely picked by anyone, so long as nothing was destroyed in the process of obtaining them. As such, it was a very popular area for many trainers and regular people alike.

Today though, it was just Stan and his company picking berries as a rainstorm was expected to hit the area. Together the three of them had filled three buckets full of berries and were just starting their fourth. On the ground, Stan and his dusk lycanroc were picking jacoba berries while his meowstic was in a tree using his psychic powers to tug at a large oran berry. Eventually Meowstic grew tired and decided to paw at it as it was quite loose now. After enough pawing the berry fell off the tree and landed in the bucket. “Woah, that’s a big one!” Lycanroc said as Meowstic came to join them on the ground. “It was also a stubborn one too, I had to use almost all my power just to get it loose,” Meowstic commented. “It was worth it!” Lycanroc remarked as he started passionately licking Meowstic’s face. Meowstic started blushing brightly as he laughed.

While they weren’t a couple, Meowstic and Lycanroc were quite affectionate towards each other and never left the other’s side. When Stan first caught Meowstic he assumed the two would have mutual respect for each other. However, upon seeing how close the two got over the course of a month he figured they had a best friend or brotherly bond relationship. Once again he was wrong, as when they were at a Pokémon Center for the night Stan had to step out to get a drink leaving the two alone. Upon returning he found the two sitting up touching balls and cocks, each blushing brightly clearly enjoying it. “I’m so glad Stan caught you,” Lycanroc said tearing up. “Not only are you my type, but your sac feels so amazing!” Eventually the sensation caused by their touching caused them to cum all over each other. Afterwards they went to the bathroom to clean up.

After that event, Stan never saw them like that again until he caught Meowstic licking Lycanroc’s butthole one night in their tent. The two were startled by his presence and Meowstic started breathing heavily. He was extremely nervous that Stan would release him for fooling around with his Pokémon. Lycanroc wanted to protect him, but didn’t want to act out at Stan so all his did was lay himself in front of Meowstic looking sadly at Stan. Stan then closed the tent door and started disrobing. Once he was naked he took Lycanroc and showed Meowstic how to properly prepare him. While he never said it, it was clear that Stan didn’t have a problem with it as he allowed Meowstic to cum inside Lycanroc. The day after however, he did say it just to ease the tension still in the two much to their delight.

After a good thirty minutes of picking the trio finally filled the fourth bucket to the brim. Stan reached into his bag for the fifth when he stopped. “I think I felt a raindrop,” he said looking up. Suddenly it started to downpour. Stan quickly zipped up his bag, grabbed the buckets, and ran with his Pokémon to find shelter. As they ran Meowstic noticed a large den in the side of a rock wall and waved the others to follow him. They climbed the stair-esque rocks to reach the flat rock that was right outside of the den before going inside. Inside the den was a large round area that went back deep in the wall. The den wasn’t dark as due to it being elevated off the ground, and the angle of the top of the den entrance, a lot of light was able to seep in, lighting up the den completely. Luckily, the cave was completely empty so they didn’t have to worry about engaging with a wild Pokémon.

Since the rock was hard Stan put down two large comforters, one of which would be used to sleep on if the storm didn’t let up. Stan shoved the four buckets and his bag to the end of the den before joining his Pokémon on the comforters. The den was quite warm and cozy despite the fact that it had a gaping hole on one side. Stan decided to get himself comfortable realizing he would be there for a while. He took off his hiking boots and then took off his tan short socks revealing his bare feet. He then took off his shirt and put all the discarded clothing near the berry buckets. “Are you seriously getting naked?” Meowstick asked meekly. “Yes, I’m getting comfortable,” Stan responded. “What if people see you?” Meowstic added concerningly. “I don’t really care. I’m in the wild so I don’t need to be decent. Besides, we’re probably going to be here overnight anyway, might as well get ready early,” Stan told him. Meowstic just sighed, he knew Stan was extremely carefree and wouldn’t listen, but he couldn't help but jump in when Stan did something like this despite getting the same response. Lycanroc giggled as unlike Meowstic he grown use to Stan’s attitude and didn’t mind his boldness.

Stan then took off his pants along with his boxers leaving him completely nude. He then bundled up the clothes and threw them into the pile in the back. He then stretched out on the comforter and relaxed. He was a slightly pale man with medium length dark orange hair. He had a master ball tattoo on his chest, and had a slightly erect cock protruding from his hairy crotch. Since their trainer was just chilling out naked Meowstic and Lycanroc decided to get comfortable too. After brushing through their crotch fur they revealed their cock and ball sacs and laid on their backs next to their trainer.

The three nude males stared up at the ceiling and listened as the rain poured down overhead. After listening to the rain for a while Meowstic sat up and walked over to Stan’s crotch. He then started fondling his sac, although stopped when Stan looked at him. He then gave Meowstic the thumbs up and he continued. Meowstic had never fondled Stan’s balls before, they were quite saggy, but had a good texture to them. Meowstic then drew his mouth closer to Stan’s cock and gave it a lick. Stan shivered and moaned, but didn’t tell him to stop. Meowstic kept on licking Stan’s cock as he fondled his balls. Eventually Stan’s precum dripped onto Meowstic’s head and then onto his face. He caught a drop with his tongue. It had a salty taste, it was nothing like Lycanroc’s sweet tasting cum. Soon Stan came and sprayed his cum over Meowstic’s head and onto the rock outside. Stan moaned with pleasure as he came. Lycanroc, who had seen everything, panted slightly as his cock started to erect.

Meowstic gave Stan’s cock a few more licks before moving away from it and removing his paw from his sac. Meowstic looked down and noticed his own erected cock was throbbing. He then looked up and met Lycanroc’s face as he started kissing him which Meowstic returned. Lycanroc’s weight then knocked him on his back, but he didn’t break the kiss as he grabbed Lycanroc’s head and moved it in closer to him. The two broke the kiss and Lycanroc then licked the inside of Meowstic’s butthole. After getting it wet he sat up and used his claws to aim his cock into the hole. Once getting it in he held each side of Meowstic and started thrusting it in. Meowstic purred with pleasure as he felt Lycanroc’s cock slide up and down inside of him. Lycanroc moaned with pleasure as he felt Meowstic’s insides rub up against his erect cock. Soon they could feel a tingling sensation emitting from the cock which was followed up Lycanroc’s orgasim. Meowstic cried out as Lycanroc’s cum splattered inside him and slid down his hole. The cry was overpowered by Lycanroc’s howling as he spewed his milk all inside Meowstic.

Meowstic then had his own orgasim as his cum sprayed from the top of Lycanroc’s crotch all the way to his jowl. Lycanroc didn’t care though as he wanted to get covered in Meowstic’s cum. The two then gave a last few pants before sighing heavily. Lycanroc then removed his cock from inside Meowstic as the latter could feel the cum pouring out of him onto the comforter. Meowstic stood up and wiped some of his cum off of Lycanroc and placed it on the top of Lycanroc’s mohawk. It ran down from the top of the brown tip and dripped off it onto Lycanroc’s awaiting tongue. After getting it all he swallowed it and proceeded to smile as it went down, clearly enjoying the sweet taste it provided. “Delicious!” he said as he licked the blushing Meowstic’s face.

Meanwhile outside of the den, the rain started pouring harder as the storm got worse. A shadowy figure was running through the forest trying to find shelter from the rain. It ran through the muddy forest floor, leaped over fallen branches, and splashed in puddles accumulating on the cleared paths. It’s stopped to look at itself. It was completely drenched, leaves and mud were stuck to it, and mud covered their feet. The crashing of thunder jumped the figure into moving again. Reaching the den it stopped to catch its breath by a tree. It then looked up when it heard a loud noise coming from the den.

Meowstic was screaming with pleasure as he came inside Lycanroc who was on his back panting heavily. Warm cum shot inside Lycanroc and splattered out a little bit. Sweat dripped from Meowstic’s head as he kept thrusting his throbbing cock in. Next to them was Stan masturbating, he was stroking his cock hard and eventually came. Cum shot up in his face and Stan opened his mouth to catch it. He swallowed it up, it was salty, but Stan didn’t really mind and continued to catch it.

The figure was intrigued by the sound and quietly went in for a closer look. It ducked near the left side of the opening and peeked in. Lycanroc was sucking hard on Meowstic’s cock. Meowstic of whom was moaning as he held Lycanroc’s mohawk. Soon Meowstic shot his warm cum right into Lycanroc’s mouth who swallowed it all down. He then licked the cock thoroughly as the rest of the cum coated his warm tongue. As Meowstic sighed with delight, the figure outside prodded its crotch area and revealed its cock and ball sac. He laid up against the rock wall and started to masturbate. The storm had died down to a light drizzle so the figure assumed it was ok to take a quickie.

As he was stroking his cock he started moaning quietly. However, Stan still heard the guy and peeked outside. Stan tapped him as he jumped. “Yikes!” he screamed. “Were you looking at us?” Stan asked. “Um, kind of. I just,” he started before Stan shrugged. “Doesn’t matter, my, you look awful! Come in and get cleaned off, nice cock by the way.” The figure followed him in as the storm picked up again. Stan tossed him a towel and started cleaning himself dry. As he cleaned he saw Lycanroc laying down as Meowstic laid back on his side. The two were quite tired from their sexapade, in particular Lycanroc who moved Meowstic up and down as he breathed. “By the way, I’m Stan, and their Lycanroc and Meowstic,” Stan said as he pointed to each one respectively. “I’m Ampharos, thanks for the towel,” Ampharos replied as he gently threw the towel back to Stan who put it on the other side of the buckets away from his clothes. “I’ll clean this after the rain passes,” Stan commented as he laid back and looked up and towards Ampharos. “I was just for a stroll when the storm came, I was trying to find shelter before I got ... distracted,” Ampharos said sheepishly. “Again, don’t worry about it besides it got you a place to stay,” Stan said as his Pokémon concurred with him. Ampharos was quite surprised by the hospitality considering what he was doing a few minutes ago. “Much obliged,” he said politely.

“So, you’re a coordinator?” Ampharos asked as Stan nodded. The four of them were sitting in a circle with their cocks and sacs hanging out. At first Ampharos was unsure about keeping them out, nobody had told him to put them away and everyone else had theirs out so he assumed he could too. Regardless, he asked anyway, and after being met with a chuckle from Stan he said that he could. “Actually, I’m a casual coordinator, just in for the fun of it,” Stan corrected. “Stan’s quite carefree and does whatever he pleases. Sure, he’s a coordinator, but he’s not that committed to entering the Grand Festival,” Lycanroc remarked. “So let me get this straight, he’s a guy travelling freely around the world, occasionally partaking in contests, while never letting go of his free spiritedness,” Ampharos proclaimed. There was dead silence. “Exactly!” Lycanroc exclaimed jumping up startling Meowstic. “My, you’re very astute,” Stan said casually. Ampharos chuckled while rubbing the back of his neck.

“Anyway, how many ribbons do you have?” Ampharos asked. “Four,” Stan replied. “May I have a look at them please?” Ampharos requested. “Sure, they’re in the top front pouch in a case,” Stan said pointing to his bag sat in front of the buckets. Ampharos went over to the bag and opened the pouch and saw a red case with a blue ribbon on it. He took the case and opened it to reveal four colorful ribbons. “My, they certainly are pretty,” Ampharos remarked quite enthusiastically. “I know, and we’re quite proud of them,” Meowstic replied softly. Ampharos closed the case and put it back in the pouch, he then zippered the pouch closed before rejoining the others.

As the storm raged outside the four shared their stories. Stan told Ampharos all about their misadventures such as getting chased by an ursaring when she caught them having an orgy in her nest, and the time he had sex with another trainer’s zangoose, even descibing in detail what his whole cock felt like. These stories made Meowstic blush intensely as he buried his face in his paws and scrunched up his ears. Lycanroc on the other hand, was having a blast reliving these stories and even jumped in to add details Stan forgot about. Ampharos had a good laugh before sharing his less exciting stories about living life in the wild and how he was an ace trainer’s Pokémon for three years before getting released back into the wild. “How did that come about?” Meowstic asked with interest. “You seem like a very well put together Pokémon.”

“Well, there was nothing wrong with me. He just wanted a fresh start seeing as he was staying stagnant, winning all the time didn’t give him the thrill he had three years ago,” Ampharos said glumly. “Truth be told, while I do like being free again I do miss that special trainer bond.” Stan stared at Ampharos before speaking up, “You think you’d obey a lower class trainer?” Ampharos pondered the question. “I would, after all it would be rude of me to turn my nose at the chance of getting a trainer,” he said. “Even if they can’t handle your power?” Lycanroc asked. “Yes, I could adapt, besides I have become a bit rusty myself,” Ampharos sheepishly remarked.

Stan then spoke up again. “Tell you what buddy, you can come with us,” he said directly. Ampharos was stunned. “Yeah, you’d be perfect for us you have a style that would be perfect for contests. You’d be ok with my laxness right?” Stan asked. Ampharos nodded slowly. “I could, after all I’ve become pretty lax too.” Stan grinned, “Just one thing first.” Ampharos tilted his head. “Let’s see how well you fuck me. I want to see how you pleasure a male. If you're into that,” Stan said as he got on all fours. “Stan! What if he refuses? You can’t just abandon him for that,” Meowstic cried out. “Relax, he’s staying. I just want to see if he’s a player,” Stan assured him. Ampharos rubbed his cock. “Heh, you my good sir must have known I pleasured a few male in the wild,” Ampharos said. “It was easy, you just have that musky smell,” Stan remarked coyly.

Ampharos went up to Stan’s ass and felt it over. He then tried inserting his cock. “It’s quite firm, I’ll have to wet it,” Ampharos proclaimed. Stan was indignant. “Fuck that noise, shove it in hard!” he cried. “Please, I must insist I wet it. I don’t want to hurt you.” Ampharos reasoned. Lycanroc stepped in, “Stan doesn’t like being lubed. When we had sex I went in hard and Stan liked it. He even told me to go rougher. By the time we finished my fur was all messed up, and my cock was red and sticky.” Ampharos was hesitant, but he sighed and got it into position. “If you insist, I’ll oblige,” he said. Soon after he thrusted his cock in Stan’s ass. “Woah!” Stan moaned. Ampharos then continued thrusting his cock making Stan wail in amazement and amusement. Ampharos held on to Stan’s hips as he thrusted faster. Lycanroc asked to join them and once given the ok went under Stan who put his cock in him. Meowstic watched on as the three humped. He then went to Ampharos’ ass and asked him to lick it. Ampharos accepted the offer and Meowstic started licking. Once he had got it wet he put his cock inside and began thrusting. Once doing that all four of them had engaged in the conga line orgy.

Everyone moaned as they either thrusted their cocks in or had a cock thrust in. Pretty soon the orgasims started. Ampharos yelled as his cock shot creamy cum down into Stan’s ass. Since he was thrusting hard some of the cum splattered onto his butt cheeks. Stan came next and shot his load deep into Lycanroc’s hole much to his delight. Lycanroc then shot his load straight into the back wall and onto the comforter. He cummed for a while as his cock was just full of the rich cream. He even came on his lower body which he didn’t mind. Finally Meowstic cummed inside Ampharos’ hole. He sprayed his cum into Ampharos and all along the walls of his inside. Everyone’s face became flushed as they finished shooting the last of their loads out. Then all at once they pulled their cocks out of each other as they felt the cum spill out of their asses.

After the feeling had past they all laid down on their backs and breathed heavily as their sticky cocks throbbed with enjoyment. Once all had got their breathing under control Stan dug through his bag and pulled out a quick ball and caught Ampharos in it. He then called him out as the two embraced each other happy to have one another. That night, the four of them slipped between the comforters and fell asleep to the rain still pouring heavily outside. As the night got colder they huddled together for warmth. They still had their junk hanging out, but having them touch caused them to get warmer which they liked. They slept well into the next day. After getting up they had a breakfast consisting of the berries they collected and after hiding their privates continued their adventure together.

A year later the foursome had turned into a fivesome as they had added Toxicroak to the team. They had also gained two more ribbons as Stan had gotten in a contest kick and was determined to get more ribbons. Eventually the kick ended and he was back to his free spiritedness, not that anyone minded though.

Currently the group had taken a room in a local inn for the night and since they were the only occupants decided to have an orgy. As Stan disrobed the Pokémon brought out their cocks and ball sacs. Toxicroak eyed up Ampharos’ jewels. “Not bad, you must exercise them,” he remarked. “Thanks for the compliment, but I’m not telling you my secret,” Ampharos replied coyly looking over Toxicroak’s jewels. Toxicroak chuckled, “Figured, anyway it’s my turn to start with Stan, any tips?” He then flicked his erect cock causing it to wave around. “Well go rough with him he enjoys that, don’t lube him, and try to make a sexy moan. It causes him to get sensitive and more likely to cum quicker,” Ampharos responded. “I figured about the rough part from watching, but the others are quite useful, thanks!” Toxicroak replied as he and Ampharos fist pumped. As they fist pumped their erected cocks swung around and sacs jiggled about. “Hey, once I’m done and recharged could I cum inside you?” Toxicroak asked with a smirk. Ampharos smirked back, “Sure, after all there’s always room in the den.”

-The End-

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